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Jacqueline Verheugen, posted

Job offer: operations officer Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab (16-24 hours)

Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab is een samenwerking tussen de partners AMS Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, Amsterdam Smart City, Amsterdam Economic Board, NEMO Science Museum en Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam. Het belangrijkste doel van Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab is het realiseren van opschaalbare innovaties die steden leefbaar maken en houden. Om dat te bereiken, brengen de partners hun expertise en netwerk op het gebied van onderzoek, innovatie, stedelijke ontwikkeling en experimenteren samen op deze unieke plek in Amsterdam.

Voor het komende half jaar (september 2019 - maart 2020, mogelijk met uitloop) zoeken we een gedreven operations officer die het Living Lab operationeel gaat maken, aanvragen toetst, start met het runnen van de experimenten en zorgt voor verdere ontwikkeling van het Living Lab in samenwerking met de partners.

Interesse? Bekijk de vacature hier: https://www.marineterrein.nl/vacature-operations-officer-marineterrein-amsterdam-living-lab/

Gertjan de Vries, Partner at SensorTeam B.V., posted

WANTED: Launching customer for AI audio analysis project with Google, ML6 and SensorTeam

Google, ML6 and SensorTeam are joining forces and are looking for your help

We have started a proof of concept to recognize sound by expanding our cutting edge wireless sensor-technology with AI based audio analysis models from ML6.

SensorTeam’s IoT SoundSensor™ is an extremely accurate and cheap sound sensor which is solar powered, LoRaWAN compliant and LTE-M ready. This plug-and-play outdoor sensor runs autonomously anywhere in the world.

Sound recognition from regular ambient noise can be interesting for many reasons:

- Smart maintenance and Industry application
- Social noise disturbances from festivals, events or terrasses
- Public safety: gunshots, explosives, angry crowds
- Noise impact of airplanes, trains or highways
- Indoor noise solutions (office, security)
- Your idea here ;)

Interested in our technology or a mutually beneficial collaboration with Google/ML6 and SensorTeam? Do you have a relevant use case for our technology? Please contact us by sending an email to info@sensorteam.io.

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Enrico Calce, Office Coordinator , posted

Plastic Waste Recyling

Hi everyone!
I am Enrico, office coordinator for a startup of e-scooter sharing. I am looking for companies who can collect and reuse our plastic waste and turn it into swags and other objects and create nice cooperation around plastic reuse. We are also looking for a partner in handling our organic food waste to create compost!
Thank you all!

Zuzana Kapustíková, Student , posted

Looking for interview participants for my research

Warm greetings to everyone!

My name is Zuzana and I am doing my bachelor thesis about the impact of civic hacking on government transparency. If you are working for the municipality of Amsterdam or you identify yourself as a civic hacker than I have an interesting offer for you!

What I need from you as a participant:
- You either work for the municipality of Amsterdam or identify yourself as a civic hacker and
you have been involved in a project where the mutual collaboration took place.
- You are willing to do an interview with me and answer questions like how the collaboration itself looked like, what was the input of civic hackers, and in what ways this input helped to achieve effective outcomes, i.e. improve the information exchange between citizens and the municipality.

What you get from me as a participant:
- You will have a chance to share your experience over a nice cup of coffee or tea
- You will help me with my research and eventually contribute to creating more understanding of how the public sector can benefit from collaboration with civic hackers.

In total, I am looking for 10 participants. If you are interested or know someone who can help me, please send me a message on zuzka.kapustikova@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Anuradha Sharma, Management Consultant , posted

Looking for a job opportunity in the areas of smart cities / digital transformation

I am a Smart Cities Consultant, actively looking for opportunities in the areas of Smart Cities, Digital Transformation, Livable Cities, Sustainable Development, Urban Mobility, ICT/ IoT, Strategy Planning, Project Management, Urban Management, Urban Economic Development, Urban Governance, Feasibility Studies, Technical Research, and Development.
I hold a Masters degree from Germany with specialization in Urban Agglomerations. I would be happy to hear from you pointing out at any leads or opportunities.
Thanks in advance,
Kind Regards,

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Luke James, Director & Head of Research , posted

Introduction to Impact & Monetising OEM & Fleet Data

Hi All,

This is my first post so I thought I should introduce myself... Hi!

I lead all our research across Impact, a mobility business intelligence unit based in London. We are holding our first Mobility Conference is in Amsterdam this June (24-25) and as such I'm keen to connect and engage with as many people in this space as possible! If we're not already connected you can find me on Linkedin here https://www.linkedin.com/in/lukejames1/

Conference Brochure & Attendee List - https://eloqua.impactconf.com/LP=22957?extsource=brochure_website

Conference Website - https://events.impactconf.com/mobility-eu/

Introduction aside I am currently in the midst of a deep dive into new monetisation strategies for OEMs and fleets. If any of you are involved in this space please say hello as I'd love to chat!


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karan chawla, Co founder , posted

Opportunity for Collaboration (Individuals / Startups)

Are you an Individual / Startup involved in mobility (road / construction / lighting) sector In Amsterdam ?
Are you an Individual / Startup who believes in utilizing waste to create something amazing out of it ?
Are you an Individual / Startup who's ready to grab an opportunity to make this city more Safe, Smart and Sustainable ?

If you said " Yes " to all !! We just want to hear from you !!

We are bunch of engineers working on smart product to lighten the roads and cycle tracks. The product is ofcourse made up of waste and uses solar light to completely highlight the edge of roads/tracks. (A previous pilot in NL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qTXJswXo_Q) but we bring it out in more Economical and Sustainable way to make is easily feasible on large scale.

We are on stage of development and pilot for product and hence !! Looking for someone like minded to launch this product in Amsterdam with Startup in Residence scheme !!

If this interests you !! Drop a comment and let's get things rolling.

Thank you

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Laura van den Boogert, Project lead , posted

Sign up now for new Startup in Residence Sustainability incubator!

Startups & scaleups and social enterprises, check out our 2019 sustainability programme and sign up now: https://startupinresidence.com/amsterdam/

The governmental startup incubator Startup in Residence gives sustainable entrepreneurs the opportunity to collaborate with the local government towards solving 18 sustainable city challenges. The sustainability challenges cover a variety of topics including waste recycling, new energy sources, sustainable sports city, climate-proof city, etc. Add to that, we as a municipality, would like to become more innovative and sustainable. Find the complete list of challenges here: http://bit.ly/2tbYfmN !

Apply for our programme now! We’re looking forward to receiving your applications from February 5th until March 24th 2019!

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Elton Zorba, Urban planning , posted

Internship request in transportation

Looking forward to become part of an project or an existing program that covert the sector of transportation in metropolitan areas. During the bachelor and master course I could gain knowledge on the use of software related to data management, remote sensing and geographic representation-analysis. Othe courses related to economic estimation of impacts derivative from the interventions. Hope to make a path on an new urban experience. Linguistics soft skills: English, Italian, Albanian.

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Wouter de Wit, Consultant at Deloitte, posted

Sign up for the Amsterdam Mobility Challenge!

The Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (MRA) expects to grow by two million people and more than 200,000 houses in the next 30 years. Because of this; a complex mobility challenge arises that has to answer to the following questions:

• How can we keep the traffic flowing in a way that allows people to get where they need to be?
• How can we make sure goods will be delivered to people and companies?
• How can we approach this challenge knowing that we are moving towards an emission-free world?
• How can we maintain investment levels in infrastructure at an acceptable and affordable level?

We’re challenging teams to develop solutions that focus on:
• Optimization: improve driver, vehicle and fleet efficiency
• Public transport & shared mobility: introduce new methods of transportation and multimodality that are more accessible and flexible for everyone
• Interactive systems with existing infrastructure

Solutions should contribute to Amsterdam’s 2025 zero emission target and should work for and benefit the whole ecosystem of the government, transportation and logistics companies, retailers, insurers, the automotive industry and tech/digital companies. In addition, a major focus should be to provide citizens with new modes of transportation that are faster, cheaper, cleaner, safer and more efficient.

First prize for the winning solution:
€4.000 + travel for two people per winning team to attend the Garage Opening Festival in Amsterdam, April 11, 2019, where they will pitch their idea to top CEOs from each industry.
Second price: €2.000
Third price: €1.000

Sign up before the 15th of February!
For more information, please see: https://deloittegarage.bemyapp.com/mobility

V C, posted

Feedbacks wanted: ChargeOn Bike - Clean Energy Challenge for Amsterdam City

Hello folks,

I have joined What Design Can Do's clean energy challenge, and now is at the concept stage. My product is called ChargeOn Bike: using a dynamo to charge smartphones with clean energy from cycling, and a mobile app to raise awareness about energy transition.

Could you let me know your thoughts on it?
Do you see the need of it as a citizen and what I could improve to fit your needs?

Any feedbacks are very much welcome.

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Barbora Kudzmanaite, posted

Looking for innovative and impactful IT solutions for public administrations

Do you want to become the next public sector digital champion? Submit your solution for the World Sharing and Reuse Awards by 28 February 2019!

On 29 November, Mariya Gabriel, ​​the Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society officially launched the Sharing & Reuse Awards 2019. The contest will highlight the most innovative and impactful IT solutions for public administrations (both open source software and IT shared services).

The prizes that can be won are € 15 000 for the first team and € 10 000 for the runner-up in each of these 4 categories:
Most innovative open source software
Open source software with the biggest impact on citizens or businesses
Most innovative shared IT services (commonly developed or shared)
Shared IT services (commonly developed or shared) with the biggest impact on citizens or businesses

The Sharing and Reuse Awards will take place on 29 June, 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. If you would like to become a contestant in the awards, you can submit your solution before 28 February 2019.

Read more and propose your solution here: https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/collection/sharing-and-reuse-it-solutions/sharing-reuse-awards-2019

Alicja Kepka, Student , posted

Looking for interviewees for a thesis project

My name is Alicja Kepka and I am a 3rd-year student of Media & Information programme at the University of Amsterdam. I am currently working on my thesis which focuses on the development of smart cities. I'm looking for people working on interesting projects, companies, or organizations that might help me with my project.

The main goal of my research is to take a closer look at the discourse around smart cities in the Netherlands and explore the role of citizens in the decision-making and implementation processes. I am especially interested in investigating how companies and organizations involve citizens and how they deal with more vulnerable groups in the society (for example, computer illiterate or older generations) when thinking about smart city technologies.

Would you be interested in giving a short interview to answer a few questions about your organization, the development of smart cities, and the involvement of citizens?
The interview could take place in person, over the phone, or through the internet. It shouldn’t last longer than 1 hour. It would be also recorded and transcribed at the later stage. Your valuable input would be later used in the final publication, with all relevant acknowledgments.

Please don't hesitate to contact me via alicja.kepka@hotmail.com if you have any questions!

Alicja Kepka

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Valerie Bos, Program Director at Economic Development Board Almere, posted

Looking for sleep experts / fanatics / startups!

Short nights, long days, yawning, snoozing, blue light, espresso popping, one more episode - than one more. We get less sleep than we need. And that is a shame because sleeping contributes to good health. To our productivity, our vitality and our enjoyment of life. And, indirectly, also to our economy. We, therefore, dare to say with confidence that becoming rich sleeping is not such a crazy statement: a healthy, sleepy city is a productive city after all.

We are looking for companies, individuals, startups etc. that are interested in this topic or doing great things and are ready to share that with the rest of the region (world).

The program starts the 7th of January till 25 March 2019.

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Yvette Jeuken, posted

Amsterdammers gezocht voor onderzoek naar stadsnatuur

De universiteit Nantes zoekt Amsterdammers voor een onderzoek naar de impact van stadsnatuur op de gezondheid en het welzijn van stadsbewoners. Dit onderzoek maakt onderdeel uit van Nature4Cities (www.nature4cities.eu) een project gericht op klimaatverandering in de stad. Nature4Cities onderzoekt de mogelijkheden om de effecten van klimaatverandering aan te pakken door meer stadse natuur te creeeren (Nature-based Solutions).
Jouw bijdrage wordt zeer op prijs gesteld!

De link naar de vragenlijst: https://lnkd.in/gU2VbRs

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Sabrina Zaini, posted

Digi.Bio is offering several internships

Digi.Bio is a biotech startup with big dreams. We are looking for a young and ambitious team to join us in our mission to reprogram biology. We have three internship positions open:
- Design
- Engineering
- Business/Finance
Read more about the vacancies and sign up:
Design - https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSr4CPTDRgoYJUDEhB-LlkJDOLQwHP98MXtFfohO2-PKooJbR3p1UtVUAq1knykfMHEaAYiQA6BpRtR/pub

Engineering: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRokue8ippDJzu6g5ZWnUQ99jQLGuwtwOd9TuvJJRAt1UquNuT-bMmLv2yPUoRcLajulstZWcGmlHGg/pub

Business/Finance: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRO9xE7gMRQ-cGiMSg8oZ9wZPoHJj42KOw8IVY9p3GcTok88z9MjZ0NvuTebKPfHpB7JQBg6A6ERtpr/pub

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Samantha Yannucci, posted

Looking for connections to start an Urban Living Lab that facilitates integration for refugee communities

Hi all, my name is Sam and I have an idea for an urban living lab that facilitates the social and cultural integration of refugee communities. I am seeking practical steps for where to start.

The purpose of this project is to understand the potential for intentional cultural enclaves to facilitate the integration of immigrants and members of the host society by catalyzing meaningful relationships, interactions, and cultural exchange through culturally specific businesses, services, and activities. Through experimentation, analysis, and refinement, the model would ultimately be replicable in any city and serve as an epicenter for meaningful cultural exchange, ultimately leading to true integration (not to be confused with assimilation) and a more culturally rich city as a whole.

The concept is an alternative to contemporary integration policy and programs, such as the Dutch dispersal policies, that force citizens of a different racial, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds to live in a single residential area. I do not believe these contemporary policies contribute to the highest degree of social and cultural integration.

Any information, advice, and partnership recommendations to develop on this urban living lab concept is much appreciated.

Additionally, I have not gotten to talk to many people about this concept, so if I have no explained clearly, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions and I will happily provide clarification!

Thank you and all the best,


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Giovanni Stijnen, Senior program & business developer at NEMO Kennislink, posted

Looking for: Digital City Experts for Inscience Festival

NEMO Kennislink verzorgt dit jaar een NEMO City Lab evenement tijdens het Inscience festival in Nijmegen. https://www.insciencefestival.nl/. Jaarthema van Inscience 2018 is AI. Inscience is een kwalitatief hoogstaand festival met (inter) nationale gasten en sprekers.

We zoeken experts - bij voorkeur op het gebied van AI in de stad – die willen deelnemen in onze activiteiten. Dat kan zijn als spreker in onze mini colleges of expert bij verschillende interactieve discussie formats. NEMO City Lab is laagdrempelig, speels en gericht op het betrekken van burgers bij stedelijke vraagstukken.

Inscience 2017 aftermovie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBEhnDOjtss

Wat we vragen
Je gaat als expert onder begeleiding van ons team met bezoekers van het festival in gesprek over AI in de stad. Dat gebeurt op zaterdag 10 en zondag 11 november. Het programma duurt 4 uur en loopt naar verwachting van van 12 – 16 uur. Je bent niet 4 uur continue bezig, er is voldoende ruimte voor pauzes.

Wat we bieden
Wij voorzien je van lunch, koffie en thee. Je krijgt een festival pas waarmee je toegang hebt tot het festival. We bieden geen gages, wel een klein bedankje, reiskosten vergoeding en mocht het nodig zijn kunnen wij overnachting in Nijmegen voorzien.
Verder zorgen wij voor vermelding van alle deelnemers en hun organisaties in promotie uitingen en reportages.

Heb je interesse? Stuur dan vóór 8 okt. een mail o.v.v. Expert AI Inscience naar Giovanni Stijnen: Stijnen@e-nemo.nl

Wat is NEMO City Lab: bekijk hier een sfeerimpressie van een eerdere editie.

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Sanne Mylonas, Impact Entrepreneur & COO , posted

Looking for: futuremakers for the “Growing Green Bridges” Hackathon

Heb je ervaring met (circulaire) bouwmaterialen, energie neutrale & eco-positieve innovaties, life cycle analysis, verbinding maken tussen infrastructuur en de omliggende omgeving, water(management) of het onderhoud van bruggen? Kortom: ben jij een ‘bruggenbouwer’?

Op 18 oktober brengen de provincie Flevoland en de gemeente Almere een selecte groep van 100 toekomstmakers bij elkaar om mee te denken over de te ontwerpen en te bouwen innovatieve bruggen voor het nieuw te ontwikkelen Floriade gebied.

AANMELDEN: Meld je vóór 1 oktober aan via: https://goo.gl/forms/QVxBPvEN9qpN4oUx2

ONTMOET inspirerende sprekers over (circulaire) innovatie; neem deel aan interactieve workshops waarin jij gaat brainstormen over, en bouwen aan, jouw ideale Floriade gebied; netwerk met 100 toekomstmakers die zich inzetten voor circulaire infrastructuur, duurzame innovatie en GREEN BRIDGES!

WANNEER: 18 oktober 2018 van 09.00 tot 21.00
WAAR: op een nader te bepalen inspirerende locatie in Almere en omstreken

Deelname is exclusief en gratis.
PARTNERS: Provincie Flevoland & Gemeente Almere

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