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Mirko van Vliet, strategy at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Wat betekenen Livings Labs voor de Metropool Amsterdam?

In februari geven we met Board Insights een podium aan diverse Living Labs binnen de regio.

In deel 1 spreken we met Chandar van der Zande, die nauw betrokken was bij De Ceuvel. Één van de meest duurzame en vernieuwende experimenten in Europa.

“De Ceuvel 2.0 was het meest innovatieve stukje van Amsterdam, 3.0 moet dat ook weer worden. Alleen dan groter en beter. En dat is hard nodig want we hebben nog maar tien jaar om de oplossingen voor een nieuwe economie te bedenken, te toetsen en op te schalen om de klimaatcrisis het hoofd te bieden.”

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Yvo Hunink, Concernadviseur Innovatie at Gemeente Den Haag, posted

Conscious Cities

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How might we automate access to a public digital ecosystem for citizens and machines in order to grow a conscious city? How might we incentivize all citizens and companies to interact with the public digital ecosystem of the city in order to improve livability, democratic representation and societal engagement?

Read our ecosystem document

Join our online ecosystem platform

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Gijs Boerwinkel, Head of communications at Waag, posted

Democratizing Technology

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How can individuals regain control of their personal data? And how can we align the digital world with public values that we foster in our society? This event showcases the valuable work that has been done by DECODE in both Amsterdam and Barcelona; and other initiatives that are fighting to reclaiming the digital space for public good, with a specific focus on Public Spaces. The speakers will share practical solutions for responsible data management, applications and lessons learned.


Evgeny Morozov (writer & publicist)
Marleen Stikker (founder & director Waag)
Francesca Bria (founder & director DECODE)
Nina Boelsums (Dyne & starter of referendum on privacy law NL)
Aik van Eemeren (CTO office Municipality Amsterdam)

Gijs Boerwinkel's picture Event on Nov 11th
Anna Docter, Online Communications Advisor at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Mobility X Blockchain: Blockchain meetup #3

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What new blockchain solutions are pionereed within the mobility field, and how can we help each other? After a successful series of blockchain meetups, we are continuing our event series with meetup #3 on blockchain solutions for mobility.

Anna Docter's picture Event on Jul 9th
Manuela Krull-Mancinelli, Digital Transformation & Innovation Manager , posted

Dutch BLockchain Week - Student Event

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In this meetup we welcome students, teachers and business representatives who are open to support students and will introduce them to the concept of Blockchain; “what is Blockchain and why is everyone talking about it”? Next to this explanation some use cases will be shared.
Apart from the introductory lecture about Blockchain, you can also join a workshop "Blockchain for business without code", where you can create smart contracts and learn to work with a toolset that can integrate different Blockchains into any IT-system, without using a single line of code.
At the end there will be plenty of time to network!

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Anna Docter, Online Communications Advisor at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Help build an open data market and win 750,000 euro

Enter the competition and win up to 750,000 euro in co-financing for your idea for an open, trusted and fair market for data sharing. A market that is scalable and broadly applicable and that allows parties in the Amsterdam area to work on a smart, green and healthy region.

Are you an organization that is familiar with digital technology and do you know how to use your knowledge for a smart, green and healthy region? Register for this competition!

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Olga Trykush, Community Manager , posted

Blockchain meetup: how to build a dApp

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Why should you learn blockchain?
Blockchain technology is forming the Internet of the future.

Now is your chance to join the first wave of blockchain engineers and the most qualified professionals in your field.

How can you start?
At the Blockacademy meetup, leading industry experts are offering a solid grounding on the dynamics of all things blockchain. Their insights and wealth of experience are unmatched within the industry and they are keen to pass it on to the next wave of eager students.

At the end of the meetup, you will have an in-depth overview of the most widely utilized blockchains (eg. Bitcoin and Ethereum), decentralized storages (IPFS), functionalities (smart contracts) and more. We want to show how you can play an important role in the development of this new disruptive industry.

In Attendance:
Roman Boiko. Skilled Nodejs and Python programmer. Former blockchain, dApps and smart contract developer at Essentia One. Blockchain developer at Consensus. Started coding at the age of 17, now works on Metamask. Check Roman's full professional profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/roman-boiko-906b6214a/.

Oksana Zaharchuk. Automatizations and computer-integrated technology engineer at Essentia One. Skilled Nodejs, Go, C# developer. More than a year of teaching experience. Check Oksana's full professional profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oksana-zaharchuk-113722125/.

Our speakers will introduce you to a new decentralized world full of opportunities. You make the decision whether you follow them!

Aside from the talks, time will be allocated especially for networking and group discussion between students and teachers in a relaxed informal environment. You may meet next blockchain guru or even your next business partner!

Come and see how you can master this new technology yourself, you may find it’s not as difficult as you imagined. Remember, the industry is still in its infancy, and professionals with blockchain experience are in incredibly high-demand, don’t miss the chance to take your place in the future!

Get the full learning program by enrolling for the course here: https://www.meetup.com/Blockchain-Course-for-Developers/events/258760571/.

For any questions, you can contact us at info@blockacademy.net!

Event on Feb 27th
Burcu Kuzlak, Program Manager 5G at City of Amsterdam: Chief Technology Office, posted


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5G will be the new generation of mobile connectivity. The connection will be faster and more reliable, and will bring previously unknown possibilities for citizens and business. Amsterdam is exploring the opportunities and obstacles on the road to a safe and useful 5G network. One of the ways we do this is with our field lab in Amsterdam South East, from the train station to the Johan Cruijff ArenA. But also through regional, national and international collaborations.

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Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

The Social Tech Tour #4: Fairfood

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Are you working with tech or sustainability and are curious to learn how other actors use digital technologies for a better society?

The Social Tech Tour is a series of site visits to innovative, tech-enabled social enterprises. The main objective is 'peer learning': letting innovators and practitioners learn from each other. During each edition, hosts and participants will co-create a roadmap on one particular real-life challenge. This time we will be welcomed by Lonneke van Genugten at Fairfood, a tech-enabled fair food system ambassador.

Register here (free)

Who was involved in the production of your food? Did they receive a fair wage for their work and was this work done under humane circumstances? These are questions we’d all like to be able to answer, but with ever more complex supply chains simply can’t always. That’s where blockchain technology comes in. WWF Australia and BCG Digital for example, recently started a project to track fish with blockchain technology and reveal whether the food was produced legally and sustainably. Will blockchain and other tech innovations pave the way for fair and sustainable food trade? What particular steps need to be taken and what role do consumers play?

This edition is dedicated to Fairfood, an Amsterdam-based campaign organisation that has been pioneering with blockchain solutions since 2017. Their motto: good food starts with transparent food chains. The guiding question for this event is, how can technology nudge consumers to engage with sustainability and human rights issues in their daily food?

This event will be on 27th of March from 15.30 until 18.00 The space is limited to 20 participants. It is recommended but not mandatory to attend all editions in the series. This event will be English spoken.

Fairfood is an NGO with a big mission: to make our global food chains more sustainable. The organisation aims to do so by using innovative technologies like blockchain. Fairfood believes that good food starts with transparent chains. Because only when we know where our food comes from and who is involved in its production, we can tackle issues like unfair trade. Fairfood also runs a living wage lab together with Hivos, whereby different stakeholders from the agrifood sector (supermarkets, producers, quality marks, the government) co-create practical solutions that can be put instantly to the test within the Lab environment.

15.15 Doors open
15.30 Welcome & Introduction
15.45 Pitch: Fairfood
16.00 Mini-Tour
16.10 Co-design workshop: Looking at technological tools to incentivize consumers to engage with sustainability and human rights issues in their daily food
17.20 Wrap-up
17.30 Drinks

This event is part of a series:
28 February: The Social Tech Tour #2: vanPlestik https://amsterdamsmartcity.com/events/the-social-tech-tour-2-van-plestik
14 March: The Social Tech Tour #3: 02025 https://amsterdamsmartcity.com/events/the-social-tech-tour-3-02025

Amsterdam Smart City's picture Event on Mar 27th
Mirko van Vliet, strategy at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

From hype to adoption: Blockchain meetup #1

How do we turn the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area into a Blockchain hub? That is what the Amsterdam Economic Board is researching together with the City of Amsterdam and StartupAmsterdam through a series of 6 meetups. Because Blockchain could be an important part of the solutions for the six urban challenges of our metropolis. The first meeting tried to find an answer to the question: “How do we ensure more adoption of Blockchain technology now that the hype seems to be over?

Read the full article by clicking the link

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Sarah Wheeler, posted

IoT Tech Expo Europe 2019

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Europe’s leading IoT Conference Series; the IoT Tech Expo Europe will return to the RAI Amsterdam on the 19-20 June 2019 to bring together key industries for 2 days of top level content and discussion. Exploring the latest innovations within the Internet of Things and covering the impact it has on many industries including Manufacturing, Transport, Supply Chain, Insurance, Logistics, Government, Energy and Automotive, this conference is not to be missed.

Key topics examined include: smart building & facilities management, building the connected supply chain, intelligent city and transport management, smart grid data management and analytics, asset monitoring and management, delivering smart connected new products, and more.

The fourth annual Europe event will host 3 co-located events covering Blockchain, Cyber Security & Cloud and AI & Big Data, with 10,000 attendees expected to attend including CTO’s, Head’s of Innovation and Technology, IT Directors, Developers & Start-Up’s, OEM’s, Government, Automotive, Operators, Technology Providers, Investors, VCs and many more.

Event from Jun 19th to Jun 20th
Dieuwke van Buren, B. Amsterdam lead at B. Amsterdam, posted

Let's Startup 2019

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On Friday, January 11 2019 we will start the new year with our annual tech
festival “Let’s Startup”. On this day we celebrate our members as well as the industry and everybody is welcome! Let’s Startup is a festival codesigned with our B. members, to celebrate entrepreneurship at B. and bring together our extensive international network.

What to expect?
During the festival, expect a myriad of workshops, masterclasses, speed dating and networking opportunities to help you build, grow and scale your business. We will also take the opportunity to kick off some new services and programs at B. that will help ease community collaboration and contribute to the growth of our members. At night, we’ll bring everyone together to raise glass to the new year and dance.

How does it work?
All activities at the festival are divided in three pillars: fast growing
companies, future talent and corporate innovation. Also, there is a main stage with some keynote speakers and panels with industry leaders. Members are invited to apply for a spot at our festival. Think of hosting a workshop or masterclass or providing an interactive showcase of your product or service. We encourage all of you to contribute and attend this annual community festival.

Dieuwke van Buren's picture Event on Jan 11th

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines

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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines is an event organized by Smile-Expo – the international company which has already held 50 blockchain events in 25 countries. This year, Smile-Expo will coordinate the second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines, uniting top crypto experts from different countries.
Key points:
• FinTech Ecosystems in Asia / Fintech application in Southeast Asia;
• Blockchain for business;
• the software development business in Blockchain;
• how might blockchain technology revolutionise tax / Blockchain potential to simplify and automate tax compliance and transparency. Taxation, Securities Law and Regulating ICO’s / Token Launches;
• privacy and national Identity / Governance in a Digital, Decentralized World.
Agenda for Manila – December 6, 2018
• Сase study: Large investment funds are looking into crypto. Implementation of the Blockchain technologies in IoT, AI, AR, healthcare, lending industry, wealth management.
• Panel discussion: Smart Contracts and Legal Contracts.
The unique feature of the conference is discussion of the blockchain use cases in many different spheres in addition to financial segment – in the Philippines and other countries.

KATERYNA GLAZKOVA's picture Event on Dec 6th
James Bell, Editor , posted

Top 3 Integrative Technologies To Disrupt The Smart City Space In 2019

We are living in an era that is witnessing the traditional cities turning into ‘smart cities’ with the technology penetrating at abnormal speeds. As we are moving closer to the beginning of a new year, there is a bubbling curiosity in the air about the technologies that will push the current advancements to further progress – continuing the transformative change.

In 2018, the tech world in the smart cities observed the development and gradual penetration of technologies like IoT, AI, Cloud computing, and of course Blockchain. Now, in 2019 the same technologies will surface as integrative technologies. They are set to play a more powerful role aiming at disrupting the marketplace while remodelling the consumer tech reality.

We look into the top 3 breakthroughs and hope that these will not just bring the latest state-of-the-art infrastructure in smart cities but also make them more secure, sustainable, and happening places to live in.

James Bell's picture #DigitalCity
Daan de Wit, posted

VR Days Europe - day 1/3

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VR Days Europe is een driedaagse conferentie en tentoonstelling over virtual en augmented reality die dit jaar voor de 4e keer plaatsvindt, van 24 tot en met 26 oktober in Amsterdam.

VR Days Europe opent op woensdag 24 oktober met een conferentiedag vol lezingen die een goed overzicht in de breedte geven van de laatste en meest interessante ontwikkelingen op het gebied van virtual, augmented en mixed reality.

Gedurende de volgende twee dagen zijn er drie symposia die gaan over ondernemen, gezondheidszorg en media-kunst-entertainment. Tijdens ieder symposium zijn er presentaties van toonaangevende VR-experts, paneldiscussies en rondetafelgesprekken. Parallel tonen ruim 100 exposanten het beste op het gebied van VR, AR en XR en is er gelijktijdig een uitgebreid programma met unieke optredens en workshops. Ook zijn er de Church of VR, met de 30 meest-creatieve en opvallende voorbeelden van VR-content die terplekke kunnen worden beleefd, en het XR Creators’ Lab dat het mogelijk maakt voor teams om tijdens het evenement samen te werken.

Event on Oct 24th
Arne giske, posted

Satoshi United- The Biggest Un-conference

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We are an Un-Conference with a vision to create maximum networking with all the delegates and attendees present during our 2 day festival celebrating Blockchain and its innovation.
Our small Unique Gatherings around our 2 day festival of blockchain creates an environment where the attendees get a chance to meet and Network with the right influential people of the industry in a grand yet casual a casual ambience.

For this Un-conference in Dubai we have planned :
1. One day of keynotes, panel discussions and exhibition booths in our own unique way.
2. "Lets Drunch" networking session in a beach club
3. An Investors rooftop Soiree exclusive for investors and Sponsors
4. VIP yacht party for top delegates and Sponsors on invite basis only
5. An after-party to close the event in good notes with all the connections made during the event.

An opportunity to network with the top Crypto officials and delegates who will be working together on more collaborative and visionary ideas to further enhance the Blockchain Industry.
Also organising a Pitcher perfect competition which lets you pitch your ICO on stage and gives you an opportunity to win upto $100K in investments and prizes.

Event from Oct 22nd to Oct 23rd
Jiaying Li, Managing Partner , posted

NEO Hackathon together with KPN and TUDelft

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NEO Blockchain launches a hackathon together with KPN and TUDelft on Oct 20-21.

This hackathon challenge aims to encourage using Go language to write smart contract. Whether you are a seasoned developer, junior coder in tech universities, UI/UX designer, or an avid NEO investor, please join us.

Hackathon Awards
First Prize - 500 NEO (1 team)
Second Prize - 450 GAS (1 team)
Third Prize - 300 GAS (3 teams)
Mystery Prize (It depends on the submitted work)

Want to know more about NEO Blockchain ecosystem updates? Please join our workshop on October 20th at 10AM or Hackathon Presentations on October 21st at 1PM.

Jiaying Li's picture Event from Oct 19th to Oct 20th
Willem Koeman, Challenge lead at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

How to build a data market for everybody?

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Er is €750.000 beschikbaar voor een community-gedreven datamarkt die eerlijke uitwisseling van data mogelijk maakt. Daarvoor wordt later dit jaar een prijsvraag uitgeschreven. We hebben een eerste opzet van de prijsvraag gemaakt, maar willen dit graag verbeteren met jouw input. Daarna kunnen we de prijsvraag definitief maken.

Wat is het idee van de prijsvraag?
We willen een virtuele datamarkt die uitwisseling van data mogelijk maakt. Een datamarkt waar data wordt uitgewisseld op voorwaarden van de data-eigenaren, waarbij de deelnemers gezamenlijk de regels bepalen en er door co-creatie synergieën kunnen ontstaan. Zodat we met data oplossingen kunnen bedenken voor de uitdagingen van de regio. Je krijgt tot €750.000 cofinanciering om binnen drie jaar je oplossing te realiseren. Wij helpen je hierbij met het inzetten van ons netwerk, zodat we samen de toepassing succesvol maken.

Wij denken dat de datamarkt hieraan moet voldoen:

- Data-soevereiniteit: deelnemers blijven eigenaar van hun data en bepalen de gebruiksvoorwaarden.
- Decentraal databeheer: deelnemers beheren en onderhouden hun data zelf.
- Gezamenlijke organisatie: deelnemers beslissen samen over de werking van de datamarkt, en bijhorende rechten en plichten.
- Digitale handhaving: afspraken (over gebruik van data) worden digitaal gehandhaafd.
- Waardecreatie: de datamarkt faciliteert co-creatie en daarmee synergie.

Om de prijsvraag aan het einde van dit jaar zo goed mogelijk uit te kunnen zetten, willen we graag met jou in gesprek. Dat doen we op dinsdag 16 oktober op het Science Park in Amsterdam.

Kan je niet komen, geef dan alsnog je feedback en ideeën door deze vragenlijst in te vullen:

Willem Koeman's picture Event on Oct 16th
Nikolett Daru, Marketing Manager , posted

Blockchain Hackathon - BCH DEVCON Amsterdam

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Blockchain technology can change the world for the better. Join the first European Bitcoin Cash hackathon and build the token-economy of the future in 32-hours!

FREE • €5000 in prizes • Open for developers & non-developers

❋Who should come: Blockchain enthusiasts, core developers, entrepreneurs, designers, front/ backend developers and everyone who loves building decentralized applications.
❋The challenge: Build decentralized applications using Bitcoin Cash or any other blockchain of your choice from scratch.


✦ With this hackathon we wish to bring the crypto development community together to build innovative applications using decentralized networks. Hackathons are a great opportunity to learn from each other and to build amazing projects in a short amount of time!

✦ No matter if you are an expert or a beginner with interest in Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum or other blockchain projects, the BTC.com hackathon is for you! We can guarantee that you will have fun building stuff, meeting new people and learning new skills.

✦ We are delighted to announce that the BTC.com Hackathon will take place in Amsterdam at Rockstart’s HQ, which is one of Europe’s leading startup accelerators. With nice food, cold beer and expert mentors we will ensure that all participants have a great time during this 32-hour non-stop hackathon! 🤘🏽

➤ Selection process: After submitting the application form, we will contact you for a quick assessment. This is to ensure a high standard among attendees. Participants will be selected based on their skills and passion for crypto.

➤ Teams: No existing projects are allowed to compete for a prize, teams will be created on the spot.

➤ Price: Good news, the event is free! All food and drinks are included as well as some extra goodies.

➤ To register and learn more visit: https://www.hackathon.cash

Nikolett Daru's picture Event from Oct 27th to Oct 28th
Rolinka Kok, Event Manager at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Amsterdam Blockchain City

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How can we accelerate blockchain entrepreneurship and adoption in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area?

The promises of blockchain are endless. Blockchain allows us to find solutions to problems that were not possible before. Economies are reinvented, platform capitalism is being challenged and a new fair economy seems possible. But there are also many questions. What is the impact of blockchain? And what does this mean for the city? What role do companies, governments and knowledge institutions in the Amsterdam region play? How can we as a city a support a strong blockchain community?

This discussion in the Amsterdam region is very fragmented. To accelerate the development of a blockchain economy, the Amsterdam Economic Board and the municipality of Amsterdam are organizing a meetup for public and private partners to contribute to an action plan.

Our main interest lies in ways to strengthen the blockchain community and to accelerate blockchain entrepreneurship. But, amongst others, we are also very interested in:

How to position ourselves better internationally?
How to make better use of research?
How to accelerate the adoption of blockchain?
Essential conditions for a decentralized economy (if any)?

This is an invite-only event. Are your interested in joining us? Please let me know!

Rolinka Kok's picture Event on Oct 8th