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Spectral was founded with the purpose of developing and deploying technologies that solve society’s challenges in ensuring sustainable resource security. Spectral’s first mission is to accelerate the global energy transition to 100% renewable, clean energy supply.

Spectral is a rapidly-growing clean tech company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, specializing in system integration within the smart energy domain. Spectral develops tailored solutions for (energy) utilities and industry leaders across various sectors, with a focus on energy management and analytics, energy storage, and smart-grids.



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Floor van Bovene, CFOO at Spectral, posted


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Spectral and Alliander have launched a new blockchain-based energy sharing token at De Ceuvel in Amsterdam. Named the ‘Jouliette’, the new token aims to empower individuals and communities to easily manage and share their locally produced renewable energy.

To read the full article, please go here: https://spectral.energy/news/jouliette-at-deceuvel/

Full article: <https://spectral.energy/news/jouliette-at-deceuvel/>


A birds-eye view image of the De Ceuvel which consists of 16 office buildings, a greenhouse, a restaurant, and a bed and breakfast – all connected to a private, behind-the-meter smart-grid.


A screenshot of the real-time power-flow map of the De Ceuvel microgrid, which is one of the features of the Jouliette platform. The energy data of each building is visualized in real-time, with the green lines representing renewable energy feed-in, and red lines signifying that the building is consuming from the grid.

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