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Pepijn Stoffers, Student , posted

Gezocht: smart city projecten voor afstudeeronderzoek

Momenteel ben ik bezig met afstuderen bij Olisto in Amsterdam. Olisto ontwikkelt een app voor consumenten die gratis te downloaden is voor Android en iOS.
Binnen de app kunnen de gebruikers IoT devices, apps en services met elkaar verbinden. Zo kan de gebruiker binnen de app smart city Amsterdam verbinden op het gebied van Park & Ride locaties, vrije laadpalen en ondergrondse plastic containers.
De gebruiker kan daarnaast verschillende kanalen gebruiken van o.a. Philips Hue, KlikAanKlikUit, SmartAlarm, WoonVeilig en nog veel meer.

Voor Olisto voer ik een onderzoek uit naar wat de wensen en behoeften zijn van potentiële partners. Onder de potentiële partners vallen bestaande en nieuwe smart city projecten.

Ben jij momenteel bezig met het ontwikkelen van een smart city project of ben je betrokken bij een smart city initiatief? Dan kom ik graag met jou in contact!

Voor meer informatie over Olisto:

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Anonymous posted

Rooftop Award 2018

Rooftop Award 2018
It is time again for the 'Rooftopper' and 'Roofflopper' of 2018. Report the ugliest or most beautiful green roof in the Netherlands and hopefully the roof will win the Rooftop Award 2018!

Send a photo of the most beautiful or ugliest roof and report the roof through the link below. You can register until June 4th. Rooftop Revolution and ROEF select the top 10 most promising roofs in both categories. From the top 10, a professional jury chooses the Rooftopper and Roofflopper.

Criteria for the Rooftopper and Roofflopper
The criteria for the (pre-) selection are:
- The current state of the roof
- Public accessibility
- Innovation and inspiration
- Sustainability and green
- Visibility

The Rooftopper wins a bee hotel to make the roof even more beautiful. De Roofflopper gets a free roof scan of € 500, carried out by Rooftop Revolution. The awards will be presented on Friday 22nd of June during the annual Rooftop Symposium in the Queen Maxima Hall of the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT).

More information: https://bit.ly/2rsW6UW

Christina Priavolou, Junior Research Fellow , posted

Information on WikiHouse Projects


I am a PhD student investigating the environmental sustainability of open-source solutions in buildings.
I am interested in participating in a workshop/project/short course related to collaborative production (or, ideally, a WikiHouse structure) during September or November.
If you know any relevant information, please let me know!

Thank you.

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Madalina L, PhD student , posted

Internship in Circular Economy

Hi everyone!
I'm a PhD student looking for an internship in Circular Economy. If you know any opportunities, please let me know.
Many thanks!

Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Join the conversation - a perspective on Amsterdam as circular city

Amsterdam is circular in 2050. In the Sustainability Agenda and in the Circular Innovation Program, the municipality of Amsterdam has identified guiding principles. The guiding principles have not yet been translated concretely. As a result, the principles still provide insufficient guidance on the choices that we now have to make about the transition to a circular city.

A translation to concrete ambitions is necessary. What these ambitions mean for choices about the role, behavior and approach of citizens, governments, companies and knowledge institutes is explained in this position paper. The Amsterdam Smart City network calls for a discussion about how and how quickly we can reach a circular Amsterdam. The attached note offers a start for this conversation.

The paper can be found below in English and Dutch.

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Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Amsterdam wins prestigious award for circular economy

Featured image

Amsterdam has won the World Smart City Award for circular economy. The prize was awarded on Wednesday 15 November at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. With the award, the organization shows it’s appreciation for the pioneering Amsterdam program for circular economy

Amsterdam has won the World Smart City Award for circular economy. The prize was awarded on Wednesday 15 November at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. With the award, the organization shows it’s appreciation for the pioneering Amsterdam program for circular economy and for the city’s efforts to develop policy for urban-level circular economics in several areas: local production of sustainable and seasonal food, local production of electricity, reduction of fuel consumption and the improvement of waste recycling.

The World Smart City Awards seek to reward pioneering projects, ideas and strategies that promote sustainable urban development around the globe. It is the first time the prize for circular economy was awarded and it is one of the seven categories of awards covering some of the key smart city issues. There were 309 entries from 58 countries around the world in the race.

Learning by doing

In 2015, Amsterdam was the first city in the world to investigate the chances of a circular economy. Research shows that a circular economy creates news businesses, has a positive economic impact and contributes directly to a sustainable society. Based on research and market consultation the City of Amsterdam started a circular program that consists of two complementary components: Amsterdam Circular, learning by doing, with 23 municipal projects, and the Circular Innovation program 2016-2018, with the most important innovations and developments in circularity of partners in the city. Key words of the programs are: ‘providing complete evidentiary’ and ‘learning by doing’. In the implementation, the municipality works closely together with circular entrepreneurs, for example through the Amsterdam Smart City network. . Early next year both of the programs will be evaluated. The recommendations resulting from this will given to the next College of Alderpersons of the City of Amsterdam.

Record number of visitors

The Smart City Expo World Congress is an annual recurring event that stimulates the exchange of knowledge and collaboration between cities throughout the world. The congress is a meeting place for governments, companies and research centers. The seventh edition, which takes place from 14 until 16 November in Barcelona, draws a record number of more than 700 cities, 600 exhibitors and 420 speakers from around the world. The last edition had more than 16.000 visitors. This year a large Dutch delegation will be present, consisting of municipalities - including Amsterdam – research institutions and large companies as well as promising innovation start ups and SMEs. This collaboration stems from the NL Smart City Strategy, which was offered to Prime Minister Rutte.


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Micha Hes, Business Developer at Port of Amsterdam, posted

Turning citrus waste into value-added raw materials

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PeelPioneers, an organic refinery for citrus peels, has been located in Prodock since 1 March 2017. Each year, more than 250 million kilos of citrus peels are thrown away in the Netherlands and then incinerated or fermented. It’s a pity these processing methods are used because the peels actually contain lots of valuable raw materials.

PeelPioneers has developed a process that makes it possible to convert these peels into, for example, fibres and aromatic compounds. These raw materials are subsequently processed into end products in various industries including the food, packaging and cosmetics sectors. This is how PeelPioneers transforms waste into raw materials and helps bring about the circular economy.

Since opening in March, PeelPioneers in Prodock has processed more than 200 kilos of orange peels a day that come from the catering facilities at Amsterdam Central Station. The ultimate aim is to upscale and to become the leading peel processor of the twenty-first century.


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