Electric cars wanted for high-end tourism in Amsterdam

The 5 most luxurious hotels of Amsterdam house guests that are sometimes interested in private tours by car through the city. Driving around, in a luxurious car interior while looking at the sites.

Normally the hotels hire limousine services for this. The downside of these car-rides are that the guides aren't really involved in the historical, cultural and social fabric of the city ànd the car itself is never electric, making this more polluting than it should be.

Amsterdam Odyssey stands for a different kind of tourism: sustainable, local and meaningful. Therefor we never do these kind of car-ride excursions.

But, what if.... we could partner up with a company that promotes the use of electric cars, offering high-end chauffeured electric cars for us to use as a means of transport? We work together with Taxi Electric off course, but we are hoping to get in touch with other companies as well, maybe to help them in a start-up phase or to promote a new business model. To get in touch, please send an email to tours@amsterdamodyssey.com

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Eline Vliegen's picture
Eline Vliegen

Hi @nancyzikken since July I took over Iris' role as startup liaison! I will look into your question but I think Abel is a very good recommendation already ;)

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Nancy Zikken

@irismuis Do you know any startups who work on electric driving and might like this?

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Nancy Zikken

Hi Hanneke, I really like your question. I asked the Smart City team about this and they thought of Abel and the Tuktuk Factory!