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James Bell, Editor , posted

Another Set of Smart City Innovations to Kick-start a Healthful Future

UN predictions indicate that in 2050, the demographics of urban areas will be fairly equal to the total population of the world in 2002. With constant development of the cities, economic, social and creative opportunities increase which forms the major attraction for the inflow of population.

As per the estimates from McKinsey, the top 600 cities in the world will account for 60% GDP by 2025. In no time, the smart city industry will be a $400 billion market by 2020. But the fact still remains that urbanisation comes hand in hand with some major challenges which are faced commonly by the world’s fastest growing cities.

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James Bell, Editor , posted

Smart City Innovations That Reflect Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an integral part of a smart city. How you reduce resource consumption and how you produce resourceful innovation while you advance the city stands as the fundamental foundation for every city infrastructure.

But why talk only about energy efficiency? Well, if you have a closer look, from the sensors to the big data and vehicles to the buildings every bit of infrastructure has a link with energy. And if this energy is pulled out of exhaustive resources there wouldn’t be anything to rely on by 2050.

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James Bell, Editor , posted

Smart Home – A Fundamental Constituent Of A Smart City

Sounds something like out of this world! Isn’t it? Conversing with your home appliances, adjusting lightings and home temperature per your wish, having the power to control and secure your home from anywhere in the world you want – all this is possible just through your fingertips. It sounds to me like fiction has come alive from the fantasies of the marvel movies! But, It’s real! All this is possible with a home technology called ‘home automation’.

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James Bell, Editor , posted

Smart Governance for Smart Cities

Smart governance or good governance are two sides of the same coin. The use of the internet and digital technology is creating a progressive government- public partnership, strengthening government institutions and integrating all sections of society.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become an integral part of our lifestyle. Without the internet and digital technology modern lifestyle is unimaginable. Whether it is transportation, telecommunications, healthcare, security, education, almost every segment of society is dependent on ICT.

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James Bell, Editor , posted

Amsterdam’s Next – Technology In The Port City Is Reaching New Heights

The variety of smart city initiatives taking place in Amsterdam represents the multidimensional approach of developing the city into a high-tech arena. It is not just the government who is taking big leaps to mold the future of the city. An encouraging number of talented people from multidisciplinary fields of science and technology are volunteering in contributing towards the growth of the city in myriad ways.

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James Bell, Editor , posted

Innovations In Smart Water Technology To Fight The Global Water Crisis

The global water crisis is a soaring issue calling for a holistic approach inclusive of wise investments, innovation in technology, change in behaviour and collaborative policies. The growing water concern needs immediate attention as United Nation’s global analysis confirm that by 2025, 1.8 billion people will be residing in countries facing critical water scarcity and by then two-third of the world’s population will have minimal access to water.

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