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To keep Amsterdam liveable the municipality collaborates with its citizens. On average Amsterdam’s population grows with 10.000 people a year. This small big city has a density of 5065 people per square km, over 180 different nationalities. 19% of the total Dutch GDP is earned in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Between 2015 and 2016, the amount of tourists in Amsterdam increased by 7%. To keep Amsterdam’s 162 canals, monumental centre and residential areas liveable, innovative initiatives are required. Share your innovative concepts and ideas here!

Emilie Herssens, guided tours , posted

wireless audio systems - leisure social distanciation

Hi! I'm in charge of the animation of the guided tour industry in Brussels. The issue is : speaking loud & audible with a mask is not ideal for tours even if you are 6 (usually a guided tour is up to 25 people). I was wondering if you heard about initiatives regarding social distancing between transmitter and receivers, in the context of tour guides (app for wireless audio systems; touchless materials, whispers-audio-systems,...)? In the context of the crisis, I think such technology could be used for many other citizen activity (teacher in a classroom, public (physical) presentation,...).

Lauren Macpherson, Head of Growth at Eli5, posted

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Amy Kurver, Master student , posted

Wat is de invloed van COVID-19 op de beleving/waardering van groen in Amsterdam? Fill in our questionnaire!

Link to questionnaire:

De wereld wordt op dit moment hevig beïnvloed door alle COVID-19 gevolgen en maatregelen. Hoe ervaart u deze intelligente lockdown? Heeft u moeite met het binnenblijven en wilt u eigenlijk van de zon genieten? Of blijft u graag binnen vanwege drukte in de parken of om jezelf te beschermen tegen een mogelijke besmetting?
Voor ons onderzoek vragen we zo veel mogelijk Amsterdammers om deze enquête in te vullen en uw ervaringen t.o.v. COVID-19 en de groene openbare ruimtes in Amsterdam te delen. De antwoorden worden alleen gebruikt voor educatieve doeleinden en zijn volledig anoniem.
De enquête is voor alle inwoners van Amsterdam en voel je vrij deze te delen met buren, collega’s, familie of vrienden. De vragenlijst vraagt 7 minuten van uw tijd en uitleg op vragen mag in Nederlands of Engels. Vanwege dataverwerking staan keuze antwoorden in het Engels.

Alvast hartelijk dank!

Justine, Titus, Jesse en Amy
Students Master Program Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering
Wageningen University & Research, Delft University of Technology and Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions

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Siddharth Venkatachalam, Graduate, MSc MADE AMS institute at AMS Institute, posted

Looking for interviewees for Master thesis project.

Hi all! I am Siddharth, a master student at the AMS Institute. For my thesis, I am researching how citizen engagement can contribute to evaluation/assessment of smart city and smart city projects with respect to quality of life. Quality of life is a basic compnent of the smart city but evaluation for quality of life does not happen successfully. How can citizen engagement fill the gap in assessing the smart city and smart projects for quality of life?
If you are a citizen, researcher, project developer, innovator or public official who has any insights or interest in this topic and would like to contribute to my research project please do contact me. I look forward to talking to you!

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From social distancing to societal cohesion?

Withdrawal and indifference to difference has been the prerogative of every day since an unpredictable event, an unprecedented Epidemic, knocked on our doors, without it, to distinguish our origins, or our ideologies.

While many finally waited until the notion of “living together” was finally going to become a reality, nature imposed on us a physical and social distancing, to protect our health and that of others.

European can show resilience, even Resistance, in the face of adversity.
As such, while paradoxically, we are forced to distance ourselves, born a great movement of solidarity and communication.

So let us hope that this serious health crisis is a lesson for us, and that once this ordeal is behind us, "the notion of living together with respect for diversity" becomes obvious.


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Kristof van der Fluit, posted

OpenIdeo 24 Hour Covid-19 challenge - team members

I am a Service Design student at Royal College of Art, and have been grouping together experts/designer/makers for the upcoming 24 Hour OpenIDEO Covid-19 challenge. This is a chance to use our time to contribute to this global emergency; if you are keen to work with multi-cultural/multi-talented/cross-disciplinary doers this is a great opportunity. So far been in contact with fellows from Imperial College (engineers), and Royal College of Art designers. Looking to broaden the team skillset. Everyone is welcome. Send an email to ;

more details;

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Emilio Costales, PhD Candidate , posted

Looking for Entrepreneurs to participate in research interviews.

Hi all!

My research examines the role of entrepreneurs in human-centric smart cities. In particular, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of how entrepreneurs navigate the city system in order to acquire and utilise resources to increase their impact. I would like to speak with all types of entrepreneurs (serial entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, commercial entrepreneurs, ecopreneurs, etc) to identify different sources of support and challenges experienced in different initiatives. This will provide me with a nuanced understanding of the entrepreneurial process, the relationship between entrepreneurs and their environment, and the impact of this relationship from the perspective of the entrepreneurs.

It is not necessary for participants to be working on a particular smart city project. Rather, I am interested in how entrepreneurs operate within the city environment and how they interact with the city.

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Arjun Nandanuri, Manager- Smart City Weather Solution , posted

Pilot +Partnership

Vaisala Oyj is a Finnish based company (, pioneer in providing weather and Environmental solutions ( includes: sensors, systems and solutions, digital and data services )
I am looking for a pilot project in integration of all the above mentioned weather related complete solution. please contact me at

Looking forward to discuss in detail.

Thank you


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Emilio Costales, PhD Candidate , posted

Social Entrepreneurs willing to contribute to research

I am conducting research to examine the extent to which social entrepreneurs leverage resources to meet the needs of the groups they set out to serve. I would be very interested to interview any entrepreneurs who set out to achieve social change.

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seyoung yu, posted

We want visit Amsterdam smart city.

My name is Seyoung Yu from South Korea and I am a student University of Ulsan majoring in Management.
I am interested in Smart City in different cities and countries, and my team is now working on a project on that topic,
"The development of a Smart City in Amsterdam."

Currently, we are under the school project called, "Global Chanllger", My university support groups of student
who want to visit other Universities and institutions to reseach and gather information regarding topics such as "Study on the Development of Smart city in Amsterdam."
We would like to visit Amsterdam from January 27 to 31, 2020.
We would like to attend the I want to visit Amsterdam Smart City.
Is there a place where I can visit for free or get some information about Amsterdam Smart City for a small fee?

We would like to ask for your permission for us to visit so that we
could have an opprtunity to obtain knowledge and various experience for "Smart City".
If it is possible to for the us to get your approval, please feel free to contact me. via email

Thank you for taking
the time to review our request :)

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Tessa de Geus, Advisor urban social innovation , posted

ACTION Open Call: Citizen Science Projects on Pollution

ACTION is looking for new and ongoing citizen science projects related to any form of pollution in Europe and worldwide. Successful applicants will receive €20,000 to help deliver a six-month pilot with the help of the ACTION team. Do you want to grow your project’s impact? Apply to the ACTION Open Call!

No single lab, government or initiative can solve the environmental pollution problem on its own. It also needs citizen science projects to co-design, experiment with, and evaluate novel methodologies and resources. That is why ACTION supports citizen science projects working on pollution of all kinds, such as water, air or light pollution. IGB will be coordinating the ACTION Accelerator, which provides support to develop and grow a citizen science project. This includes intensive training in project design, mentoring for project pilots and beyond, and consultancy on a diverse range of common citizen science challenges such as data management.

Now, ACTION is seeking applications from new or ongoing citizen science projects working on pollution. The call is open till 31st October 2019. Successful applicants will receive 20,000 € to help deliver a six-month pilot with the support of the ACTION team. The funding can be spent on salaries, equipment, consumables, travel, subcontracting to other entities, and indirect expenditure (calculated as 25% of the total direct costs), in accordance with Horizon 2020 guidelines.


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Jacqueline Verheugen, posted

Job offer: operations officer Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab (16-24 hours)

Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab is een samenwerking tussen de partners AMS Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, Amsterdam Smart City, Amsterdam Economic Board, NEMO Science Museum en Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam. Het belangrijkste doel van Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab is het realiseren van opschaalbare innovaties die steden leefbaar maken en houden. Om dat te bereiken, brengen de partners hun expertise en netwerk op het gebied van onderzoek, innovatie, stedelijke ontwikkeling en experimenteren samen op deze unieke plek in Amsterdam.

Voor het komende half jaar (september 2019 - maart 2020, mogelijk met uitloop) zoeken we een gedreven operations officer die het Living Lab operationeel gaat maken, aanvragen toetst, start met het runnen van de experimenten en zorgt voor verdere ontwikkeling van het Living Lab in samenwerking met de partners.

Interesse? Bekijk de vacature hier:

Zuzana Kapustíková, Student , posted

Looking for interview participants for my research

Warm greetings to everyone!

My name is Zuzana and I am doing my bachelor thesis about the impact of civic hacking on government transparency. If you are working for the municipality of Amsterdam or you identify yourself as a civic hacker than I have an interesting offer for you!

What I need from you as a participant:
- You either work for the municipality of Amsterdam or identify yourself as a civic hacker and
you have been involved in a project where the mutual collaboration took place.
- You are willing to do an interview with me and answer questions like how the collaboration itself looked like, what was the input of civic hackers, and in what ways this input helped to achieve effective outcomes, i.e. improve the information exchange between citizens and the municipality.

What you get from me as a participant:
- You will have a chance to share your experience over a nice cup of coffee or tea
- You will help me with my research and eventually contribute to creating more understanding of how the public sector can benefit from collaboration with civic hackers.

In total, I am looking for 10 participants. If you are interested or know someone who can help me, please send me a message on

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Eva van Dijk, Co-founder & Owner at Amsterdam Odyssey, posted

Broodfondsleden gezocht

Beste allen,
Wij zijn bezig met het opstarten van een broodfonds. Gemeenschappelijke factor van de leden: duurzaamheid, bewust leven, maatschappelijke verbinding. Op het moment zijn we met ongeveer 20 mensen. Er zijn minstens 25 mensen nodig om van start te kunnen gaan. We sluiten ons aan bij de Broodfondsmakers. Voor meer informatie:
Voertaal is Nederlands!
Mocht je interesse hebben mee te doen, dan horen we graag van je. Stuur dan een mailtje naar

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Emmeline Beker, Volunteer Manager , posted


During WeMakeThe.City (17-23 June) Amsterdam and its metropolitan area transforms into one big festival, for seven days: over 400 programs and thousands of visitors. This means that there is a lot of work to do and we can't do it alone. Because we build future of the city together. That is why we need your help!

We are looking for YOU:
People who would like to contribute to a better city by supporting various program parts, as hosting our Enthusiasts who like to contribute to a better city by helping during one of the many parts of the program. For example hosting one of the speakers, the build up and break down of specific events, checking tickets and many more tasks.
Let us know in the application form what you would like to do and what you find interesting. We will do our very best to find you the most suitable spot on the team!

What we offer:
- An interesting evening training at Pakhuis de Zwijger on the ins and outs on how to contribute to the city as a volunteer
- A free Passepartout for you and 2 friends
- Free entrance to the closing party
- A WeMakeThe.City T-shirt
- The chance to add to your professional network

[When you work more than 6 shifts]
- Free Passepartout for you and 4 friends
- Invitation to the summer BBQ of Pakhuis de Zwijger

What we expect from you:
- Helping out during at least 3 shifts (morning, afternoon or evening) during WeMakeThe.City
- Attending one of the two training evenings in June
- Characteristics: enthusiastic, involved, social, love for the city

We can't wait!
How about you?

Check out the website here:

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Anuradha Sharma, Management Consultant , posted

Looking for a job opportunity in the areas of smart cities / digital transformation

I am a Smart Cities Consultant, actively looking for opportunities in the areas of Smart Cities, Digital Transformation, Livable Cities, Sustainable Development, Urban Mobility, ICT/ IoT, Strategy Planning, Project Management, Urban Management, Urban Economic Development, Urban Governance, Feasibility Studies, Technical Research, and Development.
I hold a Masters degree from Germany with specialization in Urban Agglomerations. I would be happy to hear from you pointing out at any leads or opportunities.
Thanks in advance,
Kind Regards,

Anuradha Sharma's picture #DigitalCity
Larissa Bergshoeff, Pr and communication specialist at Kennisland, posted

Kennisland is looking for an advisor urban issues

We zijn op zoek naar een betrokken, enthousiaste en uitgesproken adviseur met minimaal vijf jaar werkervaring. Je bent gedreven om op allerlei fronten te vernieuwen, gericht op het versterken van het lerend en vernieuwend vermogen van professionals, bestuurders, ondernemers en bewoners. Je bent sterk in communicatie en acquisitie, en hebt een eigen netwerk in de publieke sector. Minimaal 32 uur per week, vanaf 1 mei of eerder.

Meer informatie en reageren:

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Juan Manuel Cancino Pérez, CEO , posted

Know the water treatment system and urban infrastructure

Hi Community, I'm helping Tepic Nayarit Municipality (México) to improve public services and they want to visit Amsterdam (Mayor and Water System Director) to know how the public services works there (mainly water distribution and treatment).. Which is the best way to coordinate a visit with local authorities?.. Thanks

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Isolde van der Made, Student , posted

Enquête: de rol van stadsbewoners in Smart City projecten

Wij zijn drie studenten van de Universiteit Leiden die op dit moment in Amsterdam onderzoek doen naar de rol van burgers in Smart City projecten. We zijn nog op zoek naar enkele respondenten (specifiek woonachtig in Amsterdam) voor onze enquête.

Heeft u vijf minuutjes over? Deel dan uw mening op:

Alvast heel erg bedankt!

Isolde van der Made, Veronie Rouschop & Marianne van Rheenen

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