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Beth Njeri, Digital Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

Organic vs regenerative farming: What’s the difference?

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The long-term use of the industrialized agricultural system, synthetic pesticides and fertilizers has degraded the crucial foundation of agriculture which is soil.

To change this narrative, the key lies in regenerative farming. This is not only beneficial for increasing biodiversity and (environmental as well as economic) resilience, but the regenerated soil can also be used as carbon sinks, storing carbon both above and below ground in their greenery and in their root systems, and helping reverse climate change.

The benefits of regenerative models do not end here, check out this article to find out more.

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Beth Njeri, Digital Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

14 questions to guide entrepreneurs towards deep and lasting impact

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To achieve a circular economy, innovation is key. One of the key ways to get here is through entrepreneurship. To be effective in this journey, entrepreneurs need to know how to navigate what creating a deep, transformational impact really means.

• How do we decide where to focus our attention?
• How do we design solutions and organizations that provide the best chances for success?

14 questions to maximize impact
Chis Monaghan, Co-Founder at Fresh Ventures Studio, a Metabolic spinoff, developed these 14 questions to serve as a simple checklist for anyone looking to maximize the impact of a particular initiative. Fresh Ventures is a venture-building program and startup studio based in The Netherlands.

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