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Metabolic is a consulting and venture building company that uses systems thinking to tackle global sustainability challenges. We provide strategies and tools, crunch data, create new technologies, build pilots and scale up innovations. We empower people through education and communication and our Foundation helps us reach underserved communities. Our approach develops in response to emerging challenges and is recognized by governments, businesses and non-profits around the world.


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Kate Black, Communications Director at Metabolic, posted

Metabolic and University of Amsterdam (UvA) launch 'Circular Cities' Summer School

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Applications are now open for an exciting new addition to UvA’s annual summer educational programming. ‘The Circular City: Towards a Sustainable Urban Ecosystem’ is a three week intensive course that will be jointly run by UvA and Metabolic, and takes place in Amsterdam in July 2018.

Amsterdam is at the heart of the transition to the circular economy. Through the work of organizations based in the city, the commitment of the local and national governments and a number of on the ground programs and innovations, the city is helping to reveal the opportunities of the circular economy and practical ways to get there.

Closely associated with this movement has been Metabolic. As well as our broader work establishing sustainable urban and regional economies across the Netherlands, we’ve been working with Amsterdam specifically on circular tendering for the built environment, as well as creating circular neighbourhoods and buildings. The new summer school program with UvA builds on Metabolic’s experiences, in the city where these ideas are most actively taking root.

In ‘The Circular City’ course, students will learn how to connect urban material, water, and energy flows to build a truly sustainable city. Due to their environmental impact, cities play a crucial role in the transition towards sustainable societies. Despite the fact that they occupy only 3% of the global terrestrial surface, cities house more than half of the world’s population, consume 7% of its natural resources, and are directly and indirectly responsible for 60 to 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Dr Mendel Giezen of the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research at the University of Amsterdam is Academic Director of the program. He said: “The interdisciplinary and hands-on course we’ve set up with Metabolic unravels the complexity behind truly sustainable urban development. We use Amsterdam as a case study for analysis and action and while immersed within this innovative city, students will learn about several aspects of urban resilience from ecological, economic, and cultural perspectives. We’re looking forward to welcoming a broad range of international students to this fast growing and increasingly important area of study.”

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is a leading international research university, with five faculties and over 30,000 students. The Summer Programmes Office at the Graduate School of Social Science specifically welcomes students from 49 countries in 17 courses ranging from cycling infrastructure to migration to conflict resolution. ‘The Circular City’ is open to Masters students in select disciplines, and also welcomes applications from senior undergraduate students, as well as professionals already working on these topics in their home cities. Given the nature of the course, a number of scholarships are also open to students joining.

Nadine Galle and Gerard Roemers, Consultants at Metabolic, are Co-academic Directors for the program. Nadine said: “Cities demand our focus if we are to accelerate the necessary transition to circular and sustainable systems, both locally and globally. We are really excited to be partnering with the UvA in offering what promises to be a truly inspirational, as well a practical learning experience. Students will move from analysis, to design and planning, and finally to implementation, completing a final project that brings all their new knowledge together to leverage the potential of cities.”

For Metabolic, the summer school builds on our existing range of educational programming, which includes a new suite of Masterclasses. These short courses have been designed to provide organizations with essential knowledge and skills to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. In addition to a Masterclass in circular cities, classes also include exploring the global food system, and the new economy, in addition to how powerful communications can lead to sustainability shifts.

For more information on ‘The Circular City’ and for application and admission details, go to the UvA Summer School website:

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Hanna Dijkstra, PhD Candidate at Metabolic, posted

Metabolic launches Masterclasses for a sustainable economy

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Metabolic has launched a range of educational Masterclasses to help any organization quickly understand and act on the opportunities of sustainability. Led by our consultants and executive team, the half-day Masterclasses combine both theory and practical elements. Backed up by live case studies, they give hands-on experience and ensure participants can begin applying the concepts immediately.

The four launching Masterclasses have been developed around Metabolic’s own extensive experience and aligned to some of the most impactful areas of the economy.

Masterclasses available:

- Designing the Circular Cities of the Future

- Building Sustainable Food Systems

- Communicating Your Purpose and Making an Impact

- Applying the Circular Economy, with Eva Gladek

Over the last few years, the term “circular economy” has gained immense popularity among both businesses and governments. But what is the real value it can provide and which pathways towards it hold the most promise? Learn the details of a true circular economy, and its opportunities.

All Masterclasses are held at Metabolic Lab, Metabolic’s event space and showcase of applied sustainability. Metabolic Lab is located within De Ceuvel, Amsterdam’s pioneering sustainable business park and cleantech playground. Most Masterclasses are offered as group bookings to organizations, but you can also register your interest as an individual. There are also options to expand on these courses with additional modular topics that build skills and knowledge further.

For more information, email or phone +31 (0) 203690977

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Hanna Dijkstra, PhD Candidate at Metabolic, posted

De Ceuvel Aquaponic Workshops

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On the 22nd and 23rd of July Metabolic Lab and Mediamatic are hosting a workshop on Aquaponics.

You will learn about the principles and the practicalities of this innovative closed-loop, urban farming concept. You will dive into the main theoretical and biological principles behind the workings of the aquaponics system and you will get hands on experience with building an aquaponics system yourselves.

The workshop will be hosted by Aquaponics Expert Saro van Cleynenbreugel who has 5 years experience in building and maintaining systems at Mediamatic and has hosted a large number of workshops. It will take place at Metabolic Lab, a facility for sustainable urban innovation located at Cleantech Playground De Ceuvel in Amsterdam-North.

This is a two day workshop, but we provide a limited opportunity to join only on the Saturday or the Sunday.

We will provide you with lunch, as well as coffee, tea, lemonade and some snacks.

Full workshop (2 days): €60,00
1/2 workshop (1 day): €40,00 (limited spots)

Hanna Dijkstra's picture Event from Jul 22nd to Jul 23rd
Hanna Dijkstra, PhD Candidate at Metabolic, posted

Sustainability Masterclasses by Metabolic

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In honor of Metabolic turning 5 years old, and the 3 Year Anniversary of De Ceuvel, Metabolic is hosting 2 Sustainability Masterclasses at Metabolic Lab.

The Masterclasses are free of charge and hosted by our sustainability experts and you can join 1 or 2 sessions. There will be limited walk-in spots available on the day of. You can secure your seat by registering on this page.

The Masterclasses:

12:00 - Root Causes of Unsustainability in the Food System and How Systems Thinking Can Help
Go on a journey to understand the key issues and dynamics of how our food system functions. We share our experience working on developing transformative strategies around food and agriculture and help you understand what you can take forward in your everyday life.

13:00 - How to Design the Circular Cities of the Future
Drawing on in-house expertise and local Amsterdam examples, Metabolic provides the skills and theory on how to design, develop and implement the circular cities of the future.

The Masterclasses will be hosted by Metabolic's own Gerard Roemers, Leo Verkooijen and Oscar Sabag Munoz.

Gerard Roemers is a strategic consultant with a focus on systemic interventions within different sectors of the global and regional economy. He will be using his experience in closing material, water and energy cycles in regions and cities to host the Circular Cities Masterclass

Oscar Sabag Munoz is a sustainability consultant with a background in environmental policy. At Metabolic, he works on complex systems including the analysis of the global food analysis for WWF. He will be co-leading the Masterclass on Food Systems.

Leonardo Verkooijen works at Metabolic as a sustainability consultant. He studied environmental sciences and sustainability and has had extensive experience integrating sustainability into finanance, business and supply chains. He will be co-leading the Masterclass on Food Systems.

Hanna Dijkstra's picture Event on Jun 17th