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Are you interested in the experiences of others working in smart city projects and organizations? The Smart City Academy provides available knowledge about smart city projects and can help you with project development. This Smart City Academy page provides you with information and researches about the impact and conditions of smart city projects. Professors, teachers and students study the initiation, management, collaboration and scaling of smart city projects and would like to share these results with you. They do so by organizing events and masterclasses, by developing smart city tools and methodologies and by making research and outcomes accessible. You can find everything here. And the good news is.... You can add your knowledge too! Are you working on Smart City research? Please feel free to share your knowledge in the Academy section, under ‘Other research and theses’. The Smart City Academy is powered by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. If you have any questions, you can contact

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Amsterdam Rainproof

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Amsterdam Rainproof is a platform that activates and stimulates different stakeholders to create a more resilient city for dealing with extreme rainfall.


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MX3D Bridge

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We are creating an innovative metal 3D printing technology with a high deposition rate and almost unlimited building enveloppe. To show what our technology is capable of we are 3D printing a 12 meter stainless steel bridge for the City of Amsterdam.


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IoT Living Lab

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Smart Citizens are making Smart Cities by working together in solving
challenges their communities are facing. The IoT Living Lab promotes IoT interactivity in public spaces to encourage citizens and cities in testing and prototyping innovations. The new project ‘the City Innovation Exchange Lab’ extends this effective bottom-up approach globally.

For more information about CITIXL please visit

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The Smart City Lab is initiated by Amsterdam Smart City. In this "small space for big ideas", a number of smart city solutions from Amsterdam are showcased. The Smart City Experience Lab is also a workplace where Amsterdam Smart City partners meet and work together and lectures, workshops, open houses and delegation visits are hosted.

At the moment the Lab is open on appointment. Want to visit Amsterdam Smart City? Check the options below.

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