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Alexandra Schott, CMO at Fundsup, posted

Helping you find investors....

We've developed an app that helps sustainable companies connect with smart capital, with low time investment and no cost for these Founders. If you are someone looking for resources and experience to help accelerate, Fundsup could help you. We've partnered with InnovationQuarter & Gemeente Rotterdam to help bring this tool to more informal investors here in NL, and we are working to further to designate projects like yours through our UN-SDG badges -

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Alexandra Schott, CMO at Fundsup, posted

Looking to connect with Smart Capital?

We're looking for smart city projects to connect with Investors who can help provide resources and experience with your business.

Typically, most needle-in-haystack methods like attending events, networking and list screening are inefficient, let’s face it.

A new standard to match the right capital to the right investment opportunities is what’s needed. Smart discovery and matching technology to act as the very first layer of filtering / matching online could solve this.

Our video explains how technology we are building can make these lead times shorter for both parties.

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