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Andrej Gjokikj, Business Development at Lightinus, posted

Webinar: Managing Solar Street Lights Remotely

This introductory webinar demonstrates how to monitor and control solar street lights in real-time from your desk. The remote management software that makes this possible reduces maintenance cost by 80%. Check out how we can now accomplish 365 days of clean energy LED illumination.

Interested in watching the entire webinar course? Follow this link:

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Andrej Gjokikj, Business Development at Lightinus, posted

Going Green: First Smart Solar Street Light in Serbia - New Smart City Initiative!

Cities generate 75 percent of global energy consumption and 80 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Clean energy applications can significantly improve the situation, but progress is slow. The installation of the first Smart Solar Street Light in the Municipality of Stari Grad, Belgrade aims to facilitate green energy, technology-driven projects that will make a difference in building a sustainable future in urban regions.

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Andrej Gjokikj, Business Development at Lightinus, posted

LIGHTINUS Smart Solar Street Light

LIGHTINUS is state-of-the-art smart street light powered by renewable energy. Our modular design and features represent a revolutionary step forward in integrating clean energy, cloud-based data management, wireless communication and digital services to create energy efficient and future-ready smart cities.


We ensure validation of renewable energy implementation, day to day usage and light performance. Our remote management system (RMS) enables clients to manage all aspects of the lighting system and keep track of the amount of money and energy saved each month.

Our LIGHTINUS RMS software:

- Decreases maintenance costs up to 80 %.
- Improves maintenance, 70% of issues are managed remotely.
- Offers automatic lighting schedules and predictive weather analysis to optimize performance.
- Provides 24/7 automatic monitoring with system alerts and alarms.
- Enables battery optimization through monitoring for longer life cycle, cutting maintenance costs by 40%.

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