Mobility and transport are crucial for a city to function properly. Amsterdam is considered the world capital of cycling; 32% of traffic movement in Amsterdam is by bike and 63% of its inhabitants use their bike on daily basis. The number of registered electrical car owners in the Netherlands increased with 53% to 28.889 in 2016. Since 2008 car sharing increased with 376%. However, this is less than 1% of the total car use. Innovative ideas and concepts can help to improve the city’s accessibility, so share your ideas and concepts here.

Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Join us on the trade mission to the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona!

If you would have to pick one event to attend within the Smart City sector, make sure you attend this event! From city leaders, over startups and corporates to experts and researchers, they will all be in Barcelona to network and exchange knowledge on development of our cities.

Amsterdam Smart City believes the Smart City Expo World Congress could provide great opportunities for our network. This year the Holland Pavilion will reflect 5 smart city themes: Circular, Mobility, Energy, Safety and Health. Alongside the pavilion a Dutch trade mission will be organized for companies that wish to explore business opportunities. Interested in joining us? More info here:

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Rob Hoefnagel, Director , posted

Job opportunity: Lead Data Scientist

Are you a experienced data scientist and want to help boosting 🚀 our Axians startup at the coolest workplace in Amsterdam? Check the job opportunity and let's grab a coffee!

With this startup @ the B Building we focus creating intelligent applications for the mobility market. Great projects and a great opportunity for you!

Is this challenge the one you're looking for, or do you know somebody which we need to contact? Please get in touch! You can send me an message on linkedin or by email

Cheers, Rob

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Smart Traffic management and Smart Parking Management system partners

We need partners for Smart Traffic Management system and Smart Parking system management .We are working in India Smart City projects we need excellent partners internationally for this systems . Please get back at the earliest. Thanks

Anonymous posted

Looking for a Smart City / Mobility Intern

We'are looking for an Intern Account Manager Please submit your CV we will contact you within 3 working days


Yazam Technologies is committed to provide an interactive and educational real-world experience to current intern with direct responsibility as an account manager representing the company, as well as benefit to learn recent technologies IoT Internet of Things, SaaS Cloud. We are covering business expenses such travel costs, phone calls and extra If you’re keen to combine technology and sales then this job is for you!


- Expanded customer base in Netherlands territory through cold contacting, networking, and account management
- Became manager's first choice for working at events and trade shows
- Implemented various marketing and advertising techniques to generate new sales
- Works cooperatively in a team environment and has appropriate balance between individual responsibilities and teamwork


Company is looking for an undergraduate student who is majoring in Sales, Marketing, Business, Advertising or related major. The candidate must speak fluent Dutch and English exhibit well-developed communication skills and have a congenial sales attitude in dealing with potential customers.

Sofie Zomerman, Communication , posted

City Guides and Facility & Production Heroes

The Velo-City conference will come to Amsterdam the 14th of June! For this event we are looking for:

Amsterdam Cycling Ambassadors
As a cycling ambassador, you will guide a group of cycling professionals during the bike tour trough Amsterdam and region. There will be three different tours and one of them will be self-guided, the first two tours will be in company of a passionate bike professional or enthusiast like you!

Facility & Production Hero
As a facility and production hero you will work in a team of enthusiastic people on the organizational and logistic part of the program.

For more info and the registration link go to

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Moises Covarrubias, Wageningen University , posted

Case Study: Networks in the Food Transport in Amsterdam. Contacts needed.

Hi! My name is Moises from Mexico. I am PhD at Wageningen University. I am currently working on a case study about Amsterdam. I would like to make call for your collaboration. I am working on a case study about the networks around food transport in Amsterdam. I am looking to get to know people that are related to the topic and talk to them. I am particularly interested on innovative ways of transporting food within the city and on analysing the governance perspective of this phenomenon.

Thank you so much in advance!

Best regards,
Moises C

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Debby Dröge, Head of Communications at AMS Institute, posted

Program Manager Connected City

Wil je werken aan het realiseren van een toonaangevend, innovatief en meerjarig (toegepast) onderzoeksprogramma op het gebied van smart city en smart urban mobility? Wij zoeken een Program Manager Connected City:

Het Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) is een jong wetenschappelijk instituut. In 2014 opgericht in Amsterdam als samenwerkingsverband tussen de Technische Universiteit Delft en Wageningen Universiteit & Research, in samenwerking met het Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT). Het doel van AMS Institute is het ontwikkelen van (technologische) kennis over de duurzame en toekomstbestendige inrichting van grote steden. Grootstedelijke vraagstukken worden aangepakt vanuit drie hoofdthema’s: Vital City, Circulair City en Connected City.

Onze onderzoeken organiseren wij in samenwerking met een breed scala aan partners. Veelal wetenschappelijke partners, maar juist ook in samenwerking met het bedrijfsleven en de stad Amsterdam.

Passen je functieomschrijving en het speelveld bij je? Dan komen we graag met je in contact.

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Frans-Anton Vermast, Strategy Advisor & International Smart City Ambassador at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

RFI from Australia - Automatic signage/bollards

Please find below a request for information from the Australian Sunshine Coast Council, member of and the Australian Smart Cities Association:

RFI from ASCA Members - Automatic signage/bollards
The Sunshine Coast Council is interested to hear from other members who have successfully implemented an integrated signage/bollard solution.

We have a junction, sketched below, where the council is looking to install electronically controlled bollards to be able to block off one end of a street – we obviously need signage that links to the bollards that could be (for example):-

Blank with bollards down (road open)
Flashing a warning with bollards down (road closed)
Road closed with bollards up (road closed)
Flashing a warning with bollards about to retract (road closed)

The bollards should not raise if there’s an object on top of them (e.g. car, pedestrian) and this must be automatically detected via camera, in road sensors, etc., etc.

The bollards should be able to be controlled in any number of ways, for example:-
Local key / remote
Automatic timer (e.g. Friday 6pm-Friday 11pm)
remote central management solution
Emergency Vehicle Priority
This is not a formal RFQ but a request to make contact with other members, suppliers etc. who have been able to install an integrated system and would be willing to share contacts, lessons learned etc.

If you’re able to help, please contact David Coleman on +61 (0)408 074768 or

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Fleur Waal, student , posted


Hello, for the University of Amsterdam (Business department) we are looking for people who want to tell us something more about the process of the maker movement projects in mobility in order to succeed in a case study. If you have 5 minutes to help us out,, please let me know. Regards Fleur

Milan Tamis, Researcher , posted

Looking for EV-drivers for an innovative research project (Dutch)

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is looking for electric vehicle drivers to take part in their research project. They developed a platform to monitor energy consumption. You will receive several power sensors that could be connected to appliances. The platform will contribute to a better insight in your energy consumption including your electric vehicle.

De Hogeschool van Amsterdam heeft een platform ontwikkeld waarbij EV-rijders eenvoudig het energiegebruik van het eigen huishouden en het energiegebruik van de elektrische auto kunnen bijhouden.

Wij zijn op zoek naar 50 EV-rijders die dit platform willen testen!
Geïnteresseerd? Lees verder!

Wij bieden 50 personen met een elektrische auto de unieke mogelijkheid om dit platform te testen! Deze selecte groep krijgt vanaf september 2017 tot februari 2018 toegang tot het platform. U ontvangt van ons verschillende kleine power meters die het u mogelijk maken om uw energieverbruik van een aantal apparaten (wasmachine e.d.) bij te houden. Met de app en de website krijgt u goed zicht op uw totale energieverbruik, waar u ook bent.

Lijkt het u leuk om deel te nemen of wilt u meer informatie over het project? Kijk dan op of neem contact op met Milan Tamis, onderzoeker Hogeschool van Amsterdam-

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Susanne Balm, posted

Input from cargobike users (10 minutes of your time)

Would you like to improve infrastructure quality for cargo bikes? Then please read! Master student Yuki Yamamoto from University of Amsterdam, is working on a thesis regarding cargo bike users' route choice and infrastructure preferences. I am looking for people to fill in a survey (it should take less than 10 minutes), and your help is greatly appreciated. Some planners are interested in the research, so it's a good opportunity to complain about whatever problem you face, and hopefully your voice will be heard!

Please follow the link below to start the survey. And please share the link with people using a cargo bike in Amsterdam!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any question/comment. Thank you very much for your help.

Yuki Yamamoto
Research master urban studies
University of Amsterdam

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Jay Vekaria, posted

Respondents for Thesis (Dissertation)

Dear all, I am conducting research for my Dissertation and would highly appreciate your contribution to my questionnaire based upon the added value of Open-government data to Smart City Developments.

I am studying BSc Information Management for Business at University College London (UCL, UK).

I am looking to establish the relationship but also future capabilities of open-government data in the development and integration of Smart City infastructure amongst Europe and the rest of the world.

Overall it should take less than 3 minutes to complete, and your opinions will be highly valued, all data will be anonymised and only used within the purposes of my Dissertation.

Any questions, feel free to contact me via email at:

Thankyou and the link can be found below.

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Susanne Balm, posted

Dutch participants: enquete voor producenten, gebruikers of verkopers van lichte elektrische vrachtvoertuigen en cargobikes.

Via een online enquête willen wij inzicht krijgen in de productie, toepassing en de verwachte groei van lichte edlektrische vrachtvoertuigen en elektrische transportfietsen in Nederland (LEVV-NL). LEVV staat voor licht elektrisch vrachtvoertuig. Het zijn voertuigen met elektrische aandrijving of (trap)ondersteuning en een maximaal laadvermogen tot 750 kg. Gebruikt, produceert of verkoopt u deze voertuigen? Dan vragen we om uw medewerking!

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Simon Karsten, Student at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, posted

Request for participation survey Smart Mobility in Amsterdam

(Nederlandstalige versie onderaan)

As part of the final project of the bachelor Sustainable Innovation at the University of Technology Eindhoven, I'm interested in investigating innovations dealing with car use in an urban environment. ASC happens to 'help' two of such project, 'De Digitale Wegbeheerder' (Smart Traffic Management) en Praktijkproef Amsterdam (Amsterdam Practice Trial). This special 'architecture' makes ASC worthy to be included in the analysis on how Smart Mobility changes society. I'm particularly interested in how ASC helps projects in general and these two projects specifically.

I would like to contact someone within ASC who can provide information (through an interview) on for example the relation between various parties, expectations,
problems and how they are overcome, in the context of the projects 'De Digitale Wegbeheerder' (Smart Traffic Management) en Praktijkproef Amsterdam (Amsterdam Practice Trial).

Such an interview would preferably take place in the months November or December. I expect it would last less than 1 hour, at a location of your choice.

Best Regards,

Simon Karsten

Ik ben een bachelorstudent Sustainable Innovation aan de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. In het kader van het afsluitende project van deze bacheloropleiding, ben ik geïnteresseerd in projecten op het gebied van Smart Mobility in een stedelijke omgeving, gericht op autogebruik. Hierbij viel Amsterdam Smart City op als organisatie waarin verkeerstechnologieën worden ontwikkeld en begeleid. Vooral de projecten 'De Digitale Wegbeheerder' (Smart Traffic Management) en Praktijkproef Amsterdam (Amsterdam Practice Trial) passen binnen deze interesses.

Het project waaraan ik werk, is gericht op het fenomeen "Smart Mobility", en hoe dit veranderingen (vooral buiten het technologisch domein) teweeg brengt in Amsterdam. Om hier uitspraken over te doen, is het van belang de geschiedenis en de ideeën over de toekomst te achterhalen van de eerder genoemde projecten. Daarnaast is de situatie in Amsterdam zo dat de rol van ASC omtrent deze projecten interessant is voor mijn eigen project. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan de relatie met de diverse partijen, problemen en hoe die zijn opgelost, en verwachtingen.

Om hier een completer beeld van te krijgen, zou ik graag contact op willen nemen met iemand, om uit te nodigen voor een gesprek (interview), waarin ik meer te weten kan komen over ASC, de relatie met projecten in het algemeen en specifiek de relatie tussen Digitale Wegbeheerder, Praktijkproef Amsterdam en Amsterdam Smart City (door de jaren heen). Hopelijk is binnen uw organisatie iemand bereid mij hier meer inzicht in te verschaffen.

Het zou mijn project vooruithelpen als zo’n gesprek plaats kan vinden in de maand November of December. Ik verwacht dat de duur van het gesprek minder dan een uur zal zijn, op een locatie naar keuze.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Simon Karsten

Bart Takkenkamp, Founder & owner at Wuunder, posted

Pilot participants for on-demand parcel pick-up

Wuunder already offers a domestic and international shipping service for documents, parcels and pallets. In Amsterdam we're testing an additional service. Here we offer an on-demand pick-up within one hour. With only a mobile phone and a pen you can ship your parcel. One (bike) courier collect the shipments and will do the hand-over to multiple carrier companies. This avoids multiple parcel delivery vans within the city. Interested? We're looking for people that enjoy giving feedback to make our service even better.

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Martin Boerema, posted

Do you want to develop a business model or do you want to redesign your business model? We can do it for free!

Do you want to develop a business model or do you want to do redesign your business model? Students from the University of Applied Sciences, study Industrial Engineering & Management are willing to help you for free! Submit your exercise description before 25th of October! More information: (Dutch only)

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Elien van Riet, Data Analyst/ Growth Engineer at Urban Tribes, posted

NS in search of startups

Daily 1.2 million people travel with NS and the company has a central role to play as a in transport and its stations. Together with ProRail the NS works on sustainable stations by dealing with energy and waste in a smart way and improving the wellbeing of travellers. Does your startup provide a new solution? Sign up now for the matchmaking trajectory of Green Hub:

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Samu Márton Balogh, Junior Assistant , posted

smart city internship


I'm Samu Balogh, master student in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design at KTH Stockholm. I'm looking for an internship during spring 2017, where I could write my master thesis. Currently I'm working in Budapest, I'm involved to the preparation of the Smart Budapest concept.

If there's any possibility, let me know!


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