Mobility and transport are crucial for a city to function properly. Amsterdam is considered the world capital of cycling; 32% of traffic movement in Amsterdam is by bike and 63% of its inhabitants use their bike on daily basis. The number of registered electrical car owners in the Netherlands increased with 53% to 28.889 in 2016. Since 2008 car sharing increased with 376%. However, this is less than 1% of the total car use. Innovative ideas and concepts can help to improve the city’s accessibility, so share your ideas and concepts here.

Justine Olschanezky, Communications & Partnership Manager , posted

Ford European Make It Driveable Challenge

Featured image

In its 7th year MakeItDriveable is an opportunity for startups to engage directly with Ford and to potentially fast track their idea to market. If accepted to attend entrepreneurs will have a chance to meet with Ford executives, engineers, business teams as well as invited guests.
This Challenge is for companies interested in "getting in the car" with either an idea for the Connected Vehicle or an iOS/Android application.
To learn more about the challenge, what you could gain from participating and to apply, please check here:
Be ready and become Ford's next business partner!

Online event on Oct 20th
Herman van den Bosch, Curator at Amsterdam Smart City; professor in management education , posted

When will Amsterdam become a zero city?

Traffic fatalities are a leading cause of premature death of people under 30. Most are pedestrians and cyclists. The question is how to redesign traffic to reduce the number of victims. Zero cities successfully do. Read my newest blogpost (in Dutch). The English version will be published in due time at Smart City Hub.

Herman van den Bosch's picture #Mobility
Folkert Leffring, Digital Media Manager , posted

Amsterdam seeks start-ups for six-month residency programme

The City of Amsterdam is seeking the latest cohort of innovators for its Start-up in Residence programme, with this year’s themes being sustainability/circular economy and mobility. During a six-month programme, selected companies get the chance to pilot their products and services in the city and at the end, the municipality may become a launch customer or collaborate with the businesses in other ways.

Folkert Leffring's picture #Mobility
Herman van den Bosch, Curator at Amsterdam Smart City; professor in management education , posted

Mobility and liveability

You will find the Dutch version 'De beloopbare stad' of my newest post in the series cities of the future below. The English version will be published at SmartCityHub next month.

Herman van den Bosch's picture #Mobility
Manon den Dunnen, Strategisch specialist digitale transformatie , posted

Urban object detection and Urban Air Mobility @SensemakersAMS

Featured image

Every 3th Wednesday of the month Sensemakers has presentations & discussions about IoT-related subjects.
This evening we have:

Urban Object Detection - Maarten Sukel
Maarten is Lead AI developer at the City of Amsterdamand will share the latest development in using object detection on real-time street level imagery to find issues on city streets, for example garbage, graffiti and broken assets, to allow for an objective gathering of data. Edge computing will help to safeguard privacy of the citizens while still optimizing the livability. Lead AI developer @ City of Amsterdam)

Drones & autonomous vehicles
Jeroen Bartelse, Insuring the 21st century @ Achmea | Business Innovation | EIT Urban Mobility | Amsterdam Drone Week | UAM

You will receive the event-link (Zoom) one day before the event. Presentations usually start at 19.05h & end around 20.30 with "open mic" when you can share your own story/event/question.

Manon den Dunnen's picture Online event on Jul 15th
Harmen van Sprang, co-founder , posted


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The landscape of mobility has been in motion for some time now, but the current pandemic is accelerating a shift towards new types of transportation. Is this just a temporary occurrence or will we see a fundamental change in the way we move? As we start to leave our homes again, options to move around are limited. Our cities cannot handle more cars and the capacity of public transport is reduced dramatically. How do we keep ourselves mobile while maintaining enough distance from each other?

In several cities around the world, measures are being taken to give more space to people. Will pedestrians and cyclists get more freedom to move after the pandemic is over? There is a global bicycle boom but has the bike really become a simple, safe, sustainable, and healthy form of transport? And, what about cars. At this stage, you might prefer your own car (if you have one) over public transportation, but will this be different once we can safely sit in the same bus or train again? Will we need fewer cars if part of society continues to work from home? And what roles might spatial planning and emerging technologies play when looking at transportation in urban areas in the years ahead? Let’s explore the path forward together and reshape mobility in our cities.

Harmen van Sprang's picture Online event on Jul 16th
Ebbi Elferink, Project Intern Startup in Residence at City of Amsterdam, posted

Startup In Residence Sustainability and Mobility Is Live!

Featured image

Startup in Residence Amsterdam launches a new programme on the themes of sustainability and mobility!

Registration closes on August 11, 2020.

The City of Amsterdam is once again looking for the best start-ups, scale-ups, innovative SMEs, and social entrepreneurs with creative and innovative solutions for the city’s mobility and sustainability issues. Solutions are sought for a wide range of topics, from 'emission-free recreational boats' and 'circular renovation' to 'inclusive mobility' and 'local food logistics'. Like previous years, this edition also has the so-called "wild card challenge" for both themes. If entrepreneurs have good ideas and solutions that are not described in one of the issues, they can register for the wildcard. The complete series of challenges can be found at

You can sign up from June 24, 2020 12:00 to August 11, 2020 23:59.

Ebbi Elferink's picture #Mobility
Sagar Nalini Ratilal Bavarva, Founder & Chief Researcher , posted

Schijnerg Group

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Creating the next-generation renewable energy digital platform, focusing on machine learning-based consulting and sustainable community. Additionally, it provides engineering consultancy which is 100% digital through machine learning optimization. Furthermore, it also transforms the data to solve unique to our client need and it embarks a lifelong companion for clients to grow from installation to decommissioning.

Sagar Nalini Ratilal Bavarva's picture #CircularCity
Sagar Nalini Ratilal Bavarva, Founder & Chief Researcher , posted

Bees Digital Farm

Featured image

Ever since the 20th century most of the countries across the globe are still using the traditional way of farming and it’s still going on for the demand and supply of people. As we all know that by the year 2050, the 80 % estimation of the world population will have been living in urban areas which can lead the total population of the world to increase by 3 billion people. With this large amount of increase in population, scientists and researchers are quite worried about the farmland which will be required to generate such a huge demand for food supply to fulfill the necessity to survive. Noticing this fact in mind as what would be the future source of alternative solutions to solve such a type of problem a concept was proposed named “In-House Farming”.

Sagar Nalini Ratilal Bavarva's picture #CircularCity
Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Mindchange nodig om met climate change om te kunnen gaan

We moeten toe naar een ander systeem, waar macht en verantwoordelijkheid weer aan elkaar gekoppeld zijn. Dat kwam naar voren tijdens de MRA University van dinsdag 2 juni. Alleen zo kunnen we toewerken naar een circulaire en klimaatneutrale economie.

‘De coronacrisis laat zien dat we snel kunnen veranderen. Dat is ongelofelijk hoopvol. Maar het is geen garantie dat we na de crisis een betere of een slechtere wereld bouwen.’, stelt Thomas Rau, architect, oprichter van Madaster en vooraanstaand denker over de circulaire economie. Een echt duurzaam herstel vraagt om een mindchange. Hij adviseert om daar actief aan te werken. ‘Laat het opbouwen van de economie daarom niet alleen over aan mensen uit het oude systeem.’

Lees verder:

Amsterdam Economic Board's picture #CircularCity
AMS Institute, Re-inventing the city (urban innovation) at AMS Institute, posted

Traffic intensity before, during and after intelligent lockdown measures in the Netherlands

Featured image

In March our government introduced measures to slow down the spread of COVID-19. As expected, this resulted in a decrease in traffic on highways. But, what does this look like? We compared 3 Tuesdays; before, during, and after the rules were loosened.

Check out this visualization, for which our Data Visualization Lab took a deep-dive into the open data of the National Data Warehouse for Traffic Information (NDW):

AMS Institute's picture #Mobility
Rhea Srivastava, Master's student , posted

Master's thesis: Looking for interviewees involved in Schoonschip project

Greetings everyone, my name is Rhea and i am pursuing my master's in Urban Management and Development.
I am currently writing my thesis on decentralised smart energy systems accelerating neighbourhood circularity (through the case of Schoonschip, Amsterdam), aiming for an integrated result in the energy and circularity transition as well as to fill the gap in literature about neighbourhood circularity.
Consequently, I am looking to interview people who were involved in the Schoonschip project, including experts, project developers, community members, municipality etc. The interview would be focusing on conditions such as technological, economic, institutional, socio-cultural and environmental (depending on the interviewee's background) associated with the development of Schoonschip and its energy systems. Your valuable insights will be fully acknowledged in the final publication.

Kindly contact me if you are willing to contribute to my research or if you know someone who could help me out. I would be grateful! Thanks in advance!

Rhea Srivastava's picture #Energy
Frans-Anton Vermast, Strategy Advisor & International Smart City Ambassador at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Dublin's COVID-19 Mobility & Transport Response

This is a link to Dublin's COVID-19 Mobility & Transport Response document for those who are interested...

Frans-Anton Vermast's picture #Mobility
Lizann Tjon, Program Manager Innovation at City of Amsterdam, posted

Podcast over het herontwerp van Amsterdam

Hoe richten we de digitale wereld in, en hoe gaan we om met data en samenwerking met private partijen en deelplatforms? Wat is de rol van de gemeente Amsterdam? En wat zou je doen als je een stad compleet nieuw zou inrichten? Hieronder de eerste podcast met Carlo van de Weijer een serie waar we over dit soort vraagstukken nadenken samen met Carin ten Hage en Geert Kloppenburg.

De pizza-economie en over waarom de zelfrijdende auto geen oplossing is voor de schaarse ruimte in de stad

#data #smartmobility #Gemeente Amsterdam #CTOInnovatieteam

Smart Mobility Embassy, Smart Mobility Embassy at Connekt, posted

LA on the move

De pandemie van COVID-19 treft ons allemaal. Door de pandemie hebben we een glimp kunnen opvangen van hoe steden eruit zien als het transport grotendeels wordt stilgelegd. Mogelijk is de impact van deze crisis op mobilteit en gedeelde diensten langduriger en onvoorspelbaarder dan we in eerste instantie hadden gedacht.

Door de beperkte werking van transportsystemen worden ook internationale samenwerkingen aangetast. De Smart Mobility Embassy gelooft dat dit het moment is om samen te werken en onze ideeën over wenselijke toekomstige mobiliteitssystemen te heroverwegen, opnieuw te ontwerpen en te implementeren.

De Smart Mobility Embassy organiseert in samenwerking met het Nederlandse consulaat in San Francisco, een webinar over de kansen voor Los Angeles en Nederland om gezamenlijk te werken aan het ontwerp van het mobiliteitssysteem van de toekomst.

Klik op de link om de volledige uitnodiging te bekijken.

Smart Mobility Embassy's picture #Mobility
Henrike Slob, Marketing Communications Lead at Impact Hub Amsterdam, posted

Circulair ondernemen, doe je samen

Featured image

In de transitie naar een circulaire economie worden ondernemers steeds meer gevraagd na te denken over onze keten en hoe we inkopen. Hoe transparant moet je zijn naar je klanten? Wat mag je verwachten van je leveranciers? Hoe denk je in oplossingen in plaats van problemen? Je wilt wel innovatief zijn, maar hoe en wie gaat dat betalen?
Om ondernemers te helpen bij deze vraagstukken, organiseren we deze circulaire meetup dat volledig in het teken staat van samenwerking in de circulaire economie. De meetup wordt geopend door expert Erick Wuestman die zijn inzichten deelt over het belang van samenwerking om uitdagingen in een circulaire economie aan te gaan en de transitie te versnellen.

In de transitie naar een circulaire economie worden ondernemers steeds meer gevraagd na te denken over onze keten en hoe we inkopen. Hoe transparant moet je zijn naar je klanten? Wat mag je verwachten van je leveranciers? Hoe denk je in oplossingen in plaats van problemen? Je wilt wel innovatief zijn, maar hoe en wie gaat dat betalen?

Om ondernemers te helpen bij deze vraagstukken, organiseren we deze circulaire meetup dat volledig in het teken staat van samenwerking in de circulaire economie. De meetup wordt geopend door expert Erick Wuestman die zijn inzichten deelt over het belang van samenwerking om uitdagingen in een circulaire economie aan te gaan en de transitie te versnellen.

Voor wie? ondernemers en meedenkers**!**

Ondernemers | Tijdens dit event krijg je als ondernemer de kans om een eigen casus in te brengen waaraan gezamenlijk wordt gewerkt. Casussen op het gebied van circulair ondernemen staan centraal, daarbij valt te denken aan de volgende uitdagingen:

  • Circulair ondernemen in de voedingsindustrie
  • Circulaire plastics
  • Circulair ondernemen in de textielindustrie
  • Circulaire businessmodellen

Meld jouw casus gratis aan via het aanmeldformulier.

Meedenkers | Wil je graag meedenken met uitdagende casussen op het gebied van circulair ondernemen, vanuit jouw praktijkervaring, expertise, opleiding of interesse? We nodigen circulaire ondernemers, beleidsmakers, circulaire experts en andere circulaire initiatiefnemers uit om mee te denken!

Meld je gratis aan via deze Eventbrite pagina.


Het event vindt online plaats op 25 juni van 15.00 uur tot 17.00 uur.


15:00 - 15:15 Welkom

15:15 - 15:45 Spreker Erick Wuestman, over het belang van samenwerken voor een circulaire economie en de rol van circulair inkopen.

15:45 - 16:30 Crowdsolve your challenge

16:30 - 16:45 Afsluiting en vervolgstappen

Doe mee en werk samen!

  • Ontmoet collega-ondernemers en experts op het gebied van circulariteit in de Provincie Noord-Holland
  • Krijg waardevolle input vanuit verschillende invalshoeken voor je eigen vraagstukken en/of help (andere) ondernemers met jouw expertise.
  • Krijg concrete tools om circulariteit te versterken in jouw bedrijf en pas het toe na de meetup.
  • Maak impact en werk aan zaken waar je echt omgeeft.

Circulair Ecosysteem

Dit event is georganiseerd door Impact Hub Amsterdam en de provincie van Noord-Holland. De provincie Noord-Holland en Impact Hub Amsterdam werken samen om circulaire ondernemers met elkaar in contact te brengen om de transitie naar een volledig circulaire economie in 2050 te versnellen.

Henrike Slob's picture Online event on Jun 25th
Roxani Gkavra, Transport & Planning MSc student , posted

Participants required! Travel experience research and data collection

Check the intro/promo video of my research
In my master thesis I examine how people experience their everyday trips in the Netherlands and the parameters that affect their perception. Data is now collected via the UMO Research app ( and you are invited to participate.
The thesis is performed at the Department of Transport & Planning of TU Delft.
Roxani Gkavra

Aditya Putta, Venture Sourcing Lead , posted

Webinar #3: Smart Cities and Mobility, Indo-Dutch innovation during crisis (June 9)

Featured image

Webinar #3: Indo-Dutch innovation during crisis - Smart Cities and Mobility

Click here to register:

The full impact of COVID-19 on Smart Cities and Mobility is still unknown. However, one thing is for certain— there are global economic and financial ramifications. This is affecting how our buildings, transport and utilities are managed. It is felt through the global supply chains, from raw materials to finished products.

During this webinar, we will delve into the immediate impact of the isolation measures on these industries, explore the degree to which there are long term consequences and how we can adapt our systems and capabilities. We will also focus on the progress and positives coming out of these thematic areas through experts. And we’ll hear entrepreneurs who are coming up with innovative solutions to deal with the outbreak and cope with the repercussions that are bound to come our way. The audience will have a chance to interact with the speakers. By doing so, we learn from each other and provide an opportunity to form strategic Indo-Dutch ties!
We welcome you to become part of this bottom-up collective backing startup entrepreneurs to play their role as game changers.

Program for Tuesday 9 June
11:00 – 12:30 Central European Time and 14:30 – 16:00 Indian Standard time

Welcome addresses
Freek Jan Frerichs, Senior Policy Advisor Life Science & Health at The Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands

Country level response and industry expert opinion
Shashank Ojha, Senior Digital Development Specialist at The World Bank
Cornelia Dinca, Incoming Delegations and Living Labs Lead at Amsterdam Smart City, The Netherlands
Sander van Lingen, Business Development Manager for Smart Cites at Dell Technologies

Entrepreneurs presentation and Q&A
Simranjit Singh Grewal, CEO & Founder at Y the Wait, The Netherlands
Ayon Hazra, Co-Founder & CEO at Qlikchain, India/The Netherlands
Sanjoy Roy, CEO at AskSid AI, India
Pranav Vempati, Chief Executive Officer at Kal Bionics, India
Peter van der Veen, Tripservice, The Netherlands

Aditya Putta, Venture Sourcing Lead, WorldStartup

Target audience

We especially welcome innovation managers within government and corporates, along with investors who can support the entrepreneurs with pilots, projects, investment and partnerships.

Since this is also a time to share, we welcome other entrepreneurs who seek inspiration and would like to join forces through collaborations. All Indian and Dutch stakeholders that are involved and interested in Smart Cities & Mobility, and startup innovation in general are also invited.

Click here to register for the Webinar #3:
(Look out for an email from Crowdcast, the webinar tool. We will invite you.)

For any questions or comments, please contact Aditya Putta (

Made possible by
The Netherlands Embassy in India
Consulate General of The Netherlands in Bangalore
Dell Technologies
Amsterdam SmartCity
The World Bank

Aditya Putta's picture Online event on Jun 9th
Sonwabo Koti, , posted

Search for information around smart cities

I'm an MBA student in South Africa, in the last State Of Nation address President Ramaphosa announced development of smart city. Now I want to do treastise on the subject the topic that is on my mind is "smart city impact on citizens" I stand to be correct if I'm bit outside. Its what I think at the moment, I need articles and websites.

Sonwabo Koti's picture #SmartCityAcademy
Jorden van der Hoogt, Assistant Technical Specialist , posted

Energy synergies in transportation hubs & smart charging pilots

Featured image

Free webinar organised by Cenex Nederland and Stevin

Free online event | June 10 15:00 – 17:00 CET

Energy systems are becoming more complex and decentralised due to the increasing production of renewable energy sources and energy storage systems and their specific constraints in flexibility and availability. In addition, the increased need for the charging of electric mobility, especially in transportation-hubs, create serious societal challenges. These developments ask for a smarter way of dealing with energy supply and demand and require a better use of existing and new infrastructure.

Energy-hubs and smart charging technologies can provide solutions to address the challenges we are currently facing or will be facing soon. In this webinar Stevin and Cenex Nederland will give two keynotes on these subjects. Stevin is a management consultancy firm that is specialised in Asset Management in energy and mobility infrastructure. Its experience with municipalities, grid operators and (public) transport authorities has enabled Stevin to create a framework to achieve successful energy-hubs. Cenex Nederland is an Amsterdam based non-for-profit organisation delivering research and consultancy projects in zero emission vehicle technology and related infrastructure. Cenex Nederland works together with its strategic partner in the UK, Cenex (est. 2005).

This webinar is interesting for you if you are involved in:

  • The development of transportation-hubs
  • The electrification of (public) mobility
  • Procuring and implementing solutions for energy distribution and charging infrastructure
  • Incorporating the Renewable Energy Directive (RED2) and Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPDB)
  • Developing city strategies for energy transition and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs)
  • Built environment energy- and fleet management

Session 1 Energy-hubs

Keynote speaker(s): Rogier Pennings & Luuk van Loosdrecht (STEVIN)

The rapid electrification of public mobility has a big impact on transportation-hubs due to the growing need for charging infrastructure. Coordination between municipalities, grid operators, public transport providers and nearby companies is fundamental to make these hubs efficient, both on an economic, environmental and social level. Such coordination will transform a transportation-hub into an energy-hub with various use-cases. Stevin gives a keynote on the concept of energy-hubs and the possible synergies and challenges that emerge while developing these energy-hubs.

In this session you will learn:

  • What energy-hubs are and how these relate to the energy transition and transportation-hubs.
  • The opportunities and challenges that are ahead of us and the role of stakeholders.
  • Our roadmap towards successful energy-hubs.

Session 2 Lessons learnt in procuring smart charging technologies

Keynote speaker(s): Esther van Bergen & Jorden van der Hoogt (CENEX NEDERLAND)

Electric driving is on the rise, and as a result you can see more and more EVs driving through the streets. But this also means that each of these vehicles needs to be charged by electricity, adding stress to the electricity grid. To address these challenges, smart technologies are developed to help reduce load on the net, match supply and demand in a more decentralised energy system and optimise the use of renewable energy. This keynote is based on the learnings from the Interreg SEEV4-City project, which includes six real-life operational pilots in four different (North Sea Region) countries. We will highlight practical insights from and explore the potential for wider-scale application of, the different solutions used.

In this session you will learn:

  • Where we stand in terms of charging technology developments.
  • How you can charge more EVs while reducing the need of grid investments.
  • What challenges you may face in procuring, installing and operating the equipment.
  • What the potential and barriers of wider adoption of different solutions may be.
Jorden van der Hoogt's picture Online event on Jun 10th