New online platform based on sustainable tourism seeking support!

If the neighbourhood is the one being affected by an increase in visitors, why shouldn’t it directly benefit from it?

This is the question that motivated us to create Hoodbnb. We are based in Amsterdam and we just launched our platform.

Due to the nature of our idea and the many problems the city of Amsterdam is experiencing with mass tourism and gentrification, we are as well seeking support from the Geemente.

So here it is, a new way of travelling, Hoodbnb! sustainable tourism against gentrification.

Hoodbnb is an online community platform for the short-term rental of apartments or rooms in a sustainable way. It aims to combat the gentrification and touristification of our cities to help maintain their identities and their habitability for locals. At Hoodbnb we recognise local businesses as the main factor in making a city or a neighbourhood unique. Keeping these local businesses alive is our main goal.

How do we combat gentrification? Until now these sorts of platforms were a mere intermediary between two parts: guests and hosts. We introduce a new third part to the game: the LBP, or Local Business or Project. You, as a guest, can choose them as the benefactor for half of the commission that Hoodbnb would earn for your reservation. During your trip, you are able to go to this local business and spend that half of the commission there.

This way we create x3-win tourism. Win for the guests, for the hosts and win for the neighbourhood!

We are 100% operational. However, there is still plenty to do. We are looking for people enthusiastic about the idea of the project and who want to help it grow!
We are as well looking for investors who can make that growth faster!

Check for more info or contact me directly if you want to support us!

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Nancy Zikken

@fonsalders Interessant voor jouw initiatief?


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