Sustainable energy is the future. The city of Amsterdam has the ambition to provide every citizen with a solar panel in the next years. How do you contribute? Share your innovative initiatives on energy here.

Johannes von Dohnanyi, Journalist , posted

Journalist needs help

Smart City Amsterdam will feature prominently in the next issue of "Change" Magazin of the Germany based Bertelsmann Foundation. "Change" covers political, social and economic trends worldwide. This time Smart Cities will be at the core of our investigations.
"Energy, water and waste", but also Mobility, Infrastructure and Technology and Circular City will be important topics in my report on Amsterdam. But to do so, I will need the help of you, the local visionaires, movers and shakers.
From your perspective: What are currently the most ambitious, but also the most promising projects under way? Who are the people to talk to?
I will be in Amsterdam from Jan. 10 - 15, 2017.
Whoever wants to support me will be most welcome.
You may reach me on my e-mail address
or on my cell phone +49 173 522 4172
Thanks for your assistance
Johannes von Dohnanyi
Change Magazin

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Arif Fatehi, posted

Smart Waste Manager solution providers

The Consulate General of the Netherlands in Mumbai is exploring opportunities for Dutch companies to introduce Smart City solutions to India. Read a brief about it here :

Smart cities in Pune and across India are looking for solutions in :
1/ Garbage Bin Sensor and Management Solution
2/ RFID Tags and RFID Reader Solution ( RFID solution for bins and vehicle for tracking at various stages)
3/ Smart Card and Card Reader Solution ( Smart Card Reader on Vehicles and Reader capable to transmit the data)
4/ Weighing Sensor Management Solution ( RAMPS/Processing Plants/Bio-gas Plants)
Integrated Solid Waste Management Solution ( Software Solution to track bins/vehicle/sensor data end to end at Control room)

Please get in touch with me at with a brief of your company/solution to take this further

-Arif Fatehi

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Maike Pluijgers, Marketing & Communication at Greenspread, posted

Energiepioniers uit Amsterdam Nieuw-West!

Voor ons City-Zen Project "Virtual Power Plant" zijn wij nog steeds opzoek naar huishoudens in Amsterdam Nieuw-West met postcode 1060, 1066, 1068, 1069. Heeft u of wilt u zonnepanelen en wilt u mee doen aan een duurzaam uniek project in uw omgeving? Bekijk de website en lees de voorwaarden Meld u aan via

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Niels Groen in 't Wout, Student , posted

Duurzame VvE's


Vanuit de Hogeschool van Amsterdam doen wij, drie studenten, in samenwerking met Alliander een project in het kader van Smart Cities. In het project ‘De Duurzame VvE’ interviewen we een aantal Verenigingen van Eigenaren. We vragen hierbij naar hun ervaringen, successen in het bijzonder, en wat er beter had gekund tijdens de verduurzaming van die VvE. Daarbij richten wij ons op het besluitvormingsproces m.b.t. het treffen van isolerende maatregelen.

Wij zijn op zoek naar circa 10 VvE’s die dit proces succesvol hebben doorlopen.

Bent u of kent u een VvE (bestuur, beheerder)? Neem dan contact op met

Bedankt voor uw hulp!

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Annelies Van der Stoep, Strategic advisor at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Are you retrofitting your building in an energy efficient way?

We love people who retrofit their homes and make them energy efficient. Those residential renovations can be supported via an EU subsidy.

But what about other buildings in our city? Do you know a school, community center, shop or office building that is being renovated to become very energy efficient? We would love to know those examples!

With this information we might be able to open up the subsidy to non residential buildings too! So leave a comment with your suggestions below.

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Reinier Siderius, Director at Sidcon B.V., posted

Brainstorm session

We have an installed base with underground compactors to collect waste in "stadsdeel Zuid", part of Amsterdam. We like to get ideas to find out what else we can do with the these machines. For that we would like to have a brainstorm session with inhabitants, students, etc, to find out.
Who can help us?

Reinier Siderius

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Anonymous posted

Partnership in Environmental Conservation in Malaysia

Human economic activities are sources for pollution and this objective will contribute to raising the public awareness on this issue. On the other hand, the pollution issues are linked with the sustainable development and the health status of the people. Pollution is the cause/reason for many problems, coming from different perspectives and requires an appropriate answer.
The objective of the Return to Blue River Project for Klang River is to improve the welfare of the population along Kuala Lumpur region by cleaning up serious mercury pollution in area adjacent to the Klang River, providing a safe, secure and cost effective alternative source of water supply to meet growing needs of local water users, and restoring flow control in the river for flood management and ecological purposes.
Our method in river restoration is by using Activated EM mudballs. EM has a broad application. EM has no adverse effects on and is beneficial to plants, animals, and humans. Very simply put, EM lives off our waste while we live off "their waste". Their waste simply translates to a healthy environment for us in which EM becomes inactivated, therefore, a mutual existence can be had. EM only creates the condition for best results, that is, the users should nurture the condition and provide the resources for EM to perform optimally.
Applied to polluted and putrefactive water, EM holds a dominant position in the layer of microorganisms and help ecosystems revive and reduce sludge and foul odors. The purpose of EM application is not to create apparently-clear water by chemical means but to revive the native function of aquatic ecosystem. In this sense, Depending on the overload of drainage and the volume of water, the amount and the frequency of Application of EM should be various.
Kindly visit or www. You may contact me directly at

Dillion Asher, Geoscience, Drone Photogrammetry , posted

Overseas student seeking internship in sustainable development

My name is Dillion Asher, and I am an American student pursuing my masters degree in International Development at the University of Pittsburgh. I am reaching out to Amsterdam Smart City's network in an effort to identity internship opportunities in sustainable development for an overseas student like myself. As my future goal is to attain an internship in the Netherlands (and to relocate for permanent employment upon graduation), I am collecting information on local career opportunities in sustainability. Some of the questions I hope to answer through my inquiries include:

- Are internship/employment opportunities generally available to non-EU students/foreign nationals?

- Which NGOs, companies, or public institutions might I communicate with to discuss a potential internship, or even a collaborative research partnership while in school?

- What types of knowledge, skills, training, or experience might be recommended or desired for a student interested in a career in sustainable development?

- Are there any university courses or degree programs in the Netherlands that are particularly valued for skill development and training with respect to sustainable development?

- What are the biggest future challenges to urban planning and sustainability work in the Netherlands?

If there are any individuals out there in Amsterdam Smart City's network who may be in a position to offer guidance, advice, or perhaps a referral to other sources of information, I would be most grateful for the assistance to my search! Please feel free to comment, and to reach out with any questions you may have about my interests, goals, future plans, and ongoing studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

Kind regards,
Dillion Asher

About me: My primary interests lie in sustainable urban development and in energy and resource efficiency. I am seeking out NGOs, public institutions, and private companies in the Netherlands currently working in these areas.

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Anonymous posted

Horizon 2020 call partner

We have been in the smart world for years and one of the topics we are really in are the demand response models between microgrids and grid. There is a recent call we would like to go for and we are looking for international partners, especially the ones already participating in City-zen. Would be great to find them here. Kind regards. Adam

Ram Chaitanya, posted

Risks in building smart grids

Could someone please share what were the risks and challenges you encountered while building smart grids?

Could someone please share what were the risks and challenges you encountered while building smart grids?

Also, are there any studies about the market size of smart grids market?

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Ram Chaitanya, posted

suggestions on how smart cities can be made more sustainable?

I'm doing a summer project with Sterlite (power transmission infrastructure and telecom cables company) in India on smart cities.

I'm doing a summer project with Sterlite (power transmission infrastructure and telecom cables company) in India on smart cities. Sterlite telecom division also won the smart city bid to build 2 of the 3 cities in India that asked for proposals. I am working with the power division and my project is to identify best practices, technologies and challenges with regard to smart cities, especially with a focus on power infrastructure.

Currently, smart cities concept is focused more on using new technology & developing ICT infrastructure rather than making cities sustainable and livable. I am trying to figure out how smart city solutions could be focused more on sustainability and apply the insights to develop solutions focused on sustainability.

Does anyone have suggestions on how smart cities can be made more sustainable?

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Marion Evenhuis, Project Manager at New Cities Foundation, posted

Do you want to combat plastic waste in the heart of Gay Parade? One Day. 90 Euros.

We’re beyond excited. WASTED is about to reach over one million
people in one day – at one of Amsterdam’s biggest annual events:
the Gay Pride Parade!

And we’re hiring a squad of WASTED Soldiers to help combat plastic waste, right in the heart of the day’s festivities. What's the deal?

You’ll collect waste, giving out WASTED Coins in exchange.
People can use the coins to get a drink or use the bathroom.
You’ll definitely have some fun, while promoting recycling.
This could be a great experience together with some friends!
Want to get involved?
Will you be in Amsterdam?
Write to us at!


More info? See here

Michiel Zwerus, marketing , posted

partner coder to develop neural system

Simple system to reduce waste :
Looking for help for a system to make smartphone software understand grocery receipt text (OCR), and link product information to the best before data planning in a smart phone calendar.

see demo

Main goal reduce waste of food items without packaging :
Alert smart phone when products expire, to donate food or consume.

e.g. fresh vegetables/fruit/bread items in display shelfs

It works with a loyalty card as well

see slides of our hackathon 2015

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Rebecca Yates, Postgraduate Student in Environmental and Cliamte Change , posted

Motivating people to engage with more pro-environmental behaviour....anyone with any infomation/opinion on this?

I am a masters student studying at Abersytwyth University in Wales. My dissertation research is investigating how motivational theory and personal motivation can be used to encourage more significant levels of pro-environmental behavior.

Fill out my questionnaire to contribute to postgraduate research

If anyone has any information, thoughts or opinions on the subject they would be willing to share please don't hesitate to contact me via email (


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Melchior Kanyemesha, Programmanagement + Energy Lead , posted

Welke initiatieven zijn er in Amsterdam bekend die zich richten op het realiseren van energie neutrale woningen?

Op zoek naar een overzicht van partijen

Om meer inzicht te vergaren in de status van energie neutrale woningen in Amsterdam zijn wij op zoek naar informatie over alle initiatieven die zich met dit thema bezighouden. Dit kunnen zowel initiatieven zijn die op dit moment lopen of die nu worden opgestart, als initiatieven die al reeds zijn geslaagd of zelfs zijn mislukt.

Het doel is om zoveel mogelijk te kunnen leren van de verschillende projecten en samen met de betrokken partijen op een grotere schaal resultaten neer te zetten.

Wie kan ons helpen?

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Frans-Anton Vermast, Strategy Advisor & International Smart City Ambassador at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Join us for the Australia - New Zealand Smart City Trade Mission November 2016

Van 31 oktober tot en met 4 november 2016 vindt er een economische missie plaats onder leiding van de minister voor Buitenlandse Handel en Ontwikkelingssamenwerking, Lilianne Ploumen naar Australië. Aansluitend gaat de missie verder (7-9 november) naar Nieuw-Zeeland onder leiding van de minister van Economische Zaken, Henk Kamp. De bezoeken staan in het teken van de historische- en brede bilaterale banden die Nederland heeft met Australië en Nieuw-Zeeland. Daarnaast is het in 2016 400 jaar geleden dat de Nederlander Dirk Hartog als eerste Europeaan op de kust van West-Australië landde.

Sectoren en Steden

De focus van het bezoek programma zal zich onder meer richten op maatschappelijke uitdagingen gecombineerd met kansen voor het Nederlandse bedrijfsleven en kennisinstellingen.

Gedacht wordt aan onderstaande sectoren:

Smart Cities

Tuinbouw & Uitgangsmaterialen

Agro & Food


Life Sciences & Health


Voor het bedrijfsleven zullen er diverse sectorale programma ’s worden georganiseerd. Vooralsnog staan de steden Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland en Christchurch op het programma

Deze mail is om u alvast te informeren over het bezoek en de data. In een volgend bericht informeren wij u over de verdere invulling van het programma en hoe u zich kunt aanmelden.

Meer info hier

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Carlos Varela Martín, Data analyst at Resourcefully, posted

Any Software Developer interested in integrating Energy and Mobility in a single management system?

Resourcefully has been working on a Living lab during the last two years, with promising results connecting renewable energies and electric vehicles. We want to take this capacity for integration to the next level, with an improved Energy Management System.

Resourcefully ( is an Energy and Water consulting firm placed in Amsterdam, that also runs a living lab: Amsterdam Vehicle to Grid (V2G) (<>)

In a nutshell, Amsterdam V2G consists in connecting an electric vehicle to a household equipped with renewable energies. The battery of the vehicle can be used, therefore, not only for mobility purposes, but also to store the energy produced by the photovoltaic installation.

The energy stored can be used to supply the household during the evening. Our results, after two years running, indicate that the household could be practically self-sufficient during six months per year (<>). This increase in renewable energies uptake and energy reliance has serious potential for commercialization in the near future.

To take Amsterdam V2G to the next level we want to make a solid Energy Management System. The current one was done "ad hoc" for Amsterdam V2G; therefore lacks standardization and its algorithms are rudimentary.

We would like to collaborate with a software company interested in exploring this avenue: an Energy Management System that is interoperable and scalable, allowing to integrate the demands of the grid, weather forecasts, household appliances, electric vehicles, stand-alone batteries and renewable energies. All of this in order to reduce CO2 emissions and foster the uptake of renewable energies and electric vehicles.

If you find this appealing, drop me a message. We do not have yet a formal roadmap about a commercial product release, so we could discuss together our mutual expectations.

As a last note, here are some technologies to consider an integrated Energy Management System:

ITTTT: connects apps and appliances (<>)

- HomeKit, from Apple (<>)

- ISO 15118: Protocols for communication between electric vehicles and the grid. (

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Annelies Van der Stoep, Strategic advisor at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Maak je stekkie energiezuinig en krijg subsidie

De City-zen renovatiesubsidie voor woningen kan worden aangevraagd voor woonboten, landhuizen, grachtenpanden, flatjes, eengezinswoningen, voormalige kantoren, woning boven een winkel. Kortom, alles wat je met goed fatsoen als 'huis' kan aanduiden en waar je permanent mag wonen. Dit is je kans om met hulp van de Europese Commissie je woonplek om te toveren tot een comfortabel, duurzaam en vooral energiezuinig stekkie. Wel een beetje haast maken, want de aanvraagronde sluit op 20 maart en je moet een ingewikkelde tabel laten invullen.

Op vind je alle informatie die je nodig hebt. Aanvragen heeft alleen zin als je meerdere maatregelen toepast waarmee je thuis naar minimaal een hoog A label gaat.


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