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I am doing Master phase of my education life in Urban Design. After that, I want to continue with Phd phase. I am still searching about Smart City. But, i want to learn more about this topic in your countiries and cities. In my country, this topic is really new and there are lots of gaps in smart city area. But, specially I want to learn in European Cities about smart city, which fields do you have gap in smart city? Specially which part of smart city samples do government and citizens need to know? Because, I want to do Phd phase in Europe.
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Şafak Coze

Thank you for information. I will explore a lot about this topic you explained.

Leonid Cheslavsky

Ok, now we are developing participation platform called SPILNO/Civic space (First name for Ukrainian market, second for global). The aim in creating of smart citizens that will take processes in decision making and will contact with government. We think that development of cities and smart cities have to be citizen`s duty, and government in this development must hear citizens voice. Also, our platform (if it will work in full power) will be very useful for government, because during development we created horizontal scheme of communication, so any citizen can easily appeal to government representatives and this saves a lot of time and money. And our platform is very useful for countries that want digitalize themselves, but don't have a lot of money for it because we use cloud system.
Here link to our project if interested:
This platform already works, we implemented it in 3 cities to test how it works.

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Şafak Coze

Thank you, if you can do, i want you to explain me about your own project you work. Because, it is different topic about smart city. I have never heard about it before.

Leonid Cheslavsky

Well as I understood Urban design is about creation of smart infrastructure in cities, so if you are interested only in this theme you should read something about Smart city of Madrid, Helsinki and Copenhagen. But if you are also interested in social part of smart cities, like participation, check Estonian project e-Estonia, because in this sphere Estonia did big success - they started digitalization of their society in late 90`s. So now Estonians can get all public services via internet. And if you want I can tell you about project, that I am working on. It is about social part of smart city too.


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