Mobility and transport are crucial for a city to function properly. Amsterdam is considered the world capital of cycling; 32% of traffic movement in Amsterdam is by bike and 63% of its inhabitants use their bike on daily basis. The number of registered electrical car owners in the Netherlands increased with 53% to 28.889 in 2016. Since 2008 car sharing increased with 376%. However, this is less than 1% of the total car use. Innovative ideas and concepts can help to improve the city’s accessibility, so share your ideas and concepts here.

Benjamin Gramsch, posted

Job application

I am Benjamin, master’s graduated in Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics at VU Amsterdam. I am interested in smart city projects, related to energy, mobility and city development.
I have knowledge in data analysis and environmental & urban economics as I’ve worked in related projects in Chile, such as the implementation of the first 100 electric public transport buses in Latin-America and the renovation of abandoned public spaces in Santiago. Also, I am currently working part-time as a researcher in a project called Leave Fossil Fuels Underground at UvA.
I am looking for a part time position related with these topics, if you are interested please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

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Janneke Ritchie, Designer , posted

Advice please: e-Tricycle for Oma?

Oma lives in de grachtengordel and is still happily riding her bicycle at 80. She’s noticing though, that the streets keep getting fuller with erratic tourists and it’s making think maybe it’s time to get a tricycle for her safety. Any advice and /or recommendations?

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David Eskilsson, CEO at Edeva, posted

Searching for early adopter for Smart city traffic system!

With 45 Actibump installations in Sweden and 7 in Australia Edeva are now looking for a first customers in The Netherlands.
The Actibump is a dynamic speed bump. In combination with the web service EdevaLive (SaaS) this a real Smart City System.
Besides safe and accessible pedestrian crossings the system generates loads of data in real time.
We are offering the first customers to rent the system during a test period.
Please read more at and get in touch with to get the offer!

The test-site we’re looking for has the following properties:
• Speeding issues
• >2000 vehicles/day
• Pedestrians and/or cyclists crossing
• Speed limit 50 km/h or lower
• On an active bus route

There is no upper limit on the number of vehicles per day. There is also no upper limit to how heavy the heavy traffic may be. If the road can handle the load, then so can the Actibump.

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Jacqueline Verheugen, posted

Job offer: operations officer Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab (16-24 hours)

Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab is een samenwerking tussen de partners AMS Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, Amsterdam Smart City, Amsterdam Economic Board, NEMO Science Museum en Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam. Het belangrijkste doel van Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab is het realiseren van opschaalbare innovaties die steden leefbaar maken en houden. Om dat te bereiken, brengen de partners hun expertise en netwerk op het gebied van onderzoek, innovatie, stedelijke ontwikkeling en experimenteren samen op deze unieke plek in Amsterdam.

Voor het komende half jaar (september 2019 - maart 2020, mogelijk met uitloop) zoeken we een gedreven operations officer die het Living Lab operationeel gaat maken, aanvragen toetst, start met het runnen van de experimenten en zorgt voor verdere ontwikkeling van het Living Lab in samenwerking met de partners.

Interesse? Bekijk de vacature hier:

Mathilde Delrocq, Research intern , posted

Looking for a job opportunity

I’m enrolled in the Master’s Degree of Urban Planning and Cities Development in Strasbourg (France) and currently I’m a Research Intern on Mobility for the Brussels Studies Institute. I will graduate at the beggining of September. I really want to work in Smart Cities and Mobility , especially with my background as Urban Geographer and several experiences in France and Belgium

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Elizabeth Esposito, Student , posted

Parking Data

Hello Everyone,
I'm a Master's student at the University of Connecticut and I am doing research on the connection between available parking and mode share. Does anyone know where I can find data for the number of off-street parking spaces in the city center before 2013?
Thank you!

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Luke James, Director & Head of Research , posted

Less than two weeks until IMPACT>MOBILITY lands in Amsterdam

Hi All,
I'm writing this from a particularly wet and windy London evening as I plot my bike ride home and I thought an apt time to remind people that IMPACT>MOBILITY is now less than two weeks away!
With over 60 European cities joining us and leading mobility movers and shakers such as Bird, Uber and Lime joining us it is the essential and must-attend conference for folk looking to understand new business models and align private commercial strategies with city mobility leads.

If you're interested in joining us, don't hesitate to reach out directly.

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Anuradha Sharma, Management Consultant , posted

Looking for a job opportunity in the areas of smart cities / digital transformation

I am a Smart Cities Consultant, actively looking for opportunities in the areas of Smart Cities, Digital Transformation, Livable Cities, Sustainable Development, Urban Mobility, ICT/ IoT, Strategy Planning, Project Management, Urban Management, Urban Economic Development, Urban Governance, Feasibility Studies, Technical Research, and Development.
I hold a Masters degree from Germany with specialization in Urban Agglomerations. I would be happy to hear from you pointing out at any leads or opportunities.
Thanks in advance,
Kind Regards,

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Luke James, Director & Head of Research , posted

Introduction to Impact & Monetising OEM & Fleet Data

Hi All,

This is my first post so I thought I should introduce myself... Hi!

I lead all our research across Impact, a mobility business intelligence unit based in London. We are holding our first Mobility Conference is in Amsterdam this June (24-25) and as such I'm keen to connect and engage with as many people in this space as possible! If we're not already connected you can find me on Linkedin here

Conference Brochure & Attendee List -

Conference Website -

Introduction aside I am currently in the midst of a deep dive into new monetisation strategies for OEMs and fleets. If any of you are involved in this space please say hello as I'd love to chat!


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karan chawla, Co founder , posted

Opportunity for Collaboration (Individuals / Startups)

Are you an Individual / Startup involved in mobility (road / construction / lighting) sector In Amsterdam ?
Are you an Individual / Startup who believes in utilizing waste to create something amazing out of it ?
Are you an Individual / Startup who's ready to grab an opportunity to make this city more Safe, Smart and Sustainable ?

If you said " Yes " to all !! We just want to hear from you !!

We are bunch of engineers working on smart product to lighten the roads and cycle tracks. The product is ofcourse made up of waste and uses solar light to completely highlight the edge of roads/tracks. (A previous pilot in NL : but we bring it out in more Economical and Sustainable way to make is easily feasible on large scale.

We are on stage of development and pilot for product and hence !! Looking for someone like minded to launch this product in Amsterdam with Startup in Residence scheme !!

If this interests you !! Drop a comment and let's get things rolling.

Thank you

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Laura van den Boogert, Project lead , posted

Sign up now for new Startup in Residence Sustainability incubator!

Startups & scaleups and social enterprises, check out our 2019 sustainability programme and sign up now:

The governmental startup incubator Startup in Residence gives sustainable entrepreneurs the opportunity to collaborate with the local government towards solving 18 sustainable city challenges. The sustainability challenges cover a variety of topics including waste recycling, new energy sources, sustainable sports city, climate-proof city, etc. Add to that, we as a municipality, would like to become more innovative and sustainable. Find the complete list of challenges here: !

Apply for our programme now! We’re looking forward to receiving your applications from February 5th until March 24th 2019!

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Elton Zorba, Urban planning , posted

Internship request in transportation

Looking forward to become part of an project or an existing program that covert the sector of transportation in metropolitan areas. During the bachelor and master course I could gain knowledge on the use of software related to data management, remote sensing and geographic representation-analysis. Othe courses related to economic estimation of impacts derivative from the interventions. Hope to make a path on an new urban experience. Linguistics soft skills: English, Italian, Albanian.

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Wouter de Wit, Consultant at Deloitte, posted

Sign up for the Amsterdam Mobility Challenge!

The Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (MRA) expects to grow by two million people and more than 200,000 houses in the next 30 years. Because of this; a complex mobility challenge arises that has to answer to the following questions:

• How can we keep the traffic flowing in a way that allows people to get where they need to be?
• How can we make sure goods will be delivered to people and companies?
• How can we approach this challenge knowing that we are moving towards an emission-free world?
• How can we maintain investment levels in infrastructure at an acceptable and affordable level?

We’re challenging teams to develop solutions that focus on:
• Optimization: improve driver, vehicle and fleet efficiency
• Public transport & shared mobility: introduce new methods of transportation and multimodality that are more accessible and flexible for everyone
• Interactive systems with existing infrastructure

Solutions should contribute to Amsterdam’s 2025 zero emission target and should work for and benefit the whole ecosystem of the government, transportation and logistics companies, retailers, insurers, the automotive industry and tech/digital companies. In addition, a major focus should be to provide citizens with new modes of transportation that are faster, cheaper, cleaner, safer and more efficient.

First prize for the winning solution:
€4.000 + travel for two people per winning team to attend the Garage Opening Festival in Amsterdam, April 11, 2019, where they will pitch their idea to top CEOs from each industry.
Second price: €2.000
Third price: €1.000

Sign up before the 15th of February!
For more information, please see:

Sarah Yemmas, Student , posted

Master thesis about the use of ICTs for Smart Mobility

I am doing my master thesis about the use of ICTs (sensors and the data we get from) to make the mobility in Brussels smarter. And the case study I took is the bicycles. Can somebody give me some informations about the use of bikes' data in Amsterdam ?

Best regards,
Sarah Yemmas

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Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Register for a knowledge exchange with Dutch and international cities in Barcelona!

From the 13th till the 15th of November, the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona kicks off! A Dutch delegation of companies, knowledge institutes and governments, including Amsterdam Smart City, visits the event as part of a Smart City mission. There will be more than 200 participants from the Netherlands.

On the day prior to the Smart City Expo, on Monday the 12th of November, this Dutch delegation will host an international business day, for our non-Dutch colleagues. Dutch cities will prepare workshops about mobility, resilience, circular economy, safety & security, data and healthy urban living. We hope to share knowledge and experiences with companies, governments and knowledge institutions from all over the world.

Would you like to exchange knowledge with more than 200 smart city professionals coming from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven and ‘s Hertogenbosch? Then we are looking for you!

Please find more information about the international business event ‘The Dutch and Smart Cities: Shaping the Future by Challenging Today’ here and register via the link in the document (it's free! :))

We hope to meet you there!

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Sabrina Zaini, posted

Digi.Bio is offering several internships

Digi.Bio is a biotech startup with big dreams. We are looking for a young and ambitious team to join us in our mission to reprogram biology. We have three internship positions open:
- Design
- Engineering
- Business/Finance
Read more about the vacancies and sign up:
Design -



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Susan Vermeulen, posted

Looking for start-ups with awesome mobility concepts

How will smart mobility transform the last mile?
The municipality of Amsterdam, the Vervoerregio and the Province Noord-Holland organize a congress Smart Mobility: Just do it! (Smart Mobility: Gewoon doen) on the 1st of November. We want to inspire guest with new, innovative, smart last mile solutions. A part of the guest will travel by public transport and we want various start-ups to be able to show their products for the last mile. It will be from train station Zaandam to our event location. This is about 2.9 kilometres. It would be ideal if you have a MVP to transport guests from the train station to our event location. You get the opportunity to meet various policy makers regarding (smart) mobility to expose your product and inspire them.
Are you interested? Contact me at

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Maulo Lumleod, posted

Studens are looking to do business research

Beste connecties

Mijn naam is Maulo Lumleod, een vierdejaarsstudent bedrijfskunde aan de Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Samen met mijn teamgenoten Rutger van den Hoek & Janneke Methorst, zijn wij op zoek naar een organisatie die graag een professioneel bedrijfskundig onderzoek wil laten uitvoeren.

We hebben vanuit de Hogeschool een aantal sectoren meegekregen zoals Health, FinTech, Smart Cities & Mobility.

De opdracht voor het onderzoek mag volledig door jullie organisatie worden bepaald. Zo zorgen we ervoor dat we een onderzoek uitvoeren wat voor de organisatie relevant en nuttig zal zijn. Het onderzoek zal volledig worden begeleid door twee onderzoeksdocenten die vanuit de Hogeschool zijn aangesteld. Zij zullen de controle en begeleiding uitvoeren op het onderzoek. Meer informatie over het project kunt u vinden op:

Het project zal gedurende de periode september tot december worden uitgevoerd. Het zal voor de organisatie geheel kosteloos zijn om het onderzoek door ons te laten uitvoeren. Wel vragen wij om tijd en medewerking om de nodige informatie te kunnen verzamelen.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Maulo Lumleod

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Florentine van Boetzelaer-Tiemstra, Trade developer Smart City & Health at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Looking for Dutch Smart City companies wanting to speak at the Smart Cities Summit Asia in South Korea

On September 18- 20 2 the RVO and Amsterdam Trade is organizing an innovation mission to South Korea. The Dutch Embassy in Seoul has reserved speaking time at the conference for specifically Dutch companies. In South Korea there is a lot of interest in Dutch Smart City solutions. Speaking at this conference is a great opportunity if you wish to do business in Asia as many city officials and other Smart City companies will be listening. Drop me a line, if you are interested. Deadline is August 10

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