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Kerstin Gerlagh, General Manager , posted

What's New? - Robotics and Intellectual Property

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What´s New? – Robotics and IP with TK Tech.

Time: 16.00– 19 .00
Presentation and Networking

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Epicenter Amsterdam and TeekensKarstens advocaten notarissen welcome you to an afternoon presentation and networking drinks about the protection of creative and innovative ideas and products of great importance.
If the protection of innovative products and services is assured companies can be innovative. This protection is, among others, ensured by intellectual property rights (“IP”), such as copyright law and patent law.
Autonomous intelligent systems (“AIS”) and robotics are increasingly involved in the creative and innovative processes of companies. The use of AIS in the context of innovative processess within companies raises questions about the applicable legal framework. For instance who would own an invention discovered and developped by a robot?.Is this the robot or the human who controls the robot? Who would be liable if a robot infringes a copyright of a third party?

In this next session, TK Tech will address these issues. To do so, they will discuss IP in their specific relation to robotics and AIS. TK Tech will provide guidance on how to protect your IP in the best way possible, while using robotics and AIS.

Event on Nov 12th
Kerstin Gerlagh, General Manager , posted

Tech Bridge Sweden - the Netherlands Women in Tech

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TechBridge Sweden/The Netherlands is a concept initiated by the Swedish Embassy in The Netherlands, Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Epicenter Amsterdam with the ambition to increase the knowledge about Sweden and The Netherlands as two world-leading nations when it comes to technological innovation.

This first edition of TechBridge Sweden/The Netherlands is highlighting the potentials of “Women in Tech” and will be a pre-event to the European Women Technology Conference in Amsterdam taking place on November 26-27th, 2019. This edition of TechBridge has been designed to inspire, celebrate and connect Women in Tech. We will deep dive into what the challenges are for Women in Tech, what we can learn from each other, how we can encourage more girls to choose technology studies and how we change the patterns of investors.

Sweden and the Netherlands have traditionally very strong trade relations and in recent years the tech industry has impacted the bilateral bond even more and the traffic is high. Both Amsterdam and Stockholm are widely described as the tech start-up capitals and rank high in most internationally recognized lists of competitiveness and innovation capacity.

Event on Nov 25th
Kerstin Gerlagh, General Manager , posted


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On 7 October 2019 the Nordic Embassies and Chamber of Commerce’s in the Netherlands are inviting you to an interactive cross-boarder Artificial Intelligence Forum to explore the future if the AI landscape and to present a live exhibition with some of the latest technologies.

Artificial intelligence is transforming every aspect of our lives. It influences how we work and play. It promises to help solve global challenges like climate change and access to quality medical care. Yet AI also brings real challenges for governments and citizens alike.

At the #NordicTalk2019 AI Forum we bring together Governments, Ministries, start-ups, SME’s and large corporations to discuss and explore the applications of AI, AR/VR and other technologies, and what makes them successful.

Event on Oct 7th
Kerstin Gerlagh, General Manager , posted

What's New? “The legal aspects of the interaction between blockchain and privacy law”

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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Epicenter Amsterdam and TeekensKarstens advocaten notarissen welcome you to a Breakfast Presentation about the legal aspects of the interaction between blockchain and the General Data Protection Directive (GDPR).

We will discuss characteristics of the different blockchains as well as the scope of protection of the GDPR. We will point out some relevant issues and we will address solutions how to comply with the GDPR and still be able to benefit from the advantages of the blockchain.

Swedish Breakfast fika will be served.

Event on Sep 23rd
Kerstin Gerlagh, General Manager , posted

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Urbanisation Forum

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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Urbanisation Forum will be addressing the challenge of growing cities. A collaboration between the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy of Sweden.

The Urbanisation Forum is a new series of forums aimed at businesspeople, politicians and other influential individuals who wish to share experiences, supply information on their respective areas and bring about high value networking. The theme has a specific focus on the global challenge as a direct result of the physical growth of cities.

More than half of the world’s population are living in urban areas and cities are set to be the future global economic engines. As the urban areas are rapidly expanding, there are several crucial challenges that must be addressed, creating a huge demand for energy solutions and infrastructure that will connect the city and make it more inclusive and sustainable. With our first Urbanisation Forum The Swedish Chamber of Commerce aims to discuss these issues and explore the challenges of today as well as the challenges of the future. With insights from SWECO and other experts, we will explore questions such as linking urbanisation with the latest innovations and technology.

Event on Sep 18th