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Rebecca Yates, Postgraduate Student in Environmental and Cliamte Change , posted

Motivating people to engage with more pro-environmental behaviour....anyone with any infomation/opinion on this?

I am a masters student studying at Abersytwyth University in Wales. My dissertation research is investigating how motivational theory and personal motivation can be used to encourage more significant levels of pro-environmental behavior.

Fill out my questionnaire to contribute to postgraduate research

If anyone has any information, thoughts or opinions on the subject they would be willing to share please don't hesitate to contact me via email (


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Jim Bowes, Founder , posted

Are there other organisations like SmartCity for low tech, non digital solutions

I love the idea of SmartCities. However, there are many solutions that are low tech, non digital that can also play a large role and in many cases are more easily spread and embraced by a wider market.
Are there any organisations that are like SmartCities but also support low tech solutions?

Natural-media is a sustainable form of outdoor advertising. Natural-media are a portfolio of techniques that use water, sand, plants, clay, chalk and milk paint to produce outdoor communication messages. Techniques that are not protected by IP, easy to master within 30 minutes and require low skills. They have a low impact on the environment and a high impact on the audience.

The outdoor media industry consumed over 350,000,000 square meters of paper in the EU last year. This is a one meter wide piece of paper that circles our planet 3.9 times each year. Most of it is burned as it can not be recycled. This figure does not include plastic films or vinyl used by the industry.

Outdoor media is now moving towards digital solutions - large tv screens. However, if for example, the Abris and Mupis in Amsterdam are replaced by these large tv screens, they will consume as much electricity as 8000 average Dutch homes. It is a digital solution with many benefits but it has many downsides.

Natural-media is very low tech and does not fit well with SmartCity. That's okay. So the question is where does it fit? Finding platforms that support low tech and no tech solutions is proving to be difficult in the age of digital everything.

If you have any ideas, know of any platforms or organisations that include low tech solutions, I would be highly appreciative if you could share them with me.

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Melchior Kanyemesha, Programmanagement + Energy Lead at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Welke initiatieven zijn er in Amsterdam bekend die zich richten op het realiseren van energie neutrale woningen?

Op zoek naar een overzicht van partijen

Om meer inzicht te vergaren in de status van energie neutrale woningen in Amsterdam zijn wij op zoek naar informatie over alle initiatieven die zich met dit thema bezighouden. Dit kunnen zowel initiatieven zijn die op dit moment lopen of die nu worden opgestart, als initiatieven die al reeds zijn geslaagd of zelfs zijn mislukt.

Het doel is om zoveel mogelijk te kunnen leren van de verschillende projecten en samen met de betrokken partijen op een grotere schaal resultaten neer te zetten.

Wie kan ons helpen?

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Pedro Lechuga, posted

Is there anyone who can lend us a easy-to.move place during the weekend?

With my team, we are running a project about providing a safe place and professional guidance for people with high-stress levels, and identity search. We are planning to have a “prototyping weekend” on the 25 and 26 of June in a public space. Because of this, we are asking for help to get an easy-to-move cozy place (for example, a tent) that shelters us from the weather, provides privacy and is big enough for two standing adults.

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GiGi Nederland, Account manager , posted

How do we scale smart mobility throughout Amsterdam?

Hi we are GiGi, the first foldable electric scooter in the world. We are at the fore front of e-mobility innovation and are looking for collaborations to scale clean and smart mobility across Amsterdam and Europe.

Have a look at our website and contact me with any questions or opportunities to make Amsterdam even more mobile than it already is!

GiGi Website

GiGi Email

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Sam Lloyd, Postgraduate Student of Environmental Change , posted

Is anyone willing to be interviewed in order to contribute to postgraduate research?

I am a postgraduate student studying at Abersytwyth University in Wales. My research is concerned with urban adaptation in response to climate change. I want to understand the motivations, drivers and systems that contribute to adaptation strategies in an urban context. If anyone would be willing to be interviewed or wouldjust like to offer a perspective or thought to contribute toward the research please don't hesitate to contact me via email (

The research project I am undertaking aims to analyse urban adaptation strategies in a number of cities including Amsterdam using critical urban theory. I want to understand the systems in place and the motivations behind implemented strategies within the urban context. I want to understand how the city itself responds to the adaptation. Who wins from these implementations and who loses out?

I want to hear from anyone and everyone involved with urban adaptation. The strategists, politicians, technological partners, journalists, academics and local people

Any input or additional perspective in this research is welcome as are any questions you may have about the research or myself.

Thank you!


Frans-Anton Vermast, Strategy Advisor & International Smart City Ambassador at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Join us for the Australia - New Zealand Smart City Trade Mission November 2016

Van 31 oktober tot en met 4 november 2016 vindt er een economische missie plaats onder leiding van de minister voor Buitenlandse Handel en Ontwikkelingssamenwerking, Lilianne Ploumen naar Australië. Aansluitend gaat de missie verder (7-9 november) naar Nieuw-Zeeland onder leiding van de minister van Economische Zaken, Henk Kamp. De bezoeken staan in het teken van de historische- en brede bilaterale banden die Nederland heeft met Australië en Nieuw-Zeeland. Daarnaast is het in 2016 400 jaar geleden dat de Nederlander Dirk Hartog als eerste Europeaan op de kust van West-Australië landde.

Sectoren en Steden

De focus van het bezoek programma zal zich onder meer richten op maatschappelijke uitdagingen gecombineerd met kansen voor het Nederlandse bedrijfsleven en kennisinstellingen.

Gedacht wordt aan onderstaande sectoren:

Smart Cities

Tuinbouw & Uitgangsmaterialen

Agro & Food


Life Sciences & Health


Voor het bedrijfsleven zullen er diverse sectorale programma ’s worden georganiseerd. Vooralsnog staan de steden Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland en Christchurch op het programma

Deze mail is om u alvast te informeren over het bezoek en de data. In een volgend bericht informeren wij u over de verdere invulling van het programma en hoe u zich kunt aanmelden.

Meer info hier

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Daniele Sani, posted

How could we help old age 2.0?

Dear All, my name is Daniele, I’m 34 and I’m anelectrical engineer. Actually I’m working in Italy in operations department of an international company, and a part of my job is to find if there are any“lack” in each kind of operations process, analyse them and modify the workflow in order to optimize and to improve the process too. With my friend Davide (he is working inUK, different company but same department), every week we try to find an intelligence solution to improve human life, something to help our daily life,something for livability of oldages. Related to this continuous input wethought an idea for a “smart city”, but unfortunately we have only the idea(even if we would like to develop it). We thought to old ages 2.0.In 2020 there’ll be old ages capable to use smartphone and tablet, and me andmy friend Davide have thought to develop an APP for future old ages. The ideais ver...

Dear All,

my name is Daniele, I’m 34 and I’m anelectrical engineer. Actually I’m working in Italy in operations department of an international company, and a part of my job is to find if there are any“lack” in each kind of operations process, analyse them and modify the workflow in order to optimize and to improve the process too.

With my friend Davide (he is working inUK, different company but same department), every week we try to find an intelligence solution to improve human life, something to help our daily life,something for livability of oldages. Related to this continuous input wethought an idea for a “smart city”, but unfortunately we have only the idea(even if we would like to develop it).

We thought to old ages 2.0.In 2020 there’ll be old ages capable to use smartphone and tablet, and me andmy friend Davide have thought to develop an APP for future old ages. The ideais very simple, and it will create an helpful network between two generations. The main purpose is to connect old ages with youngers (geo-localized) in order to ask them to buy something, or to pay invoices, or carry out little but daily commissions. We would like to create an APP to link the old ages, that couldn’t go out for several reasons, and youngers, the most closely youngers available. The payment will be anticipate by younger, and after the feedback (everythingis into the bag, for example), the old age unlock the reimbursement.

We would like to explain better our idea, and obviously we would like to become partner of this project. We would like to create a Start-Up related to this topic!

Best Regards

Daniele Sani

Davide Ferrara

Beate Bouwman, posted

Are you in search of a 'once in a lifetime' internship?

Can you imagine a company with a great mission, lots of opportunities and a real problem solving solution? - Woodyshousing dances on many different floors: from product development in circular design and smart technology, marketing, communication towards financial modelling, lobbying, real estate development.... actually we need you: willing to learn, discover, contribute and setting the next step for "quality housing made affordable by technology". We focus on young people in urban environments and like to work together with our customers. Special interest in smart and circular cities? - Send your motivation to


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Beate Bouwman, posted

Are you in? Or can you connect us with other stakeholders?

By applying circular economy principles and modern technology we want to offer affordable quality housing. We like to partner with cities around the world to unlock the unused potential for temporary sustainable housing. Cities, politians, companies, research institutions....all forces are needed to rebalance the housing market and create resilient cities for everybody. We are already testing our assumptions in three Dutch cities and would like to do that in other cities as well.


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Sladjana Mijatovic, Program Manager at City of Amsterdam, posted

Funding for collaborative sustainable initiatives (IN DUTCH)

Subsidie voor collectieve duurzame initiatieven

Bewoners, ondernemers en maatschappelijke organisaties die met elkaar initiatieven ontwikkelen om de stad duurzamer te maken, kunnen vanaf donderdag 12 mei subsidie aanvragen bij de gemeente.

Het gaat om initiatieven die passen binnen de thema’s uit de Agenda Duurzaamheid: duurzame energie & energiebesparing, circulaire economie, slim & schoon vervoer en de klimaatbestendige stad.

De subsidie is bedoeld om initiatieven voor te bereiden, bijvoorbeeld om samenwerking tot stand te brengen, te onderzoeken welke maatregelen het meest effectief zijn, voor de financiële onderbouwing of om draagvlak te realiseren voor de uitvoering.

Als collectieve initiatieven slagen brengen ze de stad in beweging en maken ze duurzaamheid concreet. Iedereen kan zo een bijdrage leveren om de eigen omgeving te verduurzamen.

De subsidie

Voor dit jaar is € 125.000,- beschikbaar. De subsidieregeling maakt onderscheid tussen kleine aanvragen (tot € 5000,-) en grote aanvragen (tot 15.000,-).


U kunt bijvoorbeeld denken aan het voorbereiden van een gemeenschappelijke, decentrale energievoorziening (zon, warmte) in een buurt of het realiseren van het principe 'Afval is grondstof' op een bedrijventerrein. Initiatieven die zich alleen richten op onderzoek en het verwerven van kennis komen niet voor subsidie in aanmerking.


Wilt u een mogelijke aanvraag bespreken? Stuur dan een mail naar <>.

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Natasha Sena, Programme Developer Research at AMS Institute, posted

AMS Institute released a new Call for Stimulus Projects!

Great news! After a successful first edition last year,AMS Institute releases a new Call for Stimulus Projects! The aim of Stimulus Projects is to give new and existing AMS partners support to innovative research that has a strong upscaling potential.

To facilitate finding partners for this call, AMS Institute will organise a matchmaking event on Tuesday, May 24th, at AMS Institute. This event has limited capacity, make sure to sign up in time! More information on our website!

For more information about the Call, please check: 


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Carlos Varela Martín, Data analyst at Resourcefully, posted

Any Software Developer interested in integrating Energy and Mobility in a single management system?

Resourcefully has been working on a Living lab during the last two years, with promising results connecting renewable energies and electric vehicles. We want to take this capacity for integration to the next level, with an improved Energy Management System.

Resourcefully ( is an Energy and Water consulting firm placed in Amsterdam, that also runs a living lab: Amsterdam Vehicle to Grid (V2G) (<>)

In a nutshell, Amsterdam V2G consists in connecting an electric vehicle to a household equipped with renewable energies. The battery of the vehicle can be used, therefore, not only for mobility purposes, but also to store the energy produced by the photovoltaic installation.

The energy stored can be used to supply the household during the evening. Our results, after two years running, indicate that the household could be practically self-sufficient during six months per year (<>). This increase in renewable energies uptake and energy reliance has serious potential for commercialization in the near future.

To take Amsterdam V2G to the next level we want to make a solid Energy Management System. The current one was done "ad hoc" for Amsterdam V2G; therefore lacks standardization and its algorithms are rudimentary.

We would like to collaborate with a software company interested in exploring this avenue: an Energy Management System that is interoperable and scalable, allowing to integrate the demands of the grid, weather forecasts, household appliances, electric vehicles, stand-alone batteries and renewable energies. All of this in order to reduce CO2 emissions and foster the uptake of renewable energies and electric vehicles.

If you find this appealing, drop me a message. We do not have yet a formal roadmap about a commercial product release, so we could discuss together our mutual expectations.

As a last note, here are some technologies to consider an integrated Energy Management System:

ITTTT: connects apps and appliances (<>)

- HomeKit, from Apple (<>)

- ISO 15118: Protocols for communication between electric vehicles and the grid. (

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Anonymous posted

We are looking for an opportunity to improve the city environment through the usage of no emission vehicles

Smart mobility for urban cargo transportation. TRIPL is a Danish designed 3-wheeled Electric Vehicle, that offers a platform for many solutions within urban environments. In Denmark, the TRIPL has been a huge success, and we are now setting up our operations in NL & UK. TRIPL challenges existing business models: Postal Deliveries Parcel Deliveries Last-Mile-Deliveries Municipalities Housing Services Construction Sites, Festivals, etc. Food & Beverage Scooter Sharing Mobile Outlets/Events (Coffee Bar, Beverages,, IceCream, Bakery)

Facts about the TRIPL


Range: 100 km

Trunk: 750 litres standard Trunk ext.: 1.100litres

Capacity: 200 kilos allowed

Weight: 300 kilos

Batteries: 8 kWh Samsung lithium-ion

Charge-time: 4-8 hours

Engine: 4 kw in-wheel

Top speed: 45 km/h (limited)

180° U-turn: 7,5 metres

Power outlet: 12 V/20 A

Measures External

Length: 2,41 metres

Width: 1,27 metres

Height: 1,17 metres

Measures Trunk

Length max:1,25 metres

Width max:0,9 metres

Hight max:0,71 metres

Largestunit: 125 x 60 x 60 cm

Heated orrefrigerated option: Yes

Anonymous posted

Do you have unused space in Amsterdam?

Loop Amsterdam realises the exchange of reusable materials between businesses. Initially, Loop focuses on electronics. Getting ready to scale up services to companies, Loop requires space for temporary storage of materials.


Temporary store batches of second hand electronics, to find new owners, and close the reuse loop. Thereby reducing waste, and contributing to a circular economy.

What I need

m² to store electronics (and possibly office furniture) for a few days/weeks.

Your contribution does good

Allowing access to your unused space, you help reducing waste, CO² and contribute to a circular economy. A few square meters, scattered around Amsterdam will already greatly help realising the exchange of materials between companies, solving the storage problem, while Loop further solves the logistics.

Regular visits to your building also improves safety, providing protection from squatters.

Please contact me if you have any questions or know more than I do.

Ring-Ring® Janine Hogendoorn, Founder & Director at Ring-Ring®, posted

Connect civic initiatives with local goverment through Fkm's

The Ring-Ring®platform offers a unique service to boost a civic initiative with cycle kilometres from a local government perspective.

The win-win is: stimulating a healthy and social mobility choice and combine this with local initiatives.

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