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Priya Dagar, posted

Possible partnership with Dharamshala

Dharamshala is selected as a smart city under the smart cities mission in India. Dharamshala Smart City (DSC) has received funding from the central government to develop it as a smart city in the next 5 years. DSC is very keen to collaborate with Netherlands on G2G level, K2K and B2B level. They are also looking at getting experts from Netherlands who can support DSC in urban planning, water, waste, mobility and planning for a smart city. It would be very interesting to explore and Amsterdam smart city would be interested in partnering with DSC and providing knowledge sharing.

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Rogier Havelaar, General Manager City Logistics at PostNL, posted

How can we use the letterbox as a Smart City node?

PostNL has an incredible network of letterboxes on the street. Last September, we investigated the Smart City opportunities for this network by placing sensors measuring temperature, noise and humidity on the letterboxes.


I would like to receive ideas for how we can use the letterbox as install-base for sensors measuring e.g. air quality, urban heath, noise, etc.

What kind of user stories can we serve with this network of thousands of letterboxes? And what if we combine the letterbox network with our vehicles and bicycles, covering every street every day?

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Ram Chaitanya, posted

suggestions on how smart cities can be made more sustainable?

I'm doing a summer project with Sterlite (power transmission infrastructure and telecom cables company) in India on smart cities.

I'm doing a summer project with Sterlite (power transmission infrastructure and telecom cables company) in India on smart cities. Sterlite telecom division also won the smart city bid to build 2 of the 3 cities in India that asked for proposals. I am working with the power division and my project is to identify best practices, technologies and challenges with regard to smart cities, especially with a focus on power infrastructure.

Currently, smart cities concept is focused more on using new technology & developing ICT infrastructure rather than making cities sustainable and livable. I am trying to figure out how smart city solutions could be focused more on sustainability and apply the insights to develop solutions focused on sustainability.

Does anyone have suggestions on how smart cities can be made more sustainable?

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Lorraine Hudson, Research Associate (Smart Cities) , posted

Co-creating Smart Sustainable Cities Workshop (1st September)

This workshop at Amsterdam Business School will explore the experiences of projects, researchers and practitioners using participatory design approaches and ICT to engage citizens in co-creating smart sustainable cities including case studies from Bristol, Milton Keynes and other city case studies suggested by participants.

It will take place on September 1st see for more details and how to register. It is a morning workshop (09:00-12:30), which costs 12 Euros, and is part of the ICT4S 2016 Conference.


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Aleida Verheus, energy & sustainable housing consultant , posted

Funding to help provide energy-displays for tenants

Liander has started to offer the 'Slimme Meter' to Amsterdam households. To help tenants reduce their energy consumption it is proven to be helpful to have an energy display visible which shows energy consumption real-time. With this display the 'slimme meter' can be really smart. Starting in Geuzenveld this fall we offer information about the smart use of the smart meter. Partnerships are required to help us purchase these displays for use (rent or buy).

Silvia Polverini, PDEng at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), posted

Master thesis project

I would like to do my thesis about smart cities: how it is the best solution for every city and spread the idea everywhere.

I am at the end of my career as a engineer student and I am looking for a project that really interested me.

My studies cover all thr area around energy, sustainable technology. However the main skills that I'm shod are:

- design Zero Energy Building; - Analysis of the supply grid operator of small and medium-sized areas ;

- Design of electric vehicles with the most innovative technologies in today's market ;

- Waste material treatment and management.

I would like to be involved in a project in those areas to increase my knowledge and capability, because in the next years I would find myself as an active participant.

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Youssef El Bouhassani, Researcher at the Urban Analytics , posted

During the minor Big Data student will be working on real-life cases of different companies. Your company can participate as well!

On September 2016 the Urban Analytics team will kick-off the Minor Programme Big Data at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Besides theory and guest lectures from academic and industry experts, student teams will work on cases provided by different companies during the entire semester. On the one hand this gives student teams the opportunity to gain practical insights. On the other hand it is a unique opportunity for companies to have a team of students doing extensive data analyses for company.

If your company is interested in providing a case for a team of students to work on, do not hesitate to contact me!

Worried about the safety of your data? There is no need to! We have installed a secure server that allows access through a VPN connection to dedicated persons only. Besides the security of storage, the server contains all the necessary analysis tools so that students can work in the cloud to prevent data from being downloaded on local machines.

If you are interested in providing a case for the Minor Big Data or if you have questions regarding the programme of the participation please contact me.

Marion Evenhuis, Project Manager at New Cities Foundation, posted

Do you want to combat plastic waste in the heart of Gay Parade? One Day. 90 Euros.

We’re beyond excited. WASTED is about to reach over one million
people in one day – at one of Amsterdam’s biggest annual events:
the Gay Pride Parade!

And we’re hiring a squad of WASTED Soldiers to help combat plastic waste, right in the heart of the day’s festivities. What's the deal?

You’ll collect waste, giving out WASTED Coins in exchange.
People can use the coins to get a drink or use the bathroom.
You’ll definitely have some fun, while promoting recycling.
This could be a great experience together with some friends!
Want to get involved?
Will you be in Amsterdam?
Write to us at!


More info? See here

jeroen van beele, freelance , posted

i am looking for cooperation/a team

airbnb is not the new economy, couchsurfing is
maybe the best name for this economy is: gift economy
it's all about cooperation instead of competition
there is a natural tendency for the many gift economy initiatives to unite but how to accomplish this unity?
i want to contribute the power of the semantic web to this unification motion
in particular i want to use DEMO (
i have a simulation on how this could work, see:
if you want to cooperate please contact me at jeroen[at]guts4roses[dot]org

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Michiel Zwerus, marketing , posted

partner coder to develop neural system

Simple system to reduce waste :
Looking for help for a system to make smartphone software understand grocery receipt text (OCR), and link product information to the best before data planning in a smart phone calendar.

see demo

Main goal reduce waste of food items without packaging :
Alert smart phone when products expire, to donate food or consume.

e.g. fresh vegetables/fruit/bread items in display shelfs

It works with a loyalty card as well

see slides of our hackathon 2015

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Sushil KUMAR, Vice President , posted

Looking for collaboration with Urban Real Estate Planner and Developers for a greenfield Smart City project in India

The Government of India has identified 100 cities in the country to be developed as Smart Cities that are intended to be emulated by the Urban Local Bodies across rest of the country. 20 Cities have been identified in the first phase and SPVs are already in place. This is the high time to get into alliances to start promoting concepts and building relationships with different stakeholders interested in Smart Cities market in India.

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Rebecca Yates, Postgraduate Student in Environmental and Cliamte Change , posted

Motivating people to engage with more pro-environmental behaviour....anyone with any infomation/opinion on this?

I am a masters student studying at Abersytwyth University in Wales. My dissertation research is investigating how motivational theory and personal motivation can be used to encourage more significant levels of pro-environmental behavior.

Fill out my questionnaire to contribute to postgraduate research

If anyone has any information, thoughts or opinions on the subject they would be willing to share please don't hesitate to contact me via email (


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Jim Bowes, Founder , posted

Are there other organisations like SmartCity for low tech, non digital solutions

I love the idea of SmartCities. However, there are many solutions that are low tech, non digital that can also play a large role and in many cases are more easily spread and embraced by a wider market.
Are there any organisations that are like SmartCities but also support low tech solutions?

Natural-media is a sustainable form of outdoor advertising. Natural-media are a portfolio of techniques that use water, sand, plants, clay, chalk and milk paint to produce outdoor communication messages. Techniques that are not protected by IP, easy to master within 30 minutes and require low skills. They have a low impact on the environment and a high impact on the audience.

The outdoor media industry consumed over 350,000,000 square meters of paper in the EU last year. This is a one meter wide piece of paper that circles our planet 3.9 times each year. Most of it is burned as it can not be recycled. This figure does not include plastic films or vinyl used by the industry.

Outdoor media is now moving towards digital solutions - large tv screens. However, if for example, the Abris and Mupis in Amsterdam are replaced by these large tv screens, they will consume as much electricity as 8000 average Dutch homes. It is a digital solution with many benefits but it has many downsides.

Natural-media is very low tech and does not fit well with SmartCity. That's okay. So the question is where does it fit? Finding platforms that support low tech and no tech solutions is proving to be difficult in the age of digital everything.

If you have any ideas, know of any platforms or organisations that include low tech solutions, I would be highly appreciative if you could share them with me.

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Melchior Kanyemesha, Programmanagement + Energy Lead at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Welke initiatieven zijn er in Amsterdam bekend die zich richten op het realiseren van energie neutrale woningen?

Op zoek naar een overzicht van partijen

Om meer inzicht te vergaren in de status van energie neutrale woningen in Amsterdam zijn wij op zoek naar informatie over alle initiatieven die zich met dit thema bezighouden. Dit kunnen zowel initiatieven zijn die op dit moment lopen of die nu worden opgestart, als initiatieven die al reeds zijn geslaagd of zelfs zijn mislukt.

Het doel is om zoveel mogelijk te kunnen leren van de verschillende projecten en samen met de betrokken partijen op een grotere schaal resultaten neer te zetten.

Wie kan ons helpen?

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Pedro Lechuga, posted

Is there anyone who can lend us a easy-to.move place during the weekend?

With my team, we are running a project about providing a safe place and professional guidance for people with high-stress levels, and identity search. We are planning to have a “prototyping weekend” on the 25 and 26 of June in a public space. Because of this, we are asking for help to get an easy-to-move cozy place (for example, a tent) that shelters us from the weather, provides privacy and is big enough for two standing adults.

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GiGi Nederland, Account manager , posted

How do we scale smart mobility throughout Amsterdam?

Hi we are GiGi, the first foldable electric scooter in the world. We are at the fore front of e-mobility innovation and are looking for collaborations to scale clean and smart mobility across Amsterdam and Europe.

Have a look at our website and contact me with any questions or opportunities to make Amsterdam even more mobile than it already is!

GiGi Website

GiGi Email

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Sam Lloyd, Postgraduate Student of Environmental Change , posted

Is anyone willing to be interviewed in order to contribute to postgraduate research?

I am a postgraduate student studying at Abersytwyth University in Wales. My research is concerned with urban adaptation in response to climate change. I want to understand the motivations, drivers and systems that contribute to adaptation strategies in an urban context. If anyone would be willing to be interviewed or wouldjust like to offer a perspective or thought to contribute toward the research please don't hesitate to contact me via email (

The research project I am undertaking aims to analyse urban adaptation strategies in a number of cities including Amsterdam using critical urban theory. I want to understand the systems in place and the motivations behind implemented strategies within the urban context. I want to understand how the city itself responds to the adaptation. Who wins from these implementations and who loses out?

I want to hear from anyone and everyone involved with urban adaptation. The strategists, politicians, technological partners, journalists, academics and local people

Any input or additional perspective in this research is welcome as are any questions you may have about the research or myself.

Thank you!