Mobility and transport are crucial for a city to function properly. Amsterdam is considered the world capital of cycling; 32% of traffic movement in Amsterdam is by bike and 63% of its inhabitants use their bike on daily basis. The number of registered electrical car owners in the Netherlands increased with 53% to 28.889 in 2016. Since 2008 car sharing increased with 376%. However, this is less than 1% of the total car use. Innovative ideas and concepts can help to improve the city’s accessibility, so share your ideas and concepts here.

William Reed, secondary teacher , posted

USA school teacher: opportunities to learn about Dutch climate mitigation/adaptation strategies Jun28-July7

Hello! I'm hoping (at the very last minute) to connect with some folks who might be interested in sharing their work with me through a brief informal tour or interview while I'm here in the Netherlands for the next 8 or 9 days. I'm here with the help of a small, self directed grant to develop a unit of study for my students in Chicago that will inspire them to better understand climate change as a global issue with which they can engage in creative ways in their local context. I'm interested in more or less any and all work happening around Amsterdam (or Utrecht, where I'll be from July 3-July 5, or Wageningen, July 5- July 7) that relates to the effects of climate change or mitigation/adaptation strategies. This could include any climate relevant public or private work in the electricity, transportation, building, industrial, agricultural, tech, or education sectors. For example, if you are involved with a start up that does circular economy work that reduces emissions, have a perspective to share on regional transportation, know something about zero emission architecture, or work in education and are interested in developing collaborations in terms of sustainability/climate curriculum, I'm interested in hearing from you and (in an ideal world) chatting for 30 minutes or an hour. My students are typically low income, racial minority teenagers who I believe need to be empowered to make the future as much as their economically well off and culturally "mainstream" peers. Most of my students are also soon to be voting eligible citizens of the USA, which seems relevant. Anyway, I appreciate you considering my vague request! I am of course thrilled about the wealth of resources available through Smart City Amsterdam (including the very cool new Amsterdam Innovation Tour app), and I've booked, for example, a standard tour on Friday through architour. But unfortunately my dates of travel did not align with WeMakeTheCity, the ASC Open House is not happening this Friday, and many of the other tour options are out of my price range as an individual traveling on a small grant. Thanks for any and all input. Cheers!

Jaap Sybenga, CEO at Mobypark, posted

Call for unused storage spaces in Amsterdam

For a well known Dutch brand who's a renter on our storage space sharing platform Djeepo, we're specifically looking for easily accessible storage spaces in or near De Pijp, Amstel Station and East. If you know anyone who has a 7m2+ storage space that's (partially) empty, please let me know by e-mail:

Of course, any other unused space – from 1 to 10.000 sq.m., attic to empty office building – can also be put to use as storage space on


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Peipei Yang, posted

Adoption of electric cars in different neighborhoods in Amsterdam

Are you interested in finding out what influences the uptake of electric vehicles in different neighborhoods in Amsterdam? Take this 5 minutes survey to help us find more solutions for increasing green vehicle adoption in Amsterdam! (English); (Dutch)

Please complete the survey on a PC/ipad for an optimal view of the questions.

James Ranson, Student at University of Amsterdam (UvA), posted

URGENT: Participants for April 30 Cycling Focus Group needed!

The research study focuses on marketing strategies used to stimulate and help improve cycling in cities. The session will be fun and engaging and investigate the effectiveness of strategies. The 8-10 participants chosen will be shown a series of material in an open discussion format and encouraged to reflect on their experiences, perceptions and opinions regarding cycling.

The ideal participant describes themselves as occasional bicyclists; you may cycle semi-regularly and are interested in bicycling more often, or not at all but would like to get on the bicycle if barriers were removed. The study encourages people of all ages, ethnicities and abilities living within the City of Amsterdam to participate. So Amsterdammers, new immigrants, expats and students are all welcome!

April 30, 2018 – 7:00-8:30pm

Tweede Laurierdwarsstraat 64I, 1016 RC Amsterdam – corner of Lauriergracht (press buzzer at entrance)

Snacks and drinks will be provided during the two sessions and much gratitude for devoting your time to the study!

If you are interested in contributing to this valuable research please email or call James on the contact details below and briefly describe how often you bike and for what purpose, your age, gender and nationality/ethnicity.

James Ranson
University of Amsterdam
P: +31 (0)684.068.408

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Ananda Groag, mobility expert , posted

Help to realise 'Living Mobility' ; where mobility meets real-estate

There is a huge opportunity to build differently in new urban development projects. We can take a different approach on how we organise mobility and make a link between the mobility- and the energy transition in order to move faster. Living Mobility is a conference bringing together real estate, mobility and energy in order to define a roadmap together. How can we integrate mobility in building projects? What cases do we know and what can we learn from them? What is the role of parking requirements in building and how is this changing globally? Which role does the car play in energy grids? How do policy makers, project developers, mobility providers work together?

Aim is to organise this conference in september 2018, in Amsterdam (or Utrecht). We are looking for more sponsors who can help to realise the event and who have a relevant link with the topic in order to also contribute to a solid program. Are you a into designing or building, energy or mobility? Jump on board!

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Rolinka Kok, Event Manager at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Help us make the logistics within the Amsterdam metropolitan area zero-emission!

In 2018, the Board will strive for realizing the initiative ‘Green Deal Zero Emission Stadslogistiek (ZES) in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. Governments, companies and knowledge institutions are therefore working together in order to make goods transportation emission free by 2025.
Do you have an interesting initiative, or are you – along with other parties – part of a project that focuses on cleaner and more sustainable goods transportation? Share this with us before the end of March. For, towards the end of April we will start an ‘online display’. In it, all currently active projects/initiatives around sustainable city-logistics within the metropolitan area are going to be presented. This will offer a clear overview of all the initiatives already running, furthermore, it might inspire others to get started on zero-emission urban transport.
We are therefore calling everyone to enrol, regardless of whether you’re a big or small initiative. There are already countless transporters in the Amsterdam metropolitan area that contribute to this much needed improvement/change. The first step is to make them visible for other interested parties, in order for the latter to be able to find and join initiatives and/or to share their knowledge and expertise. The next step is to scale up successful local initiatives, from being regional to becoming nationwide and even worldwide projects.
Is your organization/business/company committed to clean and smart urban logistics, and do you believe others can learn from your experience(s)? Then sign your-self/company up! We’re not only looking for companies with, for instance, a sustainable and smart way of transportation, but also for interesting/innovative collaborations that contribute to clean and green city transportation.
You can sign up by sending an e-mail to

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Floris Beemster, Geschäftsleiter at APPM GmbH at City of Amsterdam, posted

PPS Regensburg/Beieren zoekt samenwerking met bedrijven Smart Urban Mobility Services uit regio Amsterdam-Utrecht

Een ideale kans om direct in Duitsland met Duits netwerk duurzaam samen te werken rond mobiliteitsoplossingen!

Naar aanleiding van een innovatiemissie van de regio´s Utrecht en Amsterdam naar Beieren in 2017 en de opvolging daarvan, is er vanuit een PPS uit stad Regensburg bijgesloten aanbod gekomen. De partijen in Regensburg zijn op zoek naar Nederlandse bedrijven die willen deelnemen aan een onderzoeks- en testproject in Beieren, met daarbij een duurzame samenwerking.

Er zijn 5 projecten voorzien rond Smart Urban Mobility Services op de thema´s:
1. Real Time Traffic Solutions
2. Predictive Traffic Solutions
3. Urban Traffic Cloud

Er is ruimte voor 3-4 Nederlandse bedrijven.

Zie verdere omschrijving en projectvoorstel

Neem bij interesse en vragen graag zsm contact met me op via onderstaand telefoonnummer.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Floris Beemster
Repräsentant in Deutschland
Region Utrecht, CTO office City of Amsterdam/Amsterdam Trade & Creative Holland
+49 15758721498

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Suzanne Ketelaar, Assistent Projectmanager at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Research into wishes and needs of the customer in the field of SmartHome

For my graduation assignment at PostNL I do research into the wishes and needs of the consumer in the field of SmartHome and then mainly focused on the installation of this. It is important for me to know what your wishes and needs are! The survey takes up to 6 minutes. (Please note that the survey is now only available in Dutch. If you are only English-speaking and would like to participate in the study, I am of course willing to translate the survey into English. )

Click on the link to go to the survey:

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Jim Bowes, Founder , posted

Innovator/structural/electrical engineer or just a smart person who can help me modify a vintage Dutch cargo fits into an electrically assisted zero emission production unit.

Several bike shops say it can't be done. I'm am sure it can be!
In my quest to become a circle business, I am building the first zero emission cargo bike for the natural media industry using a vintage Dutch cargo bike as my basis.
Natural Media Experts is an eco friendly urban communications company that produces outdoor campaigns for Gemeente Amsterdam and other gemeenten in the Netherlands. It is a restart of one of the first natural media companies in the world - GreenGraffiti.
How can I modify a vintage Dutch cargo bike into an electrically assisted cargo bike? How can I add a renewable energy battery pack power system to run various tools? (power washer, paint spray system, electric brushes)
A zero emission production unit would further reduce the impact of outdoor communication on our environment. It will extend the range where I can offer services, reduce costs to gemeenten by working faster and give my business a competitive advantage.
I am looking for someone with the knowledge I lack. As an advertising professional my engineering skills are limited and electricity scares me to death.
There are many vintage cargo bikes in the Netherlands that few are willing to use due to their heavy weight. However, they are perfectly suited to all tasks more modern cargo bikes are being used for. Repurposing old "unused" resources fits very well with my business and given the very high costs of modern e-cargo bikes could be a business opportunity as well.

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Tudor Mihai, posted

Travel for work in a different city in the NL ? This might be for you.

Do you have to travel everyday in a different city for work or school? We are collecting data in this 14-questions survey ( which is easy to fill in and takes only 2 minutes to understand how we can improve your journey. Our goal is to come with a more sustainable, efficient and enjoyable solution for commuting. If you find yourself in this situation, your answer is very much welcomed! Help us gather 40 responses by the 17th of Jan! Link to survey is .
Sharing is caring. thank you.

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Smart City Academy, posted

We are looking for Smart City issues and research questions!

Our ambition is to do further research on Smart City projects and their ecosystem. Therefore, we are curious about your smart city issues and questions! Are you a company, foundation, government or startup with a challenge in health, mobility, energy or other smart city issues? Are you curious about the possibilities of big data, struggling to scale-up, wondering how to create effective partnerships, trying to make a business case for you smart city project?
Put your research question into the spotlight at our Smart City Academy event on the 16th of january and win a research voucher. This voucher gives you access to a researcher that will explore your issue for a week. We will try to formulate some first answers to your research question and explore further steps for research together with public or private companies.

If you're interested in pitching on this event, or want some further information, please contact

For more information about the event, click here

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Tudor Mihai, posted

Working on sustainable mobility ecosystem innovation thesis

Dear community,

I am researching people's needs and expectations regarding current and future transportation in the Netherlands for my graduation (innovation) thesis. With the insights collected from this questionnaire I am going to try and come up with a sustainable e-mobility ecosystem, which has the goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% until 2030 and deliver real added value to citizens.

Time is precious (even 5 minutes!), so there is a 50 euro lottery at the end of the research (1 Feb 2018) for 5 of the participants, to reward your effort.

Also, if you are an expert in mobility/smart cities, or you know someone in the field, I'd be very grateful to have a discussion on this topic. Thank you.

Link to questionnaire:

Best regards,
Tudor Mihai

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Zulfikar Dinar Wahidayat Putra, University Student , posted

looking for: Interviewee in the field of Environmental Aspect and Smart City

I am Zulfikar a master student of Urban Environmental Management in Wageningen University and Research.
Currently, I am conducting a thesis research with the title "The Interaction between Non-Government-based Smart City Projects and Government-based Environmental Management: The Case of Amsterdam". ​Basically, the research aims to investigate three elements, namely the smart city projects initiated by non-governmental parties, environmental management conducted by governmental parties, and their interaction with each other.​

Regarding that, I would like to talk to people who have knowledge about their smart city project and environmental aspects in Amsterdam. I need at least 2 persons from Amsterdam Smart City Platform, knowledge institutions, and/or companies.

The result of this research will benefit the Amsterdam Smart City platform and Amsterdam Municipality to understand about the linkage between smart city projects and environmental management of Amsterdam.

If you are the one, please let me know by contacting me via email
Thank you for your help and attention.

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Willem Poerink, Consultant , posted

Invitation to the Urban Logistic Convention, 21-22 November in Amsterdam

Coming November 21st and 22nd we organize the Urban Logistics Convention in Amsterdam. For Amsterdam Smart City community members we can give away a limited number of discounted tickets!
If you are interested, please let us know via

At the event one has the opportunity to meet top logistics executives, as well as high-profile representatives of cities, the public sector and academia in discussions on current developments in the European logistics industry and the challenge to prepare for "urban logistics of tomorrow" on the way to smarter cities.

The event will be co-hosted by Roland Berger and the German logistics association (BVL) and speakers of among others DHL, UPS, Zalando, Ministry of Infrastructure and Universities will be present.

21-22 november 2017

Westergasfabriek Amsterdam

visit us at

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Eva van Dijk, Co-founder & Owner at Amsterdam Odyssey, posted

Electric cars wanted for high-end tourism in Amsterdam

The 5 most luxurious hotels of Amsterdam house guests that are sometimes interested in private tours by car through the city. Driving around, in a luxurious car interior while looking at the sites.

Normally the hotels hire limousine services for this. The downside of these car-rides are that the guides aren't really involved in the historical, cultural and social fabric of the city ànd the car itself is never electric, making this more polluting than it should be.

Amsterdam Odyssey stands for a different kind of tourism: sustainable, local and meaningful. Therefor we never do these kind of car-ride excursions.

But, what if.... we could partner up with a company that promotes the use of electric cars, offering high-end chauffeured electric cars for us to use as a means of transport? We work together with Taxi Electric off course, but we are hoping to get in touch with other companies as well, maybe to help them in a start-up phase or to promote a new business model. To get in touch, please send an email to

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Susanne Balm, posted

Vote for the LEVV-LOGIC research project! AUAS (HvA) can win the RAAK-award.

We have been nominated for the RAAK-Award. This is a price for practical oriented research at universities of applied sciences (HBO). LEVV-LOGIC explores the use of light electric freight vehicles for city logistics. Besides a jury judgement, there is also a public price. You can vote at:
Thank you for the support!

More information about the project can be found at

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Julius Zimmer, Press Officer , posted

Have you wondered what it feels like to drive a EV? Here is your chance!

I work for the electric car company Sono Motors from Germany. We produced an electric solar car - the Sion - that is designed to meet the needs of people living in big cities like Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin or Paris. It is equipped with 330 solar cells to generate energy for increased mobility and has a complete range of up to 280 km per day.

The reason I am reaching out to you is because we are on a tour across Europe to promote the benefits of electric vehicles.

The city of Amsterdam is the biggest supporter of EV in Europe, that is why my colleagues and the Sion are stopping by on the 1st of October 2017 to offer test drives with our prototype.

You can see what this looks like, if you take a short look at a video of our stop in Munich:


We are looking for people to attend our visit in Amsterdam! So if you ever wondered what it feels like to drive a EV, than you should come visit us! You can take the Sion for a test drive for about 5-10 minutes and talk to our engineers and managers on the site. We offer you to experience the unique features of the Sion, which make it the perfect car for a future without fossil fuels. Here is where you can find us:

Taets Art and Event Park
Hemkade 18
1506 Zaandam

We start our tests on Sunday at 10am and will be there till 7pm. The last day of our stop is the 4th of October.

Met de beste groeten,

Julius Zimmer

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Stephan Juen, Founder , posted

Boosting e-mobility in small and medium local communities

I am looking for some expertise on e-mobility projects which helped establishing e-mobility on a regional or small community basis. The experiences might result from a master thesis, dissertation, some other scientific research or result from any kind of field experience in a smart city context. THX

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Tijs Roelofs, Smart Mobility Manager at City of Amsterdam: Chief Technology Office, posted

Zuidas MaaS experience

Werk je op de Zuidas? Heb je een lease auto? Wil je een keer de "freedom of mobility' ervaren? Lever dan de sleutel van je lease auto in!

Doe mee aan de Zuidas MaaS experience en ontvang €1000,- reisbudget op de Zuidas Pas en ervaar de mobiliteit van de toekomst. Er kunnen slechts 50 mensen deelnemen, dus meld je snel aan!

Met de Zuidaspas kan je gebruik maken van de volgende mobilteitsdiensten:
- OV (bus, tram, metro en trein) – keuze 1e of 2e klasse
- Taxi (Uber en Transvision)
- Huurauto of auto op afroep (SIXT en Tripmanager)
- Deelfiets / e-bike (Urbee, OV-fiets en Hello bike)
- Deelauto (Greenwheels, Audi Shared Fleet en Snapcar)
- Parkeren (Stallingsparkeren fiets bij de 39 grootste stations en P+R parkeren bij Q-park)

Zien hoe het werkt? Op 26 september is er een startbijeenkomst @cyclespace

Check de video hier:
En meer info hier:

Extra leuk:
Persoonlijke assistent: Op werkdagen tussen 8.00 en 20.00 uur kan je bellen met een persoonlijke assistent die met jouw optimale reis kan plannen, kan helpen met de huur van een auto etc.
Geld terug: En houd jij na een maand geld over op jouw Zuidaspas, dan storten we dat op jouw rekening!

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