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Henrike Slob, Marketing Communications Lead at Impact Hub Amsterdam, posted

Unpack Impact 2020

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Fundraising can be one of the most challenging activities for female entrepreneurs. Hear about the dos and don’ts of collaborating with financiers for societal change during Unpack Impact 2020!

According to a recent report by TechLeap, barely 5.7 percent of all investments in Dutch startups went to companies headed by women in the past ten years. This huge disparity translates into unequal investment amounts, where startups founded by men received an average of 5.6 million euros in 2018, compared to just 1 million euros going to those founded by women. While providing ALL entrepreneurs with funding opportunities is necessary for an equal and just market, mixed-gender teams also perform better. International studies show that startups and stakeholders that embrace diversity are more versatile and resilient. What’s more, investing in women-led endeavours generates double impact: more funding opportunities provided for more entrepreneurs leads to more social impact! It’s a win-win.

Our special keynote speaker is Hedda Pahlson-Moller, founder and CEO of TIIME, addressing the Impact Imperative and adopting a values-aligned approach to mobilizing capital towards a more equitable future.
Hedda is a private investor, independent director, adjunct professor, and advisor on issues related to impact finance, sustainability and diversity management. Hedda is an active board member on funds and organisations working with and towards triple bottom line and positive societal impact. Her focus is on inclusion, gender-lens investing and climate change financing.

Mariah Mansvelt Beck, co-founder of YONI, a growing brand specialising in organic cotton tampons, pads and liners all while sharing knowledge on periods, as well as sexual and reproductive health in their fight for sustainable and equitable business. Mariah will discuss her experiences with investment and investors. It’s been quite a ride already and a lot of lessons learned, to share with entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Followed by a conversation with Bertrand van Leersum, investment manager at Borksi Fund, which invests in female entrepreneurs. The major banks of the Netherlands are the current investors in the fund, and they are looking for more investors, such as family offices. With his expertise in the field, Bertrand will discuss the importance of supporting women on their investment journeys.

14:45 Virtual walk-in
15:00 Welcome by Tatiana Glad, Co-founder and director Impact Hub Amsterdam, on the learnings and opportunities for female entrepreneurs. And Ellen Oetelmans, Program Manager Amsterdam Impact, about the successful Amsterdam Impact 2019-2022 program.
15:10 Welcome & Keynote by Hedda Pahlson-Moller, followed by Q&A.
16.00 Conversations with Mariah Mansvelt Beck, co-founder of YONI, and Bertrand van Leersum, investment manager at Borksi Fund.16:40 Q&A
16:45 Closing

This event is powered by Amsterdam Impact & Impact Hub Amsterdam.Amsterdam Impact is a dedicated unit within the City of Amsterdam’s Economic Affairs department to support and strengthen the ecosystem for all impact enterprises. These range from startups to large corporations that tackle societal challenges through entrepreneurship and create both financial and social value. In addition, the programme pays special attention to enterprises that improve the quality of life in Amsterdam’s neighbourhoods. The Amsterdam Impact 2019-2022 programme is a follow up of a successful Social Entrepreneurship 2015- 2018 programme.

Contact details: <impact@amsterdam.nl>

Note: This is an online event, more information about tickets and the event can be found here

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Henrike Slob, Marketing Communications Lead at Impact Hub Amsterdam, posted

Impact Hub Amsterdam Report: COVID-19 as a Tipping Point

How the crisis connects – and how it may accelerate the transition to a sustainable food system.

Climate change. Loss of biodiversity. Famine and obesity. A national nitrogen crisis. Our current ways of food production and consumption are not sustainable. The call for change grows louder – and is now accelerated by COVID-19. Does COVID-19 provide the much-needed tipping point for change?

This report investigates two timely questions: how has COVID-19 impacted sustainable food entrepreneurs? And how can we use these insights to accelerate the transition to a sustainable food system?

One of the key findings: COVID-19 stressed the importance of resilience. It cleared schedules to focus on new, long-term strategies, and gave rise to an important means to resilient and innovative entrepreneurship: collaboration. Interested to learn more? Read the report here: https://bit.ly/COVIDFoodReport (in Dutch, with an English summary).

Covid-19 as a Tipping Point was created with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Stichting DOEN, and Amsterdam Impact.

Food Ecosystem
This report is part of Impact Hub Amsterdam's Food Ecosystem. The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of agro-food products worldwide. What if we used this position to make a real impact across the food chain and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable food system? Read more about our Food Ecosystem at http://bit.ly/IHAFoodEcosystem.

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Henrike Slob, Marketing Communications Lead at Impact Hub Amsterdam, posted

Masterclass Societal Transitions | 26 - 30 October 2020 & 22 January 2021

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Are you working on societal change and do you want to boost your knowledge and strategies for transformative impact? Join us for the fifth edition of Societal Transitions: a 6-day masterclass in transition governance and transformative entrepreneurship that inspires you to drive systemic change from within and beyond your organisation (http://bit.ly/MCSOTRA\_2020).

Step back from your daily routines to connect with other motivated change agents and gain a new perspective on your mission and role as a change leader.
The Masterclass Societal Transitions, designed by Impact Hub Amsterdam and DRIFT’s Transition Academy, combines the latest scientific research on sustainability transitions, social innovation and entrepreneurship with pragmatic insights and experiences from transition management and entrepreneurial practice. Special attention is paid to issues of power relations and processes of empowerment, including the paradoxes and dilemmas underlying change. Our speakers and facilitators are action researchers, entrepreneurs and changemakers who are specialised in understanding and accelerating transformative change in diverse fields of work, including climate change, energy, agro-food, inclusiveness & participation, sustainable urbanism and circular economy.

Over the course of five thematic modules, spread over five days and one evening, you will:
• Apply system thinking
• Analyze transition dynamics in your field
• Identify relevant actors and power relations
• Recognise societal trends and movements
• Design a transition intervention
• Construct your own transition strategy

• Sustainability professionals
• Decision-makers
• Impact entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs
• Researchers
• Policymakers
• Civil servants

The Masterclass is designed for a diverse combination of policy & decision-makers, sustainability professionals, network leaders, researchers and other changemakers. You represent a variety of fields, ranging from energy, food and circular economy, to inclusivity, participation, health and education, and/or holistic perspectives on sustainable and just cities and regions. You share a strong commitment to being in a learning trajectory that combines intellectual input with active participation and learning from and with each other.

• Day 1 – Monday 26th of October 2020 – 09:00-17:00
• Day 2 + evening – Tuesday 27th of October 2020 – 09:30-21:00
• Day 3 – Wednesday 28th of October 2020 – 09:00-17:00
• Day 4 – Thursday 29th of October 2020
• Day 5 – Friday 30th of October 2020 – 09:00-16:00
• Day 6 – Friday 22nd of January 2021 – 09:00-17:30

Registration proceeds via our online registration form (https://bit.ly/3gdoq4M).

The course fees for the 2020 edition of Societal Transitions are:
€ 3995,- for corporate / government / public sector*
€ 3241,- for NGO’s / small organisations / freelancers / individuals*

Early Bird fees (valid when you apply before 22 July 2020):
€ 3395,- for corporate / government / public sector*
€ 2755,- for NGO’s / small organisations / freelancers / individuals*

The course price includes full participation, lunches, drinks and one dinner. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be granted a certificate from DRIFT Transition Academy, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

*All prices listed are exclusive of 21% VAT

Henrike Slob's picture Event from Oct 26th to Oct 30th
Henrike Slob, Marketing Communications Lead at Impact Hub Amsterdam, posted

Circulair ondernemen, doe je samen

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In de transitie naar een circulaire economie worden ondernemers steeds meer gevraagd na te denken over onze keten en hoe we inkopen. Hoe transparant moet je zijn naar je klanten? Wat mag je verwachten van je leveranciers? Hoe denk je in oplossingen in plaats van problemen? Je wilt wel innovatief zijn, maar hoe en wie gaat dat betalen?
Om ondernemers te helpen bij deze vraagstukken, organiseren we deze circulaire meetup dat volledig in het teken staat van samenwerking in de circulaire economie. De meetup wordt geopend door expert Erick Wuestman die zijn inzichten deelt over het belang van samenwerking om uitdagingen in een circulaire economie aan te gaan en de transitie te versnellen.

In de transitie naar een circulaire economie worden ondernemers steeds meer gevraagd na te denken over onze keten en hoe we inkopen. Hoe transparant moet je zijn naar je klanten? Wat mag je verwachten van je leveranciers? Hoe denk je in oplossingen in plaats van problemen? Je wilt wel innovatief zijn, maar hoe en wie gaat dat betalen?

Om ondernemers te helpen bij deze vraagstukken, organiseren we deze circulaire meetup dat volledig in het teken staat van samenwerking in de circulaire economie. De meetup wordt geopend door expert Erick Wuestman die zijn inzichten deelt over het belang van samenwerking om uitdagingen in een circulaire economie aan te gaan en de transitie te versnellen.

Voor wie? ondernemers en meedenkers!

Ondernemers | Tijdens dit event krijg je als ondernemer de kans om een eigen casus in te brengen waaraan gezamenlijk wordt gewerkt. Casussen op het gebied van circulair ondernemen staan centraal, daarbij valt te denken aan de volgende uitdagingen:

  • Circulair ondernemen in de voedingsindustrie
  • Circulaire plastics
  • Circulair ondernemen in de textielindustrie
  • Circulaire businessmodellen

Meld jouw casus gratis aan via het aanmeldformulier.

Meedenkers | Wil je graag meedenken met uitdagende casussen op het gebied van circulair ondernemen, vanuit jouw praktijkervaring, expertise, opleiding of interesse? We nodigen circulaire ondernemers, beleidsmakers, circulaire experts en andere circulaire initiatiefnemers uit om mee te denken!

Meld je gratis aan via deze Eventbrite pagina.


Het event vindt online plaats op 25 juni van 15.00 uur tot 17.00 uur.


15:00 - 15:15 Welkom

15:15 - 15:45 Spreker Erick Wuestman, over het belang van samenwerken voor een circulaire economie en de rol van circulair inkopen.

15:45 - 16:30 Crowdsolve your challenge

16:30 - 16:45 Afsluiting en vervolgstappen

Doe mee en werk samen!

  • Ontmoet collega-ondernemers en experts op het gebied van circulariteit in de Provincie Noord-Holland
  • Krijg waardevolle input vanuit verschillende invalshoeken voor je eigen vraagstukken en/of help (andere) ondernemers met jouw expertise.
  • Krijg concrete tools om circulariteit te versterken in jouw bedrijf en pas het toe na de meetup.
  • Maak impact en werk aan zaken waar je echt omgeeft.

Circulair Ecosysteem

Dit event is georganiseerd door Impact Hub Amsterdam en de provincie van Noord-Holland. De provincie Noord-Holland en Impact Hub Amsterdam werken samen om circulaire ondernemers met elkaar in contact te brengen om de transitie naar een volledig circulaire economie in 2050 te versnellen.

Henrike Slob's picture Online event on Jun 25th
Henrike Slob, Marketing Communications Lead at Impact Hub Amsterdam, posted

SDG Meetup #14 | SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Featured image

In February, we’ll be focusing on SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy.

In 2019 The Netherlands signed the Nationale Climate Agreement, with the goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 49% in 2030 compared to 1990. This is necessary to ensure that global warming does not exceed 1.5 ℃.

The Netherlands is a frontrunner when it comes to innovations in the energy sector. During this meet-up, we will zoom into the different sectors that emit the most energy. And we will bring solutions for alternative ways to get our energy from. We will focus on the car industry and will explore the option of cars on Solar together with social entrepreneur Robin Berg. Ruud Koornstra, our National Energy Commissioner, will elaborate on the biggest pressing challenges in this SDG and possible solutions that The Netherlands is working on and whether we are able to meet our goal in 2050.


➜ Ruud Koornstra | Ruud Koornstra is an entrepreneur and pioneer of the energy transition. He founded Tendris: a company that initiates startups and projects with a sustainable character. Ruud is also chairman of De Groene Zaak and Smart Climate Opportunities (SCO). In 2017, he was named the first National Energy Commissioner of the Netherlands. Ruud travels throughout the country to convince everyone to switch to sustainable energy.

➜ Robin Berg | Endless and carefree mobility with the power of the sun. This sounds almost too good to be true. Is this feasible in order to prevent climate disruption in the coming decades? According to Robin Berg, Founder of We Drive Solar, this is the way to a sustainable city. Robin Berg started a small project in the Utrecht neighbourhood of Lombok where mobility is offered on locally generated energy. There is now worldwide interest in this combination of sustainable energy and endless and carefree mobility in new and existing neighbourhoods.

➜ Rob Terwel | Rob co-founded Kalavasta, an organization that focuses primarily on energy systems and the energy transition. They have worked with multinationals and industry organizations on the development of “final images” for energy-intensive industries in the Netherlands, working toward a climate-neutral society by 2050. In the last 12 months they have worked for various industries, network operators and NGOs on numerous issues related to emission reduction.

➜ Simon Bushell | Simon is the CEO and one of the founders of Sympower. His mission at Sympower is to contribute to the systemic change needed to stop the climate crisis. Simon is on the 2018 Forbes 30 under 30 list for Social Entrepreneurs and was named one of the top talents of 2018 by the Dutch daily financial newspaper, Het Financieel Dagblad. Alongside Sympower he was on the inaugural committee of the Dutch Youth Climate Movement (de Jonge Klimaatbeweging) and is a published researcher on the subject of climate change communication.


18:30 Grab a drink

19:00 – 21:00 Event (learn – discuss – take action)

21:00 – 21:30 Networking drinks


Sustainable Development Goals Meetup is a monthly meetup powered by SDG House, Impact Hub Amsterdam and C-Change.

The SDG Meetup series provides a continuous engagement opportunity to accelerate solutions per SDG and develop shared knowledge and resources. It is also an accessible collaboration platform for established organisations, impact entrepreneurs, SMEs, institutions and independent professionals who want to learn about and work on the SDGs in an entrepreneurial way.

Each edition focuses on one SDG (i.e. gender equality, climate change). It is an interactive evening event meant to generate new ideas, connections, collaboration and action. At each edition we invite knowledge partners, entrepreneurs, innovators and expert facilitators to co-create an inspiring environment for us.

The learnings of each meetup are shared with the public through a blog series.

You can also join the SDG Meetup group on Meetup’s platform! The meetups takes place at Impact Hub Amsterdam located in the SDG House (KIT Royal Tropical Institute) in Amsterdam Oost. SDG House, as a community, houses over 1000+ professionals and 50+ organisations working on or with the SDGs.

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Henrike Slob, Marketing Communications Lead at Impact Hub Amsterdam, posted

Inclusion: How to thrive being (dis)abled | Young Impactmakers

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Join us for the Inclusion edition of Young Impactmakers!

About this Event:

How can an entrepreneurial mindset make you thrive, when dealing with exclusion and change? This edition of Young Impactmakers we will dive into the topic of inclusion within public space. We will give the floor to young entrepreneurs who are dealing with change themselves and are working in the field of disability. They will share their story, their victories and challenges and we will dive collectively into the cases they come up with. In this way, we can collaborate and co-create inclusive solutions.
This is a great event if you want to meet new people, get inspired and want to contribute to an inclusive society.

What to expect:

Three speakers will share their story about how they dealt with change, started a business, and motivated others to thrive. How they look at inclusion and feeling excluded while living in the city. They will give a different perspective on how they deal with inclusion and how to thrive with an entrepreneurial mindset.


1. Bijan Lofti - The Disabledenabler. Bijan broke his neck in 2012 and change has been a constant factor in his life. His recovery was a roller-coaster ride of trial and hard errors, re-discovering his true self. He wrote a book, started businesses and is coaching other people with his Energy Management Compass. Get ready to get personal… Feeling excluded can have many roots. He dives deeper into this topic and wants to explore how you think feel and act in a world where exclusion and inclusion exist.

2. Josephine Rees - Ableamsterdam. Able Amsterdam provides information about wheelchair-friendly places in the Dutch capital. By sharing accessibility reviews, I hope to shatter disability stereotypes and encourage fellow mobility aid users to get the most out of this exciting city.

3. ONGEREMD - Esmee, Jan, Jackey, Rosa and Yara are searching for out-of-the-box solutions to remove the feeling of being limited as much as possible. The mission is therefore to minimize the difference between people with and without (mobility) limitations. For Ongeremd, the social dimension is at least as important as the practical dimension: the identity, the voice and the perception of the target group is their main focus point. ♿️📣

At our YIM event they will tell their story, how they focused on social design, making festivals more accessible and what they are challenged with making their business successful.


18:45 - 19:00 Walk-in
19:00 - 20:00 Speakers
20:00 - 21:00 Work on cases in groups

21:00 - 22:00 Drinks

More about Young Impactmakers:

Through the Young Impactmakers community, Impact Hub Amsterdam, Starters4Communities and partners support talented young people who want to do good while doing business, either by starting their own impact enterprise or by being an entrepreneur to work towards a better world.

Next to hosting sessions every second Tuesday of the month at the Impact Hub, Young Impactmakers gives you a toolkit to take your talent and ambition to the next level - from hands-on workshops and matchmaking events to a strong network, problem-solving power, a testing stage, dinners, an online community and more!

To get our latest news and opportunities, and meet other Young Impactmakers, join our community: http://bit.ly/YIMFACEBOOK

Henrike Slob's picture Event on Nov 12th