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Linda Petrovic, Manager Marketing & Support at TransportLAB, posted

Pre-registration ‘Talking Traffic & Logistics’ Challenge

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Do you understand the area of transport, logistics, mobility, supply chain management, computer science, data management, business economics or business administration? Are you a smart entrepreneur or student?

Would you like to contribute to optimizing mobility in the Netherlands and especially in and around the big cities?

Do you have significant new ideas for these issues or could you (or your team) think of a solution as a proof of concept within a period of 2 months?


Our competition’s focus is on mobility issues, including urban and sustainable distribution combined with traffic and logistics data. How do we keep the Netherlands accessible while still meeting the growing demand for ‘same-day delivery’?

Participating in the challenge is absolutely worth it! As a winner, your input will be carried forward by leading companies in the sector to really put your idea into practice and to get significant exposure within our extensive network of companies/professionals.


Looking forward to your participation! Please share this in your network.

Team TransportLAB, MobiliteitsRAI/RAI Vereniging, TLN, TIP Europe en NHTV

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Linda Petrovic, Manager Marketing & Support at TransportLAB, posted

Participants in our TransportLAB Challenge "Logistics Mobility"

Is it possible to make logistics more flexible, more real-time and mobile? What problems do we face and what solutions are at hand or can be developed? Can we create sustainable and real-time logistics in collaboration with smart Talking Traffic initiatives?

Are you also fascinated by sustainable, eco-friendly innovation in transport and logistics? Then participate in TransportLAB's online challenge, focusing on the connection between Logistics and Mobility.

Logistics are characterized by strict planning, deviations are costly and not wanted. However, nowadays deviations are more rule then exception.

We need excellent ideas/solutions to make transport and logistics future and social proof. From March 31st until April 20nd we therefore organize our annual online TransportLAB Challenge (1 open challenge and 3 specific challenges) focused on ‘Logistics Mobility’. The TransportLAB Challenge will be running online for two weeks, from April 1st – 14th. The physical kick-off meeting will take place during the opening event of the Impact Hub Amsterdam on March 31st. This day we also participate in the Smart City Innovation Lab ‘Keeping the Zuidas Accessible’.

Who can participate?

Not just data crunchers but also for other experts (and of course students/young engineers, alone or as a team) that can contribute to our challenges.

Read all about our Challenge on our special community site:
If you are interested yourself to participate, please register or email us ( for further information.

Team TransportLAB, Linda Petrovic.

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