Sustainable energy is the future. The city of Amsterdam has the ambition to provide every citizen with a solar panel in the next years. How do you contribute? Share your innovative initiatives on energy here.

Anuradha Sharma, Management Consultant , posted

Looking for a job opportunity in the areas of smart cities / digital transformation

I am a Smart Cities Consultant, actively looking for opportunities in the areas of Smart Cities, Digital Transformation, Livable Cities, Sustainable Development, Urban Mobility, ICT/ IoT, Strategy Planning, Project Management, Urban Management, Urban Economic Development, Urban Governance, Feasibility Studies, Technical Research, and Development.
I hold a Masters degree from Germany with specialization in Urban Agglomerations. I would be happy to hear from you pointing out at any leads or opportunities.
Thanks in advance,
Kind Regards,

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V C, posted

Feedbacks wanted: ChargeOn Bike - Clean Energy Challenge for Amsterdam City

Hello folks,

I have joined What Design Can Do's clean energy challenge, and now is at the concept stage. My product is called ChargeOn Bike: using a dynamo to charge smartphones with clean energy from cycling, and a mobile app to raise awareness about energy transition.

Could you let me know your thoughts on it?
Do you see the need of it as a citizen and what I could improve to fit your needs?

Any feedbacks are very much welcome.

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Gabriela Milyanova, Assistant Programme Manager , posted

Looking for smart clean energy designs!

What Design Can Do invites you to join the Clean Energy Challenge!

We are searching for bold and brilliant ideas to rethink how we produce, use and distribute energy in our cities. The Challenge is open to all creatives and will give you a chance to win up to €10.000 in funding, plus a tailor-made development programme to support your idea and help you further develop it.

Do you have a game changing idea to help Amsterdam's transition to a Clean Energy City? Don't hesitate to submit your project (deadline is 5 December!)!

For more information visit:

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Melchior Kanyemesha, Programmanagement + Energy Lead at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Utilize residual heat of data centers

Amsterdam builds more and more data centers. These data centers use up alot of electricity, but also provide a lot of heat. The innovation team of the City of Amsterdam is gathering information concerning how we can use this residual heat for both existing and new buildings. And now we're asking the ASC community for input!

How can we utilize the heat data centers produce? Do you have some inspiring ideas or examples?

Kind regards,

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Nikita Shetty, Researcher at BABLE, posted

Morgenstadt Pitch for Startups improving urban life

Are you a startup that helps improve urban life? Would you like to pitch your startup in front of city leadership, investors, and decision makers from both the public and private sector?

Morgenstadt Pitch is a startup competition at the Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger, on 26th September 2018, that brings together Europe’s leading startups focusing on urban sustainability for a live on-stage battle.

The winning startups receive a yearlong membership of the Morgenstadt Innovation network and the opportunity to advertise their product/service on the Smart City platform, BABLE.
Additionally, registered startups receive a special discount for a stand at the Nordic Edge Expo start-up village. This area gathers ambitious entrepreneurs and companies who want to present their products and services to the 5000+ visitors that are expected at Nordic Edge Expo 2018.
Additionally, you get an opportunity to participate in the official Networking Event of Nordic Edge Expo.

Find more information here:

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William Reed, secondary teacher , posted

USA school teacher: opportunities to learn about Dutch climate mitigation/adaptation strategies Jun28-July7

Hello! I'm hoping (at the very last minute) to connect with some folks who might be interested in sharing their work with me through a brief informal tour or interview while I'm here in the Netherlands for the next 8 or 9 days. I'm here with the help of a small, self directed grant to develop a unit of study for my students in Chicago that will inspire them to better understand climate change as a global issue with which they can engage in creative ways in their local context. I'm interested in more or less any and all work happening around Amsterdam (or Utrecht, where I'll be from July 3-July 5, or Wageningen, July 5- July 7) that relates to the effects of climate change or mitigation/adaptation strategies. This could include any climate relevant public or private work in the electricity, transportation, building, industrial, agricultural, tech, or education sectors. For example, if you are involved with a start up that does circular economy work that reduces emissions, have a perspective to share on regional transportation, know something about zero emission architecture, or work in education and are interested in developing collaborations in terms of sustainability/climate curriculum, I'm interested in hearing from you and (in an ideal world) chatting for 30 minutes or an hour. My students are typically low income, racial minority teenagers who I believe need to be empowered to make the future as much as their economically well off and culturally "mainstream" peers. Most of my students are also soon to be voting eligible citizens of the USA, which seems relevant. Anyway, I appreciate you considering my vague request! I am of course thrilled about the wealth of resources available through Smart City Amsterdam (including the very cool new Amsterdam Innovation Tour app), and I've booked, for example, a standard tour on Friday through architour. But unfortunately my dates of travel did not align with WeMakeTheCity, the ASC Open House is not happening this Friday, and many of the other tour options are out of my price range as an individual traveling on a small grant. Thanks for any and all input. Cheers!

Punit Gandhi, Co-Fouder , posted

Looking for Job opportunities in the field of Sustainable Energy Consultancy

Hello everyone,
I am Punit Gandhi. I am currently looking for job opportunities in the field of Sustainable Energy Consultancy as a high skilled immigrant in the Netherlands.
I have completed my Msc in Sustainable Energy Technology from TU-Delft. After MSc, I have started a company in India and worked in the field of rooftop solar PV installation and consultancy for last three years. Currently I am expanding my horizon towards sustainable building and cities with focus on Energy Transition.
Let me know if you would like to know more about my experience.

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Santtu Hulkkonen, CEO , posted

Stormwater Management

I am looking for early stage Stormwater Management project possibilities to pilot Innovative nordic stormwater solutions with local and international partners in the Netherlands. Thank you.

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Jake H, Researcher , posted

Green Amsterdam Research

Research Calling!

The Citizen Data Lab and MediaLab Amsterdam - affiliated with the HvA - are working on collecting data on green energy usage in Amsterdam, to be able to empower citizens involved in the green energy transition.

We would like every resident of Amsterdam to please have a 10 minute talk with our friendly chatbot, Magnetron. With your input, we can discover valuable insights that will help lead to a greener and more sustainable city.

To start your conversation, go to We promise you’ll enjoy it!

Marije van Gent, Kwartiermaker Psychologie voor een duurzame stad at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Vacancy: Researcher Psychology for a sustainable City (Hogeschool van Amsterdam)

Help solving sustainability issues in Amsterdam by using psychology and behavior change insights. Are you research-minded, do you know how to activate citizens and do you have a green heart? Apply for this vacancy at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science! (vacancy in Dutch)

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Tushar Narula, posted

Looking for internship opportunity

My name is Tushar Narula and I am a sophomore at UC Berkeley pursuing Sustainable Environmental Design concentrating in Business, Economic Policy. I am also pursuing certifications in design innovation and technology entrepreneurship. I have always been involved in the field of sustainable cities and their development. Being fortunate enough to gain experience from various companies and research projects. I have always passionately explored different parts of the field including consulting, developing and shaping different projects.

These opportunities have provided me with a world exposure. I have also been constantly involved in the development of sustainability on campus and also made a smart campus club for the Berkeley campus. I was wondering if there would be any possibility that I could work with the Amsterdam smart city in the form of an internship and learn more as well as could be as short as 1-2 weeks and I would not be looking for a pay but would be really eager to gain this as an opportunity and learn so much more about the field.

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Yuna Funamoto, Marketing Specialist , posted

Call for Applications: Smart City Hackathon 2018 in Amsterdam!

The Smart City Hackathon is a series of events in different countries that focuses on the intersection of digital technology and urbanization, and this year the Netherlands hackathon will be held on March 23-24, 2018 at Rockstart, Amsterdam.

The Smart City Hackathon 2018: Amsterdam will bring together entrepreneurs and select university students to build scalable business models in one of four tracks: energy efficiency, air quality, waste management, and smart transportation.

This is a business models competition (no coding), and hackathon winners will be given industry prizes, unparalleled marketing opportunities, and more!

Apply today!
Registration for entrepreneurs:
Registration for students:

Find more information:

Alexandra Guriţă, Product designer , posted

Do you want help reducing energy consumption in households?

As energy costs are increasing, more and more consumers are becoming actively interested in reducing their energy consumption in a household. Many years, different technologies have been implemented and developed to solve the heat energy consuming over a long time, as the implementation needs a high investment.

The research is focused on finding general attitudes of people regarding energy consumption & heating at homes. The goal of the form is to gather enough data to create a suitable furniture product which can reduce energy bills that fits most of people's budget, as well as their needs.

If you want to contribute, complete the form:

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Yuna Funamoto, Marketing Specialist , posted

Join us for Smart City Hackathon 2018 in Amsterdam!

We would like to invite passionated entrepreneurs and university students to participate in our Smart City Hackathon 2018: Amsterdam edition!

The Smart City Hackathon is a series of events in different countries that focuses on the intersection of digital technology and urbanization, and this year the Netherlands hackathon will be held on March 23-24, 2018.

The Smart City Hackathon 2018: Netherlands will bring together entrepreneurs and select university students build scalable business models in one of four tracks: energy efficiency, air quality, waste management, and smart transportation. This is a business models only competition, and hackathon winners will be given industry prizes, unparalleled marketing opportunities, and more!

The deadline for the entrepreneur applications is 11.59PM (GMT+8) on Wednesday, February 28th. Successful applicants will be notified by March 5th and given a registration code to enter the hackathon (no registration fees) .

Apply today to compete for a spot and hack away with entrepreneurs and academics!

For more information and registration, visit or find us on Facebook or Twitter!

Stijn Kusters, Junior Project Manager , posted

Master thesis - Questionnaire about the organizational complexity in smart city initiatives. Looking for response and expertise.

Dear members of Amsterdam Smart City. For my master's thesis, I really need your help and expertise!

My name is Stijn Kusters and I am looking for people with experience in developing smart city projects who can fill in my questionnaire. Hopefully you want to contribute to the success of my graduation research for the master Construction Management and Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to identify the most important sources of organizational complexity in the front-end phase (initiation - development) of innovative smart city projects. The research will eventually result in more theory building, increased understanding of the mechanisms of the complexity factors and insights in these factors related to smart city projects and their project performance.

Please HELP me and SHARE it with your network, and of course I will reward you with eternal gratitude : )

English questionnaire link:

Dutch questionnaire link:

The survey will take +/- 10 minutes of your time. It is completely anonymous and you can easily enter it online on your phone or laptop.

Thank you in advance!

Stijn Kusters
Construction Management and Engineering
Eindhoven University of Technology

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Youssef Kalad, Program Director , posted

Help NYC Achieve 100% Electric Vehicles by 2020

Can you help NYC replace all of its gas-powered vehicles by 2020? We're excited to partner with Mayor Anne Hidalgo and the City of Paris to announce our Climate Action EV Challenge! We're looking for ideas to achieve one or both of the following:

- Emerging New Tech for Change EVs: self-charging streets, inductive / wireless charging, 350+ kW charging, connected vehicle solutions, vehicle-to-grid tech, etc.
- Immediate EV Charging Tech: 25-150 kW charging, solar parking canopies with integrated EV charging, etc.

Interested? Take 5 mins today to send us a short statement of interest. We're making NYC the global leader in climate action: join us!

Deadline: Monday 1/15/2018.
🚀 🌎 #moonshot #NYCx #ClimateAction #ActOnClimate

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Adriaan van Eck, Implementing IoT & Smart Energy , posted

FLEXCON 2017 is looking for interns or students in Energy, Sustainability or Technology for 2 days

For our 2 day conference on 20 and 21 November 2017, we are looking for interns or students to help us register visitors, spread the badges and help our visitors with questions.

What we want:
You will have to be at Pakhuis de Zwijger, both days at 08.00 hours.
You will help with registration / check in of our visitors and speakers.
Then, after ±10.00, you will be free to attend the conference.

What we offer:
Free entrance to our 2 day conference, incl lunch and drinks. A great way so aim for a job, a researchproject or an internship.

See our website

Interested? Send a mail to

Kind regards, Adriaan

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Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Vacancy: proactive content manager (vacancy in Dutch)

Voor het internationale project City-zen*, dat in een nieuwe fase belandt, zoeken wij een ondernemende content manager voor 16 uur per week.

Het project, waarin een internationaal consortium samenwerkt aan schone energie oplossingen voor steden, is al een tijdje onderweg en loopt nog tot eind 2019. Eén van de belangrijkste doelstellingen van het project is de waardevolle kennis en ervaringen uit de verschillende innovatieve praktijkprojecten in Amsterdam en Grenoble, vast te leggen en te delen met andere relevante professionals zodat deze navolging krijgen. De afgelopen jaren is er met individuele publicaties in de reguliere media en vakbladen, presentaties tijdens congressen en nieuwsbrieven al aandacht besteed aan het delen van kennis en ervaring. Nu een groot deel van de praktijkprojecten (bijna) gerealiseerd is, wordt het tijd om de opgebouwde kennis op een meer strategische en structurele wijze te verankeren.

Je taken zijn onder andere:

• het, in samenwerking met de projectleider en de verschillende partners, maken van een helder plan om City-zen’s lessons learned op te halen bij de partners, vast te leggen en op een laagdrempelige manier te delen zodat anderen deze oplossingen zullen gaan overwegen en eventueel overnemen.
• het inhoudelijk vormgeven van het programma van een city conference, welke waarschijnlijk onderdeel zal uitmaken van het WeMakeThe.City dat plaats vindt in juni 2018 in Amsterdam.
• Het (mede) inhoudelijk vormgeven van een slotconferentie (eind 2019) in Brussel die dient als formele uitsmijter van het gehele project.

Daarnaast ben je verantwoordelijk voor:

• Het creëren en cureren van relevante en aantrekkelijke content voor verschillende doelgroepen op verschillende media
• Het inhoudelijk vormgeven en (deels) schrijven van thematische nieuwsbrieven (4x per jaar) voor de City-zen community
• Het ondersteunen van de verschillende partners in de communicatie over de projecten
• Het beheren van de website (plaatsen nieuwsberichten en maken inhoudelijke wijzigingen in Wordpress pagina’s)

Wij zoeken een ondernemende content manager die de hoofdtaak – het vastleggen en op een aantrekkelijke en laagdrempelige manier delen van City-zen’s lessons learned – creatief benadert en zin heeft om zijn/haar tanden te zetten in dit mooie project.

Wie ben jij?
• Je hebt interesse in en enige kennis van duurzame energie
• Je hebt uitstekende sociale vaardigheden
• Je kunt goed schrijven én interviewen en bent in staat technische informatie te vertalen naar toegankelijke resultaten
• Je hebt een uitstekende kennis van het Nederlands en Engels (in woord en geschrift)
• Je hebt kennis van en ervaring met wordpress en social media
• Je hebt een WO/HBO werk- en denkniveau en enkele jaren ervaring in een soortgelijke functie

Wat bieden we?
Wij bieden je een functie voor 16 uur per week in hartje Amsterdam, voor de duur van 12 maanden. Je krijgt veel eigen verantwoordelijkheid en er is volop ruimte voor eigen initiatief. Je werkt in een interessant netwerk van nationale en internationale publieke en private partijen die zich inzetten op het snijvlak van innovatie en duurzaamheid

De ambitie is om deze rol voort te zetten tot het einde van het project (eind 2019). Salarisindicatie: tussen €3.500 en €4.100 (o.b.v. 40-urige werkweek). Detachering is niet bespreekbaar. Wij zijn uitdrukkelijk op zoek naar iemand die in dienst komt van de Board, een onafhankelijke stichting.

Solliciteren? Heb je interesse en voldoe je aan de functie-eisen? Stuur dan je sollicitatie met CV en motivatie aan Annelies van der Stoep:

Reageren kan t/m 5 november.
Wij stellen acquisitie n.a.v. deze vacature niet op prijs.

Wat is City-zen?

De stad helemaal kolen- en gasvrij. City-zen vindt uit hoe dat moet.
Een stad waarin niets anders dan schone energie gebruikt wordt: zon, wind, aardwarmte en biomassa… In theorie kan het. Maar hoe zit het met de praktijk? Hoe integreer je nieuwe energie oplossingen in bestaande gebouwen, systemen en, last but not least, de levens van mensen? Welke technische, economische en sociale uitdagingen zijn er? En hoe overwin je die? Het internationale consortium City-zen vindt uit hoe dat moet aan de hand van 20 vernieuwende praktijkprojecten in Amsterdam en Grenoble.
Meer informatie over City-zen:

In Amsterdam is de Amsterdam Economic Board verantwoordelijk voor de lokale coördinatie van het project City-zen en haar Nederlandse partners. De content manager werkt nauw samen met de City-zen projectleider, beiden zijn in dienst van de Amsterdam Economic Board. Daarnaast zijn zij ook onderdeel van het Amsterdam Smart City netwerk.

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