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Mathieu Dasnois, Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

Going to school on circular solutions

Are you feeling 'climate anxiety'? You are not alone.

Annebel Dommer wrote about her search for ways to reverse her feeling of helplessness. She came across the summer school course on circular cities, offered by Metabolic in collaboration with the Universiteit van Amsterdam. In her blog, Annebel opens up on how the course equipped her with practical and solution-oriented approaches to environmental problems, and embedded her into a class full of motivated students with a sense of climate optimism.

Click through to read her blog and hear her thoughts

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Mathieu Dasnois, Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

Circular economy solutions for e-waste: headphones as a service

The World Economic Forum estimates that the world generated 50 million tonnes of e-waste in 2018.

One circular economy solution is to develop product-as-a-service models like that adopted by Dutch headphones startup Gerrard Street. Customers pay a monthly fee, and in return have access to modular headphones that use no glue and are easy to disassemble.

We interviewed co-founder Dorus Galama about the challenges and advantages of circular economy solutions for e-waste. One key insight: "in direct sales, sustainability doesn’t work too much."

Read the full story!

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Mathieu Dasnois, Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

Measuring the Circular Economy

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Part of the transition to a circular economy is measuring how circular our current economy really is. Metabolic fascilitated a workshop with the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving (PBL), which brought government ministries and municipalities to the table, to discuss how best to measure the circular economy in the Netherlands. Intra-governmental cooperation is crucial to measuring the different levels of the circular economy across cities and regions. Check out the report! (in Dutch)

And read more about our work here:

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