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To keep Amsterdam liveable the municipality collaborates with its citizens. On average Amsterdam’s population grows with 10.000 people a year. This small big city has a density of 5065 people per square km, over 180 different nationalities. 19% of the total Dutch GDP is earned in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Between 2015 and 2016, the amount of tourists in Amsterdam increased by 7%. To keep Amsterdam’s 162 canals, monumental centre and residential areas liveable, innovative initiatives are required. Share your innovative concepts and ideas here!

Beate Bouwman, posted

Internships offered

Working on Residential Living Labs we offer internships dealing with circular housing, co-creation, cohousing in relation to IoT, data collection, community integration etc.
As intern you can contribute to the developments by assisting in
- Residential Living Lab developments
- community building
- pr & communication
- Living Lab programs
- research connected to residential living of the future (there should be a link with materials, construction systems, circular design, IoT, robotics, engineered architecture, public procurement, legal, social, green issues: don't hesitate to discuss your research proposal)

Interested candidates can send their motivation and background to (website ).

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Beate Bouwman, posted

Residential Living Labs

Our company is establishing residential living labs for special user groups or mixed use on temporary or permanent locations. While testing, improving and applying innovation in circular construction, energy, IoT, social participation we improve urban livability and residential living. We cooperate with cities, universities, organisations and direct and indirect involved users/inhabitants.

If your city, university or organisation is interested to participate in this program, please contact, initiator of the International Residential Living Lab where data of different residentials living labs lead the way to the future of residential living and housing. If you like to become engaged on a personal level, please indicate your background and motivation.

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Suzanna Törnroth, Student , posted

Spring 2017 Partnership

Hi there!

I am a M.Sc. student in Climate-Sensitive Urban Planning in Luleå University of Technology, writing a thesis in the Spring of 2017. I have a B.Sc. in Development Studies with a Major in Sociology and I'm looking to combine these niches by writing a thesis focusing on the effects different weathers or microclimates have on human activity, and how different urban design solutions can mitigate this. I think Amsterdam would be an interesting case study because of its typically wet and busy urban environment, and so finding anyone/partner/company who has interest in partnering up to develop this idea would be great! My experience in the field includes working in Singapore and planning for Smart City projects in Dubai, Vietnam and China. Email contact:


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Kris Steen, posted

Gebruikers betrokken bij Energiek Zuid-Oost

In opdracht van AMS (het Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions) voer ik een onderzoek uit naar Urban Living Labs, met het doel om de methode en institutionele inbedding van urban labs te optimaliseren zodat ze hun doelstellingen systematisch kunnen behalen en hun resultaten kunnen worden gerepliceerd.

Onderdeel van dit onderzoek is een verkennende studie naar de methodes die op dit moment gevolgd worden in urban living labs in Amsterdam. Hiervoor zijn we op zoek naar iemand die ( betrokken is bij het proces van het project Energiek ZuidOost en ons veel zou kunnen vertellen over het verloop daarvan.

Als iemand tijd heeft voor een gesprek hierover hoor ik het graag!

Kris Steen (AMS-Institute)

Kim Gijsbers, Community manager Amsterdam Health at Slim Stadsbeheer Metropoolregio Amsterdam, posted

Amsterdam Health community calls on health innovators

Are you working in the field of (e)Health in the Amsterdam region? Would you like to find out who else is, and team up with them?

The Amsterdam Health community has just been launched and we're inviting you to join! Bringing health innovators together is what Amsterdam Health is all about. Together we create a platform for exchanging knowledge easily and accelerating health innovation in the Amsterdam region.

Build Amsterdam Health with us and:
• Meet fellow innovators
• Share your latest news
• View interesting projects or submit your own

Join Amsterdam Health at:

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Beth Worrall, posted

Information on BAMBEA

Hi all
I manage a smart city project for the city of Adelaide in South Australia.
I am really interested in learning more about your BAMBEA project as we are looking at the health applications for iBeacons at the moment.
Is the trial up and running? What has been the outcome?
Look forward to hearing from you.

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Jose Diaz, CEO , posted

Looking for interviews with employers concerned about employees health

We are a Startup called ByCycling, and we are developing and testing an app to motivate people to cycle to work offering them cash incentives as rewards.

We are looking for interviews with employers interested in improve their employees health (reducing health costs) and improve their corporate responsibility image. We offer a wellness bike to work program and a platform (SaaS) to employers, so they can incentivise their employees to commute to work by bike. We use an app to track the activities in a secure way, so employers can be sure that their people are in fact commuting by bike.

The objective of these interviews is to do some customer development and to find out what our customers needs/wishes are.

Thanks, for more info please visit:

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Rogier Havelaar, General Manager City Logistics at PostNL, posted

How can we use the letterbox as a Smart City node?

PostNL has an incredible network of letterboxes on the street. Last September, we investigated the Smart City opportunities for this network by placing sensors measuring temperature, noise and humidity on the letterboxes.


I would like to receive ideas for how we can use the letterbox as install-base for sensors measuring e.g. air quality, urban heath, noise, etc.

What kind of user stories can we serve with this network of thousands of letterboxes? And what if we combine the letterbox network with our vehicles and bicycles, covering every street every day?

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Lorraine Hudson, Research Associate (Smart Cities) , posted

Co-creating Smart Sustainable Cities Workshop (1st September)

This workshop at Amsterdam Business School will explore the experiences of projects, researchers and practitioners using participatory design approaches and ICT to engage citizens in co-creating smart sustainable cities including case studies from Bristol, Milton Keynes and other city case studies suggested by participants.

It will take place on September 1st see for more details and how to register. It is a morning workshop (09:00-12:30), which costs 12 Euros, and is part of the ICT4S 2016 Conference.


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Aleida Verheus, energy & sustainable housing consultant , posted

Funding to help provide energy-displays for tenants

Liander has started to offer the 'Slimme Meter' to Amsterdam households. To help tenants reduce their energy consumption it is proven to be helpful to have an energy display visible which shows energy consumption real-time. With this display the 'slimme meter' can be really smart. Starting in Geuzenveld this fall we offer information about the smart use of the smart meter. Partnerships are required to help us purchase these displays for use (rent or buy).

Beate Bouwman, posted

Are you in search of a 'once in a lifetime' internship?

Can you imagine a company with a great mission, lots of opportunities and a real problem solving solution? - Woodyshousing dances on many different floors: from product development in circular design and smart technology, marketing, communication towards financial modelling, lobbying, real estate development.... actually we need you: willing to learn, discover, contribute and setting the next step for "quality housing made affordable by technology". We focus on young people in urban environments and like to work together with our customers. Special interest in smart and circular cities? - Send your motivation to


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Natasha Sena, Programme Developer Research at AMS Institute, posted

AMS Institute released a new Call for Stimulus Projects!

Great news! After a successful first edition last year,AMS Institute releases a new Call for Stimulus Projects! The aim of Stimulus Projects is to give new and existing AMS partners support to innovative research that has a strong upscaling potential.

To facilitate finding partners for this call, AMS Institute will organise a matchmaking event on Tuesday, May 24th, at AMS Institute. This event has limited capacity, make sure to sign up in time! More information on our website!

For more information about the Call, please check: 


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Ring-Ring® Janine Hogendoorn, Founder & Director at Ring-Ring®, posted

Connect civic initiatives with local goverment through Fkm's

The Ring-Ring®platform offers a unique service to boost a civic initiative with cycle kilometres from a local government perspective.

The win-win is: stimulating a healthy and social mobility choice and combine this with local initiatives.

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