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A Lab is Amsterdam's ultimate living lab, combining the strength of Amsterdam's creative scene, technological prowess and free thinking spirit into a 5000m2 hothouse for bleeding edge experimentation.


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Ismay Dotinga, Community Manager at A Lab Amsterdam, posted

Indieweb Homebrew Website Club Meetup

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We would like to invite you to participate in the first Indieweb Homebrew Website Club Meetup hosted in A Lab on Thursday 11 January from 6.30pm. Indie Web Camp (https://indieweb.org/) is an international organization of volunteers who teach web literacy and promote the indieweb principles. Martin Lopatka (Lab 004) works for Mozilla who have long been advocates of an inclusive and healthy Internet. Together with A Lab, Martin, and the indieweb community, we are happy to announce an Indie Web Homebrew Website Club meetup in Amsterdam, in our own K-Space.

The event is free and open for anyone that wants to learn how to build a website.
We are also looking for volunteers that can help in guiding the participants. Do you know HTML, CSS, a little bit of JavaScript? Want to share your knowledge, or just get to know some like-minded folks? let us know!

18:30 K-Space open
19:00 Introduction by Sebastiaan and Martin
- about Indieweb
- why teach web literacy?
How to?
Creating sessions: create your personal/professional website
22:00 Closing

Date: Thursday 11 January
Time: 6.30 - 10pm
Drinks and snacks will be provided.

+ RSVP through the Indie Web event page wiki (https://indieweb.org/events/2018-01-11-homebrew-website-club#Amsterdam) or send an email to ismay@a-lab.nl

Ismay Dotinga's picture Event on Jan 11th
Ismay Dotinga, Community Manager at A Lab Amsterdam, posted

Open Vertical Farm Tour in A Lab

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Join our Open Vertical Farm Tour, every third Tuesday of the month

Want to know all about hands on Vertical Farming? Join our open tour! Every third Tuesday of the month in A Lab, from 4pm meet at The Coffee Virus.
+ RSVP by emailing info@a-lab.nl

Ismay Dotinga's picture Event on Dec 19th
Ismay Dotinga, Community Manager at A Lab Amsterdam, posted

Blockchain Lab Meetup: Charities (Christmas edition)

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This is a co-organized event by Blockchain Workspace and A Lab. The event is recurring every third Thursday of the month. Themes vary from music to health care. Everybody is welcome to the event, whether you are new to the concept or a Blockchain expert.

18:00hrs walk in and have a christmas drink and a bite together with us.

Blockchain technology has this great promise: Coloring coins, more transparency, smart contracting, focal destinations groups. It is all possible now!! Charity will soon transform into a pure form of self sovereigned "giving", being able to follow the money at all times from start to endpoint.

Or not?

We plan to discuss initiatives like these:

19:00hrs : Blockchain application in Charity (fundraising)
Possible cases, added value and pros and cons
Charity and christmas is a good combination. Public blockchains add the promise of personal control over your donations:
Coin coloring / Transparency / Escrowing / Identification with goals
Blockchain adds proof of money, proof of existence, proof of identity, proof of ownership, proof of compliance to our global society.
But it is hard to understand. We will shine a light on that using cases and focussing on quick added value.

Krijn Soeteman
has always had a good sense of self sovereignty in work and life: journalism, open source movement, tweakers.net. Krijn is interested in the bitcoin / blockchain field since 2014/2015? and fuels the discussion on the true value for donators to charity funds. How far is self sovereignty over gifts reaching into the charity organisations.

Davide Menegaldo (https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidemenegaldo/), COO of Helperbit (https://www.helperbit.com/)

Helperbit is an Italian startup that brings transparency in charity sector using Blockchain technology. The platform allows people to donate digital and local currencies to charities and to people in need all over the world, trace their donation and how it is used, offering full transparency of economic flows.

Furthermore, in case of catastrophic event even single users can directly benefit from worldwide donations. The startup developed the first case study with Legambiente, raising 9.5 bitcoins for young entrepreneurs affected by the last earthquake in Italy.

In November it launched the open beta of the platform during a conference in the Italian Parliament.

Satya van Heummen (https://www.linkedin.com/in/satyavh/) DAP architect Giveth.io (https://giveth.io/)

Giveth is an open source, not for profit project building Donation 3.0 by enabling ‘Decentralized Altruistic Communities” come together in support of a campaign. Giveth uses the smart contract technology allowing the process of donation giving to be fully transparent and embracing social accountability.

Bas Wisselink
takes the bull by its foundational horns and focusses the shift of control over funds. What are the characteristics? Is it preferable to have them. How will consensus be reach in decision making. Will experts in the field still have efficient power over content. What will be the role of marketing efforts and - budgets be?

Santa Claus
will be there to stress that this meetup about blockchain and charity is not about fundraising in crypto currencies nor about ICO's.

He will offer the visitors a drink and a bite in the loving and warm atmosphere. He might toast on the promise of a better world using this new technology in the future.

22:00 u Closing

More info soon on the Meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/Permissionless-Society/

Ismay Dotinga's picture Event on Dec 21st
Ismay Dotinga, Community Manager at A Lab Amsterdam, posted

Sustainable agro production - blockchain-able?!

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Our Blockchain Lab organizes a monthly meetup about blockchain & a specific field of area. The goal of this evening is to give the participants a realistic idea of the added value of blockchain technology in the field of agriculture in what we call "developed" - and "developing" countries, How could we introduce blockchain thinking in bio-food, garments productions and evasion of illegal crops (like coca plants) in a feasible way? No hype, no wishful thinking but we explore the future foundational and disruptive changes that the technology will cause in conjunction with other developments like spread of internet, smart phones and gps. People are key to progress.

17:00hrs : (optional) Walking buffet dinner (coupon needed!)
Together with the Coffee Virus we have put together a buffet that visitors of the Meetup can enjoy together from 17:00 hrs. A coupon costs 15 Euros and will pay for your food, water, coffee and thee to go with it.
Send an e-mail to hvancann@blockchainworkspace.com with the number of coupons you would like to buy. Please mentions if you would like to have vegetarian food.
Only if we manage to have enough subscriptions for the coupons (15 at least) we will be able to ask Coffee Virus to prepare the meal.
K-space is on the ground floor, take a right and a left from the entrance, K-space is then on your left hand.

18:00hrs : Meetup in K-space with introduction to blockchain by Bas Wisselink from Blockchain Workspace
18:45 Break
19:00 hrs José Koopman sheds a light on sustainability in this industry.
19:45 Break
20:00 hrs: What the hack can we do with blockchain in Sustainability and Agro?
20:30 End program - Drinks

+ RSVP & find more info on the Meetup event

Ismay Dotinga's picture Event on Nov 16th
Ismay Dotinga, Community Manager at A Lab Amsterdam, posted

Wij zoeken schoolklassen die mee willen doen aan de workshop De Verticale Schooltuin in A Lab.

Leer mee over duurzame voedselproductie met vertical farming!

Voor het programma De Verticale Schooltuin (https://a-lab.nl/smart-health-lab) zijn wij op zoek naar 1e, 2e & 3e klassen van het Voortgezet Onderwijs die het leuk zouden vinden om een workshop Vertical Farming te volgen. Met De Verticale Schooltuin zullen wij aan 500 leerlingen in een leuke, interactieve workshop kennis delen over de voedselproblematiek en hoe een verticale (school)tuin een duurzame oplossing kan bieden.

- De Verticale Schooltuin; Vertical Farming in de 21ste eeuw -
Voedsel is misschien wel het allerbelangrijkste dat mensen nodig hebben. Helaas is er op steeds meer plekken op de wereld door overbevolking, klimaatverandering en vervuiling een gigantisch tekort aan eten en drinken aan het ontstaan. Dit tekort zal bij onveranderd beleid de komende decennia alleen maar groter worden.

Leerlingen en docenten kunnen bijdragen aan het aanpakken van dit probleem. Wij bieden daarvoor het gereedschap. Aan de ene kant bestaat dat uit de kennis over voedselproblematiek, gebundeld in een bijzondere interactieve strip. Aan de andere kant stellen wij de proeftuin beschikbaar waar de leerlingen kunnen experimenteren met nieuwe vormen van voedselproductie: de Vertical Farm. Dat kan je zien als een stapelbed van akkers, die niet buiten maar binnen staan, waardoor de controle over alle elementen die een oogst beïnvloeden optimaal is. Meer info over het inhoudelijke programma kun je in dit document vinden: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c5oOXkhGK7M8SRM5F3prpVr5eFrOMyzHAQTRj_tmkOI/edit?usp=sharing.

Wil jij met jouw klas meedoen aan het educatieve programma over duurzaamheid, voedsel en het grootste vraagstuk van de 21e eeuw?

Meld je dan nu aan! Vul het aanvraagformulier (http://eepurl.com/c15ysj) in of mail ons via info@a-lab.nl.

Wij zullen een datum kiezen waarop de klas langs kan komen bij het A Lab Vertical Farm. De wo​rkshop is bedoelt voor groepen 1, 2 en 3 van het Voortgezet Onderwijs met de volgende vakken: aardrijkskunde, mens & maatschappij, biologie/ duurzaamheid/economie, burgerschap en mediawijsheid​.​

Locatie : A Lab Amsterdam, Overhoeksplein 2, Amsterdam
Tijd: Schooljaar 2017/2018
De workshop vindt in een periode van zes weken plaats op school met op twee momenten een bezoek aan A Lab. In week 2 wordt gezaaid in de Vertical Farm en in week 5 wordt geoogst.
Kosten: Geen
Groep: Max 1 ​klas per groep

Wij hopen dat je mee wilt doen aan deze weg naar een duurzame toekomst! Voor meer info of andere vragen, get in touch ismay@a-lab.nl.

Ismay Dotinga's picture Request
Ismay Dotinga, Community Manager at A Lab Amsterdam, posted

24H Noord #inalab: food experiments, art photos & indie games!

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Voor de tweede keer opent A Lab de deuren voor het publiek tijdens 24H Noord. Tijdens dit event in heel stadsdeel Noord, kunnen de bewoners van Amsterdam hun eigen stad (her-)ontdekken. Speciaal voor deze dag zullen er toffe activiteiten worden georganiseerd waar jong en oud aan mee kan doen.

Kinderen kunnen samen met The Coffee Virus meedoen aan spannende voedsel experimenten: vloeibare popcorn maken, stikstof ijsjes creëren, rode kool laten verkleuren en nog veel meer. De Hashtag Bike en My Daily Shot of Culture zorgen ervoor dat je op een kunstzinnige manier op de foto wordt gezet en deze meteen mee naar huis kunt nemen om de foto in te lijsten als een waar kunstwerk. Er zijn interactieve games te spelen met noio & Radical Graphics en je kunt de expositie van de IMC Weekendschool bekijken. Er is in short enorm veel leuks te doen, dus kom langs voor een creatieve inspirerende dag!

Van 12:00 - 18:00 uur in A Lab, Overhoeksplein 2

Meer info op a-lab.nl of contact info@a-lab.nl

+ RSVP op het Facebook event (niet verplicht): https://www.facebook.com/events/245111949320541/

Ismay Dotinga's picture Event on Oct 28th
Ismay Dotinga, Community Manager at A Lab Amsterdam, posted

Vertical Farmers wanted!

Hey, are you interested in learning about vertical farming and have a few hours a week to help us out? We are looking for people who want to learn how to grow food indoors in our brand new vertical farm. We'll train you and make you part of our team of vertical farmers. In return we hope you will help us seed, monitor, grow and harvest the farm. (and of course take some great healthy food home). We just organized the first volunteer meeting last week, but it's not too late to take part in this project.

If you are interested, get in touch through info@a-lab.nl.

Here in A Lab we are very aware that the coming 20 years or so will have far-reaching consequences for the earth and its inhabitants. As a community, we want to tackle these challenges head-on, using the latest technologies to help us become more sustainable and less wasteful. Community-funded projects such as the A Lab Vertical Farm allow us to utilize our members' skillsets in a way that is both useful to us and interesting to outside observers.

The community funded and run A Lab Vertical Farm explores the way we will grow food in the 21st century. How can new technologies help us build a more sustainable, clean and safe ecosystem around food production and consumption? The crops from this farm will be used by The Coffee Virus. The data collection will add to our future knowledge base. Next to this, the farm will also educate 500 children about the future of food and healthy living.

More info on: https://a-lab.nl/smart-health-lab

Ismay Dotinga's picture #Energy
Ismay Dotinga, Community Manager at A Lab Amsterdam, posted

The HOW of key management in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether

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Special request by the majority (!) of our visitors of the last 'Survival Kit' Meetup:

Explain the HOW of key management!
That is going to happen on August 30; a good start after the vacation break. Become level headed about realistic blockchain applications for the public good. Grown on a bed of safely and self sovereign maintained cryptocurrencies:

For starters with - and owners of crypto currencies


(be there in time, because the program is incrementally building up your skills)

6:00 PM Crypto Currency basics towards actual key management - Henk van Cann - Blockchain Workspace
Decent Password schemes, Paper Wallets, 3-2-1 rule, BIP39, BIP44

6:40 PM Yubikey as third factor - Davey Lodder of Crypsys

Logging in and logging on, safe backup using Yubikey as an extra factor.

Protecting your digital assets and online accounts with just a username and a password is not enough nowadays. As static credentials are commonly reused across multiple platforms and vulnerable to being phished or keylogged, additional authentication factors are recommended to ensure log-in security.

Yubikeys are personal hardware security devices which can be used to securely authenticate on many log-in systems, such as password managers and social media accounts. Davey Lodder from CRYPSYS will explain the benefits of using a Yubikey and show how to use this device to protect your cryptocurrency assets from being stolen by hackers.

Davey Lodder is employed as a business line manager at CRYPSYS, a value added distributor of ICT Security solutions in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Within CRYPSYS Davey is focusing on the security topics Identity & Cloud Security, for which the company offers solutions from the brands Yubico and Censornet.

In his spare time, Davey is also (further) developing and expanding his website Cryptostart.nl, which is an online Dutch guide for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

7:20 PM Short break
7:30 PM Cold stores - Erwin Overstegen - Blockchainbird.com
Acquire, initializing, backup, restore (!), transfer of funds, signing with cold stores

More info to come!!

Ismay Dotinga's picture Event on Aug 30th