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Eline Meijer, Communication Specialist , posted

Metropolitan Mobility Podcast: Cycling in Helsinki!

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Do you change your bicycle tires in winter? In Helsinki they do!

In this podcast, Geert Kloppenburg speaks with Henna Hovi (Urban Planner at Helsingin kaupunki – Helsingfors stad – City of Helsinki) and Chris Bruntlett (Dutch Cycling Embassy), about how Helsinki is making their roads winter-proof and their involvement in the EU Handshake Project.

Listen here:
Spotify https://bit.ly/mobilitypod
Website https://lnkd.in/dyH3B4T

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Eline Meijer, Communication Specialist , posted

New Metropolitan Mobility podcast !

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Did you do a bike exam in school?

Listen how Rotterdam is trying to get all inhabitants on a bike: https://bit.ly/mobilitypod
In this podcast Geert Kloppenburg speaks with Chris Bruntlett (Dutch Cycling Embassy), urban planner José Besselink and cycling specialist Bart Christiaens of the municipality of Rotterdam.

Please share your thoughts on the podcast!
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