A Lab Vertical Farm

About the Smart Health Lab

Here in A Lab we are very aware that the coming 20 years or so will have far-reaching consequences for the earth and its inhabitants. As a community, we want to tackle these challenges head-on, using the latest technologies to help us become more sustainable and less wasteful. Community-funded projects such as the A Lab Vertical Farm allow us to utilize our members' skill sets in a way that is both useful to us and interesting to outside observers.

Our largest Smart Health project to date is the A Lab Vertical Farm

The community funded and run A Lab Vertical Farm explores the way we will grow food in the 21st century. How can new technologies help us build a more sustainable, clean and safe ecosystem around food production and consumption? The crops from this farm will be used by The Coffee Virus. The data collection will add to our future knowledge base. Next to this, the farm will also educate 500 children about the future of food and healthy living.



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Ismay Dotinga, Community Manager at A Lab Amsterdam, posted

The HOW of key management in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether

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Special request by the majority (!) of our visitors of the last 'Survival Kit' Meetup:

Explain the HOW of key management!
That is going to happen on August 30; a good start after the vacation break. Become level headed about realistic blockchain applications for the public good. Grown on a bed of safely and self sovereign maintained cryptocurrencies:

For starters with - and owners of crypto currencies


(be there in time, because the program is incrementally building up your skills)

6:00 PM Crypto Currency basics towards actual key management - Henk van Cann - Blockchain Workspace
Decent Password schemes, Paper Wallets, 3-2-1 rule, BIP39, BIP44

6:40 PM Yubikey as third factor - Davey Lodder of Crypsys

Logging in and logging on, safe backup using Yubikey as an extra factor.

Protecting your digital assets and online accounts with just a username and a password is not enough nowadays. As static credentials are commonly reused across multiple platforms and vulnerable to being phished or keylogged, additional authentication factors are recommended to ensure log-in security.

Yubikeys are personal hardware security devices which can be used to securely authenticate on many log-in systems, such as password managers and social media accounts. Davey Lodder from CRYPSYS will explain the benefits of using a Yubikey and show how to use this device to protect your cryptocurrency assets from being stolen by hackers.

Davey Lodder is employed as a business line manager at CRYPSYS, a value added distributor of ICT Security solutions in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Within CRYPSYS Davey is focusing on the security topics Identity & Cloud Security, for which the company offers solutions from the brands Yubico and Censornet.

In his spare time, Davey is also (further) developing and expanding his website Cryptostart.nl, which is an online Dutch guide for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

7:20 PM Short break
7:30 PM Cold stores - Erwin Overstegen - Blockchainbird.com
Acquire, initializing, backup, restore (!), transfer of funds, signing with cold stores

More info to come!!

Ismay Dotinga's picture Event on Aug 30th
Ismay Dotinga, Community Manager at A Lab Amsterdam, posted

Blockchain Meetup: Innovation of Digital Rights Management (Intellectual Property included)

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On Thursday, 20th April, the first Blockchain Meetup will be held in the K Space, one that focuses on Innovation in Digital Rights Management.

Blockchain Workspace (http://www.blockchainworkspace.com/) and A Lab (http://a-lab.nl) organize a new Blockchain Meetup every third Thursday of the month. The themes will vary from music to health care. Everybody is welcome to the event, whether you are new to the concept or a Blockchain expert. The first edition will discuss innovation in digital rights management, with plenty other topics to come.

What if:
Writers could sign their work and track it down, whenever it is copied anywhere in the world?
Creators could sell just 100 copies of a song / piece and prove to their customers that they did so?
You could always proof in the future that you are the original creator of a piece of art?
Who would be the intermediate party of the future that looks after IP and manage digital rights?

Two speakers have been confirmed so far for this meetup, more coming soon.

• Quirijn Meijnen (lawyer at Leopold Meijnen Oosterbaan) has done research into the area of blockchains and digital rights management in an early stage. In 2016 he wrote a blogpost (in Dutch) that summarized the field and added his opinion along the way. He will present the state of blockchains for digital rights management.
• Lykle de Vries will be speaking as well. Lykle is the co-creator of http://bitcoinproperly.org and writer of this article about Hardwell.

• Blockchain basics - made simple
• Challenges and opportunities in Digital Rights Management with Quirijn Meijnen and Lykle de Vries.
• Questions & Answers from a distance - Lykle de Vries (co-creator of bitcoinproperly.org and writer of this article about Hardwell)
• Panel discussion

+ Please RSVP on the Meetup event: https://www.meetup.com/Permissionless-Society/events/238409221/.
We have limited space, as the event is almost full!

You can also attend the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/127399154459344/

Ismay Dotinga's picture Event on Apr 20th