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People get more connected and technology becomes part of our daily life. Between 2014 and 2015 there was a 27% growth of internet traffic in Amsterdam. Eleven out of fifteen Trans-Atlantic data cables are connected with or go through Amsterdam and the AMS-IX is the second largest internet exchange point in the world. In 2016 Amsterdam was ranked second in the European Digital City Index. Do you work on a smarter city? Share your technologies here!

Pablo Pinkus, Chairman of Stichting Elektrisch Varen , posted

Looking for a speaker at HISWA 2018

Stichting Elektrisch Varen is looking for someone who has a true vision on sustainable management of the dutch waterways. How can Amsterdam improve and protect the quality of its water and air, keep leisure for its citizens approachable and mark a milestone in innovative infrastructure?

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Christian Fasting, Owner , posted

Brazil: City of Sorocaba is searching for Smart City collaboration

Beginning of this month I’ve visited the Town Hall of Sorocaba in Brazil. The secretaries of urban planning Mrs. Zacareli and Mr. Fioravante informed me about their current projects and ambitions around Smart City. They also shared their vision to make the municipality more sustainable and pleasant for its inhabitants. Sorocaba is looking for international collaborations.

The city of Sorocaba in the São Paulo state has 700.000 inhabitants, the metropolitan area of Sorocaba consists of 27 municipalities with a total of more than 2 million inhabitants. The industrial park boasts more than 25 million square meters and over 1,600 industries.

The city is foreseeing a growth of the municipality’s service package due to the growing metropolitan area of Sorocaba and the influx of inhabitants coming from São Paulo. Sorocaba embraces a smarter and more sustainable approach to cope with the future urban challenges.

With the recently started IPLASO ( Institute for Planning of Sorocaba ) the municipality is making a start to coordinate urban projects and unite stakeholders to share visions and implement plans.

In general, the municipality is looking for knowledge, best practices, guidance and support with enrolling their Smart City vision and sustainable urban projects within IPLASO. More specific, Sorocaba is looking for solutions to use their data better and to improve their health and municipal services.

In the Netherlands I’m supporting Sorocaba with their plans. Who wants to join?

Feel free to contact me via +31617456045 or

It will be my pleasure to share my experiences in Sorocaba and Brazil with you.

Kind regards, Christian Fasting.

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Marjorie Lightman, Partner , posted

What happened to canal travel?

While attending an exhibition of Dutch painting in the 17th century, I read an explanatory label that detailed scheduled barge travel among the major cities and noted that the trip from Amsterdam to Leiden took an hour -- What happened to canal travel and why is not a part of the urban landscape?

Youri Goudswaard, Program Manager Amsterdam Trade at Amsterdam Trade, posted

Trade mission to Vietnam and Malaysia

From 4-9 February 2018, minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Sigrid Kaag, is visiting both Vietnam and Malaysia.
When considering doing business in Southeast-Asia, this economic mission provides a good opportunity to learn more about these two important and growing economies. Innovation plays an important role in sustaining the economic growth in Vietnam and Malaysia and both countries are therefore looking for partners to develop new products and concepts. Especially in the field of urban planning and smart cities, this mission provides interesting opportunities for Dutch businesses, for instance in smart city Ho Chi Minh and at the World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur.

For more information on the mission, doing business in Vietnam and Malaysia and registration, please go to

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Irene Kinderman, Business developer , posted

Be part of European Innovations Pavilion in Vancouver

Dudoc Vancouver and Informa launch collaboration at the Vancouver Buildex 2018 to introduce new products and approaches to build our cities more sustainably. And they are looking for companies to join them.

February 2018 will present an excellent opportunity to those offering sustainable solutions for the building industry and are interested to discover the option of expanding to the West Coast of Canada. By taking part in the Buildex Vancouver conference your company can get acquainted with the market in a quick and cost-effective manner. This expo attracts about 14,000 visitors, among them builders, architects, developers, manufacturers, government officials, etc.

This year, Dudoc will be hosting a pavilion of European Innovations that make cities smarter and buildings more efficient. They are looking for 6-8 partners that offer innovative technologies and approaches to join in this year’s pavilion.

A project of the World of Walas, Dudoc provides an opportunity for exceptional innovators to introduce their advanced environmentally sustainable designs and products to the Canadian public. The Dudoc showroom in Vancouver is open to the public and displays world-leading innovations from select partners. They all share a common goal of setting new standards for healthy and energy-efficient communities. Dudoc opened in 2014 as a hub for the local community of change makers. This community thrives with ongoing networking events, workshops, well-attended trade missions, conferences and more.

Dudoc has gone to multiple tradeshows and under­stands the large scope of work that is involved with them. They understand the uncertainties that arise with the unfamiliarity with the North American regulations. However, they also know how advanta­geous it can be to get a first glimpse of the market and to assess the demand by participating in a trade show. Dudoc can help you ease your mind in these crucial first steps. They have been doing busi­ness development for European clients for 4 years with their platform. In Vancou­ver and its region, Dudoc Vancouver is recognized as the only hub for European knowledge, innova­tions and technologies that is on the lookout for latest trends and most sustainable solutions.

This is your chance to gain the value of reaching 14,000 clients that are looking for cutting-edge solutions to the problems of sustainability; all at only a frac­tion of the cost. You can either apply for an Exhibitor spot (total 6 spots), which provides you with a 3x3m space and 30-45 minute presentation time. Regular value for this is 15.000 euros, if you join our European Pavilion, we can offer it to you for 3.000 euros. Or you can go for a Presenter spot (total 4 spots), which provides you with a 30-45 minute presentation time. Regular value is 3.000 euros, if you join us this will only cost you 500 euros. If you think one of these opportunities is for you, please apply to be part by contacting Dudoc Vancouver. Don’t wait too long, spots are limited.

For questions and application, please send an email to

For more information on Dudoc Vancouver and World of Walas

For more information on the Buildex:

Charley Fiedeldij Dop, Programmaker at Pakhuis de Zwijger, posted

Intern opportunity - Gezocht: Stagiair programmamaker @ Pakhuis de Zwijger

Ben jij ook zo nieuwsgierig hoe onze maatschappij van de toekomst eruit ziet? Ben jij geïnteresseerd in de (sociale) invloed van technologische innovatie op de samenleving, zoals de gevolgen voor onze economie, mobiliteit, onderwijs en zorg? Solliciteer en wordt onze nieuwe stagiair programmamaker. Door het organiseren van programma’s en het ontmoeten van interessante sprekers sta je in een mum van tijd midden in het maatschappelijk debat. NB Onbetaalde stage.

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Anonymous posted

Invitation for Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven-Smart Energy Playground

Dear All,

I would like to invite you to our Smart Playground Installation in Gemeente Eindhoven on the Dutch Design Week (21-29 October)
There will be an installation of playground equipment which transforms the kinetic energy into light and Bluetooth control of a Mobile app, where the kids collect points according to the produced energy. Also a smart Street Fitness will show you how by working out on your Skywalk you could observe Augmented Reality in Google Street View.

Feel free to join us for a coffee on our Solar Lighting Benches :))
If you'd like to meet, drop me a line to

Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt, Founder , posted

Volunteers for meet-up on Blockchain and Food ... next Tuesday oct 3 @ 17:00

I'm looking for 2 volunteers that want to gain experience and build their network in the space of Blockchain Technology and Food. A unique combination.

I need some hands to run and improve this recurring event:

First meet-up is this Tuesday 3rd of October, starting at 17:00

If you're interested, give me a call on 06 13502191


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Anonymous posted

Research about smart city initiatives in Amsterdam

Hi people!

We are a group of students from Lund University (Sweden), studying our Master in Information Systems. In one of our courses, we are doing research about sustainable/smart cities in Europe and (of course) we selected Amsterdam!

We are looking for managers and entrepreneurs from both the private and public sector involved in initiatives or SME focusing on smart cities, technology, energy and sustainability. Any kind of area focusing on Smart cities.

We are interested in knowing how you got involved in the smart city projects, the products/services you are offering, we are also going to ask different agreement statements for further insights of your involvements.

The answers we’ll be gathering will be used for further research within the area of Smart Cities. The interviews however will be done through skype or by call and will take around 30 minutes to finish.

Perhaps you’re asking yourself “What’s in it for me?” Well, first and foremost you’ll be helping four students to complete their assignment and if you’re interested you can continue to be a part of the further research to come within the area since one of our professors is focusing on Smart City development and IT sustainability.

We would be very grateful if you took your time to answer our interview questions and we are looking forward to hear from you.

We would really appreciate any feedback

To get in touch with us, please contact me on

Best regards

Master Students at Lund University - Department of Informatics

Shvedenko Artem, CIO , posted

Collaboration with IT Innopolis University in Kazan, Russia

Hello, all! My name is Artem.
I'm studing at Innopolis University on the Master of Science in Information Technology – Software Engineering, based on Carnegie Mellon University program.
Now I try to find an interesting project, where there is a demand/requirement in IT collective to improve some program products, smartphone Application, Web portal etc.

So, I am looking for 2 things:

-A customer (with whom we will work, someone who will give us information,
instructions, leads to make requirements to Agile cycles)

-A GNU program product ~ 50000 lines of code to work with it
Our collaboration is free. Of course we cant make the whole program product, but we can improve some parts. Maybe it could be a start to the next cooperation between our university and your wonderful city.

With warm regards,
Shvedenko Artem

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Anonymous posted

*Job Opportunity* Calling Junior Data Scientists

We are looking for an enthusiastic, dynamic Data Scientist with the ability to think creatively and analytically; translating and correlating abstract concepts and data sets for our team of developers to apply to their building projects.

Newly graduated, or holding up to 2 years experience as a data, you will be working mainly in a team under the supervision of a senior integration consultant. Meanwhile, you will be developing your own consultancy skills under expert leadership.

You must be open to growth and receiving feedback, with a willingness to invest in your own development taking initiative where necessary. You should have an idea of which direction you would like to specialise in, but we will harness your talents and skills to fit this exciting and challenging role.

The role.

- Clean up and process raw data into useful data
- Correlate different types of data
- Detecting irregularities in data
- Search for opportunities in a significant amount of data
- Build and improve predictive models using statistical and machine learning techniques
- Work with the developing team to implement the algorithms and visualisations you’ve helped to build as prototypes
- Design, analyse and interpret business hypothesis and explore datasets through using available tools
- Recommend ideas to business when data/results is available through good visualizations / predictive algorithms
- Assist users to understand the data science principles and when needed provide an explanation for the model behaviour and possible correcting actions

Skills required.

- Programming languages; like Python Coding / Java /R / Perl, or C/C++
- Good understanding of Database/Coding (e.g: NoSQL/SQL/etc.)
- Good understanding of unstructured data
- Excellent communication skills (Spoken and written)
- Ability to work well in a team and individually
- Competent understanding of machine learning
- Competent understanding of an ERP system is a plus

Who we are.

The digital economy is continuously disrupting the landscape of business. In this digital era, remaining at the forefront of these shifts is vital.

Our mission is to reduce complexity through improving existing business models. We believe in working towards a simpler future, not just for business, but for the world. Through our innovative cloud technology, Enterprise Integration Specialists and Internet of Things capabilities, the possibilities are endless.

At Rojo we specialise in cloud integration and migration, business process orchestration, enterprise IoT solutions, as well as building exceptional software products, tailored specifically to our customers’ needs.

To apply for this role send your motivation and CV to

adrian bolton, Business Development Director , posted

Meeting SMART Technology & Infrastructure Companies

Airsynergy would like to visit SMART Technology and Infrastructure Companies to talk about our products, and how Airsynergy could look to support live projects in the area of SMART Cities.

Airsynergy are a clean tech design innovation company with products in the area of Smart poles, micro wind and passive ventilation.

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adrian bolton, Business Development Director , posted

meeting new smart city partners

airsynergy are a clean tech design innovation company, looking to source product and project meeting opportunities with partners in the EU in support of SMART City and Infrastructure RE Programmes.
We have three products available to support both Power Generation, Passive air ventilation, SMART City hosting and Small Power off grid applications. All our products are patented, and manufactured here in Ireland by Flex the second largest product manufacturer globally.
We welcome you to review our products at

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Yung-Lai Woo, posted

Interviews for graduate research: SMEs active in Smart Building

Dear members of the Amsterdam Smart City community,

I am currently in my final year of the bachelor study Industrial Engineering at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and I am having my 6-months internship at Amsterdam Trade, who collaborates with Amsterdam Smart City in the area of internationalization. During this 6-months internship, I am doing my graduate research and thesis on innovation failure in the context of Smart City, more specifically SMEs specialized in Smart Building solutions, and internationalization. Right now in the third week of my research, and in this phase, I want to conduct interviews with people working in SMEs that are specialized in Smart Building solutions (both indoor and/or outdoor) that could give me insights in the key topics of my research: internationalization, innovation failure (in this case specified to innovation processes) and SMEs.

What will be the end result of this research? An innovation process specifically designed for SMEs when they want to offer their innovations on foreign markets. This could help and accelerate Amsterdam Trade in the internationalization process of SMEs. And ultimately, what's the added value for SMEs? This innovation process is designed through practical cases (interviews) and literary research on innovation processes and internationalization. It should help SMEs in setting up and shaping their innovation process for internationalization purposes: from exploring multiple ideas to selecting one idea, to building business cases for the innovation, to testing the innovation, and eventually to the launch of the innovation on foreign markets, or just the re-engineering of an existing innovation for release outside of the home country (considering different countries require different approaches than the home country).

If you're working in an SME specialized in Smart Building solutions, either indoor or outdoor solutions, and either active in the business or consumer market, then I would like to get in contact with you! My contact information can be found below, or you can leave your contact information below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

I hope to hear from you, and if you have any questions or anything related, feel free to contact me as well.

Thank you.

Yung-Lai Woo
Phone: 06 39483718

Edited: expansion second paragraph

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Mrunal Gawade, Founder & CEO at Amsterdam Science Park, posted

Sales interns

I am a Computer Scientist at Amsterdam Science Park and founder of a 3D visualization product for creating smart 3D visual user experiences for small scale businesses, educational venues, etc, in cities like Amsterdam. We are looking for Sales Interns to join our team with a focus on Amsterdam city in the beginning. Contact us to join a highly ambitious team of people building cool smart products to make our cities smarter.


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Gerard Duineveld, 5G Mobility & Telecom, High speed Fiber networking, IP netwerken , posted

Contact with ICT managers, big data transport Amsterdam

A-Fiber levert hoogwaardige Dark Fiber en WDM verbindingen op basis van het eigen aangelegde glasvezelnetwerk in Amsterdam en omgeving. (Inmiddels tussen ca 37 Datacentra.) A-fiber zoekt geïnteresseerde ICT managers van bedrijven, gemeente en/of overheidsinstellingen in de regio Amsterdam die gebruik willen maken van dit darkfiber en/of high speed datanetwerk voor transport van hun data. (>Gbps-Tbps).
Geïnteresseerden IT managers kunnen mailen met A-fiber via:

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Raj Reddy, Founder & CEO , posted

Infra Structure Projects In India

Dear All,
I am looking for companies that would be interested in a JV model or on complete project take over of few Infra structure projects that me and my partner in India have acquired (We are in to infrastructure and constructions and have executed more than 30 award winning projects so far). We are looking for sound Dutch companies (either outsource or on a JV ) that have experience in constructing Highways, bridges, inter city roads, large conventional malls and urban development programs. I would be glad to hear from you if your interested and to share more information about these projects. Please feel to write to me at or

Thanks and Regards,
Raj M Reddy.
Founder & CEO
HDQ: Koningin Wilhelminaplein 370, 1062 KS Amsterdam : Ph: 0031(0)203013930 Fax :0031 (0) 208100237

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Dessy S, posted

Interviewee - have you considered the benefits of adopting blockchain for IoT?

Hello everyone,

Have you considered the benefits of combining blockchain and IoT? I am a MSc student at the Rotterdam School of Management and need interviewees who can provide insights on the potential company adoption of blockchain payment solutions for IoT. You don't need to have extensive knowledge on blockchain as I can provide a scenario and examples of how blockchain can be used and ask a few related questions. The topic is indeed very interesting so you could learn more in the process and find out how you can implement it for your company. If would like to participate or need more information, please contact me via or Skype (desislava.stoitsova).


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Christo du Raan, IT Coo , posted


I will be travelling from Namibia to Amsterdam on the 16th of May and would like to meet up with someone that can show me what they have done to implement Smart Water and Electricity Usage meters in urban areas. Namibia is a Desert country and Water Management is becomming more and more relevant. I would like to pursue the roll-out of "smart" watermeters that can be managed via Mobile or Web, plus payment systems, same goes for Electricity.

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Anonymous posted

Participants in our TransportLAB Challenge "Logistics Mobility"

Is it possible to make logistics more flexible, more real-time and mobile? What problems do we face and what solutions are at hand or can be developed? Can we create sustainable and real-time logistics in collaboration with smart Talking Traffic initiatives?

Are you also fascinated by sustainable, eco-friendly innovation in transport and logistics? Then participate in TransportLAB's online challenge, focusing on the connection between Logistics and Mobility.

Logistics are characterized by strict planning, deviations are costly and not wanted. However, nowadays deviations are more rule then exception.

We need excellent ideas/solutions to make transport and logistics future and social proof. From March 31st until April 20nd we therefore organize our annual online TransportLAB Challenge (1 open challenge and 3 specific challenges) focused on ‘Logistics Mobility’. The TransportLAB Challenge will be running online for two weeks, from April 1st – 14th. The physical kick-off meeting will take place during the opening event of the Impact Hub Amsterdam on March 31st. This day we also participate in the Smart City Innovation Lab ‘Keeping the Zuidas Accessible’.

Who can participate?

Not just data crunchers but also for other experts (and of course students/young engineers, alone or as a team) that can contribute to our challenges.

Read all about our Challenge on our special community site:
If you are interested yourself to participate, please register or email us ( for further information.

Team TransportLAB, Linda Petrovic.