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Conor Quigley, Project Manager , posted

AI and Big Data City Council Trial

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Citibeats is a start-up based in Barcelona and we have been awarded funding to launch a proof-of-concept (lasting one month) with a limited number of cities - at no cost to the city organisation.

Our software leverages AI and Big Data to promote a more responsive, transparent and inclusive governance; providing governments with accurate situational analysis and prioritisation of solutions in a city.

We have been recognised by the UN, European Commission and NTT Data for our work in this area (see the video below for more info):

Do you want to listen to your citizens’ voices?
Do you want to empower them to create actionable change that will improve the city?
At Citybeats, we are seeking launch partners to pioneer a new model for creating sustainable and engaging communities.

Visit <> or contact <a>cquigley@thesocialcoin.</a>com for more info.

Social Coin: NTT Data Open Innovation Contest 2016 Winner

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