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Are you interested in the experiences of others working in smart city projects and organizations? The Smart City Academy provides available knowledge about smart city projects and can help you with project development. This Smart City Academy page provides you with information and researches about the impact and conditions of smart city projects. Professors, teachers and students study the initiation, management, collaboration and scaling of smart city projects and would like to share these results with you. They do so by organizing events and masterclasses, by developing smart city tools and methodologies and by making research and outcomes accessible. You can find everything here. And the good news is.... You can add your knowledge too! Are you working on Smart City research? Please feel free to share your knowledge in the Academy section, under ‘Other research and theses’. The Smart City Academy is powered by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. If you have any questions, you can contact

Remco Wagemakers, Consultant/ Project Manager , posted

Zero Waste Expedition Plantage Amsterdam

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Reducing waste, encourage recycling, converting waste into commodities: developing a new way of sustainable waste collection and disposal.

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Floor Thomasse, Projectmanager Urban Economic Development , posted

Shopping Street Innovation Lab (SSIL)

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The Shopping Street Innovation Lab (SSIL) is the very first innovation lab that conducts research in an entire shopping street.

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Maarten Osieck, Professional Notknower , posted
Melchior Kanyemesha, Programmanagement + Energy Lead at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Smart Sessies

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We help Smart City Projects to share knowledge, and transform best-practices into solutions for communal problems. (Dutch).

1. Value and Impact: de eerste sessie heeft als doel om kennis te maken en enkele gemeenschappelijke knelpunten onder de loep te nemen. We gaan inventariseren welke dwarsverbanden voor groei er zijn en identificeren welke kansen er zijn in een gedeeld ecosysteem. Datum: 18 april 2017, 09.00 - 12.00

2. Business Models: de tweede sessie gaan we kijken naar business modellen en smart partnerships. Veel smart city projecten bestaan uit samenwerkende partijen met verschillende achtergronden en belangen. Toch hebben ze een gezamenlijk doel: het neerzetten van een levensvatbaar smart city initiatief. Een effectieve manier om dit te bereiken is het gezamenlijk ontwikkelen van een smart business model. Onderwerpen die aan bod komen: gezamenlijke waardecreatie, afstemmen van belangen, co-creatie, waardepropositie en verdienmodel. Voorgestelde datum: 30 mei 2017, 09.00 - 12.00

3. User involvement: Wie zijn je eindgebruikers en hoe betrek je hen? In de meeste definities van Smart Cities worden burgers beschouwd als belangrijkste eindgebruikers. Toch zien we dat bij vele innovatieprojecten de burger, of breder, de eindgebruiker niet direct betrokken worden, terwijl dat wel bij de doelstelling van het project hoort. Binnen dit thema gaan we verder bekijken wie de eind-gebruikers eigenlijk kunnen zijn. Zijn dat alleen burgers, of ook andere organisaties, investeerders of toevallige passanten? Er zijn al vele studies gedaan waaruit kansen, tools en inzichten op gebied van user involvement zijn beschreven. Dit gaan we vertalen naar praktische handvaten voor projecten in de Amsterdamse context. Voorgestelde datum: 20 juni 2017, 09.00 - 12.00

4. Upscaling: Hoe kan je project echt schaal krijgen? Dan moet je de pilotfase voorbij komen. In de life cycle van een smart city project komt er vroeg of laat een moment waarin 'opschalen' belangrijk wordt. Welke manieren van opschalen zijn er, welke drivers en barrières zijn er die opschalen en replicatie kunnen stimuleren of juist hinderen? Wat kunnen we leren van bestaande voorbeelden? En hoe vind je de massa en de kennis die verdere opschaling van het project mogelijk maken? Voorgestelde datum: NNTB, 09.00 -12.00

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AYA Nuray Gokalp, Founder at Amsterdam Tech City => Global Tech City, posted

Global Tech City

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An innovative and intuitive platform made for streamlining and forging meaningful connections between like-minded, influential, and invested partners in order to efficiently make real progress towards achieving the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals for a better world.

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Roy van Beek, CCO , posted

Leave Your Luggage

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Achieve a luggage free city centre and provide the people a better user experience

Nancy Zikken, Trade developer Smart City / Sustainable Built Environment at Amsterdam Trade, posted


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DECODE is an EU funded project to make tools that put people in control of whether they keep their personal information private or share it for the public good.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon
2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 732546.

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Maarten Poot, Founder at felyx, posted

Felyx e-scooter sharing

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Felyx offers shared electric scooters as a new urban mobility concept. Our convenient and affordable scooters can be located and activated through an app and parked at any destination ("free-floating").

Felyxoffers shared electric scooters as a new urban mobility concept. Our convenient and affordable scooters can be located and activated through an app and parked at any destination ("free-floating"). Our concept solves current urban mobility issues and combines possibilities and opportunities of new technologies, sharing economy, and sustainability.

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Robin Neven, Business Intelligence & Analytics Engineer , posted

Amsterdam neighbourhood and the City join forces for 'sociocracy'

De Weteringbuurt in Amsterdam Centrum en het bijbehorende stadsdeel van de Gemeente Amsterdam gaan samen voor een onderling betere balans in lokale besluitvorming. Zie hier het artikel in Parool. Enjoy!

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Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted


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Amsterdam's business district 'Zuidas' gets a big overhaul the next couple of years.

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Melchior Kanyemesha, Programmanagement + Energy Lead at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

100.000 Energy Neutral Homes

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How do we get from the current situation, with badly insulated houses, to a future with homes without fossile fuels?





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Marjolein Bot, Lead Energy at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

City-zen: Vehicle2Grid

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Vehicle2Grid technology stands for the possibility to use the battery of an electric vehicle to charge at times when there is congestion in the grid and to feed the electricity back to the grid at a later stage.

City-zen was an international consortium, a program stimulating learning-by-doing in Grenoble and Amsterdam between March 2014 and November 2019. The results can be found in a booklet or in detailed reports.

Smart Stories

Check the article about Vehicle to Grid featured in our online magazine 'Smart Stories':

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Anonymous posted


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Share a ride, Toogethr.


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Beth Massa, Ozarka B.V. , posted

Ozarka - Amsterdam's first #NoSUPP Grocery Store

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Offering a disruptive grocery-shopping model that reduces packaging waste dramatically, without sacrificing convenience.

Opening in Amsterdam in Spring, 2018: Ozarka is a new-concept shop offering upmarket, gorgeous, high-quality yet affordable specialty foods, every-day grocery, and personal care products. We will also feature a prepared foods station and salad bar that is self-serve and sold by weight.

Best of all, Ozarka is a #NoSupp* retailer. We will sell no product wrapped or packaged in single-use plastic. We will make it incredibly enjoyable *and* convenient for our customers to participate in sustainable shopping.

Plastic packaging has created one of the most severe environmental crises of our time. We use far more of it that we can recycle or manage and most of it ends up in landfill, or polluting our oceans and terrestrial environment (only 8% of plastic is recycled worldwide).

Ozarka's model aims to drastically reduce and remove plastic from our daily lives without compromising quality or convenience in every day shopping. Our food is beautiful. Our shopping experience is beautiful. With our customers we will keep the planet beautiful.

Say yes to Ozarka. Say yes to #NoSUPP

We are inviting suppliers to contact us and join in this vision. Specifically:
Fruit and vegetable producers
Local cheese makers
Local beter-leven dairy
Caterers and gourmet food truck vendors
High end personal product makers looking to prototype a refills model: soaps, shampoos, conditioners (think Kiehls, Body Shop, Kevin Murphy)
Bio-based, single-use packaging manufacturers
Compostable packaging manufacturers
Industrial composting facilities

*NoSUPP = No Single Use Plastic Packaging

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Bernard MERKX, CEO, owner at GreenWavePlastics, posted

Circular waste bags

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Do you realize that most plastics bags and containers used to collect waste are actually still made from virgin plastics..... That is why GreenWavePlastics and Amsterdam based CitiesFoundation have introduced a 100% recyclate content waste bag for the WASTED program in Amsterdam Noord. All produced in The Netherlands Who is next ??

Email :

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Alex Stewart, Director at ByteToken, Ltd, posted

KeyPass hands free mobile ticketing

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A Bluetooth solution that will allow operators to track passengers with valid mobile tickets and and let them pass through the gate with no user interaction.

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Rik Winsemius, Founder , posted

Amsterdam Circular Challenge

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Amsterdam wants to be the circular capital of the world. And we’re already halfway to make this vision come true. Companies, govermental organisations, universities & scientists, they all come to Amsterdam to participate in the growing amsterdam circular movement.

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