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Audrie van Veen, International Strategic Advisor at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

EU Webinar on Covid-19 - best practices from European Cities

***Friday April 3 - 16-18h, online***

COVID-19 has transformed the lives of EU citizens dramatically, in a way that was not even possible to imagine just a month ago. Cities are in lockdown and health services are put under extreme pressure and pushed beyond their limits. Yet in the time of crisis, innovations are emerging that are saving lives and protecting livelihoods. Many of these involve new uses of technology, implemented by local actors at city and regional level.

To help cities navigate the current crisis and implement appropriate responses, the European Commission’s Intelligent Cities Challenge is launching a wider support package for COVID-19 to facilitate learning and the sharing of best practices on effective city-led interventions from European and global cities.

As a first step, we have organised two city-focused interactive webinars to learn, exchange practises and support city administrations. In this event, we will explore the pandemic and effective responses through expert perspectives, good city initiatives and open discussion. Topics include responses to health risks, interventions on economic impacts and overall strategies for effective management and preparation.

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Audrie van Veen, International Strategic Advisor at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

RVO announces European Green Deal call for SMEs

The European Green Deal is the European Commission's strategy for a more sustainable, cleaner and healthier European economy. Research and innovation are of course key to make this happen. RVO (the Dutch agency for subsidies) announces several calls in the coming months of 2020 with a total budget of € 1 billion.

First one on the planning is a special EIC accelerator call for SMEs that need some help to develop a green idea and scale it up internationally. Support will be a subsidy up to € 2,5 million and there is an option for receiving equity up to € 15 million. Projects need to contribute substantially to the European goals for fighting climate change.

Please note that this information is preliminary, more info in Dutch on the website of RVO and we expect that the EU will publish this call in the coming weeks. The RVO-site will update the links to the EC call info, which is not online yet.

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Audrie van Veen, International Strategic Advisor at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Mayor Franc Weerwind about the Digital Transformation of Cities

On December 4, the Mayors of over 40 cities were invited at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels to discuss the digital transformation. They are all part of the Digital Cities Challenge, an initiative of the European Commission to help European cities develop and implement policies that focus on smart, sustainable growth through the uptake of advanced technologies by local stakeholders, through building up local innovation ecosystems. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is one of the 6 Mentor Cities of this challenge, based on the region’s track record in the digital economy and the application of digital, data and smart cities innovations.

Mayor Franc Weerwind of Almere, also Amsterdam Economic Board Member responsible for Digital Connectivity shared his vision and principles. Weerwind’s key message to his fellow cities and region is cooperation outside the beaten tracks: breaking silos within municipalities, but also cooperation between government, knowledge & education institutes and the regional business sector.

“The digital city is a citizen-driven, inclusive and green city – it is not driven by technological progress, but by the demand and needs of our citizens,” Mayor Weerwind said. “We as Mayors can use the power of digital transformation itself to get things done by linking the right skills, knowledge and organisations together.”
Read Mayor Weerwind’s full speech with links to further information about the activities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area via the link below.

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Audrie van Veen, International Strategic Advisor at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Matchmaking: Connecting Urban Project Promoters and Financiers

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EIP-SCC Marketplace Matchmaking Event: Connecting Urban Projects Promoters and Financiers

The Smart City Expo World Congress will host the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) Marketplace Matchmaking event on 14th November 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. The EIP-SCC Marketplace Matchmaking is focused on engaging urban project promoters with financiers through one-to-one meetings in order to reach financial agreements and the concrete development of smart city projects – energy, mobility and ICT.

Why participate?
1. Find new international financiers
2. Gain a better understanding of how to improve your project’s business model
3. Understand what’s new in the financial sector
4. Define a tailored plan towards project financing, directly with important investors
5. Expand your network and form long-term business relationships

If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact the organisation at

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Audrie van Veen, International Strategic Advisor at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Amsterdam region aims for 50% Circular Public Procurement in 2025

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Last month, 32 municipalities, 2 provinces and the Vervoerregio (the regional transport authority) in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area committed to work towards making 50% of their procurement activities fully circular in 2025.
This ambition will be fulfilled with an action plan, assembled by the regional coordinator of resource streams.

The commitment is a valuable step in achieving the region's circular economy goals. In the EU, public procurement spending is around 14% of the EU GDP, so converting a considerable part of this spending to investments in the circular economy will accelerate the transition towards a circular region.

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Audrie van Veen, International Strategic Advisor at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Your feedback on Innovative Procurement is needed!

The City of Haarlem is coordinator on the EU Urban Agenda Partnership on Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement. The Partnership now presents its draft Action Plan with 7 proposed actions to improve procurement by European cities.
These are the 7 actions:

- Guidance on building city strategic procurement and how to manage strategic procurement (Action 2.1.1)
- Measuring spend and wider impact in European Cities (Action 2.1.2)
- Recommendation(s) for future EU funding for joint cross-border procurement, procurement of innovation, strategic procurement in particular social procurement and circular procurement (Action 2.1.3)
- Innovation procurement broker (Action 2.2.1)
- Legal handbook innovative public procurement (Action 2.3.1)
- Develop a flexible and customisable concept for Local Competence Centres for innovative and sustainable procurement (Action 2.3.2)
- Competence building in circular procurement (Action 2.3.3)

Via the link you'll find a short description of the ideas developed by the partnership, after which you will find the button to give your feedback. You can give feedback on one or more actions.

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