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Adriaan van Eck, Implementing IoT & Smart Energy , posted


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FLEXCON is back! Building on the success of previous editions, smartEn and FAN have again joined forces for another inspiring edition of FLEXCON2020. This will take place on Monday 30 March 2020 in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam.

Topics include:
* Smart Devices, Smart Home, Smart Building
* Electric Vehicles, Smart Charging, V2G
* Settlement, electricity trading, blockchain
* The role of standards in scaling up
* IoT, Internet of Energy, Cybersecurity
* Market development, European policy, international cooperation
* (Local) Communities, VPPs, microgrids

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Adriaan van Eck's picture Event on Mar 30th
Adriaan van Eck, Implementing IoT & Smart Energy , posted

Smart heat pump options are heavily underutilized

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In 2018, only 25% of heat pumps on Dutch market are connected to the internet, and virtually no heat pump is ready for flexible control, according to research conducted by Delta-ee on behalf of FAN.

Read the news item (in Dutch) on the FAN website:

Download the report, in English:

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