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Catalina Iorga, Content Lead at Amsterdam Impact (City of Amsterdam) , posted

Have a business idea that can #fixtheworld?

It's that wonderful time of the year again! On 29 September 2017 Impact Hub Amsterdam will be kicking off its 13th Business Model Challenge with a total of 24 spots up for grabs. So apply before 15 September at or keep reading to learn more.

Impact Hub Amsterdam's three-month Business Model Challenge (BMC) program is designed to help ambitious social entrepreneurs save time and money while they grow their business and positive impact, and help #fixthworld.

The BMC includes 3 training days, 4 masterclasses, 1 personal mentor, 1 pitch battle and all the perks of an Impact Hub membership for the entire duration of this acceleration programme.

And Accenture in Nederland and Impact Hub mentors and experts will share replicable business growth techniques used by the 270+ startups we already accelerated. Here's what our latest top 3 finalists had to share >

To cover everything from brilliant ideas to functional products, on 29 September we'll once again kick off two parallel BMC editions, Intensive and Light. The BMC Intensive version is for entrepreneurs that do not yet have a proof of concept and have not figured out their ideal business model. Meanwhile, the Light edition is for entrepreneurs with proof of concept and detailed knowledge of the business model canvas theory.

Ready for takeoff? Apply for the BMC before 15 Sept >

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Catalina Iorga, Content Lead at Amsterdam Impact (City of Amsterdam) , posted

Impact Hub Amsterdam wants ambitious entrepreneurs working on solutions to urban challenges

Only two weeks left to apply for Impact Hub Amsterdam and Accenture's Perfect Cities Business Model challenge! Apply by 15 March at

Want to solve the city's most pressing urban challenges? Ready to develop a better business model? Want to time and money while growing your business and maximising your impact?

For this special edition of our Business Model Challenge (BMC), we joined forces with Accenture Netherlands to help social enterprises develop better business models while successfully tackling urban challenges in three areas:

- Seamless mobility (making transport more effective and sustainable)
- Urban farming (growing more food in a greener city)
- Growing cities (shaping the city for an increasing number of inhabitants)

The fee for this intensive three-month programme is 799 euro, but exceptional candidates will benefit from generous stipends from our Impact Fund. So hurry and apply at

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