Sustainable energy is the future. The city of Amsterdam has the ambition to provide every citizen with a solar panel in the next years. How do you contribute? Share your innovative initiatives on energy here.

Emma van der Veen, New business development | Product Management at Philips, posted

De Ceuvel

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De Ceuvel is one of the most sustainable and unique urban developments in Europe.

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Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Self-sufficient Pampus

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Reusing batteries could offer households and businesses throughout the Netherlands an affordable form of energy storage.

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Esther Somers, Sr Project Manager Organic Waste (Composting & Wormhotels) at City of Amsterdam: Chief Technology Office, posted


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EU Funded FP7 project on Urban Energy Transition in Amsterdam and Grenoble. Includes demonstrations, games and research.

City-zen was an international consortium, a program stimulating learning-by-doing in Grenoble and Amsterdam between March 2014 and November 2019. The results can be found in a booklet or in detailed reports.

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