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Gertjan de Vries, Partner at Learn Adapt Build, posted

WANTED: Launching customer for AI audio analysis project with Google, ML6 and SensorTeam

Google, ML6 and SensorTeam are joining forces and are looking for your help

We have started a proof of concept to recognize sound by expanding our cutting edge wireless sensor-technology with AI based audio analysis models from ML6.

SensorTeam’s IoT SoundSensor™ is an extremely accurate and cheap sound sensor which is solar powered, LoRaWAN compliant and LTE-M ready. This plug-and-play outdoor sensor runs autonomously anywhere in the world.

Sound recognition from regular ambient noise can be interesting for many reasons:

- Smart maintenance and Industry application
- Social noise disturbances from festivals, events or terrasses
- Public safety: gunshots, explosives, angry crowds
- Noise impact of airplanes, trains or highways
- Indoor noise solutions (office, security)
- Your idea here ;)

Interested in our technology or a mutually beneficial collaboration with Google/ML6 and SensorTeam? Do you have a relevant use case for our technology? Please contact us by sending an email to

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Gertjan de Vries, Partner at Learn Adapt Build, posted

Prevent noise nuisance from a youth hangout

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Noise pollution is one of the biggest social problems in densely populated areas. To monitor and solve noise pollution problems in cities SensorTeam developed a novel automated platform and sound sensor for distributed noise measurements.

In a partnership with the city of Amstelveen we have installed a professional audio system in a hangout at the Zetterij in Amstelveen. We use wireless sensors to measure the sound level (dB) produced around this meeting place to avoid public nuisance.

These sensors are placed in the area around the hangout. Maximum sound levels can be remotely monitored and adjusted from SensorTeam’s cloud platform.

In this smart city project the city of Amstelveen gives substance to the local youth’s wish to play music at their own hangout.

About the technique
SensorTeam’s sound level meter is solar powered and is using low power network (LoRa) communication for realtime cloud monitoring. Measurements are accurate and independent and are displayed on SensorTeam’s cloud dashboard. To visualise the recorded data (sound levels) the varying decibels are represented on a coloured map, using inverse distance weighted technique.

LoRa Sound Sensor

SensorTeam IoT Dashboard

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Gertjan de Vries, Partner at Learn Adapt Build, posted

SensorTeam: Indoor school air quality

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How Does Indoor Air Quality Impact Children's Health and School Performance?

The classroom is often overlooked when it comes to indoor air quality. Problems with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, known as HVAC systems can trigger a host of health problems and reduce school performance. SensorTeam is developing a smart IoT device and cloud tool that helps analyse the air in schools and shows how the indoor environment influences children's health and performance.

SensorTeam’s IoT indoor climate sensor, currently placed in a classroom on a primairy school in Amsterdam West, autonomously sends temperature, humidity, CO2 , light and motion measurement data to a cloud dashboard (internet), which provides real-time insights to teachers, parents and school management.

Data is sent using LoRa wireless network technology provided by KPN en Simpoint. This means that SensorTeam’s sensors do not need any existing network infrastructure or power.

The example below shows SensorTeam's cloud dashboard.

For further information please contact us.

Gertjan de Vries

SensorTeam B.V.

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