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Amsterdam Health community calls on health innovators

Are you working in the field of (e)Health in the Amsterdam region? Would you like to find out who else is, and team up with them?

The Amsterdam Health community has just been launched and we're inviting you to join! Bringing health innovators together is what Amsterdam Health is all about. Together we create a platform for exchanging knowledge easily and accelerating health innovation in the Amsterdam region.

Build Amsterdam Health with us and:
• Meet fellow innovators
• Share your latest news
• View interesting projects or submit your own

Join Amsterdam Health at:

Willy Danenberg, Manager , posted

Connect Butterfly Smart City app to the Amsterdam emergency services

The Butterfly SmartCity app for Amsterdam has many very nice features including a complete payment and e wallet system (even for local currencies), events ticketing system, tools to save, protect and improve people's lives and a complete news, secured messaging, parking, public transport payment systems, ticketing and information on toll roads and access areas, points of interest, etc. We believe that integrating many great features in one app will make people want to download, install, use and share info within this app.

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NS in search of startups

Daily 1.2 million people travel with NS and the company has a central role to play as a in transport and its stations. Together with ProRail the NS works on sustainable stations by dealing with energy and waste in a smart way and improving the wellbeing of travellers. Does your startup provide a new solution? Sign up now for the matchmaking trajectory of Green Hub:

Simona Balzelli Ludovico, Student , posted

Smart cities project (Europe)

Good morning,
I am Simona Balzelli Ludovico, Master of science student in Engineering and Management from Polytechnic of Turin.
I am collecting smart cities project that have been performed in Europe in order to write my final thesis relating to Taxonomy of smart cities project in Europe.
Can you help me?I need some pdf files or links about smart cities project. This is my email:
Simona Balzelli Ludovico

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Beth Worrall, posted

Information on BAMBEA

Hi all
I manage a smart city project for the city of Adelaide in South Australia.
I am really interested in learning more about your BAMBEA project as we are looking at the health applications for iBeacons at the moment.
Is the trial up and running? What has been the outcome?
Look forward to hearing from you.

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Samu Márton Balogh, Junior Assistant , posted

smart city internship


I'm Samu Balogh, master student in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design at KTH Stockholm. I'm looking for an internship during spring 2017, where I could write my master thesis. Currently I'm working in Budapest, I'm involved to the preparation of the Smart Budapest concept.

If there's any possibility, let me know!


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Dillion Asher, Geoscience, Drone Photogrammetry , posted

Overseas student seeking internship in sustainable development

My name is Dillion Asher, and I am an American student pursuing my masters degree in International Development at the University of Pittsburgh. I am reaching out to Amsterdam Smart City's network in an effort to identity internship opportunities in sustainable development for an overseas student like myself. As my future goal is to attain an internship in the Netherlands (and to relocate for permanent employment upon graduation), I am collecting information on local career opportunities in sustainability. Some of the questions I hope to answer through my inquiries include:

- Are internship/employment opportunities generally available to non-EU students/foreign nationals?

- Which NGOs, companies, or public institutions might I communicate with to discuss a potential internship, or even a collaborative research partnership while in school?

- What types of knowledge, skills, training, or experience might be recommended or desired for a student interested in a career in sustainable development?

- Are there any university courses or degree programs in the Netherlands that are particularly valued for skill development and training with respect to sustainable development?

- What are the biggest future challenges to urban planning and sustainability work in the Netherlands?

If there are any individuals out there in Amsterdam Smart City's network who may be in a position to offer guidance, advice, or perhaps a referral to other sources of information, I would be most grateful for the assistance to my search! Please feel free to comment, and to reach out with any questions you may have about my interests, goals, future plans, and ongoing studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

Kind regards,
Dillion Asher

About me: My primary interests lie in sustainable urban development and in energy and resource efficiency. I am seeking out NGOs, public institutions, and private companies in the Netherlands currently working in these areas.

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Anonymous posted

Horizon 2020 call partner

We have been in the smart world for years and one of the topics we are really in are the demand response models between microgrids and grid. There is a recent call we would like to go for and we are looking for international partners, especially the ones already participating in City-zen. Would be great to find them here. Kind regards. Adam

Annelies Van der Stoep, Strategic advisor at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Owners planning high-level sustainable renovations of dwellings in Amsterdam

Secretly jealous of your neighbors PV panels? Fed up with your draughty and chilly home?

Already 500 homes in Amsterdam are being retrofitted in an energy efficient way. There's still funding available for approximately 130 dwellings. The owners of these homes or residential buildings can apply via The funding is distributed according to the first come - first served principle.

So if your planning to retrofit your home or to increase the value of your rental property, apply today!

This European funding for the retrofit of approximately 600 homes in Amsterdam is available via City-zen.

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Annelies Van der Stoep, Strategic advisor at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Join energy storage project where 50 households increase the use of solar energy and reduce energy bills. Hasslefree!

The project City-Zen is going to create a ”Virtual Power Plant” of 50 home batteries. 50 households involved will collectively sell energy on specific moments while buying energy on the energy markets at other times. By using the storage capacity of 50 batteries, buying energy can be done at the most favourable time. The 50 participants will be able to use more sustainable energy and respond to the fluctuating prices. When there is a surplus of wind or solar energy, the batteries will be charged. When more energy is charged than the households are using, the batteries will be discharged. This will be done when the energy prices are high.

Does saving on your energy bill and being a front-runner sound good? Then we're looking for you! Join today!

To join and learn more go to (in Dutch)

This project by Alliander, Greenspread and Amsterdam Smart City is part of City-zen and funded by the European Commission.

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Pratyush Verma, CTO , posted

Need for partnership with public service providers

Building application to bridge the gap between public service providers and citizens


We at Powow are developing application to make smart city communicate with citizens smartly. We have build platform/tools to ease messaging between public services and citizens. We already have some traction in India. We would like to partner with a public department (health/police/traffic/meteorological) so that we can pilot it in Netherland.

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Elina Schäfer, Marketing & Communication at UtrechtInc, posted

ANWB en Menzis are looking for start-ups

De ANWB en zorgverzekeraar Menzis willen Nederland helpen om zo actief mogelijk te leven en gezond en veilig onderweg te zijn. In vrijheid en met plezier. Met Get Moving zoeken beide partijen de samenwerking met startups op. Voor innovaties op het gebied van o.a. lichamelijke beweging en sociale participatie. Maar ook voor persoonlijke hulp bij pech of een acute zorgbehoefte onderweg. Word jij hun nieuwe partner? Meld je startup voor 22 september aan en pitch bij incubator UtrechtInc op 11 oktober voor de CEO’s van beide bedrijven. Je maakt dan kans op een vervolglunch met de directie, investering en/of (pilot)opdracht bij de leden en klanten van ANWB en/of Menzis!

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Sam Lloyd, Postgraduate Student of Environmental Change , posted

How is Amsterdam adapting to the challenges of climate change?

I am currently writing a Masters thesis that discusses how Amsterdam has and continues to adapt to the impacts of climate change.
Is anyone willing to discuss with me their perspectives on if and how this achieved?
I would like to talk to anyone involved in any project, organisation or authority with experience of adaptation measures.
I have a particular interest in how Amsterdam has and plans to adapt to issues surrounding extreme weather events and water.

Thank you.

Joris Bruinsma, Trainee , posted

The City of Amsterdam is looking for startups!

The applications for Startup in Residence 2.0 have opened!

Startup in Residence is an innovative collaboration between the City of Amsterdam and startups. The programme invites Dutch and international startups to devise innovative solutions to social issues. Applications are open until September 19th.

Are you a startup with a good idea to help serve the people of Amsterdam? Do you know any startups matching this description? Check out <> and follow us on twitter: @startupinres

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Jose Diaz, CEO , posted

Looking for interviews with employers concerned about employees health

We are a Startup called ByCycling, and we are developing and testing an app to motivate people to cycle to work offering them cash incentives as rewards.

We are looking for interviews with employers interested in improve their employees health (reducing health costs) and improve their corporate responsibility image. We offer a wellness bike to work program and a platform (SaaS) to employers, so they can incentivise their employees to commute to work by bike. We use an app to track the activities in a secure way, so employers can be sure that their people are in fact commuting by bike.

The objective of these interviews is to do some customer development and to find out what our customers needs/wishes are.

Thanks, for more info please visit:

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Ram Chaitanya, posted

Risks in building smart grids

Could someone please share what were the risks and challenges you encountered while building smart grids?

Could someone please share what were the risks and challenges you encountered while building smart grids?

Also, are there any studies about the market size of smart grids market?

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Priya Dagar, posted

Possible partnership with Dharamshala

Dharamshala is selected as a smart city under the smart cities mission in India. Dharamshala Smart City (DSC) has received funding from the central government to develop it as a smart city in the next 5 years. DSC is very keen to collaborate with Netherlands on G2G level, K2K and B2B level. They are also looking at getting experts from Netherlands who can support DSC in urban planning, water, waste, mobility and planning for a smart city. It would be very interesting to explore and Amsterdam smart city would be interested in partnering with DSC and providing knowledge sharing.

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Rogier Havelaar, General Manager City Logistics at PostNL, posted

How can we use the letterbox as a Smart City node?

PostNL has an incredible network of letterboxes on the street. Last September, we investigated the Smart City opportunities for this network by placing sensors measuring temperature, noise and humidity on the letterboxes.


I would like to receive ideas for how we can use the letterbox as install-base for sensors measuring e.g. air quality, urban heath, noise, etc.

What kind of user stories can we serve with this network of thousands of letterboxes? And what if we combine the letterbox network with our vehicles and bicycles, covering every street every day?

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