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This innovation acceleration excellence center combines smart technologies like 3D printing, blockchain and IoT to generate smart solutions.



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Jeroen Veger, Co-founder at 3D Makers Zone, posted

Join the 3DMZ Innovation Trip to Blockchain Solutions + IoT Solutions + AI Forum in Barcelona!

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Coming 16-18 October 3DMZ organizes together with CIONET an Innovation Trip to Barcelona, Spain, where we will visit Blockchain Solutions World 2018, IoT Solutions World Congress 2018 and AI & Cognitive Systems Forum 2018! Wanna join us?

Innovation has become top priority for many companies and at 3DMZ we are fully engaged in inventing and creating smart innovative solutions together with our customers and partners. In order to keep ourselves and our customers and partners informed of the latest developments, we believe it is important to keep an eye on the playing field of all innovations that current technology brings with it.

That is why we are going to Barcelona to visit 3 great events: Blockchain Solutions World 2018, IoT Solutions World Congress 2018 and AI & Cognitive Systems Forum 2018.
But of course we prefer to do this together with you, our customers, acquaintances and partners!

Therefore, 3D Makers Zone in cooperation with CIONET has created a complete arranged trip to Barcelona, including flight, hotel, dinners a bike trip through the city and complete acces to all 3 great events! We would love for you to join us! Check out the link for the program and more info, or email us on trips@3dmakerszone.com


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Jeroen Veger, Co-founder at 3D Makers Zone, posted

The 3D Makers Zone

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The 3D Makers Zone is a site where we make smart products via smarter production.

We offer demonstrations, presentations, exhibition on request.

The Dutch manufacturing industry needs to catch on with the latest developments in digital fabrication. In order for this to happen, the government has started the Smart Industry program and the Smart Industry Action Agenda. The 3D Makers Zone is a site where the items on this agenda are actually applied by making smarter products via smarter production.

By combining several disruptive technologies like Internet of Things, robotics and 3D printing, the 3D Makers Zone produces new prototypes, parts and end products. Companies get the opportunity to learn to innovate as well as get fast results while requiring only modest investments rather than investing in all the hardware in house innovation in these technologies would require. Smart, fast, affordable and efficient!

New and smarter products have been created as well as produced for several critical infrastructure companies. Technical students as well as suppliers of said companies contribute to solving problems and improving the processes via hackathons, all within just days! PWN used the hackathon-method to gain several new smart products that help it in maintaining its water supply network.

Next steps are upscaling with more disruptive technologies and the combination of these. Letting more companies and their suppliers (and students) cooperate in open innovation, that way making it possible to research and innovate. Branching out to other regions and countries.

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