Buiksloterham: lab for circular area development

Aldermen Abdeluheb Choho & Eric van den Burg sign for a circulair area development Buiksloterham. More


International testcentre for self-driving cars is coming to Flevoland

The Catalan Applus IDIADA has presented plans together with area developer OMALA to ministre Schultz in order to open an international testcentre in Lelystad. More


Amsterdam has officially run out of spaces to park its bicycles

The cycling mecca of the Netherlands plans to build a partially underwater bike parking to deal with its crush of two-wheeled commuters. More


Why Barcelona is the smartest city of the world

Barcelona has been named ‘Global Smart City – 2015’. It was found that the Spanish city performed consistently well across subjects like smart grids and smart traffic managment. More


Where and when could we expect the first smart city?

From New York to Singapore and from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur we keep hearing the term ‘smart city’ more and more, but what do we actually mean by a 'smart city'? More

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De Oplossers Live #3: Nederland Maakland, België Maakland

March 2, Amsterdam More


iBeacon Living Lab Inspiration Afternoon

March 5, Amsterdam More


De Circulaire stad #16: Manifest Buiksloterham

March 5, Amsterdam More


King opens BioWarmteCentrale de Purmer

March 13, Purmerend More


Logistics as an engine for Innovation for the MRA

March 24, Amsterdam More

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Amsterdam Smart City is...

What is ASC?

Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) is the innovation platform of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. It challenges businesses, residents, the municipality and knowledge institutions to suggest and apply innovative ideas & solutions for urban issues. Since 2009 Amsterdam Smart City has grown into a platform comprising of in excess of 100 partners, who are actively involved in more than 73 innovative projects.

Why is this important?

ASC believes in a liveable city where people can live and work pleasantly. Amsterdam Smart City connects parties in order to enable the creation of smart collaborations and solutions. This contributes to the liveability of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, promotes sustainable economic growth and helps develop new markets.

How can you contribute?

Amsterdam Smart City is keen to work closely with city residents and visitors of Amsterdam to develop ideas and solutions aimed at improving the liveability of the city. After all, they know what they like, what does (and doesn’t) work and how they envisage the future for their own house, their street, neighbourhood, and perhaps even the entire city. If you’ve got an idea or solution, we’d love to hear it!

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