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Pien Esmeijer, Junior Accountmanager , posted

Looking for contacts regarding to Energy from Drinking or Surface Water.

Within the innovation project City-Zen, I am doing research on the general lessons that can be learned from the case in which a developed sustainable cooling technology (using cold from drinking water) is implemented at the pharmaceutical company Sanquin. I am looking for people involved in projects concerning energy from drinking/surface water, who could tell me more about such a or a similar implementation process. For example, who could tell me more about the stakeholders involved, their requirements/wishes and their influence. Or who could tell me more about the position of energy from drinking and surface water in the future plans of municipalities/the government?

Main research objective: lower the threshold for companies to implement the smart cooling technology (developed by Waternet, implemented at Sanquin) and contribute to improvement of the environment.
Research question: Which general lessons can be learned from the Sanquin-Waternet case, for other potential customers (companies)?

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