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To keep Amsterdam liveable the municipality collaborates with its citizens. On average Amsterdam’s population grows with 10.000 people a year. This small big city has a density of 5065 people per square km, over 180 different nationalities. 19% of the total Dutch GDP is earned in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Between 2015 and 2016, the amount of tourists in Amsterdam increased by 7%. To keep Amsterdam’s 162 canals, monumental centre and residential areas liveable, innovative initiatives are required. Share your innovative concepts and ideas here!

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Het Groene Lab

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Meld je aan voor Het Lab en bepaal hoe Amsterdam groener wordt!

Op donderdag 23 juni organiseren De Gezonde Stad en Amsterdam &Co de eerste editie van Het Lab! In Het Lab pitchen vier Amsterdamse bewoners hun ideeën voor een gezonde stad. De pitcher met het beste idee ontvangt €1.000 voor de uitvoering.

En er is een publieksprijs! Ook jij bepaalt wie er wint en hoe Amsterdam groener wordt gemaakt. Je toegangskaartje (Labpasje) is tevens een stembiljet. Hiermee kun je stemmen welk idee er volgens jou naar huis moet gaan met de opbrengst van de kaartverkoop.

Het thema? Groen! Meer groen is een verademing voor het leven in de stad, het zorgt voor waterbuffering, verkoeling, fijnstofafvanging én groen is gezond! Maar de stad wordt steeds drukker en verdicht waardoor er minder ruimte is voor groen. Het Lab is dan ook op zoek naar toffe ideeën om de stad groener te maken.

Aanmelden:Heb jij een tof idee om Amsterdam te vergroenen? Meld je dan vóór 16 juni hier aan voor Het Lab.

Wil je bepalen hoe Amsterdam groener wordt? Reserveer hier een Labpas!:. Hiermee kun je niet alleen stemmen op het beste idee maar ook:

  • voorafgaand aan de pitches een rondleiding op FabCity volgen langs allerlei coole duurzame initiatieven;

  • een hapje en drankje scoren aan de bar!


Locatie: FabCity - Entree Paviljoen

Labpasjesverkoop: aan de deur (cash only! opbrengst gaat naar de winnaar van de publieksprijs)

Event on Jun 23rd
Frank Kresin, Research Director , posted

Amsterdam Smart Citizens Lab

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The Smart Citizens Lab helps people to explore tools and applications to map the world around us. Along with citizens, scientists, and designers, we deal with themes ranging from air quality to the conditions of bathing water to noise pollution.



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Frank Kresin, Research Director , posted

Making Sense

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Making Sense will show how open source software, open source hardware, digital maker practices and open design can be used by local communities to make sense of their environments.

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Michiel van den Berg, Co Founder , posted


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Reducing loneliness by connecting seniors

Klup was finalist van de ASN Wereldprijs, voor een betere wereld van morgen.


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Madelaine Berlis, Project Designer , posted

Futurethon - The Future of Living

How will future development shape the way we interact with our living spaces?

Are you interested in Speculative Design? Are you curious about what the future of living might look like? Then join our Futurethon, organised by Space10 (= living innovation lab of IKEA)!

We are calling all designers, artists, scientists, students, humanists and industry professionals to work together on problems and opportunities raised by technological and cultural change.

During this workshop we will speculate about the future of living and interactive spaces. The most interesting directions will even be built and tested! Finally, we will all evaluate on the outcome combined with drinks and snacks.

Sounds interesting? Get your ticket here:

And here is the full description on the Space10 website:

Madelaine Berlis's picture Event from Jul 8th to Jun 8th
Marcella Schets, Communication Officer at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Amstelhuis – Living Lab

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The Amstelhuis functions both as a residential facility for senior citizens in Amsterdam and as an excellent practical environment for students, lecturers and researchers of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS).

> Next step: forms of housing for Turkish and Moroccan elderly people

On 21 March 2017, a policy meeting was held by Amstelhuis Cocon Vastgoed Zorg and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Central to this meeting was the subject “forms of housing for Turkish and Moroccan elderly people”.

Representatives of Cocon Vastgoed Zorg, professors and researchers from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and representatives from “Wijkadvies” (Community Advice) considered various forms of housing for these specific groups. This resulted in unique concepts and ideas, to serve as recommendations for Cocon Vastgoed Zorg:

• Create small housing units with 30 to 40 residents, two separate spaces for, respectively, Turkish and Moroccan seniors.
• Each space has a transitional space and a bridging function to the general and the public spaces.
• Relationships with children and grandchildren appear to be essential. Set up the space in such a manner that contact with family is possible and attractive.

We hope to jointly work out the ideas in further detail in the future.


Een Nieuwe Start - Het Amstelhuis (subs)

Het Amstelhuis 2 - Living Together




For more information, contact Ellen Budde - projectleader Amstelhuis (

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Aveen Colgan, Project Manager at The Green Living Lab, posted

The Green Living Lab

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The Green Living Lab is a living lab in a nature where education & research into healthy urban living takes place. We believe that every city could have a Green Living Lab, a place in nature where local universities, students & the public connect with entrepreneurs & pioneers in sustainable living to explore, experiment & to invest in a healthy sustainable society.


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Marcella Schets, Communication Officer at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Age-friendly Amsterdam

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Creating an Age-Friendly Amsterdam, one grandparent at a time.

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Floortje Vermeer, posted

CycleSalon - The future of Amsterdam cycling

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Amsterdam is working on a new 'Meerjarenplan Fiets' plan for 2017-2021 to improve cycling in the city. What are the ideas and questions for this plan? What more should be included according to other cycling stakeholders? And do YOU have any ideas about how cycling in Amsterdam could be improved?

Join this interactive talk on June 16th to think about and work together on the future of Amsterdam cycling.

The program will start with an introduction by the lead bicycle policy advisors of the Municipality of Amsterdam, Vera van den Bos en Thomas Koorn, in which they will present the ideas for the plan so far. After this, a selection of key players in the field will do a short pitch about what they believe is important to include in the plan. We will close the evening with a mini-workshop (with drinks:-)), where you can contribute your ideas to improve cycling in Amsterdam.

Want to join? Send an e-mail to or attend our event at Facebook.

Floortje Vermeer's picture Event on Jun 16th
Marcella Schets, Communication Officer at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted


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With the VITAMINE (Dutch for 'vitamin') project of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), senior citizens are being further assisted in their pursuit of a fit lifestyle.

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Seval Demir, posted

Health Prospects 2025

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Envisioning a healthy population of Amsterdam in 2025

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Caroline Combé, Chief Planner at City of Amsterdam: Department of Planning and Sustainability, posted

Exhibition Volksvlijt2056

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Cities are the future. It's 2016 and Amsterdam is at the beginning of a new golden age. OBA, the library at the Ooksterdokskade, has been changed to a contemporary palace of Industry.
For more information:

Frans-Anton Vermast, Strategy Advisor & International Smart City Ambassador at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

City Protocol

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By the end of 2018, City Protocol ended. The common solutions and principles are still relevant. Therefore, you can still find these useful insights on this page.

Cities have become the key nodes of the global economy, acting as magnets for the new hyper-connected communities. They play a singular role as hubs of innovation and sources of universal flows of information—produced by people, things and the interactions between them. How can cities approach these challenges and adopt sound financial strategies to become more livable and self-suficient, with empowered citizens?

1) A collaboration and knowledge sharing framework for the development of a new science of cities.

2) Establishment of the basis for the evaluation and accreditation of standards and recommendation documents for city transformations.

3) A set of methods and tools for system-level data analysis and representation, and a city knowledge base into specific learnings.

4) A ‘city language’ and set of common images for describing the City Anatomy.

5) Building a repository of documents describing projects, policies and recommended practices which may be tested in cities working and learning together to tackle their common transformational challenges.

6) A network and/or platform for education and knowledge sharing among all members.

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Rick Vermin, posted


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Exploring how Beacons can be put to use to increase exercise in Amsterdam.

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Saskia Beer, Founder/Director at TransformCity®, posted


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Transformcity is the online platform for collaborative urban development, aimed at growing a sustainable and inclusive local community of co-owners. Transformcity is currently being implemented in two of Amsterdam’s largest transformation areas.

Transformcity won the second prize in the international Le Monde Smart Cities Innovation Awards 2016, category Citizen Engagement. The international high-profile jury was led by prof. Saskia Sassen.

Later that year we won the Call for Soultions in Barcelona World Smart City Event.

In 2017 we won Amsterdam's Startup in Residence programme.

In 2018 we won the Provada / Holland ConTech & PropTech Start-up Battle

Also check out our video:


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Mara de Pater, Master Student at Wageningen University and Research, posted

Rooftop Revolution

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Rooftop Revolution is an independent foundation and supports in sustainable roof projects.

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Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT

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Startupbootcamp runs 20+ industry-focused programs in over 15 countries. Smart City & IoT is set to run in July 2018.



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Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Smart Students

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This project is a part of Living Lab Nieuw-west. The Living Labs put innovative technology to practice in a test environment.



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Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Smart Citizen Kit

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The Kit measures the humidity, noise levels, temperature, CO, NO2 and lightintensity of the neighborhood

Noise map



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Gunn Larsen, Technical Professional at DNV GL, posted

City-zen: Go2Zero

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Go2Zero is a serious role playing game for decision makers to experience the consequences of individual decisions and different strategies to ‘go to zero’ carbon emissions.

City-zen was an international consortium, a program stimulating learning-by-doing in Grenoble and Amsterdam between March 2014 and November 2019. The results can be found in a booklet or in detailed reports.

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