Mobility and transport are crucial for a city to function properly. Amsterdam is considered the world capital of cycling; 32% of traffic movement in Amsterdam is by bike and 63% of its inhabitants use their bike on daily basis. The number of registered electrical car owners in the Netherlands increased with 53% to 28.889 in 2016. Since 2008 car sharing increased with 376%. However, this is less than 1% of the total car use. Innovative ideas and concepts can help to improve the city’s accessibility, so share your ideas and concepts here.

AMS Institute, Re-inventing the city (urban innovation) at AMS Institute, posted


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Roboat is a 5 year research program on autonomous vessels that helps solving urban challenges of the city of Amsterdam

For more information and the latetest news on Roboat click here.

Roboat Demo October 2018

Roboat - 24 months

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Anonymous posted

MaaS in the Amsterdam business district

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Travelling to your office with different modes of transport is a huge hassle. There are many services available but they each come with their own app, smart card and subscription.
So what happens if your employer offers a mobility budget?
How do employees experience travelling differently?

The Zuidas Mobility Experience is a pilot MaaS project where participants who currently drive to Zuidas for work are challenged to change their mobility patterns for a month and truly employ the prototype of Mobility as a Service.
This has resulted in a user study and offers insights in their motivations. See the report (in Dutch) at:

The success of the MaaS Experience and the challenges in the Amsterdam business district have led to the preparation of a follow-up, MaaS pilot Amsterdam Zuid-As (in Dutch):

Amsterdam Smart City made a video about the MaaS project, with one of the participants:

The Road to Barcelona - Mobility as a Service

Smart Stories

Check the article about the MaaS Challenge featured in our online magazine 'Smart Stories':

Debbie Dekkers, project manager at City of Amsterdam, posted

Reisproef Amsterdam

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Ga het avontuur aan!
We dagen Amsterdammers uit om hun auto en parkeervergunning voor twee maanden in te leveren en te ervaren hoe anders reizen bevalt. In ruil daarvoor krijgen deelnemers een bedrag aan reistegoed bij alle aangesloten vervoerders.

Doe mee met een proef en ruil uw auto twee maanden in voor ander vervoer. Samen houden we de stad bereikbaar en leefbaar.

Meld je hier aan


Lees meer over het smart mobility programma van Amsterdam


Lees hier meer over een eerdere pilot rondom de Zuidas


Informatie en vragen over de proef

Van welke vervoerders kan ik gebruik maken?

  • Openbaar vervoer op basis van de OV-chipkaart
  • Taxi: TCA, Uber
  • Deelauto: Car2Go, Greenwheels, mywheels
  • Huurauto: Tripmanager
  • Deelfiets: Urbee
  • Scooter: Felyx
  • Ridesharing: Viavan

Deze lijst kan nog uitgebreid worden.

Wanneer start de periode van twee maanden? Kan ik zelf kiezen welke maanden ik mee wil doen?

Binnen de looptijd van het experiment bepaalt u zelf de maanden van deelname. Er zijn wel vaste instapmomenten in verband met het inleveren van uw auto.

Waar parkeer ik mijn auto tijdens de proef?

Gedurende de twee maanden van de proef parkeert u uw auto in een gemeentelijke garage. Wij maken de locatie na inschrijving aan de deelnemers bekend.

Moet ik betalen voor mijn vergunning terwijl ik hem niet gebruik?

In de periode dat u meedoet aan de proef levert u uw auto in en kunt u geen gebruik maken van uw parkeervergunning. De kosten van de parkeervergunning in de periode van deelname krijgt u vergoed als aanvulling op uw reiscredits.

Kan ik ook meedoen als ik geen auto heb, of geen parkeervergunning maar wel een auto?

Het experiment is alleen toegankelijk voor mensen in het bezit van een auto + parkeervergunning. Het experiment maakt onderdeel uit van een groter project om Amsterdam autoluw(er) te maken en om het aanbod aan alternatieven voor de auto verder te ontwikkelen.

Kan ik tussendoor mijn auto gebruiken?

Het is niet mogelijk om uw auto tussendoor te gebruiken. Is er sprake van nood dan bekijkt het projectteam per geval of u de auto terug kunt krijgen.

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Maarten Mulder, Projectmanager at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted


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In the research project Re-store knowledge is developed how to assess the impact of solutions to process organic waste. What indicators are most important and how will it be possible to measure those.

In order to ensure that there is enough food, materials and energy for everyone in 2050, our economy must become circular. There is no more waste in a circular economy - waste is raw material. Based on this vision, the AUAS works on knowledge development about circular products and processes. The Re-Organize project investigated how organic waste in urban agriculture areas can be reused locally using new solutions. Examples include local bio-fermentation, composting and insect breeding. The new Re-StORe project will extend the scope of urban agriculture research into the built environment.

Would you like to know more about the project or would you like to get involved, please contact Maarten Mulder, projectmanager of Re-store,

Francisco Duarte, CEO , posted

Pavnext - technological pavements

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Pavnext´s solution consists of a road pavement equipment that allows kinetic energy to be extracted from vehicles and consequently reduce their motion speed without any action of the driver and without impacting the vehicle, thus promoting road safety at locations where it is required to circulate at low speed. The energy captured is then converted into electrical energy, which is produced without associated emissions and can be used in public street lighting, crosswalks, sensors, traffic lights, charging electric bicycles or even injected into the power grid. Additionally, Pavnext also provides real-time data regarding traffic and velocity, as well as generated and consumed energy, which are sent to the cloud and later used to generate reports and to optimize energy consumption in real time, promoting energy efficiency.

We are looking for new international partners that are interested in implementing pilot plants with us, to help us validate our product and reach TRL9. Please don´t hesitate to contact us if you´re interested.

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Gertjan de Vries, Partner at SensorTeam B.V., posted

Prevent noise nuisance from a youth hangout

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Noise pollution is one of the biggest social problems in densely populated areas. To monitor and solve noise pollution problems in cities SensorTeam developed a novel automated platform and sound sensor for distributed noise measurements.

In a partnership with the city of Amstelveen we have installed a professional audio system in a hangout at the Zetterij in Amstelveen. We use wireless sensors to measure the sound level (dB) produced around this meeting place to avoid public nuisance.

These sensors are placed in the area around the hangout. Maximum sound levels can be remotely monitored and adjusted from SensorTeam’s cloud platform.

In this smart city project the city of Amstelveen gives substance to the local youth’s wish to play music at their own hangout.

About the technique
SensorTeam’s sound level meter is solar powered and is using low power network (LoRa) communication for realtime cloud monitoring. Measurements are accurate and independent and are displayed on SensorTeam’s cloud dashboard. To visualise the recorded data (sound levels) the varying decibels are represented on a coloured map, using inverse distance weighted technique.

LoRa Sound Sensor

SensorTeam IoT Dashboard

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Rolinka Kok, Event Manager at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics

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In 2018, the Board will strive for realizing the initiative ‘Green Deal Zero Emission Stadslogistiek (ZES) in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. Governments, companies and knowledge institutions are therefore working together in order to make goods transportation emission free by 2025.

Do you have an interesting initiative, or are you – along with other parties – part of a project that focuses on cleaner and more sustainable goods transportation? Share this with us before the end of March.
For, towards the end of April, we will start an ‘online display’. In it, all currently active projects/initiatives around sustainable city-logistics within the metropolitan area are going to be presented. This will offer a clear overview of all the initiatives already running, furthermore, it might inspire others to get started on zero-emission urban transport.

We are therefore calling everyone to enrol, regardless of whether you’re a big or small initiative. There are already countless transporters in the Amsterdam metropolitan area that contribute to this much needed improvement/change. The first step is to make them visible for other interested parties, in order for the latter to be able to find and join initiatives and/or to share their knowledge and expertise. The next step is to scale up successful local initiatives, from being regional to becoming nationwide and even worldwide projects.

Is your organization/business/company committed to clean and smart urban logistics, and do you believe others can learn from your experience(s)? Then sign your-self/company up! We’re not only looking for companies with, for instance, a sustainable and smart way of transportation, but also for interesting/innovative collaborations that contribute to clean and green city transportation!

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Kate Black, Communications Director at Metabolic, posted

Metabolic Cities Program

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Given their immense ecological footprint and impact on human wellbeing, it is critical that cities make the transition to become sustainable and circular. Yet accessing the right resources and crafting the right policy isn’t easy. The Metabolic Cities Program is here to help.

For more information, read about the program here or look at the full Metabolic Cities Program brochure.

Get in touch by emailing <a></a> or call +31 (0) 203690977

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Stijn Vernaillen, posted

Slim naar Antwerpen/Smart Ways to Antwerp

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Smart Ways to Antwerp is the approach from City of Antwerp to tackle their mobility challenges. On the one hand we developed a real Multimodal routeplanner to provide alternatives to everybody who needs to travel to the city. On the other hand we actively communicate with the various stakeholders and users of mobility on ways to create a mind, modal and timeshift.

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Alexandru Govoreanu, Chief Play Officer , posted


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Questo is a free mobile app which offers playful city tours for both travelers and locals. The platform invites users to go out and explore less popular areas of the city by going on a quest that requires them to solve interactive clues. Then, with each solved clue, they receive the story of the location they've discovered plus a recommendations of a local business (restaurants, art gallery, craft shop etc)

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Halldora Thorsdottir, Project manager & Researcher , posted


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The project me² represents a new market place for urban actors in which a local community of electric vehicle (EV) users and local smart meter (SM) owners are brought together through means of a local urban online community.
The combination of these technologies in a community allows to integrate mobility with electricity, to balance the grid, to reduce electricity costs, and to enable a feeling of local belonging. me2 enables urban demand-side management, i.e. aims to modify consumer demand for energy such as using less energy during peak hours in an urban community. The project applies the technical and academic state of the art regarding smart grids, electric mobility, business models and policy incentives to the development of an innovative service concept, which is validated and optimized in two practical pilots and demonstrations in urban communities in Amsterdam and Lisbon.

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Jurgen Rutgers, Managing Director , posted

Mobility Portal

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The Mobility Portal offers visitors of venues the best travel advice at that moment (real time), which they can immediately book online.

Smart Stories

Check the article about the Mobility Portal featured in our online magazine 'Smart Stories':

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Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes, Founder & CEO at AKKA Architects, posted

Social Mobility Rotterdam

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In collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure, we are working on a new opportunity for social mobility. It is a program that supports start-ups (as well as other companies with a start-up service) who have a service in the field of Social Mobility. Social Mobility is about mobility services that can create social impact, either by servicing the less mobile users, the ones with less financial means, addressing loneliness, lack of education…etc. For example, think of people that need the soup kitchen or the salvation army but can’t afford getting there, or people that cannot go to job interviews because they can't afford the transport to get there and are therefore stuck in a vicious circle of poverty.

We are looking for social (mobility) entrepreneurs, testers and investors:

1. Social entrepreneurs: If you are or know of start-ups that have such social mobility services that would be interested in developing them, testing them with users, finding investment and scaling, please let us know! P.S: We are not only looking for start-ups, we are also welcoming established companies that have a 'start-up level' service.

2. Testers: they can be the end-users themselves or in-between organisations, such as the Salvation Army for example, which would have access to a large group of end-users. Do you have contacts of know someone that would be an early adopter of such innovative social mobility services, please put us in touch.

3. Investors: we are also looking for investors that would be interested in investing in social entrepreneurs to help create social impact. Do you have contacts or know a party that could be interested, please put us in touch.

Here you can see an earlier version of this program:

Rotterdam Mobility Lab - De terugblik van de eerste editie

Rotterdam Mobility Lab - De Verkeersonderneming

Smart City Academy, posted


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Smart City Academy's picture #SmartCityAcademy
Brian Nap, Urban designer , posted

Meaningful Circular Metabolism

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Using flow analysis to validate and quantify the spatial impact of measurements for circularity and using urban design to see how these measurements can be integrated in the context of the city.

More information can be found in my booklet. Or for further information or requests I can be contacted. I will be happy to try and answer the questions/requests.

Meaningful Circular Metabolism

Meaningful Circulair Metabolism

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Marije Poel, Projectmanager Smart City Academy at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Logistic hub for smart and sustainable supply / Simply Mile

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The Logistic Hub supplies the city in a smart and sustainable manner, gets rid of inefficient courier routes and replaces smelly delivery trucks with clean electric vehicles.

Watch the movie

Watch the movie about the logistic hub for smart and sustainable supply on youtube:

Slim en duurzaam bevoorraden UvA-HvA

SimplyMile stadsdistributie

Smart Stories

Check the article about the Logistics Hub/Simply Mile featured in our online magazine 'Smart Stories':

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Counter Content, posted

E-bike als oplossing voor onderhoud A10 West

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Vanaf 24 juli starten de werkzaamheden aan de A10 West, wat automobilisten hinder op gaat leveren. De FietsCoalitie, een samenwerking van verschillende bedrijven en overheden, heeft hier een oplossing voor bedacht. Met hun ‘A10 West dicht? Ga toch fietsen!’ zomeractie kunnen automobilisten een e-bike winnen voor de duur van de werkzaamheden aan de A10 West om zo de afstand tussen huis en het werk op een andere wijze, comfortabel af te leggen. Op deze manier wil De FietsCoalitie ook het fietsgebruik in de regio Zaanstad en Amsterdam stimuleren.

Maak kans op een e-bike voor zes weken!

De werkzaamheden door Rijkswaterstaat aan de A10 West bij Amsterdam beslaan een periode van zes weken. De eerste drie weken is de Noord-Zuid richting afgesloten en de overige drie weken de richting van Zuid naar Noord. Het verkeer zal omgeleid worden met alle hinder van dien. Om automobilisten een goed alternatief te bieden heeft De FietsCoalitie de campagne ‘A10 West dicht? Ga toch fietsen!’ opgezet.

In samenwerking met deelfiets bedrijf Urbee verloten zij 60 e-bikes voor de zes weken waarin de werkzaamheden plaatsvinden (10 fietsen per week). Daarnaast maken 10 personen kans op een Stromer, een high speed pedelec, die wordt geleverd door QicQ. De periode van de werkzaamheden valt voor de automobilisten precies in de zomervakantie, waardoor zij de gelegenheid krijgen om de e-bike ook in de vakantie te proberen.

Deelnemers kunnen zich aanmelden voor deze e-bike zomeractie op:

E-bike als alternatief voor de auto

Niet alleen wordt fietsen met een e-bike een stuk comfortabeler, ook zijn langere afstanden relatief snel (20 t/m 40 kilometer per uur) en gemakkelijker af te leggen. Daarnaast is de e-bike efficiënter dan een auto in de stad. De e-bike biedt een prima alternatief voor de auto bij woon-werk afstanden van wel 20 tot 40 kilometer. Daarnaast is de e-bike beter voor het milieu, de gezondheid en levert het een bijdrage aan het reduceren van files. De regio heeft een zeer goed fietsnetwerk wat fietsen hier nog aangenamer maakt.

“Naast dat wij automobilisten met deze actie een comfortabel alternatief bieden, is dit natuurlijk een uitgelezen kans om het fietsgebruik te stimuleren. Het verloten van een e-bike in plaats van een gewone fiets zal hierbij helpen. Het is immers prettiger fietsen met het gevoel de wind in de rug te hebben, dan er tegenin te moeten trappen. Je legt daardoor sneller en gemakkelijker grotere afstanden af, ook dus van en naar je werk.” aldus Helma Schenkeveld, partner in de FietsCoalitie.

Over De Fietscoalitie

De FietsCoalitie is een samenwerkingsverband tussen een aantal private partijen, de gemeenten Amsterdam en Zaanstad en diverse ondernemersverenigingen. De FietsCoalitie heeft als doel om vertraging tussen woon-werkritten te verminderen, bereikbaarheid van de regio te verbeteren en de lucht schoon te houden. Dit doen zij door, in samenwerking met lokale partijen en overheden, campagnes op te zetten die het fietsgebruik stimuleren.

Deze acties hebben met name betrekking op mensen die dagelijks voor het werk in of door het gebied Westpoort, Sloterdijk, Amsterdam-Noord en Zaanstad reizen. De FietsCoalitie wordt ondersteund door het programma Beter Benutten Metropoolregio Amsterdam. Binnen dit programma nemen het bedrijfsleven, het Rijk en regionale en lokale overheden tot 2018 ruim 30 maatregelen om de reistijd op de drukste knelpunten in de spits met 10 procent te verbeteren. Kijk voor meer informatie op: