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Thibault Van der Auwermeulen, Founder & Managing director , posted

INNO2050, the 100% virtual and permanent fair, aims to help visitors and exhibitors connect the dots for a better tomorrow.

INNO2050, an international portal and virtual expo in its own right, focuses on a world of tomorrow, connecting lawmakers, scientists, learners and businesses together. From better waste management to building plans for a smarter city of the future, INNO250 aims to give governments the arsenal to prepare for a better tomorrow.

It’s all about building a bright future and tackle global warming together here. Network with others, and discuss more effective energy and water management. Our solution, built from professionals with expertise of over ten years, is designed to help make it all a seamless affair.

We believe INNO2050 is about building a community that can network over chats and messages, discuss on a job board, or meet up at physical exhibitions and congresses. You’ve people sharing the same interests as you – and you know everyone’s here for the greater good.

Ensure better and greener business practices for your construction company, with new technologies that are cost effective as well. Or, connect with city officials and startups to showcase your smart city solution. It’s all possible.

And you don’t have to pay anything to get started. INNO2050 is completely free. All it takes to create your own stand in our permanent virtual exhibition is a few seconds on your time.

Become an exhibitor and join the community today!

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The Road to Barcelona - The Interviews Part 4: Lightwell

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From ideas in a barn to Dutch design lampposts. One of the companies that will be part of the Amsterdam delegation at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, is Lightwell. They also joined us last year! Why do they like to go again? And most importantly, who are they? We spoke to managing director Peter Paul Metz and asked him about the company.

How has Lightwell started off?

Peter Paul: ‘Lightwell started literally in a barn in a garden in Amsterdam in 2009. At that time, LED technology was rather new. Most of the public lighting was not sustainable at all. It was all old technology. Three men started Lightwell to change this. The second step for Lightwell was the collaboration with the Dutch Design School. Together with architect Friso Kramer we developed a sustainable, design lamppost full of the newest technology.’

And since then? How have you developed?

Lightwell doesn’t focus on being more sustainable only. Sustainability is a global trend and LED lighting is getting more ordinary. What is unique about us, is our ability to integrate our sustainable product with smart infrastructure. We call this Lightmotion. Our lampposts have the sustainable LED lighting and can also charge electric cars, have camera surveillance and Wi-Fi. It can also be a hub with smart sensors to measure the environment. This Lightmotion is an interesting product in the smart city. In a while, we would love to see 10 percent of the lampposts being multifunctional devices. Every location has other needs, so our lamppost can adapt to this. In one place, sensors are desired and on busier spots it could be interesting for the lamppost to be a car charger. Within a few years we got a lot of certifications, which is an important step in our development.

Why do you think it is important to join the Smart City Expo in Barcelona?

There are a lot of events in the world, but we cannot miss the Expo in Barcelona. We have to be there! It is the place where we can meet other cities and companies. Last year at the Expo, there was a lot of interest in our products, but we could not show the Lightmotion yet. This year, we don’t only have a good story, we also have examples of orders. In the Netherlands, we just sold 10 Lightmotions, lampposts that charge cars, and 10 Bikemotions, lampposts that charge electric bikes.

Want to more about Lightwell or do you have a question for Peter Paul?

Drop a comment below!


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Mara de Pater, Master Student at Wageningen University and Research, posted

Sunny Soccer ASV Arsenal

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Citizens, offices and organizations within the metropolis Amsterdam live and work on clean energy



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Mara de Pater, Master Student at Wageningen University and Research, posted

Smart Sport Parks

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An initiative of 10 sports associations, the local city council and some entrepreneurs to build and maintain strong and sustainable sports grounds.

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