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Lotte Nystrup Lund, Principal Research Scientist at City & Port Copenhagen, posted

Danish Researcher looking for inspiration in Amsterdam

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Hi community,

I am looking for inspiration on nature-based solutions in Amsterdam. I have a full day in Amsterdam the 6 th of October 2021, and I would love to visit locations having implemented nature-based solutions in impressive ways. I am curious about how Amsterdam has worked with urban biodiversity and how Amsterdam has implemented large-scale nature-based solutions, e.g. green corridors or other kinds of 'wild nature' in the city, for the benefit of people and other species :)

I hope you can help me with advices on where to go and whom to talk with?

My research project: Biocities of the future
The ambition is to develop initiatives that can help urban stakeholders integrate nature-based ideas and design strategies in urban development. The project includes prototyping a dialogue tool and testing if it could supplement the international certification tool DGNB Urban Districts.

I study how nature-based ideas integrate in urban development of today, and I identify some of the main drivers, paradoxes, consequences, and challenges, related to these integrations. The project focus is urban development inspired by nature’s ability to regenerate, through e.g., biomimicry and regenerative and biophilic design thinking.

My research is based on a cooperation between three Danish organisations:
City & Port - develop large scale urban areas in Copenhagen, DK
The Royal Danish Academy - Architecture, Design, Conservation
Bloxhub Science Forum - a nordic innovation hub for sustainable urbanization

You can read more about the research project using the website link

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Herman van den Bosch, professor in management development , posted

Barcelona and Madrid: Forerunners in e-governance

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Barcelona is one of the oldest examples of a city that deploys technology as part of its government. Sensor networks have been producing an array of data on transport, energy usage, noise levels, irrigation, and many other topics without having much impact on the life of citizens or solving the underlying problems.

In 2015, Francesca Bria, chief technology, together with mayor Ada Colau started to reverse the smart city paradigm: Instead of starting from technology and extracting all the data we started aligning the tech agenda with the agenda of the cityshe said.

One of the first challenges was using technology to increase ordinary citizen’s impact on policy. A group of civic-minded coders and cryptographers created a brand-new participatory platform, Decidem (which means We Decide in Catalan). For more information watch the video below.

Spain offers more inspiring examples. The city of Madrid has also created a participatory citizen platform, not for chance called Decide Madrid, which is in many respects comparable with Decidem, as this short video demonstrates.

The most important features of both platforms are:

Active participation in policy making
Citizens are stimulated to suggest ideas, debating them, and vote. In Barcelona, more than 40.000 citizens have suggested proposals, which form 70% of the agenda of the city administration. The most frequently mentioned concerns are affordable housing, clean energy, air quality and the public space.
The Municipal Action Plan of Barcelona includes almost 7,000 proposals from citizens. Decidem enables citizens to monitor the state of implementation of each of them to increase citizen’s engagement.

Decide Madrid and Decidem emphasize the value of being informed as starting point for deliberation. Citizens can start discussions on their own and participate in threaded discussions started by others.
As soon as citizens feel informed and have exchanged opinions voting can start. Both Decide Madrid as Decidemhave a space where citizens can make proposals and seeks support. Proposals that reach enough support are prepared for voting. These votes generally are advising the city council.

Policy preparation
Decide Madrid enables citizens amendment legislative texts. The public is allowed to commend any part of it and to suggest alternatives. This also might result in discussions and the suggestions are used to improve the formulations.

Data governance
Decidem and Decide Madrid are also data portals that show data that have been collected in the city, partly on citizens themselves. Decidem has the intention, because of its participation in the European project Decode to enable citizens to control the use of data of their own for specific purposes.

Hybrid solutions
As not every citizen has a computer or is skilled to use the Internet platforms, both cities combine virtual discussions and discussion in a physical space.

It is not only the traditional rivalry between Barcelona and Madrid that has inspired the development of two comparable systems, independently from each other. It is also the fact that the Spanish people had to fight for democracy until rather recently. Democratic institutions that have long existed in many other countries had to be reinvented, but with a 20th-century twist.

The community of Madrid has developed Decide Madrid together with CONSUL, a Madrid-based company. CONSUL enables cities to develop citizen participation on the Internet quickly and save. The package is very comprehensive. The software and its use are free. CONSUL can be adjusted by each organization to meet its own needs. As a result, Consul is in use in 130 cities and organizations in 33 countries (see the map above) and reaches out around 90 million citizens worldwide.

In contrast with e-Estonia, the topic of a former post, the footing of Decidem and Decide Madrid is enabling citizens to make their voice heard and to participate in decision-making. Both cities offer excellent examples of e-governance. e-Governance reflects the mutual communication between municipal authorities and citizens using digital tools to align decision making with the needs and wants of citizens. Instead, the intention of e-Estonia is to improve the efficiency of the operation of the state.  Both aims are complementary.

I will regularly share ‘snapshots’ of the challenge of bringing socially and ecologically sustainable cities closer using technology if useful. These posts represent findings, updates, and additions to my e-book Humane cities. Always humane. Smart if helpful. The English version of this book can be downloaded for free below.

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Teska Drosten, Communicator at Waag, posted

Toekomstwandeling dwars door Amsterdam

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Sinds de pandemie zijn we massaal aan de wandel geslagen. Ontspannen, een goed gesprek voeren en nadenken over de toekomst: dat alles vind je terug in de Toekomstwandeling dwars door Amsterdam. We beginnen bij onze outpost op het Amsterdam Science Park: planet B, en wandelen richting het eindpunt op de Nieuwmarkt: Waag.

Tijdens de wandeling dwars door Amsterdam lopen we langs pleinen, parken en door buurten die de aanleiding zijn voor gesprekken over de stad, het land en onze toekomst. In wat voor wereld wil je wel of niet leven? Wat vind je belangrijk op het gebied van wonen, samenleven, voedsel, technologie en het klimaat? Wat is jouw droomtoekomst? Waar is verbetering nodig en hoe komen we daar?

Laat je verrassen, leer van elkaar, bekijk de wereld met andere ogen. Breek uit je bubbel en verken de ideale toekomst met vage bekende en nieuwe vrienden.

Meld je aan

Wanneer: zaterdag 25 september

Starttijden: 13:00 | 13:30 | 14:00

Locatie: Planet B, Startup Village, Science Park Amsterdam

Eindpunt: Waag, Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam

Belangrijke praktische informatie:

  • De wandeling duurt anderhalf tot twee uur (5 km). Je begint bij het Science Park en wandelt via Amsterdam-Oost naar de Waag op de Nieuwmarkt.
  • Bij aankomst in de Waag (1e verdieping) is de bar geopend voor een hapje en een drankje.
  • Kom je op de fiets naar Amsterdam Science Park? Je fiets wordt terwijl je wandelt naar de Nieuwmarkt vervoerd. Zo kun je vanaf daar weer gemakkelijk naar huis komen!
  • Je kunt samen met een vriend of vriendin wandelen, of meedoen aan de matchmaking en je laten verrassen! Dit kun je ter plaatse beslissen. 
  • Je hebt de keuze uit drie verschillende starttijden, om te grote drukte te voorkomen.

Waag Future Lab
Waag is sinds 2021 een Future Lab voor Design en Technologie van Nederland. Waag organiseert in de komende jaren meerdere expedities naar planet B. Hierin zoekt ze naar antwoorden op de sociale, technologische en ecologische uitdagingen van onze tijd. Ze vormen een platform voor ontwerpers, wetenschappers, beleidsmakers en burgerinitiatieven. Elke expeditie, met een looptijd van een half jaar, verkent een deelaspect van een gezamenlijke, gewenste toekomst. De eerste expeditie is een navigator en een routekaart naar de toekomst. Wat verstaan we eronder, wat verwachten we ervan? Waag gaat het land in en gaat met iedereen in gesprek. Wat is voor jou een wenselijke toekomst, wat kun je daar zelf aan bijdragen en wat heb je daarvoor nodig?

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Teska Drosten, Communicator at Waag, posted

Acid Clouds: een wandeling langs de fundamenten van het internet

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Elke week stijgt onze schermtijd. We swipen, streamen, downloaden, en liken ons suf: een steeds groter deel van ons leven speelt zich online af. Al die data moet ergens worden opgeslagen. Maar waar? Wandel op zaterdag 25 september mee langs de fundamenten van het internet in Amsterdam Science Park en bekijk datacenters van een hele nieuwe kant.

We starten om 11 uur bij outpost planet B op het Science Park. Dit is de plek waar het eerste datacenter van Nederland is gevestigd (SARA Surf). In een interactieve en afwisselende route van ongeveer een uur, met informatie, vragen en gespreksstof, voeren we je langs het verleden en de toekomst van de digitale wereld. Uiteraard helemaal corona-proof! Een selectie van de prachtige foto’s van wel 100 Nederlandse datacenters, gemaakt door Niels Schrader en Roel Backaert, maakt onderdeel uit van de route. Samen met andere wandelaars ontrafel je de geschiedenis en verken je de (digitale) toekomst.

Op zaterdag 25 september 11 uur openen we de buiten-fototentoonstelling Acid Clouds van Niels Schrader (DE/VE, 1977) en Roel Backaert (BE, 1978). Direct aansluitend start de wandeling.

Wanneer: zaterdag 25 september 11 uur

Waar: outpost planet B, Science Park

Nodig: goede schoenen, opgeladen telefoon (voor het interactieve gedeelte), flesje water

Afstand wandeling: ongeveer 2,5 kilometer

Duur wandeling: 1 uur

Expeditie: toekomst
De wandeling is onderdeel van Expeditie: toekomst, een festival vol wandelingen, workshops en talks, waarin de verkenning van de toekomst centraal staat.

Meld je aan

Niels Schrader over Acid Clouds
‘Data zijn het vervuilingsprobleem van het informatietijdperk’, schreef de Amerikaanse cryptografiedeskundige Bruce Schneier in 2015. ‘Dat zette Niels Schrader aan het denken. Samen met Roel Backaert vormt hij het duo achter het project Acid Clouds. Ze brengen datacenters in Nederland in kaart voor hun onderzoek naar de impact van de digitale wereld op onze fysieke leefomgeving. ‘Door de datacenters in beeld te brengen willen we mensen bewust maken van de steeds grotere plek die de digitale wereld begint op te eisen in onze fysieke leefomgeving. Daar zouden meer mensen iets van mogen vinden.’ Lees het interview met Niels Schrader.

Waag Future Lab
Waag is sinds 2021 een Future Lab voor Design en Technologie van Nederland. Waag organiseert in de komende jaren meerdere expedities naar planet B. Hierin zoekt ze naar antwoorden op de sociale, technologische en ecologische uitdagingen van onze tijd. Ze vormen een platform voor ontwerpers, wetenschappers, beleidsmakers en burgerinitiatieven. Elke expeditie, met een looptijd van een half jaar, verkent een deelaspect van een gezamenlijke, gewenste toekomst. De eerste expeditie is een navigator en een routekaart naar de toekomst. Wat verstaan we eronder, wat verwachten we ervan? Waag gaat het land in en gaat met iedereen in gesprek. Wat is voor jou een wenselijke toekomst, wat kun je daar zelf aan bijdragen en wat heb je daarvoor nodig?

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Jennifer Drouin, Community Manager at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Donut Meet & Greet

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Always wanted to meet Kate Raworth in an intimate setting and exchange stories with other local & global donut fans?
Then this is your chance!

On Thursday, September 30, 15.00 - 17.00 CET, the Donut Meet & Greet Event will take place during the Amsterdam Doughnut Days at the new AHK Culture Club!

What you can expect:

  • international (live) video messages from Spain, Barbados, Frankfurt, Copenhague and beyond
  • informal talk about DEAL from the DEAL team itself 
  • inspiring donut examples from the community and opportunities for you to join 
  • sneak peek into the results of the donut events from the previous days 
  • enough time for us to share and connect experiences 
  • drinks at Clubhouse to network and celebrate

Due to popular demand are all seats are taken. If there are any cancellations, you can score a seat by filling out this form.


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Karolina Sawicka, Business Developer & Innovator at Spatial Experience, posted


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Are you a creative and determined mind? Do you enjoy visualising experiences? We are looking for a Graphic & Web Design Intern, someone who is driven by a passion for design and the digital world.

We are an evolving business and at this stage we are looking for an intern who is passionate, dedicated and wants to grow with us. Our team is working on penetrating markets in and outside of the Netherlands and you will be involved in several aspects of this development. You will get the opportunity to work with real case studies from brands/companies and partners we already work with.

Your main tasks will focus on creative work, both design & layout (from concept to realisation), generating creative content for offline (print / editorial) and online (websites, social media & other digital platforms), both for clients and our own brands/products/solutions.


  • Relevant educational background – Graphic Design / Visual Communication studies are preferred
  • Fluent in English both oral and written (B2 or higher)
  • International oriented – nomadic spirit
  • Able to think out of the box, ambitious and eager to take on challenges
  • Pragmatic and functional work approach
  • Graphic (Digital & Print) and Web Design skills & professional work experience
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and XD
  • Advanced knowledge & ability to create appealing presentations on Apple Keynote, Google Slides and MS PowerPoint
  • Extremely detail oriented
  • Able to generate creative content & ideas


  • Create & manage websites on Webflow
  • Creating short animations (GIFs)
  • Experience with Adobe AfterEffects & Premiere
  • Beginner / intermediate knowledge of front-end code (HTML / CSS / Javascript / jQuery)
  • Experience with photography or videography content creation & post-production
  • Fluent (or Working proficiency) in German, Spanish or Polish


Our office is located close to the centre of Amsterdam in a developing and upcoming area.

You will be part of an international team of extremely motivated professionals based in Amsterdam & get the chance to meet interesting people, work within an interdisciplinary team and develop your skills while collaborating and participating in meaningful projects. We like to keep it fun and positive.

This is a full-time internship, which will last for 6 months, with the option to extend cooperation with our company. We offer an allowance of € 500 per month. Candidates could be either (currently enrolled) students or fresh graduates (eligible for Erasmus+ programme) who are legally allowed to live & work in the Netherlands.


Spatial Experience is a creative innovation hub focused on shaping the future of living. Our end goal is the creation of extraordinary, unique living & working spaces where communities are formed with a fulfilling lifestyle. Our team helps brands adapt to the fast-changing urban landscape of the real estate industry through multiple branding, marketing, design and digital services. From concept ideation, creation, realisation, advisory to manage the growth of our clients at every step of the project. We are passionate about creating future-proof real estate brands.

Over the past few years, we have created and co-created successful brands, providing them with strategies, concepts, brand identity and digital / web solutions.  We have worked with brands such as The Student Hotel, Staytoo Apartments, Stayurban, Greystar & OurDomain, The Class of 2020, REDNET Property Group, BONARD among others. We work in venture with our partners on leading Coliving research lab and support other global coliving platforms e.g. Co-Liv.  Currently, we have new exciting projects to develop and we are looking for colleagues who are interested to join our team for a new professional adventure.

Our team consists of entrepreneurs, strategists and creative professionals. We are passionate about bringing innovative solutions to emerging real estate (student housing, coliving, coworking among others) and have quite a few exciting developments in the works.

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Corinne Mulder, Communicator at Waag, posted

Waag @ Ars Electronica Festival 2021

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How do we deal with digital technology? Ars Electronica 2021 is looking for answers. The festival for art, technology and society offers hundreds of online sessions on September 8-12, consisting of talks, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, concerts and tours.


Since its first edition in 1979, the Ars Electronica Festival has been held in Linz, Austria. This year is a hybrid edition for the second time in its history. Ars Electronica can be visited both on site in Linz and remotely in the 'gardens', consisting of over 120 locations worldwide.

Amsterdam is one of the gardens, from which Waag participates in Ars Electronica 2021 as an organizer of several events. Find the overview on the website.

What is it about?

This year's topic has arisen from the rapid digital transformation of recent decades, making the digital world an ever-expanding part of our social habitat. But, there are issues to be dealt with. How can we 'fix' the digital world, get to grips with our problems, and what will it take to restore the balance?

For whom?

  • Artists
  • Tech developers
  • Researchers
  • Media art lovers
  • Anyone interested
Online event from Sep 8th to Sep 12th
NEMO Science Museum, posted

Take control of your data

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Wat zijn de beste privacy-instellingen voor jouw apparaten? Hoe onthoud je al je wachtwoorden? En wat zijn de beste trucs om zo min mogelijke persoonlijke data te delen? In deze workshop ontdek je hoe je je eigen smartphone of laptop instelt zodat je privacy zo goed mogelijk gewaarborgd blijft.

NEMO Science Museum's picture Masterclass / workshop on Oct 14th
NEMO Science Museum, posted


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Hoe spoor je cybercriminelen op? Hoe werkt hacken? En hoe zorg je ervoor dat jouw computer en telefoon veilig blijven? Gina Doekhie is cybercrime-specialiste en digitaal detective. In deze lezing vertelt zij je alles over digitale crimescenes en de duistere plekken van het internet.

NEMO Science Museum's picture Lecture / presentation on Sep 23rd
Caroline Beelen, Community Manager GO!-NH at GO!-NH, posted

GO!-NH Masterclass Scale-Up Play for Organizations

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Masterclass Scale-Up Play

Het opschalen van je startup is ontzettend spannend om te realiseren. Je maakt van je innovatief business idee een bedrijf met bestaansrecht dat groeit en bloeit. De opschaalfase kent ook bijzonder veel valkuilen: slechts 10% van de startups komt in de fase scale-up. Hoe voorkom je premature scaling (te vroeg opschalen) en hoe breng je je bedrijf tot volle bloei?

Peter van der Fluit (principal The Chasm Group) geeft op inspirerende en energieke wijze aan wat de uitdagingen en kansen zijn van het opschalen van innovaties. Scale-up Play beschrijft hoe je schaalvoordeel kunt verwerven door eerst te schalen in de niche om zo het marktleiderschap in het segment te verkrijgen.

De workshop Scale-Up Play is een sessie waarin je groots leert denken, zodat je vervolgens jouw bedrijf op de juiste manier kan inrichten, zodat het klaar is voor de volgende fasen en markten.

Aanmelden via de website van GO!-NH: https://go-nh.nl/programmas/academy-21/

Caroline Beelen's picture Masterclass / workshop on Aug 25th
Kerstin Gerlagh, General Manager , posted

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Women in Tech

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What are the possibilities and challenges for women tech entrepreneurs in this time of pandemic and a booming demand for tech solutions and a growing tech industry? What impact does it have on women tech entrepreneurs? How do we create diverse workplaces where women are free to fulfill their professional potential and have the equal access to resources, knowledge and networks as men?

Today, women are still challenged in their pursuit and progression within the tech sector. We understand the importance of gender equality and diversity, but how could you implement policies promoting it at your company? What is it about a company that makes it uninviting for women to apply? Why are tech women still under-represented at most companies? It doesn’t make any sense because obviously there is no difference in skills or competence. They’re out there, but how can you get them into your organization?

In this webinar we bring together experts and women leaders in the tech community for an inspiring session about diversity, inclusion, inspiration and disruption.  Welcome to join!

Speakers list:

Dr Cara Antoine, Managing Director Digital Transformation, IG&H | Global Women in Tech, The Netherlands“Where are all the Allies and Role Models needed to encourage more women into Tech?”

Ariane Bucquet-Pousette, Project Manager Start-Ups Invest Stockholm
“Female-founded startups and the initiative A Woman’s Place as well as actions for supporting startups in the corona pandemic.”

Ruth de Jager, Country Manager Netherlands Storytel
“Storytel is successfully digitising the listening and reading
experience for a younger generation. Especially young women use Storytel
on a daily basis. A diverse workforce and management team is of the
essence staying close to our subscribers.”

Indra Sharma, Author, Investor
I will share knowledge on key parameters needed to become a
successful entrepreneur and what obstacles women entrepreneurs face.
Also, share views on why diversity within entrepreneurship is essential
for equality across industries, sectors and society.”

Rens Goudsmit, Moderator, Head of TK Tech & Attorney at law, TeekensKarstens advocaten notarissen

Online event on Sep 16th
Beth Njeri, Digital Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

Transforming the food system through impact-driven ventures

Featured image

A sustainable food system is critical to our social and planetary well-being.

New initiatives have a big role to play, and Metabolic's newest venture, Fresh Ventures Studio, is looking to help build promising companies to solve systemic challenges.

Fresh Ventures is a venture-building program and startup studio based in The Netherlands. They co-found companies with experienced professionals and entrepreneurs to address systemic challenges in the food system.

If you're an entrepreneur looking into building a venture that responds to the world's sustainability challenges, sign up with Fresh: https://www.freshventures.eu/

More about its establishment and purpose from this article.

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Pakhuis De Zwijger, Communicatie at Pakhuis de Zwijger, posted

LIVECAST: De sociale rekening van de energietransitie

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Wie betaalt de rekening van de energietransitie eigenlijk? Nu komen duurzame subsidies nog vooral bij hoge inkomensgezinnen terecht en voelen gezinnen met een lager inkomen duurzaam beleid relatief veel harder in hun portemonnee.

In Amsterdam Zuidoost is de energietransitie al volop aan de gang: het warmtenet wordt uitgebreid en burgerinitiatieven voor bijvoorbeeld alternatief gas ontstaan. Maar tegelijkertijd blijft isolatie vaak achter, stijgen energierekeningen en zijn er bewoners die de informatie niet begrijpen of vertrouwen.

Sociale gevolgen van de energietransitie
In deze LIVECAST gaan we in gesprek over de sociale gevolgen van de energietransitie. Hoe maken we de energietransitie rechtvaardiger, zodat het voor iedereen voordelig is om mee te doen? Een gesprek over klimaat en ongelijkheid aan de hand van voorbeelden uit Amsterdam Zuidoost.

Note van ASC: Like als je vindt dat meer mensen dit moeten lezen. De populairste berichten lichten we uit in onze Weekly nieuwsbrief.

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Beth Njeri, Digital Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

14 questions to guide entrepreneurs towards deep and lasting impact

Featured image

To achieve a circular economy, innovation is key. One of the key ways to get here is through entrepreneurship. To be effective in this journey, entrepreneurs need to know how to navigate what creating a deep, transformational impact really means.

• How do we decide where to focus our attention?
• How do we design solutions and organizations that provide the best chances for success?

14 questions to maximize impact
Chis Monaghan, Co-Founder at Fresh Ventures Studio, a Metabolic spinoff, developed these 14 questions to serve as a simple checklist for anyone looking to maximize the impact of a particular initiative. Fresh Ventures is a venture-building program and startup studio based in The Netherlands.

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Sage Isabella, PhD Candidate at University of Twente, posted

Applications for Data Transparency in Public Space Conference (Virtual)

Featured image

We are accepting abstracts for papers, posters/artwork, and workshops. The quality/uniqueness of work and adherence to conference theme is more important than credentials. As a reminder, your paper should address either (1) law and regulations, (2) data transparency in practice, or (3) possible futures. If you are unsure of whether or not to apply please email the conference organizers.

Submissions due Aug 15th! Conference October 6-7th.

The NWO funded research group BRIDE (BRIdging Data in the built Environment) and AMS Institute’s Responsible Sensing Lab are coming together to co-host a conference on data transparency in public space.

Cities have increasingly been collecting and analyzing data generated from sensors in public space. This conference will explore how data collecting capabilities and uses are made available (and understandable)
to the general public.

This event is for
Scholars, activists, legal experts, city planners, citizens, data scientists, and students will come together to better understand:

  1. the global legal status of data transparency in public space
  2. how data transparency in public space works in practice
  3. prototypes and ideas for the future based on the needs of the general public as well as corporate and governmental stakeholders.

We welcome you either virtually or in person with us in Amsterdam (limited "in-person" space available) to discuss and learn about these issues. If you wish to attend and not present send an email to dtps2021-bms@utwente.nl to stay updated.

Note from ASC: Have a question? Let’s hear it in the comments.

Sage Isabella's picture Conference from Jul 29th to Aug 15th
Tom de Munck, Content Marketeer at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Global Goals Jam Amsterdam

Featured image

Are you interested in sustainability & design? Do you also enjoy working in interdisciplinary teams? Then this is your chance to participate in the Global Goals Jam 2021, register here.

On September 17 & 18 the Green Office HvA is organizing the Global Goals Jam in joint effort with the Digital Society School and the UNDP. During these two days participants worldwide will work in multidisciplinary teams, in order to create short- term interventions for local challenges using a design-thinking toolkit.

In this 2021 edition we focus on the topic of the century: Climate change. We have subcategorized this immense theme, into three sub-categories.

1. Climate Justice
How do we shift the focus on greenhouse gasses and melting ice caps into a civil rights movement with the people and communities most vulnerable to climate impacts at its core? How do we make sure that sustainability is not exclusive?

2. Beyond human-centered design
What will happen if non-human actors are our main priority in our design activities? How will design processes and ideas change when we take a nature-centered perspective?

3. Regenerative cities
How do we close the loops of our urban systems and communities? And how could we design our cities as ecological systems that are not only sustainable but also contribute to the economy as a whole?

Let’s partner up.
We’re always looking for partners who can support us in the organization, below are some examples as to how you can contribute. Reach out to exlore the benefits this partnership can bring you!

- A challenge within your organisation related to the themes.
- Speaker who can introducte the challenges on the kick-off on September 17.
- A jury to evaluate the pitches at the end of the event on September 18.
- Catering contributions.
-Professional documentation of the event.

Your own proposal is also very welcome!

Register here for the Global Goals Jam 2021
Do you have a question? Don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to n.troost@hva.nl!

Tom de Munck's picture Masterclass / workshop from Sep 17th to Sep 18th
Jet van Eeghen, Online communication advisor at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Gezocht: Stagiair(e) strategie-team

Featured image

Vanaf september 2021 hebben wij een stageplek voor een initiatiefrijke, meewerkende stagiair(e). Heb jij zin in een stage binnen het strategie-team waar je verschillende partijen leert kennen en je onderzoek doet naar innovatie voor een slimme, groene en gezonde toekomst van de Metropool Amsterdam? Dan zoeken we jou!

Het strategie-team van de Amsterdam Economic Board doet onderzoek naar drie maatschappelijke transities in de regio: Energie, Circulair en Digitaal. We werken met toekomstscenario’s en organiseren kennissessies om het gesprek over de toekomst van de economie te voeren met ons netwerk. Daarnaast verbinden we kennisinstellingen, overheden en bedrijven in de regio op strategisch niveau en stimuleren we innovatieve samenwerking tussen hen.

Klinkt dat als een uitdaging die jou goed ligt: Lees dan alles over deze stage-vacature.

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Jet van Eeghen, Online communication advisor at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Gezocht: Stagiair(e) Communicatie en Events

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Ben je bezig met een opleiding op het gebied van Communicatie en de organisatie van Events? Zoek je een leuke stage op een uitdagende plek op het Marineterrein in Amsterdam? Bij de Amsterdam Economic Board werk je mee aan een leefbare omgeving in de Amsterdamse metropoolregio. In ons team krijg je veel mogelijkheden om te leren, je verder te ontwikkelen en je netwerk te vergroten. Grijp deze kans aan en reageer op deze vacature.

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Liza Verheijke, Community Manager at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Comenius Leadership Fellow grant to make AUAS students AI-ready

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The Centre of Expertise Applied AI of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) has been awarded a Comenius Leadership Fellow grant of €500,000 for the AI4Students project. Over the next three years, the project headed by Professor of Responsible AI Nanda Piersma intends to use the Comenius grant to equip AUAS students for a future in which artificial intelligence (AI) will play an increasingly important role.

The assessment committee of the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO) selected the project from a total of 15 applications and praised AI4Students for its innovative character and the expected benefits for students, lecturers and the professional field. “Because of the social relevance of the topic, the committee is confident that the outcomes will be valuable to students and lecturers as well as the professional field.”

AI-ready upon graduation

AI4Students is a project that should have an impact in all faculties of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. “We would like to ensure that all AUAS students are AI-ready by the time they graduate, not just with a general acquaintance with AI, but AI specifically geared to their field of study,” Piersma explains. “So it’s not about them studying with us first to become an accountant or physiotherapist, for example, and then having to take an additional training course as soon as they start their job. Instead, they should already be thinking with us about how AI is going to affect their job.”

The Comenius Leadership Fellow 2021 grant will enable Piersma to start fulfilling that ambition over the next three years. “What we want to do is start performing an AI impact scan for 9 degree programmes,” Piersma explains. “In what way is artificial intelligence going to impact a professional field? How will this affect what professionals need to be able to do, and what does that mean for the degree programme itself?”

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Inclusief Eten | Praat mee in ons Impact Hub online café

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Op donderdag 15 juli vertellen oa Stichting Mixblik De VerbroederIJ en Groenten Zonder Grenzen (GZG) hoe ze door middel van voedsel sociale inclusie bevorderen én hoe de teams van Young Impactmakers Community ze daarbij hebben geholpen in de afgelopen 8 weken.

Daarna organiseren we een online cafe, om samen in gesprek te gaan over ons sociale voedsel ecosysteem en hoe we elkaar verder kunnen helpen. Zin om mee te praten? Pak een drankje en schuif (online) aan!

We starten om 15.00 en je kunt je aanmelden voor de zoomlink.

Meet-up on Jul 15th