Privacy statement

Amsterdam Smart City is a public-private partnership, coordinated by the Amsterdam Economic Board. Together we are founding partners of Tada, Data Disclosed, an initiative that wants to make sure people stay in control of their data, and not the other way round.

Therefore we protect your personal information and privacy. We take the protection of your privacy seriously, and we work in compliance with the AVG (General Data Protection Regulation) / GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This privacy statement is applicable to (the community) and the services the Amsterdam Economic Board provides.

Important: If you are 16 years of age or younger, you need permission from your parents or caretakers to use our platform. Amsterdam Smart City doesn’t sell your data to other organizations.

Once you register on our website as a community member, we have certain information from you, namely the information you add to your personal profile. As we encourage data to be open and processes to be transparent, we explain here what data we collect and how we use it:

Registration on website

What personal information do we store?

When you decide to become a member of our community and set up an account, we store your name, e-mail address, function, organisation, type of organisation, if you are a resident of AMA, your photo, social media profiles, and interests (topics you picked). Only your name and e-mail address are obligatory, the other information is not and we will only have it when you fill it out in your profile. Social media profiles (only if you add them to your account) are visible in public to give everyone the opportunity to get in touch with others easily.


Intercom is a tool we use, but only if you accept the cookies for that. Intercom also saves your name, e-mail address, type of organisation. It also shows saves the city you were when you registered, based on your IP address, and stores non-personal information like; your activity on the community, language of your browser and browser type and whether you received and read our messages. Other information that is collected by Intercom helps us to improve the community and to help you in case you get stuck using the platform. You can always change cookie preferences in the privacy settings in the footer of the website.

Matomo Analytics

We use privacy-friendly tool Matomo Analytics to see how our website is doing, but only if you accept the cookies for that. Non-personal information of visitors is stored in this tool, but only if you accept cookies for that. We can see how many people visited the website and specific pages, how their journey through the website goes, for how long they stayed and from which country they come.

We store your information for as long as you are a community member. We check e-mail addresses once a year and update our database. If you ask us to remove your data, we will do this as soon as possible, but always within a month. All your data and items you posted online, will be deleted. Also from Intercom. This cannot be undone.


Search tool Algolia is used to easily find articles, users or other contents on our website. The tool is based on AI and can be found in the right upper corner of our platform. Algolia does not track your search history or you. There are no cookies or fingerprints involved either.


For our e-mail services we currently use the tool Postmark. You will receive e-mails when you register for our platform and once updates about your favorite topics are posted. Postmark sends the e-mails and tracks the opens and clicks of these e-mails. Due to some issues, we plan to replace Postmark soon.

Why do we store your personal information?

The Amsterdam Smart City platform is a community platform. When you join the community and become a member, you would most likely want to show your activities, ask questions to our network or share other knowledge with other community members. For this reason, it is quite important to show others who you are. With the information we want to monitor which people we reach and check whether these are our target groups. Subsequently, we can improve our services.

How do we protect your personal information?

We take far-reaching measures to protect your personal information from getting lost or destroyed and to protect your personal information from usage, changes and distribution by unauthorised people. We do this by encrypting sensitive information, processing usage data anonymously and where needed through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). In this way we prevent your data from getting in wrong hands.

Your data is only accessible by us and by our suppliers, which are Digital Natives, Intercom and Matomo. With each supplier we have a data processing agreement. We won’t share the data with others without your consent.

Newsletter via Mailchimp

Once you sign up for our platform, we automatically sign you up for our weekly update which is sent via Mailchimp. Your first name, last name and e-mail address are sent to Mailchimp. Every Friday you get the most interesting contributions to the online community in your mailbox. Of course you can unsubscribe for the update immediately.

We store this information for as long as you are a community member. We check e-mail addresses once a year and update our database. If you unsubscribe for newsletters, Mailchimp will delete your data. If you ask us to remove your data from the community website, the data sent to Mailchimp will be deleted too. With Mailchimp we have a data processing agreement. We won’t share the data with others without your consent.

How do we protect your personal information?

Only the Amsterdam Smart City team has access to these data via two factor authentication. This means you need a password and a code via SMS to access Mailchimp. If you don’t want to receive our e-mails, you can unsubscribe from the list. Your name and e-mail address remain in the Mailchimp account, but we won’t use it anymore. Once a year we remove all the unsubscribers from Mailchimp.

Events registrations via Eventbrite and Typeform

Our members are free to share their events via our online platform. Amsterdam Smart City organizes its own events as well. Because we always have a limit amount of space and want to send you event details, we kindly ask you to register for the events. Registrations for these events are done via Eventbrite or Typeform. Most of the time our events are free, so we don’t need other information from you but your name and e-mail address.

We keep this information in Eventbrite and Typeform for the maximum of two years. After two years we remove the attendees lists. Then your data will be deleted. Data is kept for this period of time to justify how many people we reach and who we reach (our target groups). With Eventbrite and Typeform we have a data processing agreement. We won’t share the data with others without your consent.

How do we protect your personal information?

Only the Amsterdam Smart City team has access to these data. Our teams needs password for this. If you want to be unsubscribed from Eventbrite and Typeform after an event, send us a message and we will unsubscribe you from the list. Your data is permanently deleted afterwards.

Customer Relationship Management via Zoho CRM

The first name, last name, e-mail addresses, telephone number, function and organisation of our 200 most important contacts have a backup in Zoho, CRM system of the Amsterdam Economic Board. The information is mainly used to invite people working with Amsterdam Smart City for events of the Amsterdam Economic Board. This information is checked every year. If you aren’t one of our most important contacts anymore, we remove you from the CRM system. With Zoho CRM we have a data processing agreement. We won’t share the data with others without your consent.

How do we protect your personal information?

Data are save in the CRM system. The system is only accessible if you have an login code.

How can I view, change and delete my personal information and settings?

You can view and change your personal information by logging in to your account and go to profile details. You can change everything here. If you would like your account to be removed, including your contributions, please send us a message via the chat button in the right corner or via e-mail: In this case, we also remove your data from Intercom.

Data leak

In case of a possible leak of data, the site administrator and data processors will notify Amsterdam Smart City/Amsterdam Economic Board of any information security incident that may impact the processing of the personal data, immediately after discovering or becoming aware of any such incident.

Following the report of the incident, these processors will cooperate with Amsterdam Smart City/Amsterdam Economic Board whilst we carry out a risk assessment, root cause analysis and identify any corrective action required. We will inform our community members about the situation, the gravity and the solution as soon as possible. Of course, sincere security measures are done to prevent a leak.

How can I unsubscribe from emails sent by Amsterdam Smart City?

Amsterdam Smart City will send you notifications about new content shared in the community and relevant to you. If you no longer want to receive notifications, you can unsubscribe via Settings – My preferences or by unfollowing topics.


We use cookies to improve your experience in our community. A cookie is a tiny bit of information stored on your computer when you visit our websites. Through cookies our platform saves for example if you accepted the cookies or logged in. Cookies also make sure the websites is fast and save, and helps us to solve bugs. If you don't want cookies to be used, you can click Privacy Settings in the footer or change your browser settings and delete cookies.

Video services such as Youtube and Vimeo will place cookies on our website when a Youtube or Vimeo link is shared.

If you share updates via Facebook using the sharing button, Facebook knows who you are. Facebook uses its own pieces of code and cookies to find out about your activities on our website. Amsterdam Smart City cannot influence this. There is no Facebook pixel on our website. Read the privacy statement of Facebook to read what they do with the data they process.


On our platform there will be links pointing to other websites. We cannot take responsibility for the content or privacy protection on these websites. We always advice you to read the privacy statements of those specific websites.

Changes to this privacy statement

We might change this privacy statement over time. When we make big change to this privacy statement we will announce this on our website and send you an e-mail.


If you have any questions, you can always send an email to us via