Appsterdam Smart City Challenge

The Challenge

The Appsterdam Smart City Challenge 2015 was all about turning urban challenges into opportunities. We challenged the app community and students to come up with solutions that address the themes of: Smart Energy, Smart Mobility and Smart Stadium. 65 hackers joined us from June 2nd until June 4 for this unique opportunity and to work around the clock to actually hack the City & Amsterdam Arena!

The 65 hackers divided themselves in 12 teams to work with over 100 unified data sets which were available exclusively to participants in Google BigQuery. Next to this there was some cutting edge technology available only for this 48 hour event! Such as the new LoRa embedded Glimworm iBeacons and micro sensors from the hot new startup Trakkies and KPN's Arduino GSM shields. And the results were there they came up with some great solutions!!

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1st prize: Arena Q (Que Que)

A smart Stadium app solution alerting fans for availabilities bathroom, food and beverages.

Team: Suzie Antal, Nils Wiersema, Matt , Michiel Zweerders, Rami, Roman Slaan

2nd prize: CrowdSense

Transforming the existing cameras of the ArenA into a smart facial recognition systems for better security, safety and experience.

Team: Roberto Valenti, Jasper van Turnhout, Hans Donner

3rd prize: I Am The City

A crowd sourcing app helping citizen make a difference to help fix the city by engaging and initiating projects with fellow citizens

Team: Kang Min Lin, Everly Lin, Marros Graia, Stanislav Vlasov

Runner up

Carbon Hero

A smart peer to peer app challenging fellow citizens to compete with each other by incentivizing more physical movement for personal rewards gamifying C02 reduction.

Team: Jennifer Gaskins, Charlotte Gieltjes, Rupali Gupta

Watt Wallet

The app allows the ArenA to draw power off of your parked EV (electronic vehicle) during events and rewards you with discounts and vouchers.

Team: Ankit Saxena, Frank de Boer, Huig van der Waal, Joost Barendregt, Dimitriy Komarov


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