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Viktor Bos, Business Connector at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Werkgevers op zoek naar software engineers kunnen zich melden bij Make IT Work

Make IT Work, schoolt hoogopgeleide talenten zonder werk in hun vakgebied om tot software-engineer. De omscholing bestaat uit een intensieve opleiding van vier maanden die een brede basis biedt in het back-end programmeren. Na afronding kunnen de cursisten gegarandeerd aan de slag bij het deelnemende bedrijf waaraan ze gelinkt zijn.
Meer informatie:

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Maike Pluijgers, Marketing & Communication at Greenspread, posted

City-Zen Virtual Power Plant: Looking for 50 households in Amsterdam New-West with solar panels.

We are looking for 50 households in Amsterdam New-West with solar panels who like to participate in a sustainable project. Collectively you will sell energy on specific moments while buying energy on the energy markets at other times. By using the storage capacity of 50 batteries, buying energy can be done at the most favourable time. The 50 participants will be able to use more sustainable energy and respond to the fluctuating prices. When there is a surplus of wind or solar energy, the batteries will be charged. When more energy is charged than the households are using, the batteries will be discharged. This will be done when the energy prices are high. A Virtual Power Plant will be created.

To participate you need to or want to have solar panels, a smart meter, internet access and enough space for the battery (141x50x38 cm). During the project your energy provider is Greenspread.

Are you interested?
- Join our information meeting in Molen van Sloten on Tuesday 8 November (19:30) or Monday 28 November (19:30). Sign up via
- Go to (in Dutch) and you will find more information.

This project by Alliander, Greenspread, EXE, Wageningen UR, and Amsterdam Smart City is part of City-Zen and funded by the European Commission.

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Frans-Anton Vermast, Strategy Advisor & International Smart City Ambassador at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Seeking Development & Test-Bedding of (A) Integrated Remote Reading of Electricity, Town Gas and Water Meters, and (B) Provision of Timely and Useful Consumption Feedback via Consumers' Personal Smart Mobile Devices

Seeking Development & Test-Bedding of (A) Integrated Remote Reading of Electricity, Town Gas and Water Meters, and (B) Provision of Timely and Useful Consumption Feedback via Consumers' Personal Smart Mobile Devices

Request from the the Dutch Embassy in Singapore. Should you need more info please contact Mrs Liz Ng,

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Suzanna Törnroth, Student , posted

Spring 2017 Partnership

Hi there!

I am a M.Sc. student in Climate-Sensitive Urban Planning in Luleå University of Technology, writing a thesis in the Spring of 2017. I have a B.Sc. in Development Studies with a Major in Sociology and I'm looking to combine these niches by writing a thesis focusing on the effects different weathers or microclimates have on human activity, and how different urban design solutions can mitigate this. I think Amsterdam would be an interesting case study because of its typically wet and busy urban environment, and so finding anyone/partner/company who has interest in partnering up to develop this idea would be great! My experience in the field includes working in Singapore and planning for Smart City projects in Dubai, Vietnam and China. Email contact:


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Bart Takkenkamp, Founder & owner at Wuunder, posted

Pilot participants for on-demand parcel pick-up

Wuunder already offers a domestic and international shipping service for documents, parcels and pallets. In Amsterdam we're testing an additional service. Here we offer an on-demand pick-up within one hour. With only a mobile phone and a pen you can ship your parcel. One (bike) courier collect the shipments and will do the hand-over to multiple carrier companies. This avoids multiple parcel delivery vans within the city. Interested? We're looking for people that enjoy giving feedback to make our service even better.

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Ronald Koen, Manager Communications , posted

Companies wanted by Technology Master Plan

School students have an important contribution to make to the Amsterdam Smart City projects and initiatives, now and in the future. This is a request for project teams and companies: do you want to provide students a learning opportunity within your project? And be surprised by their fresh insights and future perspective?

Then invest in talent now that could play an important role in further development later. You can gain new insights and ideas thanks to young people's different perspective on things. Via your partnership school students are challenged to contribute their ideas to issues in society that they themselves have to face, now or in the future.

If you would like to know more about how school students can contribute to existing or new city projects/initiatives, please contact Joost van Elten:
• T. +31 (0)6-52463297

In the Amsterdam region, large numbers of school students, from primary schools through to higher professional education, are becoming acquainted with engineering and technology through the Amsterdam Technology Master Plan (Masterplan Techniek Amsterdam), see

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Erik Bos, MSc student Urban Environmental Management at Wageningen University and Research, posted

Amsterdam Smart City - Survey 2016

Why did you sign up for the online community of Amsterdam Smart City (this website!)? How do you use this online community and what do you expect from the community? This and more questions are asked in the survey about the Amsterdam Smart City online community. Your feedback is very useful for us and will help us to better meet your needs in the future.

You can find the survey here:

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Kris Steen, posted

Gebruikers betrokken bij Energiek Zuid-Oost

In opdracht van AMS (het Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions) voer ik een onderzoek uit naar Urban Living Labs, met het doel om de methode en institutionele inbedding van urban labs te optimaliseren zodat ze hun doelstellingen systematisch kunnen behalen en hun resultaten kunnen worden gerepliceerd.

Onderdeel van dit onderzoek is een verkennende studie naar de methodes die op dit moment gevolgd worden in urban living labs in Amsterdam. Hiervoor zijn we op zoek naar iemand die ( betrokken is bij het proces van het project Energiek ZuidOost en ons veel zou kunnen vertellen over het verloop daarvan.

Als iemand tijd heeft voor een gesprek hierover hoor ik het graag!

Kris Steen (AMS-Institute)

Reinier Siderius, Director at Sidcon B.V., posted

Brainstorm session

We have an installed base with underground compactors to collect waste in "stadsdeel Zuid", part of Amsterdam. We like to get ideas to find out what else we can do with the these machines. For that we would like to have a brainstorm session with inhabitants, students, etc, to find out.
Who can help us?

Reinier Siderius

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Anonymous posted

Partnership in Environmental Conservation in Malaysia

Human economic activities are sources for pollution and this objective will contribute to raising the public awareness on this issue. On the other hand, the pollution issues are linked with the sustainable development and the health status of the people. Pollution is the cause/reason for many problems, coming from different perspectives and requires an appropriate answer.
The objective of the Return to Blue River Project for Klang River is to improve the welfare of the population along Kuala Lumpur region by cleaning up serious mercury pollution in area adjacent to the Klang River, providing a safe, secure and cost effective alternative source of water supply to meet growing needs of local water users, and restoring flow control in the river for flood management and ecological purposes.
Our method in river restoration is by using Activated EM mudballs. EM has a broad application. EM has no adverse effects on and is beneficial to plants, animals, and humans. Very simply put, EM lives off our waste while we live off "their waste". Their waste simply translates to a healthy environment for us in which EM becomes inactivated, therefore, a mutual existence can be had. EM only creates the condition for best results, that is, the users should nurture the condition and provide the resources for EM to perform optimally.
Applied to polluted and putrefactive water, EM holds a dominant position in the layer of microorganisms and help ecosystems revive and reduce sludge and foul odors. The purpose of EM application is not to create apparently-clear water by chemical means but to revive the native function of aquatic ecosystem. In this sense, Depending on the overload of drainage and the volume of water, the amount and the frequency of Application of EM should be various.
Kindly visit or www. You may contact me directly at

Martin Boerema, posted

Do you want to develop a business model or do you want to redesign your business model? We can do it for free!

Do you want to develop a business model or do you want to do redesign your business model? Students from the University of Applied Sciences, study Industrial Engineering & Management are willing to help you for free! Submit your exercise description before 25th of October! More information: (Dutch only)

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Anonymous posted

Amsterdam Health community calls on health innovators

Are you working in the field of (e)Health in the Amsterdam region? Would you like to find out who else is, and team up with them?

The Amsterdam Health community has just been launched and we're inviting you to join! Bringing health innovators together is what Amsterdam Health is all about. Together we create a platform for exchanging knowledge easily and accelerating health innovation in the Amsterdam region.

Build Amsterdam Health with us and:
• Meet fellow innovators
• Share your latest news
• View interesting projects or submit your own

Join Amsterdam Health at:

Willy Danenberg, Manager , posted

Connect Butterfly Smart City app to the Amsterdam emergency services

The Butterfly SmartCity app for Amsterdam has many very nice features including a complete payment and e wallet system (even for local currencies), events ticketing system, tools to save, protect and improve people's lives and a complete news, secured messaging, parking, public transport payment systems, ticketing and information on toll roads and access areas, points of interest, etc. We believe that integrating many great features in one app will make people want to download, install, use and share info within this app.

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Anonymous posted

NS in search of startups

Daily 1.2 million people travel with NS and the company has a central role to play as a in transport and its stations. Together with ProRail the NS works on sustainable stations by dealing with energy and waste in a smart way and improving the wellbeing of travellers. Does your startup provide a new solution? Sign up now for the matchmaking trajectory of Green Hub:

Simona Balzelli Ludovico, Student , posted

Smart cities project (Europe)

Good morning,
I am Simona Balzelli Ludovico, Master of science student in Engineering and Management from Polytechnic of Turin.
I am collecting smart cities project that have been performed in Europe in order to write my final thesis relating to Taxonomy of smart cities project in Europe.
Can you help me?I need some pdf files or links about smart cities project. This is my email:
Simona Balzelli Ludovico

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Beth Worrall, posted

Information on BAMBEA

Hi all
I manage a smart city project for the city of Adelaide in South Australia.
I am really interested in learning more about your BAMBEA project as we are looking at the health applications for iBeacons at the moment.
Is the trial up and running? What has been the outcome?
Look forward to hearing from you.

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Samu Márton Balogh, Junior Assistant , posted

smart city internship


I'm Samu Balogh, master student in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design at KTH Stockholm. I'm looking for an internship during spring 2017, where I could write my master thesis. Currently I'm working in Budapest, I'm involved to the preparation of the Smart Budapest concept.

If there's any possibility, let me know!


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Dillion Asher, Geoscience, Drone Photogrammetry , posted

Overseas student seeking internship in sustainable development

My name is Dillion Asher, and I am an American student pursuing my masters degree in International Development at the University of Pittsburgh. I am reaching out to Amsterdam Smart City's network in an effort to identity internship opportunities in sustainable development for an overseas student like myself. As my future goal is to attain an internship in the Netherlands (and to relocate for permanent employment upon graduation), I am collecting information on local career opportunities in sustainability. Some of the questions I hope to answer through my inquiries include:

- Are internship/employment opportunities generally available to non-EU students/foreign nationals?

- Which NGOs, companies, or public institutions might I communicate with to discuss a potential internship, or even a collaborative research partnership while in school?

- What types of knowledge, skills, training, or experience might be recommended or desired for a student interested in a career in sustainable development?

- Are there any university courses or degree programs in the Netherlands that are particularly valued for skill development and training with respect to sustainable development?

- What are the biggest future challenges to urban planning and sustainability work in the Netherlands?

If there are any individuals out there in Amsterdam Smart City's network who may be in a position to offer guidance, advice, or perhaps a referral to other sources of information, I would be most grateful for the assistance to my search! Please feel free to comment, and to reach out with any questions you may have about my interests, goals, future plans, and ongoing studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

Kind regards,
Dillion Asher

About me: My primary interests lie in sustainable urban development and in energy and resource efficiency. I am seeking out NGOs, public institutions, and private companies in the Netherlands currently working in these areas.

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