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Folkert Leffring, Digital Media Manager , posted

Five takeaways from 2020 Cities, Brussels

In June, Cities Today brought together municipal governments and mobility service providers to discuss the challenges of introducing ‘Mobility-as-a-Service’ (MaaS) to cities across Europe during the 11th 2020 Cities meeting.

Pascal Smet, Brussels’ Mobility Chief and Chair of the 2020 Cities meetings, spoke about the goal of transforming the Belgian capital’s streets and buildings to create a zero-emissions city.

Other key speakers included Miguel Gaspar, Deputy Mayor of Lisbon, Lilli Matson, Director of Strategy for Transport for London (TfL), Thomas Beermann, CEO of car2go, Alain Groff, Head of Mobility for Basel, and Eckart Diepenhorst, CEO of mytaxi.


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Stijn Vernaillen, posted

The Smart Way to Antwerp launches a multimodal app

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We're very proud of our launch of the "Smart Ways to Antwerp" Multimodal routeplanner app. Go check it out!

At the end of last year, the Smart Way to Antwerp launched a multimodal route planner on this website. This handy route planner is now also available as an app for your smartphone. You can now find a route much easier, by saving favourite routes and locations, but the app also can also make personal travel suggestions and send you notifications.

Multimodal route planner
The route planner combines routes on foot, with your own (folding) bike, Velo, tram, bus, train and car. So the proposed route may require you to drive your car or ride your bike to the train station, get off at Antwerp’s Central Station and cover the last part of your journey on foot or with a Velo shared bike. Car routes are diverted to P+Rs and public car parks in the city. Sometimes you can get to your destination more easily by combining transport options.

You can also save favourite locations and routes in the app, ensuring you can select your most frequently used route more easily. Users can also choose to receive notifications through the app in case of roadworks with a major impact on traffic or when new mobility solutions are launched. A new bike or car sharing system, for example, is news that can be relevant to all the users.

A smart map shows you where interesting locations like P+Rs, tram stops, car sharing hubs, LEZ day pass vending machines and others are located. You can also use the smart map to calculate a route to your chosen location.

Download the app here: https://www.slimnaarantwerpen.be/en/news/the-smart-way-to-antwerp-launches-a-multimodal-app

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Jaap Sybenga, CEO at Mobypark, posted

Call for unused storage spaces in Amsterdam

For a well known Dutch brand who's a renter on our storage space sharing platform Djeepo, we're specifically looking for easily accessible storage spaces in or near De Pijp, Amstel Station and East. If you know anyone who has a 7m2+ storage space that's (partially) empty, please let me know by e-mail: info@djeepo.com.

Of course, any other unused space – from 1 to 10.000 sq.m., attic to empty office building – can also be put to use as storage space on https://www.djeepo.com/


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Julie Chenadec, Head of Communications at SDIA - Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance, posted

Europe’s Urban Energy & Mobility Transition - EUSEW

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Four European projects - SEEV4-City, CleanMobilEnergy, SIMPLA and EV ENERGY are organising an event on Europe's Urban Energy and Mobility Transition.

This event presents activities developed by and with European cities and regions that are frontrunners applying innovative renewable energy solutions combined with EV charging infrastructure.

The four European projects are working on these topics from different angles, in different stages and provide ingredients to get these sustainable solutions replicated in large scale. The target is city level and beyond. These project initiatives jointly aim to boost progress.

Our speakers are:
- Mark van Stiphout – EC DG Energy
- Ger Baron - City of Amsterdam's CTO
- Shelley Forrester - European Investment Bank
- Henk van Raan – Johan Cruijff Amsterdam ArenA
- Adrian Vinsome - CENEX UK
- Hugo Niesing - Resourcefully
- Luca Mercatelli, Area Science Park
- Julie Chenadec - Green IT Amsterdam

Agenda and more information on the website: https://www.eusew.eu/energy-days/demonstration-and-upscaling-how-achieve-adequate-policy-measures-and-large-scale

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Tom van Arman, Director & Founder at Tapp, posted

Top 10 Reasons why The Netherlands is leading the future of mobility

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Last week we hosted The Future Of Mobility Workshop at the SmartCities NY ’18 Conference where we demonstrated how The Netherlands is the leader in smart, safe and sustainable mobility.

We divided the participants into 5 workgroups to speak with the industry leaders like Goudappel, Deloitte, TWTG, RAI / Intertraffic, Yazamtec, OC Mobility, 2GetThere, TomTom & Atos, Delivery-bike, Lumiguide to demonstrate Dutch solutions on themes “Future Mobility Planning”, “Smart Parking”, “Autonomous First And Last Mile Solutions”, “Urban Data And Smart Mobility Solutions”, & “Green Mobility”.

To see the video summary visit: https://youtu.be/HzDvvjSaOZk

There were 60 participants attending the workshop to learn from the experts and showcase why The Netherlands offers a rich ecosystem of world class suppliers, knowledge institutes and service providers. From design, architecture, car and equipment manufacture through to innovative new technologies and green smart mobility solutions.

Did you know:

1. The Dutch were the first to map the world in the Middle ages... TomTom Dutch company delivering over 550,000,000 (yes, 550 million) data points per day

2. The Netherlands is the only country in which real autonomous vehicles move people among normal traffic

3. With over 90,000 EVs charged every day, the Netherlands operates one of the world’s largest and most advanced charging infrastructures.

4. KPMG and Roland Berger named the Netherlands global frontrunner in Future mobility (prepared for Autonomous driving, disruptive tech)

5. NL is the only country in the world that facilitates multimodal trip planning with one chip card

6. >90% of the chips in your car, cellphone are produced on a machine built in the Netherlands/Brainport Eindhoven by ASML

7. In the Netherlands the world’s first shockwave reduction project, which applies car2x communication in ‘normal’ traffic, was introduced on a highway that is equipped with cooperative roadside units (WiFi-P)

8. The Netherlands is one of the safest countries in the world with the most bicycles fully integrated bicycles in the mobility system

9. The Netherlands has the most cost efficient public transport

10. The Dutch automotive sector employs 55,000 people, most of whom work in the ancillary supply domain.

The Future of Mobility Conference was organised by AMSiXL and Brainport Eindhoven

For more information about upcoming future mobility workshops contact me at: tom@tapp.nl

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Peipei Yang, posted

Adoption of electric cars in different neighborhoods in Amsterdam

Are you interested in finding out what influences the uptake of electric vehicles in different neighborhoods in Amsterdam? Take this 5 minutes survey to help us find more solutions for increasing green vehicle adoption in Amsterdam! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KSFHCYD (English); https://nl.surveymonkey.com/r/V5PBK66 (Dutch)

Please complete the survey on a PC/ipad for an optimal view of the questions.

Debbie Dekkers, project manager at City of Amsterdam, posted

Bewonersconsultatie Mobiliteit

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De afgelopen tijd is er veel gepraat over mobiliteit en drukte in Amsterdam. Het was zelfs verkiezingsthema nummer één. Wij gaan graag met u in gesprek gaan over duurzame, prikkelende en innovatieve initiatieven die uw buurt leefbaarder en groener maken.

Het Innovatie Team, verkent samen met de afdeling Verkeer en Openbare Ruimte, de toekomst op het gebied van mobiliteit onder het innovatieprogramma ‘Smart Mobility’. Amsterdam speelt hierdoor in op de kansen voor innovatie trends en ontwikkelingen. Een van de ontwikkelingen is de transitie van bezit naar gebruik. Mobiliteit wordt een dienst waarvoor je betaalt als van A naar B moet. Om hierop in te spelen denkt de gemeente Amsterdam na over een reeks experimenten.

We delen graag onze ideeën en willen graag sámen met jullie de puntjes op de i zetten van onze aanpak. Denk u met ons mee?

Debbie Dekkers's picture Event on May 14th
Robert Valentine, Projectleader Smart City Data at City of Amsterdam, posted

Results of the Zuidas Mobility Experience

Today on April 3rd we started with the second edition of the Zuidas Mobility Experience. During this Experience we are testing a semi Mobility as a Service solution.

Attached you can find the results of the first round which took place in October of last year. In May we will report on the results of the second edition.

Participants of the mobility experience could use any mode of transportation with a travel budget of 1000 euros, if they would not use their lease car for one month. 11 people, working in different companies on the Zuidas, took up the challenge to try a combanation of different modalities; rental bike, train, tram, taxi. Everything to make mobility better!

After the pilot 50% of the participants wanted their lease car back, but the other 50% prefered to travel on the mobility budget!

Do you have a lease car? What do you think of an all-modality travel pass?

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Julie Chenadec, Head of Communications at SDIA - Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance, posted

EV Energy

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EV Energy paves the way for a future decarbonisation of the energy and mobility sector.

Articles by Green IT Amsterdam

  1. Removing the last hurdle to EV’s integration: policies and regulations overdue make-over
  2. Embracing the flexible energy revolution in urban cities
  3. EV ENERGY at the European Sustainable Energy Week
  4. Nieuwe mobiliteitsoplossingen vereisen slimme ICT / New mobility solutions require smarter ICT
  5. Opslag van energie Amsterdam Arena wijst datacenters de weg

Professionals Video

  1. RTL7 - Green Project (Dutch TV - We explain how your electric car can function as a small power plant!)
  2. EV Energy takes action! (Video on the actions planned in our partner regions to promote sustainable mobility and energy)

Newsletter: Semester 1, Semester 2, Semester 3, Semester 4,

Other materials:

Subscribe to our newsletter and receive upfront all news, updates and events from the EV ENERGY project !

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Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Recap: Data for Smart Mobility

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Recap: Smart Data, Smart City #2. How can you assemble all transport providers into one mobile service, MaaS (Mobility as a Service)? Data sharing seems like a good first step.

How can you assemble all transport providers into one mobile service, MaaS (Mobility as a Service)? Data sharing seems like a good first step.

The third MaaS Meetup was a collaboration between the Amsterdam Economic Board and Amsterdam Smart City. The meetup was hosted at DataLab as part of Amsterdam Smart City’s Smart Data, Smart City event series. Tijs Roelofs (Smart Mobility Manager at the City of Amsterdam) immediately kicked off by sharing his personal details with the audience: a picture of his two sons, his Honda Jazz parked in front of his house, his bike and the 550 euro his family monthly spends on transportation.

Level playing field

Roelofs’ wish for the future? Freedom of Mobility. He wishes access to all transport means. A mobility platform which is easy to use, trustworthy and affordable. Or to put it in other words: tailor-made mobility like Roelofs elaborated on in his MaaSterplan. According to Roelofs this new way of organizing mobility is an absolute necessity in Amsterdam. While there is an increase in citizens and employment opportunities there is a decrease in parking spots and space. Simultaneously the market is changing: internet companies like Uber are growing rapidly and will quickly start to dominate other transport companies.

‘If we do not take action, one party will dominate the market,’ states Roelofs. That is why it is important to collaborate, to share transport data and above all keep the system as open source as possible. Not only will this create a level playing field for providers it also creates different options for the user. Roelofs: ‘In the end you would like to match supply and demand.’ When everybody supplies data the municipality - will get a great overview. Which could be used to stimulate alternative means of transport.

Robust system

How can you actually match supply and demand? How do you interpreter those different data sets? According to Diana Vonk Noordegraaf (senior consultant Smart Mobility at TNO) it is important to keep an eye on the robustness of a mobile platform like MaaS constantly. What will happen after a minor incident? Imagine the A10 gets a major overhaul and an accident has happened at the A9. Vonk Noordegraaf shows Amsterdam’s redlined traffic map. What is the disturbance’s impact? Can you design a system that is less vulnerable?

One of the solutions Vonk Noordegraaf provides is to monitor and keep looking . ‘Start by asking yourself what you can add to MaaS.’ What is the commuter’s opinion about the app? How do commuters want to use the app? The next step is to take the measurable parameters into account, like travel time. Finally you add extra data: from public transport data to weather forecasting data. It is all about the circular process: from simulation models, a thorough MaaS design, followed by pilots. At the end of the trajectory you start to monitor and adjust. ‘Each phase in the circle is crucial.’ The data’s sum is the flywheel to complete the circle.

The End of private property

MaaS in practice is Peter Krumm’s, head strategy and innovation at Connexxion, speciality; 'We collect a lot of data, however data that could cause a privacy violation is not allowed to be shared. There are some valid arguments for that. And as a public organization we have to respect that.'

However he calls out to the government to enable transport organizations to share more data. ‘Many stakeholders ask Connexxion’s permission to access our data. It would be ridiculous for Connexxion to develop a public transport app without the data of competitor Arriva. A growing number of parties seeks the same kind of information. It is all about matching those quests.’ At Connexxion they know it for quite some time: you need to collaborate!

Hope to see you all at the next Smart Data, Smart City event 18th of May

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Maarten Poot, Founder at felyx, posted

Felyx e-scooter sharing

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Felyx offers shared electric scooters as a new urban mobility concept. Our convenient and affordable scooters can be located and activated through an app and parked at any destination ("free-floating").

Felyxoffers shared electric scooters as a new urban mobility concept. Our convenient and affordable scooters can be located and activated through an app and parked at any destination ("free-floating"). Our concept solves current urban mobility issues and combines possibilities and opportunities of new technologies, sharing economy, and sustainability.

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Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted


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Amsterdam's business district 'Zuidas' gets a big overhaul the next couple of years.

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Anonymous posted


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Share a ride, Toogethr.


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