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Leila Siebke, posted

Interest in district heating or Industrial waste heat recovery projects

Hi all,
do you know about a district heating or Industrial waste heat recovery project, that might want to have some energetic help?

I just finished my interdisciplinary Bachelor of Business Administration and Engineering with the focus on energy technology and quality management at the faculty of resource management in Gottingen, Germany with my thesis about the use of industrial waste heat in the paper industry. In September I will start the master's programme Sustainable Development Track Energy and Materials at Utrecht University.

And starting from right now I would be available to support your project!
I would love to learn more about how industrial waste heat recovery projects are realized.

Kind regards,

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Hanneke Westerman, Boardmember BuurtBuik Foundation , posted

Develop your entrepreneurial skills as a volunteer! Make the Amsterdam centre more social and sustainable! Join us at BuurtBuik!

BuurtBuik is all about sharing food with your neighbors. We cook meals from food that would be wasted otherwise. Thereby, bringing people together around a free three course meal and build their social network. It impacts both environmental and social goals, thus, bridging the gap to a circular social economy. We would like to expand by setting up a new location in the Centre of Amsterdam. Are you going to be part of the team of volunteers that is going to make this happen? Is your Dutch at working knowledge level? To get more more information or to apply (before 4 March '20): visit our website

Lotte Geeraedts, Student researcher circular transitions , posted

Looking for interviewees to support the development of a new citizen engagement strategy for circular transitions

Hey everyone!

As a graduation project, I'm researching citizen engagement strategies in circular transitions. My goal is to develop a new citizen engagement strategy. To gain insights in the needs and wants, I want to interview citizens and organisations that are engaged in circularity challenges.
If you're interested in supporting this research by letting me interview you, or just curious about the results, feel free to contact me!

Best regards,

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Arpad Gerecsey, Chief Innovation Officer/Board member , posted

A Lab is looking for a Community & Communications Colleague

Hey Amsterdam Smart City, most of you will be familiar with A Lab (broedplaats), our super vibrant community of 300 smart creatives here in Noord. And you are part of the Amsterdam Smart City community, so you will probably understand who we are looking for when we say we are looking for a Community & Communications Colleague.
Do you know anyone? Then please let them know! Here's the link:

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Arjun Nandanuri, Manager- Smart City Weather Solution , posted

Pilot +Partnership

Vaisala Oyj is a Finnish based company (, pioneer in providing weather and Environmental solutions ( includes: sensors, systems and solutions, digital and data services )
I am looking for a pilot project in integration of all the above mentioned weather related complete solution. please contact me at

Looking forward to discuss in detail.

Thank you


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Emilio Costales, PhD Candidate , posted

Social Entrepreneurs willing to contribute to research

I am conducting research to examine the extent to which social entrepreneurs leverage resources to meet the needs of the groups they set out to serve. I would be very interested to interview any entrepreneurs who set out to achieve social change.

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Wouter Giesen, Adviseur at TripService, posted

Partners for pilots in our Mobility services

TripService is a joint venture between BeSite and 2Ways.

Through this collaboration we have been able to develop many new services. We would like to use these services to run pilots at events, roadworks or large companies with many buildings.
With these pilots we want to improve our services and enter into multiple partnerships.

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seyoung yu, posted

We want visit Amsterdam smart city.

My name is Seyoung Yu from South Korea and I am a student University of Ulsan majoring in Management.
I am interested in Smart City in different cities and countries, and my team is now working on a project on that topic,
"The development of a Smart City in Amsterdam."

Currently, we are under the school project called, "Global Chanllger", My university support groups of student
who want to visit other Universities and institutions to reseach and gather information regarding topics such as "Study on the Development of Smart city in Amsterdam."
We would like to visit Amsterdam from January 27 to 31, 2020.
We would like to attend the I want to visit Amsterdam Smart City.
Is there a place where I can visit for free or get some information about Amsterdam Smart City for a small fee?

We would like to ask for your permission for us to visit so that we
could have an opprtunity to obtain knowledge and various experience for "Smart City".
If it is possible to for the us to get your approval, please feel free to contact me. via email

Thank you for taking
the time to review our request :)

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Patrick Lie, posted

Internship @ The Great Bubble Barrier - Marketing & Communicatie (24-32 uur per week)

Ga jij de impact van onze Bubble Barrier vergroten? The Great Bubble Barrier heeft als missie om te zorgen dat plastic in rivieren niet verder naar de zee stroomt. Jij helpt communicatie via verschillende kanalen te verspreiden om ervoor te zorgen dat mensen bewust worden van het plastic probleem. Uiteindelijk is namelijk ons doel dat plastic überhaupt niet in het oppervlaktewater terecht komt.


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Ruben Polderman, Innovation Officer Smart Mobility at City of Amsterdam: Chief Technology Office, posted

Pitch during a Start-up Autobahn event by The City of Amsterdam, AMS Institute and Daimler on Data-driven Mobility Management!

The number of citizens, commuters and visitors is growing rapidly in Amsterdam, increasing also the number of movements. Mobility management is one of the effective solutions to keep and make cities like Amsterdam more accessible, livable, safe and sustainable. The digitization of mobility offers new opportunities for managing flows by means of data from assets, platforms and/or vehicles. Interaction between different key actors is a major factor for success (for example linking the traffic control center of the city and services and vehicles of mobility providers like Daimler).

That’s why the City of Amsterdam, together with AMS Institute and Daimler are organizing a Start-up Autobahn event. We challenge start-ups to find new tools/products/services to collaborate with us on data-driven mobility management.

We invite relevant start-ups to show their interest and send pitching material before 17 January. A selection of Start-ups will be invited to pitch on 5 march during the Start-up Autobahn event at AMS Institute at the Marineterrein in Amsterdam.

Get in touch with Ruben Polderman:

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Thomas Alflen, Co-Founder / CEO , posted

Wanted: Launching customer for AI SMART SURVEILLANCE

At, we make video surveillance smart by recognizing violence, real-time. When violence occurs under the eye of the camera, an alert to the surveillance staff is being sent, so they can act accordingly. In the contemporary camera surveillance environment, a LOT is being missed, which we counter by applying our smart deep-learning algorithm.

We have demonstrated the effectiveness of our solution during a pilot in Eindhoven (Living Lab Stratumseind). Currently, we are still monitoring that location, with great results. We also accurately detected several fights which were missed by the surveillance staff (!)

When implemented, fights can be deescalated in an early stage, and perhaps even prevented.

We are now searching for a customer (police/municipality/Living Lab/etc.) that implements our solution in the surveillance room. It is already market-ready and privacy-compliant. is a university spinoff (Utrecht University) with three co-founders and two employees. We are based in Utrecht, but flexible to implement anywhere in The Netherlands. Please contact me (Thomas Alflen, co-founder and director of if you would like to know more!

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Juliette Crespel, Events Coordinator at EVBox, posted

Apply now to pitch your startup to 1,000+ attendees at REVOLUTION 2020

REVOLUTION is thé event about the future of mobility, taking place on the 31th of March 2020 in Amsterdam. Every year REVOLUTION brings together the mobility industry with one goal in mind: accelerating the transition towards sustainable mobility.

For the first time ever at REVOLUTION, we're giving startups the opportunity to pitch their idea to 1,000+ attendees. Powered by StartupAmsterdam and EVBox, 10 startups will showcase their innovations! Are you one of them?

Fellow members of the Amsterdam Smart City community, check out the criteria and apply here 👉

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Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Wanted: Intern Online Communications and Events

Amsterdam Smart City is hét innovatieplatform dat proactieve bewoners, innovatieve bedrijven, kennisinstellingen en overheden samenbrengt en vorm geeft aan de stad van de toekomst! Door kennis te delen komen we samen tot innovatieve oplossingen en maken we betere straten, buurten en steden. Zo zorgen we ervoor dat de Amsterdam Metropoolregio leefbaar blijft voor iedereen! Amsterdam Smart City richt zich op vier thema’s: mobiliteit, de digitale stad, energie en circulaire economie.

Amsterdam Smart City werkt samen met 20 partners en een internationale community van meer dan 7000 leden. Amsterdam Smart City is een netwerkorganisatie en dat staat en valt met het warm houden en het uitbreiden van dit netwerk. Daarom is communicatie (zowel online als offline op events) één van onze kernactiviteiten, waarbij we jouw hulp nodig hebben! Wij zijn op zoek naar een online communicatie en event stagiair(e).

Wie ben jij?
Jij bent een student in de richting communicatie / media / marketing / eventmanagement. Je bent enthousiast en wil graag leren. Je bent initiatiefrijk en kunt zelfstandig werken. Daarnaast houd je van organiseren en plannen, kun je makkelijk schakelen en ben je flexibel. Je kunt je communicatief schriftelijk en mondeling sterk uitdrukken. Je vindt het leuk om samen aan de slag te gaan, nieuwe mensen te ontmoeten en je netwerk te vergroten. Ook is een goede beheersing van de Engelse taal een must. Daarbij is het een pré als je ervaring hebt met Adobe programma’s als Photoshop, Illustrator en InDesign, maar geen must.

Wat ga je doen tijdens je stage?
• Je activeert de Amsterdam Smart City community door dagelijks contact met de leden te onderhouden.
• Je bedenkt en plaatst online content. Daarnaast ga je ook op zoek naar relevante content.
• Je maakt en redigeert de wekelijkse nieuwsbrief.
• Je onderhoudt en optimaliseert de diverse social mediakanalen.
• Je helpt met de organisatie van (partner)events en ondersteunt hands-on tijdens events.
• Je verzorgt de communicatie voor, tijdens en na de events op onze eigen communicatiekanalen naar deelnemers en onze partners.

Wat bieden wij?
We bieden je een fijne werkplek op het Marineterrein in Amsterdam, met een informele en collegiale sfeer. Een uitdagende meewerkstage op het gebied van events en communicatie voor minimaal 4 dagen per week voor de duur van 4 tot 6 maanden. Het aanpassen van de meewerkstage naar een onderzoeksstage is bespreekbaar! We waarderen je eigen
inbreng en enthousiasme. Wij bieden de stageplaats aan tegen een nette vergoeding.

Vind je dit allemaal goed klinken? En past de stageplek goed bij je? Stuur dan je CV en een korte motivatie naar Voor meer informatie over de functie kun je bellen met Menouschka Plugge via : 06 43 75 26 36. Hopelijk spreken we elkaar snel!

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Melanie Janssen, Project Manager , posted

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs - Searching for a company

Hi everyone,
I am from Germany and I am participating in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, which is a cross-border exchange programme offering new entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running their own businesses.

Right now, I am looking for a Host Entrepreneur to work with for a time period of about 4-5 months starting as of February 2020. I am highly interested in smart city management and consultancy projects around this topic. The Erasmus Programme covers 100% of the costs, so there would be no additional costs for the Host Entrepreneur.

If you‘re interested in a collaboration, please leave a comment! I can sent you further information about me/ the programme.

Thanks a lot,

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Anne Wijnen, Programmamaker Mobiliteit & Technologie at Pakhuis de Zwijger, posted

Stageplek Programmamaker Mobiliteit & Technologie - Pakhuis de Zwijger

Vanaf februari 2020 zijn we op zoek naar een stagiair Programmamaker Mobiliteit & Technologie! In deze stage leer je bij Pakhuis de Zwijger een programma van A tot Z te maken. Programma's over logistieke stromen, (duurzame) manieren om je te verplaatsen in de stad, de toekomst van het openbaar vervoer en de nieuwste technologische ontwikkelingen komen voorbij. Kom jij ons team versterken? Kijk voor meer informatie op:

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AMS Institute, Re-inventing the city (urban innovation) at AMS Institute, posted

Job opportunity | Roboat Science Technician

The city of Amsterdam envisions a future where fleets of autonomous boats cruise its many canals to transport goods and people, collect trash, or self-assemble into floating stages and bridges.

In the course of 2020, we will pilot the first full-scale hashtag#autonomous boats on the #Amsterdam canals. Do you have the technical skills and would you like to work on this high-impact project, then continue reading!

You can apply for this position until December 23rd 2019

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Mees Kusen, Intern , posted

How valuable is energy to you?

Hello! I’m Mees, at the moment I’m conducting a research on sustainable energy initiated by Johan Cruijff ArenA and Amsterdam Smart City. The research focuses on sustainable energy, its future and the value people give to energy. To conduct this research I chose to create a survey which takes about 5 minutes of your time. Are you interested in sustainable energy? Please fill in this survey, it would help my research enormously! Thank you in advance! All your replies will be treated confidential. Results will be shared on this platform.

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jongsu park, student , posted

reward of participation

I'm interested in minimizing garbage in the city.
I want to know about programs for minimizing and optimizing garbages such as smart garbagecan or other.
Can citizens get any reward when they participate programs?
How program managers make citizens to participate those programs?

Henk Vogelzangs, Retired , posted

progress on V2H?

Is there any progress on V2H systems? Are we near the moment that I can buy a system with which I can charge a car battery directly from my solarpanels and decharge the battery during the night or as I wish?