Amsterdam gets its first bench from the 3D-printer

Architect Janjaap Ruijssenaar got a lot of international attention in 2013 with his plan for a 3D-printed exhibition space Landscape House. The production of that building will accelerate in 2016, More


Smart Spotlight column

An interview with Gert-Jan van Amerongen from Finch Buildings More


A more efficient shower decreases water use by 90 percent

With the Hamwells shower water use is reduced by 90 percent and energy use is reduced by 80 percent, compared to a normal shower. The investment will pay for itself within five years according to the developer. More


Smart Light has been implemented at the Hoekenrodeplein in Amsterdam

The Hoekenrodeplein in Amsterdam South East is now equipped with streetlights with smart applications More


Maybe the Hyperloop will be ‘made in Holland’

Taking a train in Amsterdam to Paris to have dinner. According to the American billionaire Elon Musk this would be possible with the Hyperloop. More

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09/02/2016 - 09/02/2016

#AnyQuestions - 9 February

Balanced City More


Amsterdam Metropolitan Area congress

February 18, Amsterdam More

29/03/2016 - 29/03/2016

Beyond Data Event

March 29 2016, city of Eindhoven More

07/04/2016 - 08/04/2016

Sustainable Built Environment 2016: TRANSITION ZERO

April 7-8, Utrecht More

14/04/2016 - 14/04/2016


April 14th 2016, Amsterdam More

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Amsterdam Smart City is...

What is ASC?

Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) is the innovation platform of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. It challenges businesses, residents, the municipality and knowledge institutions to suggest and apply innovative ideas & solutions for urban issues. Since 2009 Amsterdam Smart City has grown into a platform comprising of in excess of 100 partners, who are actively involved in more than 97 innovative projects.

Why is this important?

ASC believes in a liveable city where people can live and work pleasantly. Amsterdam Smart City connects parties in order to enable the creation of smart collaborations and solutions. This contributes to the liveability of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, promotes sustainable economic growth and helps develop new markets.

How can you contribute?

Amsterdam Smart City is keen to work closely with city residents and visitors of Amsterdam to develop ideas and solutions aimed at improving the liveability of the city. After all, they know what they like, what does (and doesn’t) work and how they envisage the future for their own house, their street, neighbourhood, and perhaps even the entire city. If you’ve got an idea or solution, we’d love to hear it!

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